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  1. Horrible and agree with @cynthiafu. I call BS on the particulars of the story
  2. @turkeyfeathers, I hope you don’t plan on modeling as a side career, nice cammo though
  3. Funny, my daughters window faces that side ....a bit of tree trimming and I’m good to go. I have noticed that area several times, and wondered if there are deer inside that fence.
  4. awesome, congrats to the young ladies. Much luck, and most of all have fun and BE SAFE !! Way to go ladies.
  5. I’ve eyed up that spot by the field more than once...
  6. Edible or not, they were in my backyard when I got up this morning . I live on LI, anyone have a good place to get info on mushrooms that are wild but edible?
  7. I knew I could rely on ya’all for some advice, as always this forum is amazing
  8. Who can recommend a good target they have experience with using for broadheads ? Something durable. I’d like to use for my compound and crossbow too if possible thanks for your input
  9. Happy birthday, @phade, birthday buddy. wish I was your age again, knowing everything I currently know
  10. Hi All, I have 2 brand new ACT study guides and practice exams. If anyone on here has a HS student, I would like to donate to him/her. please IM me and we’ll work out details. I am on LI, and will meet if you want but will also ship to you in NYS, I’d like to help ensure the success of a nice HS young man/woman who is prepping for college Have a great day and weekend everyone
  11. @kmorgan8999, contact @-sro- he sold me and several other guys on here a Cam x . I love mine and he was a gentleman and pleasure to do business with
  12. My thanks and gratitude @Swamp_bucks to your family. I never forget why we observe Memorial Day. As a firefighter we hold a service for our brothers and sisters who served in the military. Unfortunately, this year, nothing formal will be done.
  13. Hello All, First a bit of bragging, my daughter got accepted to SUNY Cortland and we couldn’t be prouder. it was her # 1 choice. Hopefully, we’ll be back to normal soon and she’ll start there in August. Does anyone have any intel on the nearby state land. I was looking at the DEC map and saw a few places Taylor Valley, Kennedy State Forest, Hoxie George, Baker Schoolhouse, and a few others. if anyone could give info on any of these or other places, I’d appreciate it. Not looking to spot steal, just some info on access Hunting pressure, etc. Thanks in advance
  14. My son’s and I Turkey hunting find, a deadhead in Delaware County