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  1. Can anyone recommend an Mule Deer outfitter in New Mexico? Thanks
  2. Agreed. Drivers License number should be enough.
  3. What wrong on having an opinion? Especially on one of the most polarizing criminal trials in history.
  4. Active cops usually have multiple complaints file against them.
  5. Impossible to determine the cops culpable mental state during the arrest without having all of the facts. Eyewitness and video evidence are problematic to say the least. Use of force experts have debated the prone position for years both ways. Although we have the best legal system in the world at times juries are swayed by theatrics in lieu of facts.
  6. Can anyone recommend a place to process a deer in NYC or close to it? Thanks.
  7. I just returned from Hawaii . I shot a nice billy .

    Good luck on your upcoming hunt and have a great vacation .


    1. BigGuyNY



    2. greybeard


      thanks..( I just saw this message(July 15))

  8. Exactly the response I was expecting. Thanks for proving my point.
  9. The stupidest comment I have ever read on this board!
  10. Can anyone recommend a deer processor in the Austerlitz area of Columbia County (4U). Thanks in advance.
  11. Remember there are exceptions to the Fourth Amendment that allow those with Peace Officer status to conduct warrantless searches.
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