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  1. Passed on 2 spikes this morning, and 1 half rack almost fork horn. The spikes I think were brothers traveling right nose to tail. Very pretty morning to be out. The snow covered fields show the deer were very active overnight.
  2. Has anyone here had any experience with "Tracker" ATV's? I know the story of them now (formerly Arctic Cat), but don't know anyone who has owned one.
  3. Must be everyone is busy hunting, and/or as clueless as me on this subject. In any event; I found what I was looking for and shall be mobile again in a day or so. : )
  4. Please, if any one here knows who and where is the largest selection of ATV's for sale between Utica and Rochester, NY. There were no fewer than a half dozen dealers in the Utica/Rome/Cooperstown area about 15 years ago when I bought my last (Yamaha)one. Now, I cannot locate any. Any information is appreciated. Also, If request for this information not allowed on this site for some reason, maybe just point towards what city/town to look. Thank you
  5. On page 3 of this thread, I responded to the alleged outrage over the possibility that there might not be a smooth transfer of power if Trump were to lose the 2020 election. I must have written it in invisible ink, or perhaps it flew over the heads of those I was responding too. Or, perhaps it was too touchy a subject to try and address in any credible manner how Hillary, the left wing media, government agencies, and the never Trumpers violated that very principle. Here 5 pages of posts later, this thread has deteriorated to the point that people are being called "stupid", as well as inferring and/or implying in a disgusting passive aggressive manner that members here are racist. Good natured debate and differing opinions are one thing, but some of you are hitting a troubling new low on this site.
  6. Did you have the same "issue" when Hillary and her followers unleashed her hounds of hell in an all out assault against the winner, Trump, and our entire country, costing millions of wasted dollars, blood , sweat, tears, fear, innocent peoples livelihoods? Where the hell was the peaceful transfer of power in 2016? I do not believe it was an oversight by Chris Wallace to ask that question to Trump but not Hillary. I think he is to seasoned at his job to screw up that bad. It was by design. Had he asked her the same question about her accepting the election results if she were to lose, this whole damned thing may have been avoided or at least made a lot more difficult to keep going. Trump is and remains a "Big Orange (as the left like to refer to him) Middle Finger" directed firmly in the faces of the elite of both parties by the previously forgotten citizens of this country, of all colors, genders, ages, race, religions, etc. And the self entitled class made up of both parties can't stand it! They feel it threatens their way of life and their egos! They need to remember they are NOT our overlords, they are our elected employees! So, perhaps we should all join hands rather than keep hitting each other, borrow an old line from Trump, and tell a bunch of them from both parties..."you're fired"! God bless the "United" (people) States of America!
  7. Leaning? The non stop hatred and propaganda being spewed by the same people on this "hunting" site is nauseating! Their attempts to convert anyone here I think is doing nothing but making others even more committed to vote for President Trump. If for no other reason I say go ahead and keep it up!
  8. Interesting! I guess it's finally time to really put my house and 175 acres (fantastic deer and turkey hunting) on the market, and head back to Alaska.
  9. The leaf looks more like butternut tree to me.
  10. That is one BIG bear! It looks the size of one I saw recently someplace online a week ago or so from a campsite. I think that one was in Old Forge. People were walking around it taking pictures like they were hanging out with a big Lab. I thought, "oh well it's a matter of time authorities end up killing him as a nuisance", because people encourage the bears behavior.
  11. That second video I believe IS 2 adult bears. The first bear my money says is a sow, and the one following a bigger bear being a boar pursuing her. It also looks like the second bear has a limp in the front shoulder. You (I) can se it as he first comes into view. Second bear looks big from what I can tell.
  12. I see (think) her eyes peeking through the leaves between the trees, just below the posted sign. : )