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  1. Bigfoot 327

    New orchard started..

    Do peach trees thrive in your area? Your area is pretty cold isn't it?
  2. Bigfoot 327

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    Looking forward to hunting both hogs and gators! Won't be spending Summers in Florida, too many fish left to catch in NY. (gotta get my moneys worth from my lifetime Sportsman's license).
  3. Bigfoot 327

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    In terms of human suffering (Lyme Disease) the ticks in NY are a bigger problem than the snakes and gators in Florida. I expect to close on a home in Fl. before the end of the April.
  4. A survey that I wasn't allowed to participate with results I can't read. As one of my DI's used to say with much sarcasm: "out f**cking standing!""
  5. Florida will soon issue it's 2 millionth concealed carry permit.
  6. Bigfoot 327

    Solar Panels

    Not all NY localities have solar laws/ordinances (yet). NYSERDA has a "New York State Model Solar Energy Law" which municipalities can use in adopting their local laws. Section C-4 states: "All large scale energy systems shall be enclosed to prevent unauthorized access. Warning signs with the owners contact information shall be posted on the entrance and perimeter of the fencing." I am not aware of any large installations within 50 miles of me that don't have at least 8 foot high fencing.
  7. Bigfoot 327

    Solar Panels

    Most solar projects are required to be fenced in (liability concerns and such) so the areas on your lease with the panels are most likely be difficult/impossible for the deer to access. Existing travel routes could be eliminated. On the other hand, the new fences could provide opportunities as new travel corridors/choke points are created. If your lease is based on acreage, you might be in line for a price reduction, because you're going to have fewer acres to hunt.
  8. Bigfoot 327

    Genesee Beer Fishing Contest

    I remember reading the contest results as a teenager with the same interest and excitement that you describe. Many years later my BIL gave me one of the booklets from (as I recall) 1964. I still have it (somewhere).
  9. I would like to see the season closed! I haven't heard a Tom gobble in several years. Been longer than that since I spotted tracks in the snow. Had one on my lawn about 4 years ago. By any reasonable wildlife management standard, there should not be a season in my area (western 7R).
  10. The lunar missions resulted in about 830 lbs. of lunar material (rocks and dust) being brought to earth. Samples were sent to many of the top universities in the country for testing/ analysis. Hard to pass off fake "moon rocks" on some of the world's foremost chemists and geologist- especially when the rocks have been proven to be older than any rocks on earth.
  11. Bigfoot 327

    Federal Judge Says:

    A Federal Judge has declared NY's stun gun ban unconstitutional as a violation of the 2nd amendment.
  12. Bigfoot 327

    Propane Providers

    I paid almost $5/ gallon here in Florida, but that was for delivery of a small amount to my RV campsite here. I was happy to pay that because it saved me from breaking camp and driving who knows where for the fill up. I paid $2.49/gallon in January with no HazMat fees or fuel surcharges. I do not own my own tanks. This is from E&V Energy in the Central Finger Lakes. I don't know what I paid per gallon for my February delivery- never received a bill with our not being home. I called and paid the small balance- heat is only set high enough to protect water from freezing. I have in-laws that own a 1000 gallon tank and usually only buy in bulk from a propane co-op during the Summer. Their unit cost is usually about 1/2 of what I pay. It would probably worth your time to see if there is a co-op in your area.
  13. Bigfoot 327

    should I cut my timber

    I received a letter from the tax accessor today informing us that our property value has increased another $20K this year. This is after a $28K jump 2 years ago. This is for a modest 1100 sq. ft home that hasn't seen any improvements since 2014. There is no end to this madness...…...
  14. Bigfoot 327

    DEC announces 2018 Bear Harvest

    Link didn't work at first because I misspelled "bulletins". I tried to edit it and now it appears to work with the link misspelled. My laptop has a mind of it's own.
  15. Bigfoot 327

    DEC announces 2018 Bear Harvest

    Includes tally by township- interesting starting point to see where bears were harvested.