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  1. Doc, that’s a smart move, but please hang in there with us for many more years ! I assume you don’t have kids who want them or any other family members who would love to have at least one or 2 of your guns for sentimental value. hope you have a great season and enjoy your time outdoors
  2. All, I own a marlin .12 gauge model 120 pump action , have had it since I’m 12 or 13 years old, I’m 57. I take very good care of it and have never had a problem. It’s cleaned after each use and kept in my dehumidified safe. I can assure that it is not dirty , gummed up etc. This past weekend I went for a round of sporting clays and a pheasant hunt. It jammed on me 2x while shooting clays ( I cleaned and lubed it post shooting) and 2x yesterday hunting. What I mean is, I shoot the first round and it won’t pump it out and cycle the next shell in. I had to disassemble it on the clays to get the spent one out. I was using 2 3/4 # 6, I thought it was the ammo, but def not, because I tried 3 different kinds. I’ll take any advice, suggestions etc, and if anyone knows a gunsmith or someone who may be able to help I’m stressed out over this. THANK YOU for any input, and please make me feel stupid if I’m deserving of it, I’m at a loss for what the issue is
  3. @First-light, good for your niece. It’s probably harder on her than it will be on him, but too many parents nowadays let their kids run amuck and that’s the problem. Congratulate her from me ! I did the same a few times to both my kids, they’re both responsible young adults
  4. My buddy made me this cutting board. I can’t wait to use. Of course anyone interested in having him do one for you, here’s his email. [email protected]. He’s in McGraw, (Cortland County) but will ship etc
  5. I feel fortunate that I met a guy recently who sold me 5 boxes of .35 rem for 150, but as others have said, at the height of this BS, I too paid 70 per box. I just turned 57, I have close to 300 rounds, I think I’ll be in the ground before I get through all of my .35 ammo, if not I guess I’ll still be hunting at 90+ years old
  6. Great video, will def do that, I had 4 or r ticks on me this past spring…..Wondering if I can spray on my dog?
  7. Has anyone ever bought the beetles and used for your Euro? Thoughts, hints, pros/cons would be appreciated. I use the skin and boil method, it works well, but just curious about the beetles. I watched a few you tube videos, but wonder if anyone has 1st hand experience
  8. Thin sliced venison steaks dredged in flour, and Parmesan bread crumbs with perogis. The steaks were beyond words
  9. Beef (venison) and broccoli, Szechuan style. Better than any Chinese restaurant you’ll find. Serve over white rice, and enjoy
  10. Merry Christmas, all…..a little venison breakfast sausage biscuit and gravy to start the day . Hopefully everyone has a great day with family and friends
  11. Grilled Heart with sautéed mushrooms and onions, a little white rice. Absolutely delicious
  12. Was fortunate enough to fill my freezer this afternoon 4:10 nice fat doe. I’m happy for the harvest
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