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  1. That must be one of those dependable ACME rockets [emoji23]
  2. That’s an awesome knife. I always wanted a vintage one just like it. The blade is perfect for gutting in my opinion. Good luck with it.
  3. Welcome to the addiction [emoji1433]
  4. Awesome. It looks like a wolf in the second pic.
  5. Welcome to the addiction! [emoji12][emoji1417]
  6. We killed a 10 with the rifle and a 5 with the crossbow on a 50-acre parcel. We had a few decent shooters on the trailcams, but all pics were during the night. Hopefully, we will get an opportunity to score with them next season.
  7. Those guys had big balls to do the right thing. There was a lot of potential there for that to go south resulting in serious injury. [emoji1433]
  8. That’s it. And that line is classic!
  9. It’s called Unconventional Behavior S1, E33 and it’s on at 1630hrs. Enjoy.