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  1. Impressive rig! Six inch lift and 35's? Good luck with the new truck.
  2. To each his own I guess. I for one don't miss the non stop name calling, trolling, and general nastiness the so called "controversial" ex-members displayed against anyone they determined to be outside their clique. Talk about spinning the narrative. Let's remember what really happened here. For the past several years, throughout Trump and Covid, the Trump haters and self proclaimed medical experts spewed their utter nonsense and attacked anyone who did not bow to their expertise and infinite knowledge. So how did that all work out for them? How much of their expert medical advice and opinion related to Covid prove to be correct? How is the country doing now with Orangeman gone? Quite a bit of egg on the face! Well that is if the egg shortage is over. As far as I'm concerned; the "site" became a convenient excuse for a select mouthy few to bail out and drag any supporters with them, before having to face the music for being revealed for being so wrong on so much. It was like someone breaking wind in the supermarket aisle then running to the other aisle. But then again, what the hell do I know? Like everything else I was told was not really happening over the past 3 1/2 years, it's probably just another conspiracy theory. I would suggest this site is a lot more accepting of differing opinions now than it was prior to the exodus. From the way it looked to me, nobody "ran away" for fear of expressing their opinions. They talked about how bad this site was, that it was going to fail or disappear, and how great things would be once they all met at their new promise land. They chose to leave. Let's not now rewrite history and turn them into victims!
  3. Wife and I are currently in Boston helping my son and soon to be DIL get their house ready for their wedding next week, so turkey hunting is off the table fo me the rest of the season. It's nice to see the pics of those successful this year, even if they are posted in the thread I started to check if this site was going to disappear while I was away. Although, maybe they would be better to be posted in one of the Turkey hunting threads. Agree!
  4. Nice small mouth! That must have felt fun on the light weight gear. Was it a fighter and jumper?
  5. Woke up 4:11 and said to self close eyes for a minute. Looked at clock and was 5:53. Long blink! Now sitting at the base of a tree overlooking the creek bottom where I missed on a few years ago when it popped up just a few feet from me. That one was so close the pattern must have been like a slug going past its head. It sure is pretty in the Springtime woods. I just seemed to have lost a step along the way, or the fire I once had in my belly for chasing these birds. And, now it starts. i sit here and worry every tickle I feel is another tic! Lol One gobble gobble way off in the distance.
  6. Congrats to those who bagged turkeys. I'm going to try and drag myself out of bed for the first time this season, and see if I can a least hear one gobble.
  7. I agree! Great to hear! Me too. Like you; my life will go on either way. But after so many years, I was thinking it would be a bit of a let down if just went lights out all of a sudden. With those remaining here; there seems to be a level of mutual respect, and I enjoy reading the posts and hearing what you fellow members are up to, or have on your minds. I was hoping it, you all, would still be around. Thanks for the update.
  8. Just a quick question to anyone here in the know. There was talk from those during the mass exodus, about this site disappearing sometime during the month of May. So, with May now upon us, is there any chance this might actually happen? I would be disappointed to see this remaining group of people one day just vanish. If it is in the works, is there a Plan B? Thanks!
  9. When I rut the heck out of my place [which happens more than I like to admit : ) ]I use my old tractor mounted tiller. I start as deep as I need to go, and repeatedly go over, each time raising the tiller height. I'm not a professional landscaper , so this may not be "standard of care lol", but it works for me. I can get things pretty darned smooth.
  10. Again, yet another great memory of something I also did as a kid. Good one! And, I seem to remember bits of concrete flying up and hitting me in the face when slamming the big rocks down on full rolls of caps. lol. How we never lost an eye doing this stuff amazes me now that I think back on it. How did we survive our childhoods? If only we had computer games to keep us inside and safe. hahaha
  11. You are right that there is nothing funny about this, as we watch our country being destroyed in front of our eyes. Also not funny; the crickets we hear from all the haters that knowingly chose to bring this upon us. I hope every one of these people look at themselves in the mirror each day, and has a shred of integrity enough to admit, even if only to themselves, they own this. Perhaps they can learn from their mistake. I continue to pray for our country and all of it's citizens, especially our children and grandchildren, and fear this is all we have to save us.
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