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Assembling Light, Packable Fishing & Hunting Gear.

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My application is for being able to carry good gear on my Adventure Scooter easily. I purchased a Honda off road scooter a couple of years ago that will get me into some pretty good out of the way places that can offer some decent fishing and some hunting. I have been assembling some gear that will stow in the scooter's roomy storage compartment under the seat and in the top box.

The first was getting a small lightweight trail revolver and that was accomplished with a Charter Arms Pathfinder.

For a long gun I went with a Savage 42 22lr / 410 Takedown over and under, it breaks in half and fits into a compact 24 inch long soft case. I put a compact green dot on top which will work good for either barrel.

For fishing gear I have some take down and telescoping rods of ultra light and light propositions that will stow nicely.

So as far as I can see I have accomplished my mission and shall see what the Summer and Spring brings as far as action.






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