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  1. Some great tips gents. Thx.
  2. Awesome [emoji1433] Once harvested, how do you move such a beast? I’m just saying ....
  3. That’s a beaut. Congrats.
  4. I shot two bucks this year. The first was from a 12-ft high metal ladder stand with the crossbow and my second was from a 8-ft high permanent wood stand during the rifle. Stand hunting is my preference.
  5. No problem but i did it about 20-years ago and $200 would not be unreasonable in my opinion.
  6. My vote is for the 308 because of the distance.
  7. I brought it to a gunsmith, replaced it with a Timmney trigger, and never looked back.
  8. I will take my o’ faithful Browning Stainless Stalker A-Bolt in 270 Winchester. I have it near thirty years and it is a tack driver. Good luck to all.
  9. Congrats... that’s a hog! I say he is 130-ish.
  10. I killed a 5-pt yesterday that was moving swiftly in a sneak position and stopped him with a very loud bleat. Once he stopped, i launched an arrow into his heart. Bleating loud works for me. Good luck.