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  1. Bigfoot 327

    Pennsylvania Camp Sites

    Ives Run near Tioga PA is an excellent facility. It's operated by US Army Corp of Engineers on Lake Hammond. Large campsites with decent spacing between them. They accept Senior Pass which is a National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Pass (62 or older). Last I knew the discount is 50% on camping. Thousands of acres of state game lands nearby. Boat Launch. Small store. Visitors center with wildlife displays. Nice showers. Your travel there from Buffalo would be almost entirely interstate with the last 10 miles or so on PA state highways. Facility is usually booked solid on weekends. Reservations highly recommended (if in fact they aren't required). Main drawback is that I believe they close for the season in mid to late October, so they are of little use during the main firearms season.
  2. Bigfoot 327

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    Wal Mart's main competitor is Amazon. How many cashiers does Amazon have? I suspect zero. Wal Mart is trying to stay competitive. Was a time when every gas station had attendants (I was once one). When was the last time you saw one? Times are changing, cashiers jobs are going away, just like the type writer and buggy whip industries did. By the way, I saw one survey that indicated about 4% of all possible self scan transactions aren't scanned. So, any potential personnel cost savings are partially offset by shrinkage.
  3. Bigfoot 327

    The Latest Rage

    At my grandson's elementary school you must ring a buzzer to gain entrance. When they finally open the door you find yourself locked in a small room with very sturdy doors and bullet proof glass. You tell the office what you need and they may decide to grant you entrance. Where you are escorted by either an admin type or "resource officer" who happens to be a village cop. I can not fathom how anyone would gain entrance with a long gun.
  4. Boy did this thread hit a nerve. In the 1980's my Mom lost the end of her middle finger in an almost identical accident. Her index finger was also broken, but they were able to save it. She had placed a piece on the wood splitter and removed her hand. The piece moved and she tried to correct it, meantime Dad had started the ram...... I hope your wife didn't experience too much pain. I have been told finger amputations produce serious pain.
  5. I would call the state child abuse hotline. Detail your experience and concerns regarding the critter around the kids. Child protective will investigate (in itself a royal PIA that I would never wish on anyone). If the kids are in danger, the mutt is toast. You can remain anonymous from your family if you wish, as CP will not reveal the source of the complaint. Others at the party must have observed the dogs conduct, so any one of them could be the source.
  6. Bigfoot 327

    Woodchuck Bait

    Best woodchuck hunting I ever had was sitting on my Mom's back porch. I nailed 5 in 20 minutes. She had planted a small garden and the chucks were destroying it. They really love newly sprouted green beans
  7. Bigfoot 327

    Lifetime Licenses

    Last year DEC never did get around to sending me any of my tags. Due to a "computer glitch" about 4,000 of us were affected. Pretty sad when they can't do what they have promised to do. I finally gave up on waiting and visited my local (wonderful) town clerk on 9/4/18 who took about 30 minutes to fix DEC's incompetence. Can't wait to see how it goes this year.
  8. Bigfoot 327

    If you Like to keep your guns watch this

    It amazes me that all these anti's have their own interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. The Supreme Court has already done that and their interpretation is the law of the land.
  9. Bigfoot 327

    NJ Bans Grouse Hunting

    As I was walking my woods with a forester last May we happened to flush a grouse. A discussion on grouse populations followed. He offered that he didn't see near as many as he used to (he's been a forester for about 25 years). As he tours way more woods than I could ever hope to, I listened intently. He offered that much of the decline was do to development and maturing habitat. He also said that grouse were susceptible to West Nile Virus (which is carried by many of our crows). Don't know if that is true or not, but it certainly makes me wonder.
  10. Bigfoot 327

    NJ Bans Grouse Hunting

    Grouse need young forest habitat. DEC has a program called the "young forest initiative" that calls for maintaining 10% of wildlife management areas as young forest. For example, in the Connecticut Hill WMA about 13% of the habitat was classified as young forest in 1970. Today that number is more like 1 or 2%. The management plan calls for clear cutting about 178 acres a year for 10 years to return the young forest portion to 10%. The habitat management should help woodcock, grouse, and wild turkey. DEC has a section on their website regarding the young forest initiative that provides a wealth of knowledge.
  11. Bigfoot 327

    Fox predation on fawns

    1) I haven't found any more deer parts on my lawn for several weeks now. 2) I welcome foxes and see them almost daily. Anything they eat denies that food source to coyotes. The only foxes that I shoot are ones that act sick or have no fear of humans. 3) I have had trail cams surveilling my lawn continuously for the last 4 years. Exactly one yote on film and two observed during that time. 4) ZERO tolerance for coyotes-any near my place are subject to "sudden onset lead poisoning". As deer are still getting hit by cars, I conclude that fawns are now to big to be taken by the foxes.
  12. Bigfoot 327

    Monster bobcat

    Just doesn't look much like this bobcat.
  13. Bigfoot 327

    Monster bobcat

    Are you sure that's a bobcat? Hard to tell from that pic.
  14. Bigfoot 327

    Worried about my daughter making the team....

    My youngest son really wanted to make his high school basketball team. He soon realized that even if he made the team he wouldn't get any playing time. One of his friends asked him to join the swim team. They were lacking people and he would be participating full time. By his senior year he was section champion in 2 events! Not making the basketball team is one of the best things that ever happened to him.
  15. Bigfoot 327

    Wtf is up with the NRA ?

    Does anyone here have any experience with Gun Owners of America (GOA) or the 2A Foundation? Would love to hear both pros and cons.