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  1. My Uncle who was more like my grandfather. He passed away in 2008 and was WW II vet and great man. He taught me how to hunt whitetail and i had the privilege to gut his deer in order to become proficient in it! [emoji12]
  2. Good thing that they were prepared by doing their research [emoji12]
  3. I’ve noticed an over abundance of rabbits in Sullivan county. Is this a sign that the population of predators have gone down? ... I hope.
  4. Welcome to the addiction and best regards
  5. I concur. In addition, check your camera to see what the maximum size card you can use. I believe 32 GBs is max for my camera.
  6. Awesome. 19-lbs this late in the season is a real good’un. I bet there’s near to zero fat on him. [emoji1433]
  7. Congrats. Nice cranium surgery. How much does he weigh?
  8. Where’s that from? Awfully looks good [emoji39]
  9. Awesome pics. Thx for sharing.