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  1. Bigfoot 327


    It's 83 degrees here in Leesburg, Florida. What is snow?
  2. HR-8 and S-42, the so called "universal background check" bills are a major threat to us. Here's more info:
  3. The bill as proposed would make it illegal for just about anybody (except direct blood relatives) to even touch your firearms. If you were to hand your new dream deer rifle to your next door neighbor in the privacy of your own home for him/her to inspect and admire, however briefly...….you would be guilty of committing a felony! Because the bill as written says that is an illegal transfer.
  4. I took the time to contact my assembly person. She admitted voting for the Safe Act without reading it. I pointed out that gun raffles are used by many nonprofits as fund raisers and that winners under go background checks while picking the firearm from someone with a FFL. Maybe she will actually think about this vote...……...
  5. Bigfoot 327


    I'm in Florida. Went to a farmers market this morning. I bought a melon, which the vendor placed into a plastic bag. I told my wife's cousin that may outlaw plastic shopping bags in NY. A lady overheard me and said: "They kill babies in New York too!"
  6. Bigfoot 327

    New York BS

    You obviously haven't heard that the United States Supreme Court recently decided to hear it's first gun case since 2010. The case is NYSRPA vs NYC challenging the legality of New York City's handgun law. You never want to lose a case before the high court, because it can set precedent. In this case, it really looks for the pro gun side. The outcome of this case could have implications nation wide. The is also another case working its' way through the lower courts. It's called something like NYSRPA vs Cuomo. Can't wait for Andy to get his ass kicked on that one...…….
  7. Bigfoot 327


    So what does this have to do with 8W? The area mentioned is in 7R.
  8. Yes, I'm off 79 on 327 ( Bigfoot was once a nickname given to me by a senior deer hunter, hence my handle Bigfoot 327). I suspect your friends name is Biff. By the way, I have had a 7K system on my roof since 2014. It makes power even in the dead of Winter. This morning, with 2 inches of snow and ice on my 28 panels, the system was only producing about 200 Watts. After I cleaned the panels off, production jumped to almost 3000 Watts. I don't buy any power from the grid. Over the course of a year it makes more electricity than we use. My electric bill is $16 a month - the cost of being hooked up to NYSEG. I originally figured just over a 7 year payback on my system, but given that the cost of electricity keeps going up, it will be shorter. Uncle Sam and NYSERDA pay for most of the cost.
  9. I live 6 miles due West of Ithaca, so I am surrounded by their "feelings". I also recently served on a town committee to rewrite the towns solar and wind laws. Our residents successfully fought off an attempt to cram a small wind farm into our township (that some of the Ithaca types strongly supported). In a general kind of way, some people locally want the use of all fossil fuels eliminated as soon as possible and replaced with "clean" energy. Some do everything legal to block local gas related projects including Cornell dorms and infrastructure such as pipelines. They also are pushing to close the local power plant and replace it with solar. (Not sure how that's gonna work on a cold Winter night). But they are divided when it comes to what clean energy looks like. They support small projects and local control. Many hate corporations and large projects. Large solar projects are permitted by the Public Services Commission and local laws, planning boards and town boards are bypassed by something called an Article 10 proceeding. Locals are given a couple of seats on a board, but basically they have no authority, no control. Large solar projects have issues much different than a few panels on your roof. What happens to the large number of panels when the project is over? Is the land returned to it's prior use/condition? If the project is several square miles in area, will herbicide be used over the entire area to suppress vegetation? What happens to run off? Pretty sure there won't be deer inside the fence...……...
  10. Bigfoot 327


    This law completely disregards the rights of the unborn. This will not stand constitutional review.
  11. Several solar farms covering thousands of acres are in the works. One will have more than one million panels and a blanket more than 3 square miles of land.
  12. Bigfoot 327

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    Do not under estimate the ability of squirrels to get your nuts! One year I placed some shagbark hickory nuts in Tupperware containers to over winter in an outside storage shed. Come Spring when I wanted to plant them, I had- a big mess. Critters chewed through the Tupperware and destroyed every single one.
  13. Bigfoot 327

    45 acp or 9mm for bear

    Yes! I think that's exactly what happened.
  14. Bigfoot 327

    45 acp or 9mm for bear

    Long story short. I hit a doe with my pickup. The doe had a broken pelvis and could not stand. Sheriff's deputy finally arrived and decided to dispatch the doe. While standing directly over the doe's head he took aim from about 10 inches away and fired his 9mm at the top of the deer's head. He did not miss. Doe's head dropped momentarily and then she raised it right back up and looked around! Deputy was pretty pissed that he had to use a second round, which killed the doe instantly. Anyone that believes that a 9mm is serious bear medicine is dreaming.
  15. IRS will not be issuing refund checks during the shutdown.