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  1. King Andy admitted the other day that the time based 14 quarantine was probably not the best way to do it. They are taking a new look at it. I see them moving to a test based system, perhaps asking people to quarantine until their Covid test comes back negative. This would be far less arbitrary and actually based on science. Technically, the current rules require you to stay put (basically under house arrest) and you would be in violation to slip out the door to hunt the back forty. Highly unlikely you're gonna get busted though.
  2. Most hunters would say I set up my ladder stands backwards in that I set them up on the far side of the tree rather than over looking my intended kill zone. I usually stand rather than sit and hide behind the tree. Deer seldom see me as a result, or they see me when it's to late for them. I feel zero need to brush them in. I am a gun hunter, this would have serious limitations for a bow hunter.
  3. The biggest tiger muskies there are taken through the ice. The biggest tigers there are as big as any I know of in NY.
  4. New system is a disaster. New vendor with contract awarded to lowest bidder. I have a lifetime license . Applied for dmp's on August 11. Was awarded a tag for 8T and one for 7R. I received them 16 business days later. September rolled around and no sign of my other tags, so I went to Wally World and had them printed off. They gave me the tags I was entitled to, plus 2 more dmps for 8T and 2 more for 7R. Next day I wasted my time (20 minutes on hold) and 20 minutes talking to the licensing division, who eventually told me they couldn't help me and advised me to "call somebody local". I connected with an ECO at the Region 8 HQ who decided he needed to visit me at my place to view the tags. He looked at them and was totally baffled, he ended up taking pictures of them and told me he would get back to me. One week later, he told me which ones to use and took the others off my hands. The failure of the licensing system caused this ECO to devote considerable amount of time straightening out the snafu.
  5. I don't think Summer observations of deer/coyote interactions count for much. Field studies by biologists have shown that the Summer diet of coyotes includes a lot of things (like apples) that you might not expect. Coyotes eat almost no deer at that time. The winter diet is much different and includes a lot of deer. While it may be easier to take a weak or injured deer they will take ANY deer that they can get close to. I always believed that the yotes would run a deer to exhaustion and then attack and probably happens, my own observations have shown that they do "deer drives" where members of the pack herd (using their scent) their victim to a waiting yote, who ambushes the deer and often kills it within 100ft of the initial contact. It is my belief that deer fear any dog like creature more than anything else!
  6. Yes, the NRA opposed universal background checks last year. The bill in the House of Representatives as originally written would have required your neighbor pass a background check before you they could handle any of your firearms for any reason. Even if you were in the privacy of your own home and you were just showing off your brand new gun. Just because many people support universal background checks, doesn't mean they support every stupid law our legislators come up with!
  7. Finally received my "doe" tags after 16 business days. Looking at the licensing web site I see that the other tags haven't even been printed yet....guess I will have to do it myself.
  8. In the meantime you have a governor that ignores the Constitution and daily stomps on your rights. Puts in a state hiring freeze but hires high priced staff at will for his personal gain. Puts in a 14 day quarantine for travelers to a long list of states, but ignores it when he goes to Atlanta. As Tom Petty once said: "It's good to be King".
  9. 18 days and counting and still no tags........
  10. Still no tags yet. This gets old every year...........
  11. As one of the married guys in my basic training platoon said: " I know she's home screwing other guys, but she's charging the hell out of them". LOL. Everybody has their price (even if they don't realize it). I would say the lady in question did quite well for herself.
  12. Some of my mail forwarded from Florida takes a month to get here. Some 5 days. Go figure.
  13. I saw one flock recently in a clover field (Schuyler County, North of Watkins Glen). Hen had one poult with her that was about the size of a grouse and she also had 5 smaller ones that were dove sized. Remember that DEC wants to hear about turkey poult sightings during the month of August. The have an online form on their website,
  14. Maybe 150. A big bear wouldn't have hardly any daylight between his belly and the ground!
  15. The NYS requirements are available online on the DEC website (state forests section I believe) as part of the bidding process for logging, timber stand improvement, habitat improvement and such. The requirements are quite specific and detailed and often tailored to local conditions.