Mt. Tom state forest

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Hello, Bill here, I do have some information on those area.

I have hunted them for many many years, over 70, or very near it, yes, since before the state bought it. my father's farm is in the middle of mt. tom state forest now, it was the lincoln hill farm before the harrington's bought it around 1910 or 1920, I'd have to think on that a bit to nail it down.

my grandson's farm is on the north edge of mt. tom, we lost him in 1991, the farm sits there empty, sometimes I hunt it for birds.

carters pond is hunted very hard by the neighboring farmers for stocked pheasant, ducks and deer in rifle season though archery sees very little use since the pheasant seeking army really moves the game around. If you've never seen pheasant season there they close the road and Rangers usually direct traffic and as two guys leave the parking lot they allow two more to pull in, Its a helluva sight that much orange and I have been told it looks like southern NY or CT or MA on opening day of deer.

I have a chest problem going on right now and am recently 10 days in the hospital, my very good friends in Vermont visited often and told me they have sold their guide business after 118 years being open, he will likely be happy to point you to many hunting places private and public around carters and especially mt tom where he owns alot of leases for guiding, also his families farms are extensive right in that spot. They ahve always guided for the love of it not the money and are fast to help anyone. As Robert has always said I know you will take more game and fish with me than without me so I have no problem telling you where to go, there are no secret places in the northeast anymore.

I connect here at a wi-fi spot and usually see him here in the morning but earlier, I will tell you his private email as I think the busniness one is transferred already, iit is "SlickRockHounds" then the at symbol "at" hotmail I think it is then period and the word "com" there are no spaces in any of that. Hope I explained it well enough. His name is Robert. If you in that area and see a truck with VT plates and a pack of bobcat and bear hounds hanging out of it stop him and say hello. He is easy to miss 6 foot 8 and 400 pounds. looks angry all the time but thats the pain not his attitude.

I dont know if I will be back on here I stopped to say goodbye to the coffee shop owners and thought I would say the same to you people on here. I will look for you in the coverts this year if I am able. be safe and have fun. Coffee is gone and so am I. Bill

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I ran across this post and wanted to let members know we lost Bill on Christmas, he died at home with his loved ones around him. he would have been 97 years old last week.

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Bill sounds like a fine man. Undoubtably he will be dearly missed. Our prayers go out to his family.

NRA Life Member. NRA Golden Eagle. Hunt Hard, Shoot Straight and Live Your Life as if God Were Looking Over Your Shoulder!

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I am sorry to hear that.

I am sure he had many stories. I am sorry, and may he rest in peace.

If my aunt had balls, she would be my uncle!

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