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  1. Was out this morning in 8g. Hardly any shooting and no deer spotted.
  2. Was wondering if any one has tried the Muddy Manifest Cellular trail cam and what your thoughts are on it, if you would recommend it. I saw Bass Pro had it with free security box for cam and free shipping for $99.
  3. Up in stand in 9a. On way in stopped at other ladder stand to check cam and it was stolen. Sick of these Scumbag. It was cheap Tesco so not big money loss, but having No Tresspassing sign there just shows what a loser they are. Well, will work on that issue later. Back to deer hunting for now.
  4. Friend picked me up and e are over at Alabama Swamps. He is in climber and I'm sitting with crossbow up against large tree. It's my first time here.
  5. Last night Tucker Carlson showed the pics and names of people that "voted" but had died years ago. This was in several states. That is fraud and fake news is repeating over and over there was no fraud.