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Bear Recovery


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14 minutes ago, airedale said:

A friend of mine out in BC Canada used his Airedale for a recovery of a wounded archery hunt Bear that ended with the Bear holing up in a cave.



Neat picture. Killed a bear in New Brunswick, Expired at the base of my treestand. Drew it's last breath and let out an unforgettable death moan. Hair on my neck stood up! Shot it just a few minutes after getting into stand. There were more than him fighting in the bushes. He came into the bait first so I figured him to be the victor and must be the biggest. The guide had just put my buddy in his stand up the road and heard the shot. He got nervous and decided to sneak into check on me. I was excited to see how big the bear was so I stretched him out and laid down next to him at the base of the treestand. He was longer than me so I figured over 6 feet. I heard a branch snap, then some fast footsteps while lying there, sizing him up. So I froze figuring that one of the other bears might be coming in. I'll never forget the look on the guides face when he leaned over me looking to see if I was dead. We both had a good laugh later after recovering. 

Anyway beautiful dog.  I have a poodle. I think she would run the other way if she saw a bear. I tell her she's soft all the time. I think she knows she has it made!

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