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  1. Pav2704

    Shed Hunting 2019

    No sheds yet but found this guy. I’m guessing he was hit by a car because he was about 100 yards from the road.
  2. Pav2704

    Opening day Gun season

    When does standby for all spots begin?
  3. Anybody know when the NWTF will sell its clover seed? Last year I purchased 10 lbs of clover for $30. Wanted to do the same this year.
  4. Pav2704

    Christmas Dinner!

    Sounds like a great meal and new tradition! Merry Christmas!!!
  5. Pav2704

    View from the new home

    Congrats!!! Good for you!!!
  6. Pav2704

    Suburban Long Island Deer

    Not a backyard deer but definitely is impressive!!!
  7. Pav2704

    Shoot or pass?

    I would of done the same... 135 yards is quite the shot for me without a solid rest. For that reason I always bring shooting sticks with me.
  8. Pav2704

    2018 HuntingNY Gun Harvest Thread

    Taken Sunday, 11/18 around 8:45 am in 4f. My son was there with me and helped me track him which was very exciting!
  9. Pav2704

    A scoring challenge.....

    Good luck to everyone tomorrow... shoot straight and be safe!!! Have my son at deer camp. Hoping to see deer moving tomorrow with him in our blind!
  10. Pav2704

    Snow in 4f

    Thanks, Im in Richmondville. Hoping there wasn't too much. Don't want to have to shovel late tonight.
  11. I was planning on hunting my food plots this weekend. You think that's still a good idea with all this snow that's expected to come.
  12. Pav2704

    Score and age?

    Thanks guys! Like I said, super proud of that buck. Just curious and can’t put a tape to him because he’s at the taxidermist.
  13. Pav2704

    Score and age?

    Hey guys... I am curious as to what you think my deer would score? I did not put a tape measure to him and to be honest I’m not really sure I would know how to without looking at internet videos. Honestly, his score doesn’t really matter as he’s the biggest deer I’ve ever taken and I’m more than happy with. Just more of a curiosity thing!! Thanks! Hope the pictures help.