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  1. Bigfoot 327

    Banned from local Facebook group

    Our rescue squad has had instances where they responded twice to administer Narcan to the same individual in the same night.
  2. Bigfoot 327

    Fox predation on fawns

    I found this one a few years ago while mowing. I had mowed within 2 foot of him and he never moved. I stopped mowing and left the area after taking the picture.
  3. Bigfoot 327

    Fox predation on fawns

    While there is a state highway nearby, I doubt what I am finding is roadkill. I don't think these fawns are old enough to do much except hide in the grass. And a fox doesn't have to take them down when they are already lying down. Give them a couple of weeks and they are to big and to fast for the average fox. And if momma is nearby, the fox is risking his life. As a side note, nothing gets your attention like hitting deer bones with the riding lawn mower.
  4. Bigfoot 327

    Fox predation on fawns

    I have always assumed that adult fox took a few newborn fawns. This year I am finding fawn parts on an almost daily basis. Our local red population is high, in fact there is an active den just off my lawn and scarcely a day goes by that I don't see at least one fox on our lawn. For the most part I enjoy having fox as neighbors. I have read they keep the rodent population down (and ticks that feed on them as well). But, I am at the point of rethinking this, since it appears that they are taking more than just a few fawns.
  5. Bigfoot 327

    Unique still hunting idea

    I have two observations. As a teenager I had "farmer" friends that could ride right up to within 50 yards of deer in fresh cut fields that would not spook until they dismounted. In the same fields I could drive my snowmobile to within 100 yards of turkeys and they would not care as long as I stayed on the sled. They spooked instantly when I got off. Later in life I lived across the road from a large hillside horse pasture. There was one horse that would run any deer that came within 100 yards of him out of the pasture. So, the deer were wary of him and were careful to keep there distance.
  6. Bigfoot 327

    Lack of bees?

    There are more than 4,000 species of bees in North America.
  7. Bigfoot 327

    Lack of bees?

    Friend of mine hauls tractor trailer flatbed loads of bees from the Watertown area to Florida each Fall. This past week he hauled them back North. Tricky business, he can't let get to hot. The hives are encased in netting. He still gets an occasional sting. By the way, honey bees are an invasive species imported from Europe. That's why the native Americans learned to boil down sap into syrup and candy. There was no honey to be had!
  8. Bigfoot 327

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    On private land the season is open year round, no bag limit, no hunting license needed. On public land and refuges licenses are needed and area specific regs may apply.
  9. Bigfoot 327

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    Our place is in central Florida- north of Orlando and South of Ocala. We have oak trees near us that are 20 to 28 inches DBH so it has been quite a while since the area was severely impacted by a hurricane. I was told by my neighbors that Irma knocked down exactly one tree in our development. Hurricanes tend to travel up one coast or the other -and my homeowners insurance is proof of that! There are no water features near me, hence no gators. Village next to me has houses built around ponds, two nuisance gators were removed there last year. Hunters legally harvested 257 gators in the county last year. This sounds like a opportunity, not a problem. It will take a while to learn and adjust to the wildlife. I have American green tree frogs in my yard as well as a large rat snake. I'm told that if your going to have snakes, they are the ones to have. Neighbor showed me pics of a wild hog that he took. The tusks look to be about 5 inches long. I have not seen a cockroach or spider. I guess the frogs are doing there jobs. I know about humidity. I spent the entire Summer of 1972 with the US Army in Louisiana. For now, we will be spending Summers in NY anyhow.
  10. Bigfoot 327

    should I cut my timber

    Update: the "one year" plan when off the rails when my wife fell in love with a property in Florida. That house closing was in late April..... I had a forester walk the NY property and I received lots of free advice. Timber will not be cut at this time. Timber company is not interested in buying the forest due to our ridiculous taxes. A fellow hunter found out by word of mouth that the property was available. He has hunted an adjoining parcel for the last 20+ years. We are in negotiations and things look promising at this point. As an unexpected kicker he offered to grant me lifetime hunting rights!
  11. Bigfoot 327

    New orchard started..

    Do peach trees thrive in your area? Your area is pretty cold isn't it?
  12. Bigfoot 327

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    Looking forward to hunting both hogs and gators! Won't be spending Summers in Florida, too many fish left to catch in NY. (gotta get my moneys worth from my lifetime Sportsman's license).
  13. Bigfoot 327

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    In terms of human suffering (Lyme Disease) the ticks in NY are a bigger problem than the snakes and gators in Florida. I expect to close on a home in Fl. before the end of the April.
  14. A survey that I wasn't allowed to participate with results I can't read. As one of my DI's used to say with much sarcasm: "out f**cking standing!""
  15. Florida will soon issue it's 2 millionth concealed carry permit.