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  1. You would be a perfect fit for go back to your parents basement and and try the crossbow video game...then let us know.
  2. I don't drink any more so no hangovers to deal with!
  3. Congrats on your new family member!
  4. Haven't really did anything yet, as I have been side tract with some pretesting for angiogram I'm having next Wed. I have to avoid the high heat we have been experiencing so when it is over I will have it set up at my sisters property. Few health issues to deal with first. Hopefully soon, I'm excited to see how it works
  5. There are always rabbits that come out of the thicket at my sisters property in 9A, and the fox are always patrolling that stretch of thicket for a meal.
  6. First fawn pics this year on my sisters property.
  7. Sorry for your loss Grampy. May your brother RIP