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  1. At the risk of sounding redundant; don't forget to take every opportunity to thank your fellow board members here who vote these assholes into office. Green New Deal means lots of green out of your families budgets and straight into their (politicians and their friends) pockets!
  2. 1. I can't speak to the people you mention because I honestly don't remember them. 2. As a front line mental health/medical provider caring for veterans "everyday" since before this whole Covid pandemic/attack, I can tell you to those of us who were not able to work from home or otherwise escape this madness, it did/does feel like "the world is ending". I have seen how this has impacted them, me, and my family (daughter is also front line healthcare worker), and have listened to the veterans stories and the horror of war, and have experienced what it does to them, and people close to them
  3. I have come to understand you will never wake some people up no matter how you try. They live in some sort of perpetual denial, or blind ignorance of the world around them or past history. They are usually the ones who resort to childish statements and name calling in their attempt to try to and be relevant, or be heard. While it is most my sincere hope war does not break out under any administration, I feel the threat is extremely high under this one. So, if and when it does happen, I will promptly remind everyone to to wrap the words of the current administration's supporters o
  4. Not to worry! Even though our enemies, like sharks, now smell blood in the water and see opportunity to strike with impunity given the current weak, feckless American "president", once war is declared you can count on the 75 million "Deplorables" being the ones called upon to fight and die.
  5. Just remember to thank each of the board members here who so aggressively argued for this predictable shit show! Much more to come, I'm sure.
  6. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I very much appreciate it. As a mental health provider doing face to face patient care throughout Covid 19, it would be hard to convince me I'm only one year older today. I think from here on out I'll start counting the years going backward! That way I'll retire at 40! lol
  7. This is exactly what the corrupt political Elite are hoping for, and why future generations in America will only be as "Alive and Free" as they will allow.
  8. Holy crap! Time for me to sell! I'll be calling a realtor first thing Monday! : )
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