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    I learned about when I purchased a camp there in 2012 and was searching the internet.

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I started hunting when I was 12, I had a very strong passion for the sport that has manifested itself into an obsession. Not just with hunting itself anymore but all aspects that go into the management of the deer in my area. I love watching something grow and seeing a plan come together whether it be a fresh planted food plot coming to life, an apple tree in blossom or watching a dozen deer feeding on something that my sweat put there. I'm not rich, I worked hard and bought my 1st property 17 years ago with one thing in mind, deer hunting. I have since added 3 more properties with one being in Ny. The biggest property being 12 acres and with such small acreage I needed to do something because I can't go to the deer I needed to get the deer to me. I have learned that if I have all the food I'll have all the deer. Although it is just one piece of the puzzle, it is the most important piece. So with all that said, this has brought me to where I am today; providing great trees for wildlife at an affordable price so that others can experience what I do while sitting in my treestand.