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  1. Bigfoot 327

    Woman critically injured in PA bear attack

    Update: the investigation has determined that the dog ran towards a bear with cubs and that the woman tried to retrieve her dog. Bear attacked both. Dog distracted the bear long enough for the woman to crawl back to her house.
  2. Bigfoot 327

    Woman critically injured in PA bear attack

    Dog is reported to be a chihuahua mix. Don't know if the bear attacked the woman and her dog came to her defense or if the bear first attacked the dog and she tried to defend him. To bad she didn't have a real dog like an Airedale.
  4. Bigfoot 327

    Heating pro's.. what size gas line?

    Niece lives in Cortland County. I have a friend/contractor that lives in Schuyler County and swears by his co-op (this is not the same one that the niece belongs to). If there is one in your area, you should be able to find it with an internet search.
  5. Bigfoot 327

    Heating pro's.. what size gas line?

    If it were me I would check to see if there is a propane "co-op" in your area. Not available in the county that I live in, but I know a couple people in other counties that belong to co-ops and could not be more pleased. Wife's niece owns 1000 gallon tank and buys years worth of propane each summer when the price is low. They heat their house, pool, water and cook with propane. Her unit price is a fraction of what I pay.
  6. There are on going trap/radio collar studies being conducted in Michigan's UP to better understand seasonal deer movements. According to the UP Whitetails Association website, one group of deer traveled 14 miles in one night. They say most of their deer migrate 28 to 32 miles from their summer and winter ranges. They have documented a few deer migrating as far as 60 miles!
  7. Bigfoot 327

    Fatal accident

    We almost made it through the gun season without one. facing-manslaughter-charges/1651288591
  8. I would enjoy hunting pheasants if there were any to hunt around here. We had them as a kid and I walked my tail end off as a teenager hunting them without a dog. I haven't seen a bird here in so long I can't remember when. According to the DEC website, some are stocked about an hour away from me. Can't say that helps me much. So, we have a pheasant season. But, no birds to hunt. We also have a bear season, but there hasn't been a bear taken in this township in at least 150 years. Maybe cause the only ones here are young males wandering through in the early summer. DEC should open up seasons for elk, grizzly bear, pronghorn and mountain lions while they are at it. Probably should open up alligator season too, a couple were taken from the river near Whitney Point a couple years ago, so who knows. Turkeys were here for a few years. Then they died out. The few left in neighboring areas do not gobble in the spring, because the yotes key on them. I can hunt deer, coyote, and tree rats.
  9. Bigfoot 327

    How many is to many?

    I take one for the freezer off of my 38 acres which is about all we need for the year. Anything after that is gifted to relatives or donated to the venison coalition. I could probably take 20 a year and it wouldn't make a difference to the local population. The two parcels to my west (excellent whitetail habitat) total 209+ acres and they don't allow any hunting. During the gun season most of "my" deer spend the daylight hours on those neighboring properties and cruise my property at night. So, it is hard to make the case that hunting is controlling the deer population in my area. The first week of November I saw 8 different bucks visiting a scrape on my back lawn! I do not doubt that there are bucks that die of old age on those neighboring properties.
  10. Bigfoot 327

    Snow cover

    I am not looking to start a discussion about climate change or global warming with any of the sky is falling types out there, but I think it is very note worthy that this year is my 50TH year hunting deer in NY and it is the only year where we have had snow cover on each and every day of the regular season! We used to feel lucky to hunt one or two days in the snow. As I get old I can't tolerate the cold like I used to. I don't know how much of this "global warming" I can take.
  11. Bigfoot 327


    On two occasions I have shot coyotes at first light and taken bucks from the same stand later the same morning. If you have a concentration of coyotes in the area the deer will move out for a few days. Because you have half a small deer left I have to believe that you have a limited yote population feeding at that location. A large pack of yotes can clean up a small deer in a day or less. Then again, you may have multiple gut piles in your greater area, so the yotes are probably fat and happy.
  12. Bigfoot 327

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    The DEC personnel that inspect teeth are usually biologist ageing the deer- They aren't the enforcement types.
  13. Your stand is much higher than mine!
  14. Bigfoot 327

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    I live in an area where farms are going out, but I have no doubt that almost every deer visits the few remaining corn fields on a regular basis. I set up as much as 1,000 yards from the nearest cornfield, but I have had great luck intercepting bucks returning from their nightly visits to the fields as they head to their bedding areas. In my area their is no area where there is "no corn for miles". I checked the area of my last gut pile this afternoon. The yotes had even removed a pair of bloody latex gloves which I had inadvertently left behind. Sometimes they leave the stomach pouch, but I couldn't find it. I would probably have a hard time convincing a LEO that I really gutted a deer there! I don't think their finding a little blood or hair would be evidence of baiting. BTW, I never (EVER) gut my deer anywhere near the kill site. Why would I purposely draw yotes into a prime deer area?
  15. Assuming that I stay in NY...….I will be popping 3 pear and 3 more apples trees in my back yard. I will also be making some travel lanes by removing some culled trees that are acting as a fence near one of my prime areas.