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  1. With a bottle of vodka? [emoji12]
  2. Great job and good luck with it [emoji256]
  3. That’s cool. I would definitely welcome a friendly doe like her near my home. A few years ago, we had a doe walk up to us on a shooting bench and watched us for awhile during our rifle zeroing. By the way, we were using high powered rifles and she didn’t even flinch much. Perhaps she was deaf? No BS here … the strangest thing I ever witnessed in the woods.
  4. That’s awesome to see o’ glory waving so high in the sky![emoji631]
  5. Mama and the little one dodged across the road in front of my GMC prior to this nursing photo.
  6. I will do my best to be out there. This has been a horrible year for sure.
  7. I’m still hunting … mainly in Sullivan county. This year is by far the worst year of turkey hunting since i started in the early 1990s. Gobbler sightings are low and they are not vocal. Unfortunately, i called in a couple of coyotes and this could be a contributing factor that the gobblers are zipping up.
  8. Congratulations. Awesome achievement!
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