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  1. I Make sure all wet/damp clothing from the walk in is removed, I strip totally and put on all dry clothes, socks, underwear and t shirt. Then layer I make sure to cover back of neck / head with balaclava , turtle neck, hand warmers in muff and a hot beverage in thermos if it’s an all day sit. Try to stay out of wind on windy day if possible.
  2. I have carbon arrows, with wraps, so as @Moho81 said wasn’t that deer time to die. Plus $h!t luck on my end.
  3. Friday morning during the snow, I get a text from my buddy. big 8 heading your way, no sooner do I put phone down, here he comes and gives me a broadside shot at the estrous I had at 25 yards from my ground blind. I draw and shoot and watch the arrow sail rite over him, and say to myself WTF??? Look down and there’s one of my fletches on the ground. I wanted to cry, but whatever. I always check my arrows/equipment etc, so guess this was just bad luck. Anyone ever have this happen during practice or at a REALLY nice deer? Thanks for listening to me complain and vent. It didn’t stop me from getting in the rest of the day or weekend, I had a few days away, but still sucks!
  4. I’ve been following this like an expectant father...LOL. Can’t wait for pics and story
  5. hang it, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Good luck and look forward to seeing the pics of your harvest
  6. Double ouch, but FCUK the NFL. have not watched a game since they started disrespecting the flag and cow towing to those overpaid felons. hope you have another opportunity at that beauty, good luck!
  7. Had this skull laying around and decided to give it a try. thanks to @dinorocks for giving me some pointers. I really like it. Merica’
  8. Funny, I drove it yesterday going to visit Marist with my daughter. Saw one doe eating on side of road and a nice 6 “sleeping’” under the guardrail the entire trip
  9. Please provide progress updates, we all hope and continue to pray for him, and you that he’s going to pull through fine and will be 100 % again very soon