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  1. Does anyone know if this can be used? Is there a special application license required ?
  2. 10' X 16' Hunting Cabin For Sale, Asking $4,900. Price reduced to $3,999. I need to get the Cabin off the property soon!
  3. With the stove and a chair or two, I would say four maximum based on twin beds and/or bunks.
  4. FYI : Website link no longer functions, content was removed. Please PM me with any additional questions
  5. The cabin is actually on a parcel I purchased that's next to a parcel I currently own. I will be planting food plots and hunting there myself... I already have a cabin and don't need this one. Check out they do somtimes offer cabins for rent with huntable land.
  6. Yes the Stove is included. The previous owner was to supposed to take but now he is leaving it.
  7. 10' X 16' Hunting Cabin For Sale, Asking $4,900. ( does not include land, toilet, generator or other buildings) Pictures attached and website for more information about cabin at : *I recently purchased this property and I already have a cabin on another parcel, so no need for this one! Can assit with moving arrangements if needed. Cabin location is in Chenanago County Smyrna / Plymouth area. Please PM me if interested, Thank you!
  8. Anyone making the trip this week?
  9. SG has it for $549 ($495 if you are in their Buyers Club). Appears Cabelas just pulled it from their assortment, its no longer available. Stinks for me because I saved 2 years worth of gift cards to buy it for ship to store pick up. Shipping on this thing is about $150.
  10. thanks for the review and pics! Congrats on the plots and the yield, everthing looks great! One question on the extra weight required: were you able just to lay the bags on the supports or did you have to tie them down to keep them from falling off ? FYI: I also have a tine plow, so once I break the sod on the new ground I am hoping it will be easier than your experience. I am hoping a Cabela's coupon comes through soon and then I will pull the trigger. I have been saving up all my gift cards!
  11. Does anyone own one? I am considering and wanted some feedback if it worth the $ ? Thanks !
  12. Glen

    Chestnut trees

    I had 2 catkins total so far, one each on the older trees. Saw them and then a couple weeks later they were gone.
  13. Glen

    Chestnut trees

    Hello G-Man: Do you have any recommendations for fertilizers ? I have about a dozen trees ranging from 2 to 5 rys old and no chestnuts yet. Appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!