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  1. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    I have 2 detectors that perform quite well, a Whites Coinmaster GT and Teknetics Patriot. They are both digital, not like the old Whites you tossed which were analog. It is great hobby, especially when the lull between hunting seasons. Give it a go again, you will be happy you did!
  2. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    I visit for helpful metal detecting info.
  3. 2 Sheriff Deputies were shot and killed earlier today in an ambush. They were eating inside a Chinese restaurant when shooter started firing thru the window and killed them. He then committed suicide. This was near Gainesville, Florida. I saw the story on CBS Evening News. No info on suspect except he killed himself.
  4. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    I checked cams yesterday, these birds are the first in pics since last fall. It is at my sisters in 9a.
  5. Hog Hunting

    That's a lot of bacon there!
  6. Coyote den?

    NP....I am going back to crossbow forum lol
  7. Coyote den?

  8. Coyote den?

  9. Howdy from the Catskills

    Welcome aboard!
  10. Happy birthday Non Typical !

    Happy Birthday!
  11. R.Lee Ermey R.I.P.

    Semper Fi Gunny. OORAH!
  12. Test

    Hi Grow!
  13. Fox vs Squirrel

    Great pics!
  14. Happy birthday First-light

    Happy Birthday!