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  1. Congrats on the deer Grampy! And, I share your sentiment regarding the tax situation!
  2. Felt good to sleep in this morning. : ) I have a quick question. Where do we post the details about our hunts? I thought I would share but cant find the proper place. I know I saw a thread earlier in the season but cant find it now. Thanks
  3. After assembling and putting up another ladder stand today at 2PM, success at 3:30 today! : )
  4. Didn't hunt this morning. Instead, took it slow and easy. Finally put out the 3 trail cameras I bought about 4 years ago and never opened. I know absolutely nothing about trail cameras these days so not sure what the outcome will be with this effort. There are a couple half worked over scrapes now so maybe I'll get lucky and get a few pictures. I also re-checked several of my ladder stands (5) to make sure they were still safe. Good thing I checked because one of them had every one of the pins that hold the sections together pulled out and taken. That would have been a nasty fall! What is wrong with people? It's bad enough they trespass, but then take it to another level when they do crap like this. Earlier in the season someone took it upon themselves to crush into the ground one of my ground blinds the very day I put it up. Now that I think about it, I hope nobody wanders on my land and see the cameras I just put out. I'm sure they would have not problem swiping them.
  5. Gonna play it safe with this wind and sit in the field blind tonight.
  6. In the ground blind to stay out of the wind. Saw no tracks in the snow on the way across the fields. Has a real deery feel though today. Now to see what happens.
  7. Settled into my ground blind out of the wind for the most part. Forced to take it really easy this year, so mostly here to get fresh air and avoid going stir crazy. Good luck to all out in the field today.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I will not be able to eat much today being limited to just a few ounces of mashed potato or something similar. But, as screwed up as my deer season and life in general became 3 weeks ago following a middle of the night medical emergency, subsequent surgery and a week in the hospital, I am thankful for simply being able to still be here with my family. I'm thankful for my wife, kids, and 5 year old grandson being here to enjoy the day together, and the hope for more deer seasons to come.
  9. Vaccine thread I have no opinion on, but respectfully disagree about the political section having nothing to do about hunting. Sadly, politics has everything to do with everything in this country in its current state. I think people are absolutely blind to the dangerous times we are facing and the threats to our freedoms and liberty. As hunters, gun owners, citizens of this country, I think the more conversation (respectful) the better. On an interesting side note; these threads gave me, and I think others, a good window into the minds and personality of many of the members on this site.
  10. Was always a Yamaha/Honda guy, but last year I needed a new machine and the deal was better to buy my Polaris 450. I love it! It does everything I would ask, including plowing my very long driveway all last winter. I never had EPS until this machine and was on the fence about going the extra money. I can say without any hesitation now I am glad I have it. EPS comes in very handy when plowing, or when crawling over rocks and logs you might encounter on the trail. It also makes it where my wife can drive it without any difficulty. She even likes and asks to take turns plowing the driveway!
  11. I agree, which is why I agonized over mine possibly not making the requirement, and was very happy to discover my CP measured a pinch over the 17 inch minimum. I was ready to take it back if it did not. My concern about what might happen to me if I caught on my own land was not nearly the issue as my worry about casting a negative light on an already under fire means of hunting. The last thing I want is to add fuel to the anti crossbow argument by giving legitimate ammunition to those against it by being ticked for breaking the law, despite my viewing it as STUPID.
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