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  1. I read the other day that the US Army was contracting for 3 BILLION dollars of additional ammo. Mostly for Ukraine. Ammo components are going to be tough to find.
  2. Average bill is about $125. Then again, I'm in the Sunshine state
  3. I'll take either one! This 80+ degrees and bugs here in Florida just kills my desire to hunt.
  4. Many years ago I remember seeing 23 piebald deer in a winter wheat field. This was in Newfield, NY (near Shelter Valley Rd). This was in mid March and the snow was just leaving the hills. I remember the time of year because I was there to check on the rainbow trout run in Cayuga Inlet. Anyway, there were also 100+ hungry brown whitetails in the same field, but they did NOT associate with the piebald deer. I watched them for over 30 minutes and the two groups avoided each other. I imagine that's not the case during the rut!
  5. I did before I posted! Did you?
  6. The regulation you quote applies to areas where centerfire rifles are not legal during the deer season. Does not apply to most areas of NYS.
  7. Perfectly legal to blast coyotes before legal shooting time for deer.
  8. DeSantis has my vote. He has promised to sign constitutional carry if it reaches his desk.
  9. This is all pending appeal. Blocked the requirement to turn over social media accounts. Did away with requirement to turn over data on everyone living with you. Eliminated the face to face interview requirement. Says that private businesses and residences are not sensitive places. OK's carry on public transport such as subways. OK's carry in Times Square. Allows carry in entertainment venues and bars! Probably several other things I'm forgetting. Undoubtedly this will be tied up in the courts for a long time.
  10. Same study showed that black "children" were 4X more likely to die in firearms related incidents than white "children". Firearms are not the leading cause of death for white children. When my first child was born in 1973 my wife was 20 years old- the state of Hawaii considered that a "teen age pregnancy". WTF
  11. When you realize that 20 million people in Florida have normal electrical service this meme loses much of it's intended meaning. Our utility here in central Fl is reporting zero outages- 2 days after Ian visited here as a Cat 1.
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