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  1. greg54

    Happy birthday BigVal !

    Happy Birthday!
  2. greg54

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    A lot of breweries and wineries for sure in Niagara County, Woodcock brothers have one in Wilson and place in N.T. My sisters property is not to far from N.C.CC.
  3. greg54

    Bird I.D ?

    I have been having problem with something eating my tomatoes, chewing them open to get at the seeds. The neighbor said he has noticed a grey squirrel around it at times. So I put a cam on the garden and when I checked it today there was pic of part of large bird. Possibly a hawk that saw the squirrel? Any one have an idea what kind of bird it might be?
  4. greg54

    Happy birthday bhunterED !

    Happy Birthday!
  5. greg54

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    Between Upper Mountain and Rt 31 in Cambria
  6. greg54

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    I have only had one small 4 pt and doe and her fawn showing on cams. It is like they are at lowest number in years.
  7. greg54

    Happy birthday rotorooter23

    Happy Birthday!
  8. greg54

    Todays chuckle

  9. greg54

    Happy birthday Gbj !

    Happy Birthday!
  10. greg54

    Happy Birthday Lawdwaz!!!!

    Happy Birthday!
  11. greg54

    Tree frog?

    I spotted this little frog earlier today sitting on a poblano pepper in my garden just after i watered. Pic isn't that great cause the leaf was in way and I didn't want to interrupt his perch. Is this a type of tree frog? I don't know my frogs! He is on right side of pic.
  12. greg54


    Lefties have rights too.
  13. greg54

    The Latest Rage

    After the 9/11 attacks , someone had a gimmick of parachutes to jump out of sky scrapers. That didn't last long.