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  1. Several years ago the rescue squad in my home town responded to a "treestand" accident. Dead tree fell with hunter in the stand. He lost the use of his arms and legs. Don't know if it was an ash or not, but I'm betting that it was. No one wants to give up a good location, but is it worth it?
  2. Given the therapeutics that are in the pipeline, the need for the vaccines will soon be moot.
  3. I had a non hunting boss for many years who made little effort to hide his dislike for hunters. Each year I would put in vacation and he would politely make his feelings known. Then came the year he destroyed two vehicles in three months running into deer. That year when I put in for vacation, he told me to "kill 'em all"! Glad you were in the right spot at the right time to help!
  4. Daughter already had a kid............victim was family.
  5. I have a friend that was shot (hand) while wearing blaze orange. But, he was not mistaken for game. He was on watch and hit by someone who fired at a buck and didn't know that my friend was in the line of fire. I was told that DEC had a crew in the woods for hours reconstructing the accident.
  6. A scientific explanation is neither an excuse nor a justification. Perhaps a path to understanding..............
  7. Decades ago there was an article in Outdoor Life called " A Thing called early Blur". it explained how any of us (especially in low light situations) could look at human and honestly mistake the person as a deer! If you (or I) are not aware of it, we could easily be an "absolute moron". Best prevention for "Early Blur" is blaze orange.
  8. My wife is close friends with a member of the extended family. Shooter had decades of experience and had introduced other family members to hunting. He was regarded as a "safe" hunter. Shooter shot his daughters fiance. Shooter is devastated and on suicide watch.......
  9. My experience (limited) with neck shots isn't good. I took a 40 yard shot at a huge doe standing broadside in brush. Doe was standing still and the neck was only available target and I figured that if she did move, I wasn't going to get a better chance. I was in a no rifle zone so I was using a 12 ga. Ithaca Deerslayer, a gun I had used for decades at that point. I shot, the deer ran, with no opportunity for a follow up. Deer bled profusely and with a little snow the tracking was easy. Eventually, the trail led in to posted property which I was unable to access. The next year a member of our hunting party took a huge doe from the same area that had a softball sized "growth" of scar tissue on the middle of its neck. I think it was the same deer. I hesitate to say I would never take another neck shot, but I am certain it wouldn't be my first choice.
  10. The Federal Fusion .308 150 gr rounds you seek are available on Gun Broker for $34.99/box plus $4.99 shipping. The person selling will ship to a FFL in NY. PITA, but it is a source and much better pricing than most of the ammo on GB.
  11. If you're looking for a simple answer to what appears to be a simple question, I believe you are going to be disappointed. Rules for state forests are not the same at Wildlife Management Areas. WMA's require you to remove your personal property when you leave. State Forests prohibit "permanent" stands, so you should take the stand down after the season. In practice, stands are left in place in both areas for years!
  12. The case before the Supreme Court was because UPSTATE citizens were denied concealed carry. I believe one of the gentlemen bringing suit lives in Dutchess County. The court's decision will impact handgun laws state wide (and perhaps nation wide).
  13. If the current law is tossed it will be replaced. No doubt. Many states are SHALL issue and 21 are Constitutional carry. Florida for instance is a shall issue state. If you submit the proper paperwork showing you qualify (training, fingerprints and a photo) and pay the required fees; the state has 60 days to investigate you and issue the full concealed carry permit or prove why you are disqualified. Florida has issued over 2 million concealed carry permits. You do not need a permit to purchase a handgun (same procedure as a long gun) or to possess one in your home. Florida ccw permit is recognized by 34 states. In addition, Florida bans open carry of firearms unless engaged in hunting or fishing!
  14. Hopefully the US Supreme Court will throw out the Sullivan Act next Spring and NY will replace it with something more "user friendly".
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