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  1. 2024 Solar Eclipse file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/65/05/0F010F98-0C0B-4BA0-A506-E87D3E95F1AA/MOV_8672.mov
  2. https://x.com/endwokeness/status/1765802719883706763?s=46&t=inCz-cTYW-UskMOJaYD_Og
  3. My prediction it will be another idiot who has the same agenda.
  4. Valentine’s Day amor?[emoji12]
  5. Correct. Why do we still wear back tags (rhetorical question)? It’s so obsolete to wear one nowadays. Many states require you to have your license on hand and available which is a no brainer and no back tag.
  6. I guess our tags will no longer be color coded since we will be printing on white paper annually? … A white tag on our back, what can go wrong?! [emoji848]
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