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  1. What hardiness zone are You in? What are you looking to plant?
  2. I guess you could say I'm a little tree nuts to say the least. If this tree that I know well is going to produce like I have seen it do. With less light it caught my interest and I was wondering what others opinion on it would be on planting it.
  3. Agree G-man there's a grove of cedars in the bedding area not 60 yards in the other direction in which picture was taken. I went to this tree today to cut some scion and not much luck I got some but was hoping for a lot. I should have been a little smarter and trimmed a branch back on it last year:(
  4. I have never used this product but in my opinion you can get liquid fertilizer for 1/3 The price of this product minus the buck on the bottle:)
  5. All great ideas! I do love making bedding areas too! I need more land!
  6. Let em grow, I would but this tree is in to close to the bedding and I have 160 chestnuts, 100's of apples, pear, persimmons growing not far from that bedding area to draw the deer out to me.
  7. Yeah by plant I meant a grafted tree made from this tree. A lot of people have found a 40 or 50 year or older apple tree growing in under the canopy. Yet they produce very few apples. This crab apple is behind my house in a 20 year old cut over. There's no dead wood on this tree and looks perfectly healthy could it be that it manipulates itself just enough to produce a nice crop of crab apples or just that this tree is recieving just enough scattered sunlight to produce a crop of apples either one it doesn't matter to me. This tree is a winner in my book! I have watched this tree continue to produce crop after crop of apples over the years and I'm sure it will continue for years. They will be a nice addition to plant in some Xmas trees I am going to let grow up. I just wondered what everyone else thought about it. I really do appreciate everyone's input.
  8. Doc, what do you call those trees you have in Ny? They seem to always have the deers belly full. I see them growing all over the place in ny! I agree they do look very similar to those trees but I don't believe they are. The1st pictures are from mid growing season, I'll include a picture of what the apples looked like when ripe and fully grown there a little bigger than those of Ny and the tree is thornless.
  9. I realize alot of you guys are lucky with your wild apples in Ny. Would you plant this crab apple? This tree seems to have the ability to produce a pretty good crop of apple with very limited sunlight, scattered light at best. I was thinking it may go well if planted between chestnuts or oaks that in time would canopy over the crab Apple yet giving you the advantage of utilizing your space available. The tree begins dropping fruit in archery season. What's your thoughts?
  10. Frost seeding doesn't need to be done during times of having frost. It's all about timing of the ground temperature adequate moisture for your tap root to travel far enough into the soil to survive so you could always do your oats later. If your using granular fertilizer your potassium and phosphorus are inmobile. Meaning if your if you not going to incorporate it into the soil your clover will not be able to use it. I like to over seed my soybean plots at home with winter rye come end of August. So I'll watch for the weather and spread my seed the day before the rain no different than "Frost seeding" other than there is no frost:)
  11. G-Man, I agree with you 100%. The first thing on my list is to feather what I can on the southern edge of that plot. I can only do about half of it because Ny state would get pretty angry with me if I feathered the hole thing. You are right about the plot we actually don't hunt it. Two of the bucks we killed this year were a result of the plot but not killed on the plot. Both bucks were on this plot the night before they were harvested and were taken next to bedding areas (staging areas) 400 yards away in 2 different directions.
  12. Thanks for the welcome everyone! Spring of 2017, we added clover to one end of the plot (durana, ladino and patriot) mixed in a little chickory too. We added 5 apple trees, 4 pears and a few chestnuts. Late summer we planted half the plot in a brassicas mix which the deer destroyed and the other half in winter rye. You will see in picture below brassicas are around 20" inside exclusion fence. I didn't take many pictures of the plot but my trail cameras took a few.
  13. Hello everyone, I am new here so I thought I would share a little bit of what I have going on at my NY camp. We began clearing this 3/4 acre plot in the spring of 2016, The phosphorus and potassium was very low. We applied 400 pounds of 18-18-18 as a start for the first year. The ph was 5.1 so we applied 2.5 tons of lime over the next year. The first planting in late summer of 2016 was a mixture of radish, turnips, soybean and winter rye; knowing that if nothing else the rye grain should do alright because the lime had only had a few months to work. I included a picture of us clearing the plot and a picture of the 1st years growth, the deer kept the plot trimmed down as you can see inside the exclusion fence in the last picture.
  14. I have a good friend and he uses that exact same disc on a 1 acre plot. He has no way of mowing the plot so he spends alot of time removing grass from between the disc and the dryer the soil the more weight you will need. Does it work? He loves it.