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  1. I started a few pepper seeds and have to use a grow light as I don't get any sun thru the window. I faces due north in my apartment. I have a container garden every year and will be trying grow bags for the first time this year. They say thr roots don't ball up and soil gets air circulation. The only draw back is they can dry out easier , so watering enough is key. I buy the rest of my plants at the nursery.
  2. CVS , Rite Aid and other pharmacies might have it.
  3. Scheduled for the J&J shot next Tues.
  4. Never play "Follow the Leader" on a bridge.
  5. As Biden's "green deal" makes gas prices go higher and higher, we will need some oil from Saudi Arabia in the future. And they are a strategic ally in the Gulf for the United States. Tread lightly Sleepy Joe.
  6. Welcome to the forum Cooper!
  7. Will they put urinals in the girls bathrooms?
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