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  1. Whelp.... that was a bust. I must have forgot to send out the invitations for the deer to show up to my party!
  2. Ok folks I’m getting to throw a Hail Mary! I got soaked to the skin crushing down golden rod with my wheeler, on the uphill side of my trash heap blind, where the deer were last night. I’m snuggled into my ladder stand to get a much better view. If they step out in the same place tonight I might be able to score. Good luck to you all out there in the rain this afternoon.
  3. Great timing to coincide with our country’s bicentennial! A declaration of freedom from tyranny! I believe divine providence led me back in time to help my family get through the war on Covid. Which in my opinion was/is actually a war on our country that nobody will admit. As much as I love the beauty of Upstate NY, because of the political corruption that has all but destroyed this state, it’s economy, and way of life, I doubt there is anything other than my love for my family that could have driven me back to NY after I escaped.
  4. Hey Grampy. I think they see this as the second best way to get guns out of our hands. And, they have already been successful at the "first best way" which is to get our "votes" out of our hands. Yes it is sad. And scary!
  5. I’m in the exact same situation with my grandfather’s rifle. I have not found ammunition for it in over a year, are regret terribly not buying as many boxes as I could get my hands on when I first inherited it. If I do stumble over any out there I’ll be quick to let you know!
  6. What a tragic story to see what NY has become over the course of my lifetime. Upstate New York citizens and their way of life is at the absolute mercy of Down State philosophy and policy. Driving Remington out of NY will celebrated with dancing in the streets by those who wish to destroy the right for citizens to keep and own firearms, without any concern for the lives of those who will be negatively impacted by it's closing. When I was just a young guy, I was a State certified welder and pipe fitter. I worked on many of the boilers and HVAC systems in factories including Pettibone, Rome Cable, Revere Copper and Brass, and others, many that eventually were left vacant shells when they were eventually closed and moved away. I even worked on the Remington boilers spending days with an air needle scaler removing rust getting things ready with our crew for an insurance inspection. The impact of these closings over the past several decades is profound on these small communities and it's people, with their spirits left as broken as the factory windows over time. I know this both from personal and professional experience.
  7. A little after 4PM, several deer rolled into the opposite side of where that picture I posted is pointed. If I had been in one of the 2 ladder stands I have set up overlooking that field I may have had a shot. But, in the "blind" I was in all I could do is watch them bound in circles in the chest high goldenrod chasing each other in the fog. One eventually made it way so close it must have got tipped off something was up, because blew/snorted so loud it made me jump. If I had my scoped rifle I may have had a deer, but I had the shotgun with a red dot. So no shots for me, but at least there were deer.
  8. Sitting in a literal trash heap. Brushy island where they cross a lot over the years. Took a few from here and never remember to bring in the old chairs I sit on, or unfortunately one of my ground blinds I forgot and left out. The blind is ripped all up and the little poles hanging loose. So I have it rigged up with twine to saplings and the top held up with strands of electrical tape. Haha. What a pro!
  9. I too came in when the rain started again. This gives my great comfort that I am now thinking like a deer, and it only took until my 48th deer season to accomplish. lol
  10. This! Or, on second thought, why can't people just police themselves? Before posting; why can't people ask themselves if what they are going to say is meant to be something helpful, positive, even simply sharing, or meant to be an A-hole to someone else. I for one don't care what anyone chooses to post, how often, why they post what they do, or why they come to this site. If it is something that is not all that interesting to me I just scroll by and find the stuff I do enjoy, from those I know I like to read what they post. To the best of my memory I have never been intentionally nasty to anyone here or previously here. But, I have been on the receiving end of some pretty offensive stuff in the past, amazingly for absolutely no reason other than expressing my thoughts and sense of patriotism to our country while others were all jumping on the, "I'm a Ukrainian bandwagon" and banging the drums for war, and from the self proclaimed medical experts and Trump haters throughout the 3 year Covid nightmare. Oh..so how did these situations all play out in the end? For the most part I really enjoy this site and the people who post here now. From past experiences reading peoples posts, I know those I would invite to hunt with me in a heartbeat and those I would never turn my back on in the woods. It should be pretty simple really. Move on, don't be nasty and disrespectful to other people, scroll past what you don't like or are not interested in rather than find fault, pick and choose who you enjoy reading from and responding too and go for it, and if anyone is so bent out of shape about this or any other site, the simple fix is to start your own.
  11. Thanks for the laugh! That was the best deer report I have heard in a very long time! hahaha
  12. Bummer! Finally got snow yesterday evening and I had to be back to work this morning. Based on past history, with the sunshine today it would have been a great morning to be out there. I sat for last 2 or 3 hours in the snow storm last night and it was fun, but not productive. On the way out I crossed several fresh tracks around the stand I was not in of course. I love the snow because it really reveals a lot of information. It will be Saturday morning before I get back out and the snow is supposed to be gone by then. Good luck to those lucky enough to be out there today.
  13. Doc, you are right on the money. I think the days of "orange next to every tree" is a thing of the past. Strange now to look back and realize the reason I bought my property originally was because of this very thing, and wanting to have a safe place for me, my family, and the occasional friend I might invite. The landowner properties that border me on all sides are my age or older, and I think they quit hunting a long time ago for a variety of reasons, including poor health, or were just not into it to begin with. I suspect in the case of my one NYC neighbor just stopped making the trip up for his annual "deer camp" after his kids, much like mine, grew up and either moved away or got busy with their careers and/or kids of their own. The NYC guy had quite a big crew of guys coming up for years, and the shooting they did really kept deer on the move. Some of his guys were much older than me and may have died off or moved South to warmer weather. I have not heard one shot this year from that direction. And, as far as that goes, I think I have only heard one or two shots semi close in any direction since opening day. There were lots of hunters on all the properties around me years past, and it was really exciting. Now, just distant memories. I agree Doc, it is depressing. It's like a ghost town!
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