Looking For Deer Processing in Southern New York

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Is Quaker Creek a restaurant?  I am only 20 minutes or so from Pine Island.

It’s like a deli upstairs and butcher downstairs

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    • By Butcherbrad
      Hey guys, I’m brand new to the forum and I like it already. Good to read updates on all the topics! 
      I have decided to leave the processor I have worked for within the past 9 years and go on my own. I found out quickly that it takes time to find customers. Well, I’m putting it out there for anyone around the Syracuse area that wants a clean friendly, fast turnaround for deer processing can contact me.
      I have a large walk in cooler to store up to 20 deer and new equipment. I make sausage and vacuum seal everything with a commercial unit. Cube steaks year round and anything else custom. Basic cut is $85. EVERY DEER IS DONE INDIVIDUALLY AND YOU GET YOUR DEER BACK! 
      Any help would be appreciated. Hopefully I can get the word out enough to keep me busy. As of now I have one deer to process and it will be done tonight. Your deer will not lay on the floor in a pile!
      Thanks guys. Good luck hunting to all!! My email is indi340@aol.com thanks!! 

    • By reaper7497
      I am looking for a good venison processor in the Jefferson County area.  Looking for ones that can do some custom meat mixs!
      Any information or links you can provide will be appreciated!
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