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  1. 1) The bolt on hers was different. The safety was a small slide (forward or backward) to the right of the bolt. In the picture, is the bulbous thing at the rear of the bolt a safety? Hers did not have that feature. 2) The wood grain pattern on the stock is quite similar, however the finish was quite a bit darker, almost chocolate color.
  2. My mother had a bolt action Winchester .22 that was given to her circa 1935. It was her job as a grade schooler to rid the family farm of woodchucks. Anyway, that gun had plenty of language stamped on it, but no serial number! It was her home defense weapon when she was in her 80's. I think she lost it when her boat sank.
  3. The reported vaccine numbers here in Florida are lower than the actual numbers of shots given. Florida Health has told the various entities giving the shots to concentrate on getting the vaccine administered and the reporting paperwork can follow later. So when the news reports that "X" amount of people have been given shots, the number is actually significantly higher.
  4. Do not assume that critters will eat those apples. I used to hunt a property where there were several apple trees, but one "standard" sized tree had yellow apples that nothing except perhaps bugs would eat. Most years the ground would be littered with apples. I never found any sign that they were being eaten. I assume that they rotted in the Spring, but I know they were there until at least the end of rabbit season. The same property also had yellow crab apples, many of which stayed on the tree late into the Winter. The critters cleaned those up almost as fast as they hit the ground!
  5. As NYS taxpayers you are paying to destroy the NRA. NYS is suing to dissolve the NRA. And just last week President elect bite me promised to defeat the NRA (his exact words). The millions spent on recent NY lawsuits is money that can't be spent fighting gun control in the courts. The anti gun people know exactly what they are doing.
  6. Norway is reporting 13 deaths from the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. All were in frail people over the age of 80. They have issued an advisory asking MD's to measure the risks vs rewards of prescribing the shots in the elderly.
  7. I learned today that the huge 12 acre Remington ammo plant in Arkansas was down to a skeleton crew of 200 employees during their bankruptcy. Last week the new owners started hiring 1,000 employees to crank up to maximum production. Considering that this was one of the largest ammo plants in the country it's no wonder ammo supplies have been tight.
  8. I saw a disturbing U tube video regarding a proposed bill HR-5717. Among many nasty things it would impose a 50% tax on firearms and ammo. Like Janis Joplin I say "get it while you can". Can't believe people voted for this BS!
  9. Some deer migrate to a "winter range". This has been documented in Michigan's UP. Many decades ago I lived in Locke, NY. One Spring day I was surprised to see hundreds of deer walking North nose to tail on the hillside across from my house. There was a large hayfield perhaps 500 or 600 yards long running basically North/South and the deer were traversing it. Single file. I noticed them after lunch and they were still pouring North at dark. I hesitate to estimate how many deer I saw that day- you probably wouldn't believe me anyway. I don't know where the deer had spent the Winter or where they were headed, but no doubt they were migrating. I mentioned it to one of my elderly neighbors and was casually told that "yah, they do that every Spring".
  10. No, this is not NY. I have a lifetime NY license and I hunt there, but I no longer choose to live there. The point is, the ammo is out there if you make the effort. I might have come off as a huge Camping World fan, I am not. As a long term RV owner I doubt I would ever buy an RV there. However, when I see the price gouging going on such as some of my local gun shops and Gun Broker are doing, I can not help but have a new found respect for Camping World.
  11. I found a substantial amount of centerfire ammo at a Camping World today. Most people would not think to look at an RV dealership for ammo, but Gander Mountain and Overton's are (to the best of my knowledge) now owned by Camping World. This store had received a shipment the day before and was sold out of ammo for most scary black rifle calibers. However, they had a most popular hunting calibers. Sales were limited to one box for non Good Sam members and three boxes for Good Sam members. Membership in Good Sam is $29/year which may make sense if you are an RVer. Camping World has not raised their prices on ammunition and you can expect to pay pre- stupid prices. A store clerk told me that people immediately bought up the AR and pistol ammo -and sold it at inflated prices in the parking lot. I did not check on shotgun slugs since I only use a few a year and my meager stash should last a long time.
  12. Actually, NOT putting a Covid-19 patient on a ventilator may save their life. When the patients O2 levels decline to a point where a ventilator is indicated, the levels can often be restored to acceptable levels utilizing a technique called "proning" where the sick person is placed on their stomach. This opens up different breathing areas in the lungs. I am not a medical pro, but I am close to someone who was deployed to the Javits Center last Spring. They successfully used this method several times. Placing Covid patients on ventilators is a death sentence. Much has been learned since the first days of the virus.
  13. Those "Florida" party goers are mostly refugees from New York!
  14. Do they really? Yes, I also saw it repeated numerous times on FB. Probably started by some PETA devotee. I have lived places where the possum population was high and the tick population was annoying higher. If you want to control ticks you need to control their food source especially MICE! For that reason I don't shoot fox. Another excellent control for ticks is guinea fowl who eat insects 24/7. Possums eat everything in their path and won't bother eating ticks if it finds a turkey or grouse nest. They are an invasive species and about as useful as carp or lamprey eels.
  15. Really? NYS mandates that all school aged children must be vaccinated against measles or they can not attend school (public or private) or day care. Zero religious exemptions and medical exemptions are tough to get. Parents that don't want their children vaccinated can home school their kids or move out of NYS. Bills requiring Covid-19 vaccinations have already been introduced in the legislature. Actually, the quote should be attributed to Jperch, not Biz. My apologies.