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  1. That’s a wall hanger for sure!
  2. I know guys whom let go shootable bucks late Sunday mornings because they want to leave for home around noon. [emoji15] My question is: WTF? Why are you in the woods? To each is own I guess.
  3. Deer Hunters and deer population in the woods are declining annually. This hunting season, I saw more deer behind my home in a small community than the woods. More and likely due to the fact that my neighbors are feeding them. I stayed out all day for this year’s opener and didn’t see a tail. That was brutal!
  4. I’ve seen a big one once, but not quite as large as that one!
  5. I have not found a scrape yet and only a few pencil size rubs. This part of 3H has declined tremendously.
  6. The absolute worst in 40-years I’ve been hunting. I have not seen a deer with the rifle yet. It’s time to change it up.
  7. I never saw a deer as well. Worst opener in 40-years for me and very little shooting. It’s 8:30am now and seen nothing. I have not heard a shot yet.
  8. 6:47 off in the distance 3H. Unbelievably quiet and no action. It seems that no one is in the woods.
  9. Congrats. Awesome buck [emoji1360] Was he chasing does? Any sign of the rut?
  10. Appreciated and thank you to those have served this great Nation.
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