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  1. Ha, Jarts were great, we also had bb gun wars.
  2. Fletch


    There is one ultra disappointment in an otherwise rocking list lol
  3. Anybody with some free time I would love to get your votes!! You can vote every day. https://charchampion.com/2022/steve-cole Thanks for the support!!
  4. Imagine getting woken up out of a nap with a fisher on your chest!! I would have heard you from here lol!!
  5. See and I am not a fan of spring turkey as it is usually a tick and mosquito parade!! lol
  6. 81S, 476, 95, 1, 113, 13, 168, 158 then again the Chesapeake bridge may cost some bank now!!
  7. How about the Philly route? I have driven it about 15 times back 20 years ago. Will be spending 2 weeks in the OB this summer so will be doing the drive this summer.
  8. Biz, thanks for the info. I never really pay attention to treasury bonds as historically they have been dogs. That is some solid interest rates to boost up the "safe" investment column. And yea too bad a 10k max
  9. Fletch


    Cmon A Foam Equilibrium colab Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I am looking for a pellet Smoker as well but of course the ones like Traeger and ZGrills are Chinese and I will do all I can to not buy that shit. So looking at USA made is definitely more challenging and 3 times the cost. But most likely worth it. Yoder and Blaz'n are two I'm looking at.
  11. I was trying to move money around 10 days or so ago to buy Tesla when it dipped to 700. Missed that one!
  12. What's the face dollar figure of the silver 90% coins total?
  13. 2-3 dozen fine raw oysters on the half shell A top quality 20 oz NYStrip A dozen of those huge tiger shrimp on the grill. Sweet potato fry poutine with bout a half pound of real bacon on top A slice of NYC cheesecake A 12 pack sampler of Prison City Beer 2 fingers of Vanilla Crown over a ice square Then hit me in the back of the head with a sledge as to not mess up the smile on my face! And I hope you have a stroke digging a hole for my fat ass after all that food for hitting me in the head with a hammer!
  14. Lemon Grass I was very impressed with. One of my local favorites.
  15. Good luck to him were ever he ends up. My daughter spent a year at Ithaca and she was not thrilled with the small town scene, charm.. I love the area. She got her bachelors from SU. SU is a great school but being from here going there was not too adventurous. She is now doing her masters at USC and lives in LA which she loves big cities but not so much LA. She loves the weather and beach and all that though. I abhor the state of Cali so hope she does not end staying there!!
  16. Welcome, you are a long ways from Cali!!?
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