British Columbia, B.C. - Trip and Pics.

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Very nice pictures looks like you had a great time.

 If you dont mind me asking, how much was the total you spent?


I didnt spend anything. My Dad (60 years old) wanted to see me complete the slam while he was still in good enough shape to keep up, so he paid for everything.


The hunt was just over $3K, I don't know how much the licenses/tags are. The flights would have been expensive, but we used $1,000 worth of Air Canada vouchers we had received from when they went on strike and cancelled one of flights a while back. The outfitter we used is signifcantly cheaper than many other Lynx outfitters, who charge in the $5-$6K range.

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Awesome. And over hounds to top it off.


Very big ones too. When I hunted Arizona for lion, the hounds were like 20-30lbs and the guy used a big pack of like 6-8 of them at one time.  In B.C., only 2 hounds were used and they were both in the 80lb. range. Guess they need to be bigger to handle the deep snow conditions, while the Lynx just run across the top.

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Picked up my Lynx skull yesterday from bad to the bone skull cleaning. Kurt Wall did a great job on it.

Today, SCI officially measured it at 8 10/16 which puts it at # 16 all time! I'm pretty pumped. I knew it was a nice tom, but didn't know it would scored this well.


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