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  1. Big Indian

    HOYT rampage xt

    Where in the Catskill range are you?
  2. Big Indian

    Mine and my buddy's Euro

    No, @The_Real_TCIII straight peroxide. I put the peroxide in a small container and then submerge the skull. I then gently add more peroxide to cover as much of the skull as I can. Lastly, I'll take an old white sock, and cover the top of the head/skull so as not to get any on the antlers. I also put electrical tape on the base of the antlers to prevent any peroxide from getting on bottom of antlers. If it ever happens, and it hasn't happened to me you can use a brown sharpie to rectify any peroxide splash on that brownish part of the antlers
  3. Big Indian

    Mine and my buddy's Euro

    Peroxide for 3-4 days
  4. Big Indian

    Mine and my buddy's Euro

    Peroxide for 3-4 days
  5. Big Indian

    Mine and my buddy's Euro

    Last year I found an old wine barrel in the woods and thought it would make a unique/different way to display a mount. My buddy got the seven and I the spike. I always enjoy doing the euros it seems to extend the hunt and gives me something to do in my spare time
  6. propaganda by the DEC
  7. Big Indian

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    Can a long Islander join?
  8. Big Indian

    View from the new home

    Congrats on the beautiful home, and family but also your dedication to achieving your dream of owning that home. Good things happen to good people !
  9. Big Indian

    Be careful out there

    when I was a kid, and just beginning my hunting career, one of the things my dad told/taught me was to always look up when you sit on the ground/ ground blind. Even a "smaller" branch can do damage if it falls on you. Great to hear that this was a story with a happy ending, and a lesson for all of us who go out - be aware of our surroundings and careful where we walk or sit
  10. Big Indian

    Getting to the Field can be HARD!

    you just need to make as much time for hunting as you do for making babies...LOL. Good luck and get some meat on the table for the growing family!!
  11. Big Indian

    Heart recipe

    They key was the VERY hot grill, and no more than 2-3 mins on each side, ( kind of reminded me of Ahi steaks) little bit of grey all around the outside but nice and pink on the inside
  12. Big Indian

    Heart recipe

    I will never discard or leave the heart in the gut pile again. Friggen delicious- with a simple marinade I got off the below website ,too bad it's such a small organ.
  13. Big Indian

    Confrontation with another Hunter

    I had the same thing happen to me a few yrs ago, calling in a turkey, who was clearly up the bank from me. All of a sudden I hear something coming up from behind, I turn around and see another guy behind me. He's lucky I was with my 16 yo son at the time. I just told him how rude he was and how he ruined a great father and son hunt. It sucks, but I can't see arguing with someone who is obviously irrational, stupid, inconsiderate and has a gun.
  14. Big Indian

    Confrontation with another Hunter

    That's effin BS. Northcountryman, I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day if possible, and I also hope you shoot the biggest deer from "his 37 year reserved spot" . F him and his a-hole friend. Only thing that worries me is hey may be vindictive. Please be careful
  15. Big Indian

    Ohio trip

    After a few years of talking about it, my buddy and I decided to take a trip out of state. At the advice of his brother in law, who went to the same place a few years ago, we went to Wolf Creek Outfitters in Killbuck, Ohio. We had a great time, and saw a lot of deer. Unfortunately, no shooters came within range, as the outfitter has a 125" minimum. It's fair chase and that's what we wanted. I saw bucks every day, along with a few does, but the buck to doe ratio is much higher than most of us see in NY. The most unique thing I saw was an albino squirrel, who played under and around my stand for about an hour on Monday morning. We did a semi-guided, which meant the outfitter showed us where to go, and pointed us to his stand locations, but if we wanted to hunt his other locations (and we did) we had to scout, and set up our spots, fortunately we had climbers etc. All in all it was a great experience and we would do it again in the future, although we may do the full guided, which entitles you to hunt the "food plots" and use elevated box blinds etc, and of course pay more $$$$ I wish everyone good luck this opening weekend, but most importantly have a safe and enjoyable season !!