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  1. greg54

    New member - rookie hunter

  2. greg54

    Another loss

    Prayers sent.
  3. greg54

    Interesting start to morning

    Nice shot!
  4. greg54

    43 this weekend

    Same here in eastern Niagara County
  5. greg54

    Big ol' hooter

    Looks awesome!
  6. greg54

    For my fellow Leathernecks

    That was motivating! OORAH!! Semper Fi!
  7. Lets get some fall weather and let it stick around!
  8. greg54

    Got your opening day spot picked out yet?

    Friend help me put ladder stand up last week, and I also have the ground blind in the woods. Will be out opening morning, just hoping for some cool temps.
  9. greg54

    Wolves or Coyotes

  10. greg54

    Hello from NNY

  11. greg54

    What is there to hunt near las vegas ?

    Try hunting for gold nuggets with a metal detector
  12. greg54

    Live Every Day Like it's Your Last

    Hope that you heal and get well fast Eddie. I have learned to listen to your body and if something doesn't feel right, have it checked. It may save your life.
  13. greg54

    Anyone good in EA/Holland area?

    There was a processor in South Wales on Rt. 16 , just after the 400 ends on the right hand side. I don't know for sure if they are still in business but they were always busy when I would drive by on my way to hunt in 9m.
  14. greg54

    Happy birthday sodfather!

    Happy Birthday!
  15. greg54

    Happy Belated Birthday to me.

    Happy Birthday!