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  1. Winter Cereal Rye probably your best bet now.
  2. Glen

    How old would you say?

    2.5 yrs with a lot of potential.
  3. 10' X 16' Hunting Cabin For Sale, Asking $4,900. Price reduced to $3,999. Reduced another $500 to $3,500 ! Reduced to $2,999 or best reasonable offer ! Very motivated to sell quickly!
  4. Glen

    Trial and error Plot

    Will a cultipacker like the one shown have a similar effect as the Crimper ? Could this eliminate spraying ?
  5. Glen

    Lab Results for Food plot soil

    You might be able to plant brassica blends, oats and winter peas the first week of August, they would be able to handle a more acidic soil. I have a brand new plot as well and I will be trying the Antler King Slam Dunk and WI Winter Peas Plus. Those should help build and improve soil for next years planting as well. You may want to check them out.
  6. Glen

    NY Buck of a Lifetime

    All impressive bucks and great taxidermy! Congrats and enjoy them!
  7. Glen

    Lab Results for Food plot soil

    Upstate, was that a Whitetial institute soil test by any chance ? The 1000 lbs lime on the 1/2 acre will work, but go a little heavier if you can. Since you are liming late ( usually needs at least 2 months to work well) go with the Plot Max for sure. 100+ lbs of triple 19 Fertilizer should take care of the P & K. Not sure what your planting but might be best this year to go with something that will do well in lower PH soil. Best of Luck!
  8. Hello Swamp, Thanks for the response! I have it listed on Craigs list and will try the Pennysavor if needed as well.
  9. 10' X 16' Hunting Cabin For Sale, Asking $4,900. Price reduced to $3,999. Reduced another $500 to $3,500 ! Anyone interested ?
  10. Thanks to all! I will give it a shot.
  11. Does anyone know if this can be used? Is there a special application license required ?
  12. 10' X 16' Hunting Cabin For Sale, Asking $4,900. Price reduced to $3,999. I need to get the Cabin off the property soon!
  13. With the stove and a chair or two, I would say four maximum based on twin beds and/or bunks.