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  1. This is not really about ammo. If you purchase 30-06 rounds they will add a 30-06 next to your name in their gun registry. They are doing everything they can to learn who has what for the day they come door to door (their ultimate goal)'
  2. I tried a couple of these maybe six years ago. The ones I bought were perhaps six feet tall on close out from wally world. First years growth was unremarkable. Second year they became blighted and stems started cracking open and I feared they might die. Someone (G Man?) posted that the blight does not survive in the soil, only in the plant. I packed the cracks in the stems with mud and duck taped the mud in. It actually worked. I no longer own the property, having abandoned NY for Florida (where I am free to enjoy my 2A rights). But, I sometimes drive past the property and can see that they are now about 10 foot tall. If I were still in NY, I doubt I would buy more.
  3. I received an online NYSDEC survey (Cornell) yesterday. They wanted to know what I hunted,which area of the state I hunted, number of trips, and numbers of animals harvested. There was even a question asking if I hunted frogs and turtles. Glad I was able to contribute. I sometimes hear about these surveys, but seldom are selected to participate.
  4. you guys that fish Cayuga might want to think twice about eating fish from Cayuga. DEC is dumping TONS of herbicide into the lake to try to control hydrilla- and weed beds are disappearing. A group has been formed called "Cayuga anglers for poison free lakes" and they have been meeting with area politicians demanding answers. They have a Facebook page where they have posted quite a bit of info including copies of the DEC permits. One permit shows that DEC applied 12,000 lbs of herbide in a 123 acre area! Last I knew the group has 600 followers -mostly bass anglers. For what it is worth, several of my friends have absolutely been nailing the perch at Sodus.
  5. When I was stationed in Hawaii I would often see a dead mongoose flattened in the road being guarded by its' mate. This would often lead to the death of both. I never saw more than 2 at once- and my unit spent a lot of time in the field.
  6. I read the other day that the US Army was contracting for 3 BILLION dollars of additional ammo. Mostly for Ukraine. Ammo components are going to be tough to find.
  7. Average bill is about $125. Then again, I'm in the Sunshine state
  8. I'll take either one! This 80+ degrees and bugs here in Florida just kills my desire to hunt.
  9. Many years ago I remember seeing 23 piebald deer in a winter wheat field. This was in Newfield, NY (near Shelter Valley Rd). This was in mid March and the snow was just leaving the hills. I remember the time of year because I was there to check on the rainbow trout run in Cayuga Inlet. Anyway, there were also 100+ hungry brown whitetails in the same field, but they did NOT associate with the piebald deer. I watched them for over 30 minutes and the two groups avoided each other. I imagine that's not the case during the rut!
  10. I did before I posted! Did you?
  11. The regulation you quote applies to areas where centerfire rifles are not legal during the deer season. Does not apply to most areas of NYS.
  12. Perfectly legal to blast coyotes before legal shooting time for deer.
  13. DeSantis has my vote. He has promised to sign constitutional carry if it reaches his desk.
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