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  1. That’s a wall hanger for sure!
  2. I know guys whom let go shootable bucks late Sunday mornings because they want to leave for home around noon. [emoji15] My question is: WTF? Why are you in the woods? To each is own I guess.
  3. Deer Hunters and deer population in the woods are declining annually. This hunting season, I saw more deer behind my home in a small community than the woods. More and likely due to the fact that my neighbors are feeding them. I stayed out all day for this year’s opener and didn’t see a tail. That was brutal!
  4. I’ve seen a big one once, but not quite as large as that one!
  5. I have not found a scrape yet and only a few pencil size rubs. This part of 3H has declined tremendously.
  6. The absolute worst in 40-years I’ve been hunting. I have not seen a deer with the rifle yet. It’s time to change it up.
  7. I never saw a deer as well. Worst opener in 40-years for me and very little shooting. It’s 8:30am now and seen nothing. I have not heard a shot yet.
  8. 6:47 off in the distance 3H. Unbelievably quiet and no action. It seems that no one is in the woods.
  9. Congrats. Awesome buck [emoji1360] Was he chasing does? Any sign of the rut?
  10. Appreciated and thank you to those have served this great Nation.
  11. Same here. Where have the deer gone? It’s getting worse in my neck of the woods each year.
  12. Yesterday’s opener was the worst I ever experienced. Three of us went out and not one deer seen in our parts of Sullivan county. We’ll give it another shot soon. Good luck to all! [emoji256]
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