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  1. Happy birthday Zem18.

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Will Elliott......RIP

    Loved his outdoor articles in the Buffalo News. RIP
  3. Freaks of Four Seasons.

    Those fences look really high...have any of those big deer ever try to jump it?
  4. Anchorage Alaska

    Looks beautiful.
  5. Hey Phade....Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Pigeons

    I remember a story in Buffalo News a few years ago of Peregrine Falcon that had nest on top of city hall in Buffalo and it used to dive bomb and catch pigeons for its lunch. That would be awesome to see.
  7. Card pull - Cubbies

    Awesome pics.
  8. Happy Birthday America

  9. Bear's done

    Bear decoys! they look great
  10. Happy Birthday "goosifer"

    Happy Birthday!