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  1. Remington model 760 game master puts em down. Got the same setup! . Congrats on a fine buck
  2. @fasteddie…..Do you walk far to your spot? If so, bring a second pair of socks, and change the “walking” wet/sweaty ones. I do this as a routine, I even change underwear and t shirt, I have a horrible time with cold feet, it could be 40+ degrees and my feet are cold. I’ve tried everything and I mean everything, expensive boots, the shit insoles for $100+, the regular heated ones, loosening laces when you sit so your feet aren’t constricted can also help. Just a few of my tricks, but nothing ever helps, it sucks. Good luck and if you find a miracle warm boot, let me know. Oh, and most importantly, have fun and shoot a nice one
  3. My brother goes to steuben and said there are plenty of opportunities on state land there
  4. I may try on Saturday, if my wife doesn’t have a shit fit, or hide my keys
  5. We’ll after several exciting bow hunts, I wasn’t able to put anything in the freezer, and was looking for 1 last day with the bow tomorrow and then get at it with the gun Saturday and beyond. I started feeling blah yesterday with an annoying dry cough. For the sake of the other guys I was going to be with, I went and got tested this morning. I got the RONA. It couldn’t have come at a worse time. BEST of luck to all who will be out this weekend. I’ll be home watching the forums and being jealous of not hunting, have fun and most importantly BE SAFE
  6. Never trust a fart, but last time out I ripped one and 5 minutes later had deer show up
  7. My daughter is a student there and last year her dorm room faced that direction. I was tempted to setup in her room a few times, but I guess I’d be writing this from the jail cell if I did…
  8. Some of my best times in the woods when my kids were young was the youth weekend. I was also fortunate enough to be a mentor to my buddies kid one year, so this is terrible news from an A HOLE politician
  9. Sweet, best of luck and safe travels!
  10. My buddy arrowed this last Nov, and asked me to do something cool with it. I am just a bit disappointed because it doesn’t have enough white in it. I tried to do red white and blue but they red and blue took over too much. Either way, I know he’ll appreciate it but not exactly what I envisioned
  11. @Blackbeltbill I have made a few myself, but never used them to call a bird in. I’m afraid to blow an opportunity and am so confident in my Lynch Box, which I’ve used to entice many a gobbler to me. I’ve also given 2 as gifts to friends whom Ive called in their first bird as an additional momento to their hunt +/- how many have you called in with a wingbone?
  12. @moog5050, good luck. IDK where u live, but have the pros look into it, my buddy is an HVAC guy and says same. also have my bro’s at the FD come and check for gas leak too, we’re always happy to help
  13. My cast iron only comes out for the good stuff
  14. I can’t go anymore, my muzzeloader will be shelved this year
  15. Should I sautee in butter and onion? I had a great season and spent more time in the woods than I have in many years, plus I hunted with my son and my good buddy a lot. I BLEW a golden opportunity on opening day, so I only have myself to blame for that, just happy for all the AMAZING members of this forum who filled a tag or 2.
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