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  1. Beautiful job on that cat. Looks alive!
  2. With it finally sunny, I did take my dogs for a walk to the creek to stretch out legs. I worry it's too tough for my little old Westie, whereas the younger, big pup just plows through. The little girl stays behind me hopping from one boot tract to the next. lol In the morning I plan to take a long hike up the hill with the .22 to do a little squirrel hunting, which is something I have not done in many, many years.
  3. I have had Chaga tea a few times. We have a small house on 6 acres in Alaska and lots of Birch trees on our property. We got interested in it after trying locally produced Birch syrup. Was not crazy about the Birch syrup. I'll stick to Maple! Chaga tea was actually pretty good. But, I don't know if I got health benefits or not.
  4. Frog Toggs is all the rain gear we wore fishing on the Kenai Peninsula.
  5. If he ever sneezed it would blow his brains out!
  6. Best briar bibs and jacket I ever owned were my Wicks. Basically lived in them all rabbit season when I was running my beagles. Still have them somewhere in a box out in the garage. Any chance he's connected to the makers of that line? If I remember right they went out of business, and when my Wicks finally did get too beat up, my wife ordered for Christmas a similar set from a company I think is called Mule. Those are also out in the garage because I never got to use them.
  7. Ran my beagles there on hare years ago. Had to shovel stairs into the snow banks along the road to climb up and over to go hunt. Also, remember watching a guy standing on his porch roof shoveling snow, and throwing it "up" and onto the snow pile. lol
  8. Love the attention to detail. Great looking building!
  9. I agree, and I hope I'm still anything at 98! lol
  10. Love it! Me and my wife have been talking about getting a couple beef cows for years now. But with so much else going on have never been able to actually act on it. Other than a summer working on my uncles daily farm as a young teen and all that comes with it, my knowledge or experience keeping and raising cows is extremely limited. Over the past couple years we have been getting more serious about building up our "homestead". The garden getting bigger each year, and canning really taking off. I finished building a chicken coop, and have a nice building for a goat shed, so they were to be next. And, now that you have outted yourself as our resident "cowboy" : ) I hope I may call upon you for your advice from time to time if/when we act on the cow adventure.
  11. If this sort of talk does not get someone blocked from this site, nothing will.
  12. Well, it did just call my Westie from the other room. She came running, jumped up on the couch, and watched the video with me. At the end I half expected to see Wile E coyote and his Acme hare call! lol
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