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Browning Serial # question

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I am helping a friend with a browning shotgun ‘Light Twelve” only takes 2 3/4…..that his dad had and now belongs to him, since his dad passé many years ago. It’s not in great condition but I am going to try my best to clean it up and have him enjoy it.

I have, the serial # in pic, some of the websites I’ve been looking at say it should have 2 letters before it, and others don’t. I’m confused

MY QUESTION - is the 1G61312 the correct serial # , and if so how do I know the age of the gun.








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1 hour ago, Big Indian said:

MY QUESTION - is the 1G61312 the correct serial # , and if so how do I know the age of the gun.

Yes that is the serial number

The chart below shows the build dates of the G serial numbers, looks like 1957



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I love the Browning Auto 5s, they are timeless classics and worth putting time into, the receivers are real tricky to take apart and reassemble. Years ago the first one I totally took apart to clean I could not get it back together, I had to have gunsmith Bill Demare of the old Lefever Arms up in Lee center NY show me how, there is a technique and sequence, he was good, he could do it blindfolded. These days there are probably good videos on youtube to help.


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