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  1. Done. Thx for sharing this important information.
  2. Excellent short and accurate summary. I am a retired engineer officer and always had an in Lee’s career and the civil war.
  3. Back to School aired last night on the Sundance channel. I teared laughing so hard even though some of it was edited because of the cursing. His comedy was top notched!
  4. I concur ... the deer herd has diminished significantly in the 3H area that I hunt. Out of a 1000 acres of land between friends and hunting camps that I know, a couple of wall hangers were taken, but the sightings, even on the cameras, were way down. Mind you, we do not shoot many deer annually, but we are seeing less each year. I don’t get it ... do we have a coyote problem? a poaching problem? EHD? Perhaps it is a combination of these issues? Nonetheless, I hope hunting improves in 2021.
  5. That’s correct. Tuesday is the last day. Good luck [emoji256]
  6. #2 is my favorite. Btw, i am living most of them at the moment. Thx for sharing.
  7. It’s understood. We must do what we need to do for a good piece of hunting property [emoji12]
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