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  1. Ok thanks, I just ordered a verizon cell link and will buy some alkaline. The lithiums are expensive.
  2. What type of batteries do you use in cell link?
  3. And the Libs response to this will be to riot and burn things down...you know, mostly peaceful.
  4. Here is pic from one my cams. Not a great pic as there was bright sun and cam is in shade but I'm satisfied. They save on trips to go check sd cards in non cell cams, so save on some gas with prices being so high.
  5. Who gives a sh#t!!! LOL
  6. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, greatly appreciated. I know my brother has found peace now.
  7. My oldest brother (75) died last night under the care of Hospice where he had been since last week. He had been dealing with health issues the last few years and as one thing seemed to get better, another came and gave set backs. He was with the clergy for over 40 yrs and was there to offer God's wisdom and love to anyone who needed it whether it be baptism, marriage or burying a member of the church. I know thru the years he had helped me whenever I had asked for it, and for that I will always remember. He is at peace now and at his well deserved place in Heaven with God and the suffering is now just a thing of the past. Good bye big brother,till we meet again.
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