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  1. Anyone making the trip this week?
  2. SG has it for $549 ($495 if you are in their Buyers Club). Appears Cabelas just pulled it from their assortment, its no longer available. Stinks for me because I saved 2 years worth of gift cards to buy it for ship to store pick up. Shipping on this thing is about $150.
  3. thanks for the review and pics! Congrats on the plots and the yield, everthing looks great! One question on the extra weight required: were you able just to lay the bags on the supports or did you have to tie them down to keep them from falling off ? FYI: I also have a tine plow, so once I break the sod on the new ground I am hoping it will be easier than your experience. I am hoping a Cabela's coupon comes through soon and then I will pull the trigger. I have been saving up all my gift cards!
  4. Does anyone own one? I am considering and wanted some feedback if it worth the $ ? Thanks !
  5. Glen

    Chestnut trees

    I had 2 catkins total so far, one each on the older trees. Saw them and then a couple weeks later they were gone.
  6. Glen

    Chestnut trees

    Hello G-Man: Do you have any recommendations for fertilizers ? I have about a dozen trees ranging from 2 to 5 rys old and no chestnuts yet. Appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!
  7. Glen

    Apple Tree’s?

    Yes seeing same issue in 7M, bare trees and few apples, seems the wild pears are doing well this year. For me its one or the other, never good apples and pears in the same year!
  8. Glen

    Too late???

    Land, you should be ok planting winter cereal rye. It grows just about anywhere until the ground is frozen. Just seeded some this past weekend.
  9. Glen

    Balansa Clover

    Trying balansa clover for the first time this year, so far it is off to a good start. I have not tried planting birdsfoot trefoil yet but I read it is supposed to be an option for wetter areas.
  10. Glen

    flooded barassicas

    I also have same issue, I will reseed my flooded spots with oats and balansa clover. Oats should fill those spots in and the clover will be an experiment, there is still time. Winter cereal rye will be another option as well. Good luck and we need to hope for some drying out weather!
  11. Glen

    Germination question

    The Solo spreader handles all seed sizes well.
  12. Glen

    Germination question

    Just looked at your photos again and some spots looked real wet. Most clovers prefer a relatively well drained soil. If thats the case, try some oats or winter cereal rye in those spots. If the rye works, re-seed it again in about a month so you always have fresh new growth.
  13. Glen

    Germination question

    This is the spreader I use for up to an acre. Went through 2 bag type spreaders before trying this one - which has been great. I highly recommend, spread controls are much better! Its possible either the clover fell into cracks and got too deep or the seed to soil contact was much better for the slightly larger radish seed.
  14. Glen

    Germination question

    Did you plant the clover at the same depth as the radish ?