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How are my fellow hunters doing in 7M?  I hunted bow just before the rifle opener and saw a bunch of does.  I will be back next weekend to check my cameras and hunt a few more days before the season is over.  

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    • By New York Hillbilly
      Hey all I'm new to this site, and am really impressed with the quality of it ,and the stories and pictures. I am interested in hunting most everything but deer hunting and running beagles is my primary interest over the years. I would like to meet someone with land to hunt in 7J for possible swap to hunt in 7M. If it sounds interesting chime in. Not really interested to swap tags at this time but might be open to that down the road. Good luck to all this deer season, have a safe and fruitful season.
    • By CNYScott
      Some summer 2011 trailcam pics. Plenty of does, fawns and young bucks. A couple of decent 8-pointers, no bruisers yet. One doe with attitude, and a very cute fawn...

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