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  1. I'm pretty sure that's a Ford model A . My dad would talk about riding in it . Never heard about the trunk term. Kool thanks!
  2. My grandfather with 2 grouse and I believe a 16 ga. Look at those boots! I never hunted with him as he stopped hunting before I was 12 yrs old. He did take pheasants or rabbits we shot though.
  3. Gunner is gundog brace medium speed. He will run with a fast pack. Works the check well inside out. He doesn't quit easily. FYI - A friend was up hunting hare on Tuesday in the same area I was . 3 hares up ; One shot .Fresh powder snow he said 6 inches. I may do a day trip next Friday.
  4. Those hare look smaller than NY and Pa hare. I've read a biologist writings that Hare from Pennsylvania are bigger than most northern states.The NY hare I've shot are always 30"+ long when stretched out. I shot one in Pennsylvania a few years ago that was 33" . It must be something in their genes. Who knows. I'm always amazed at how lean they are . Little fat on their insides compared to cottontails. Pennsylvania Hare pic here from a few years ago. 33 inches long. I'm ready to travel north again to hunt hare again
  5. Headed to the northern tier for some Hare chasing with my one beagle last Friday/Saturday. 5 hour drive took longer since the light snow was sticking on the interstate. Arrived to 4 inches fresh snow on top of 10 inches or so crunchy old snow. 3/4 mile walk in on unplowed road was invigorating. Entering the forest I spied hare tracks and meandered for an hour checking blowdown pines . As I was ready to move to a different spot gunner opens with a few barks and I know it's showtimshowtime.The hare loops out 140+ yds and the barks are faint but steady .I watch my Garmin and see he's getting within 90 yds. It seems like forever and he's 40yds away then suddenly the hare appears in front of me at 25 yds . Just loping along. 2 shots and it's down. 20 minutes steady but medium fast chase .I head out to another spot ; tracks but no jumps. Day 2 brings another 4 inches snow and I hunt the same area. Nary a track is to be found for an hour till...I come across one set of fresh hare tracks. Gunner runs it up the hill 150yds..then backtracks. I put him back on it as the hare was tricky and humidity higher. I get ahead of him and waiting for a sighting I see the hare not 6 feet away under a pine blowdown. I opt to let gunner bump it out and shoot...but seems my 2shots missed. I follow the dog and see blood. Gunner picks up the tempo and back down to the original jump area. I get there and he's circling a tree. I see a hole and look / then reach in feel around but it must be way deep underground.long drive to go so . I quit for the day and head home. Pics of the scenery and hare dog me hahaha . Beautiful 2 days in the forest . Just a beagle and I doin' what he loves !
  6. Hares seem to sit extremely tight . More so than cottontails. I was hunting hare a month ago in tug hill area and one jumped up between me and the dog . Another hare I spied under a log not 10 feet from me . Fresh snow on the ground. I couldn't get a shot on the first; The second I let the dog chase but he lost the track over a hill as temps were rising. I have a raspy rabbit call that also attracts fox . Next trip there I'm trying it .One dog and one hunter is tough .
  7. Great pics! I never realized how good my beagles were . These 3 are gone now. I shot this hare they were on ; and another hare goes by me. They ran it another hour or so till dark. Icy sno-cone texture snow in the Poconos of Pa a few years ago. Down to one beagle now.
  8. Hare/Rabbit casserole with broccoli ,cheese,carrots,& onion. I made it last Thursday night but finished it off last night along with my granddaughter . Her first time eating Hare or rabbit and she wanted seconds! I found the recpie in PA game commission cookbook. It's actually for squirrel but rabbit or hare are excellent too. It's a little messy making it but oh so worth the outcome.
  9. I was just in north pharsila looking for them. My 2 beagles and I found some decent cover ; but no tracks nor hare.I heard a tree cutting machine running near one area.I spoke to the guy operating it in the way out.He said a few years ago they shot a hare nearby.I did see a few tracks from deer , red squirrel, one grouse, and possible fox track.The snow was fluffy and 6-10 inches in some places. Beautiful area but as the brush cutter guy said ; it might be a few years till hare return.There was also guys clearcutting too.Just logging out; not sure if any replanting was to be done.My 1st time there and almost got stuck as there wasice underneath the snowmobile tracks.
  10. I'm from PA and although I dont hunt deer anymore and never archery hunted : I believe it's all inclusive here in PA for the past few years. FYI - the younger hunters seem to be using crossbows more so than the old dudes like me. Off topic a bit ...One thing I do notice here in chatting with deer hunters in PA is that if they have multiple deer tags they think they need to shoot that many deer. It's kinda sad the way some think that they need to brag about all the deer they shoot or really need the meat. In my opinion the deer population is more on private land nowadays than state land and young hunters whom never shot a deer will have less chance with others shooting multiply deer a year. To each his own I guess . One more observation I have about New York hunting from my small game treks this year to tug hill & Adirondacks; The yellow DEC signs posted on state land is great ; and the exceptional info on the DEC website if looking for a general area to hunt certain game. Pennsylvania is way behind in both areas ; I won't even bring up the no sunday hunting here for small or big game. Every state has issues regarding seasons ,laws ,regs. etc. I wish PA and New york would require a survey before you purchase a license. After all we want our input heard.
  11. Great observation Airdale. I was helping the dogs out stomping cover and bushwacking through the thickest cover I could find. Swamp grass included. The dogs searched hard but the one Hare I found was in low lying grass/ferns. It's called hunting for a reason some days. At one spot I found great Looking cover with small pines ; adjacent to a marshy area with larger pines sorounding it. I'm sure there were Hare there ; just didn't step on one .They are nocturnal so dogs are a huge help. Here's a pic of the cover I found.
  12. Any one have success finding Hare this season? I hunted tug hill area this past friday and sat. approx. 14 hrs. with 2 beagles and Just me . Only jumped one Hare (which I almost stepped On).Dogs chased it 230 yds.; then ran back on the same track.(think it went to a brushpile).Lots of moisture on the ground. Flushed 12 or more grouse but no shots .(dang birds are fast !) Also missed 2 woodcock albeit bad shooting. Hunted the same areas as back in febuary where the dogs found 11 hare in one day. The Hare seem to be really spread out now and lots of high weeds/grass,etc. for them to hide. Found some new likely looking areas and the dogs logged 19.5 miles in 2 days. I know my butt is a little sore today. Oh and saw about a dozen turkeys along the road getting gravel I suppose. Nice 2 days to be out in the great outdoors though! ( Note to self : don't drive 325 miles home after walking all day in the woods)
  13. You won't regret it. best $4400 I ever spent 9 yrs. ago.I had a scar on my left cornea also that the DR fixed. Isn't it remarkable? I'd do it all over again . Don't rub those eyes !
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