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Looking for a hunt in 4R


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where do you normally hunt you can swap the doe tag on here for another the other option you have is to go on the state land interactive mapping theres a link to it on here and find some state land


Most of my hunting is bow in 3R and 3S. Really wanted to get out w/ the rifle this year though. Don't mind hitting the state land. 

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i hunt 4r i got a doe tag too im invited up to hunt by a friend when i got the doe tag the guy behind the counter told me to play lotto that was lucky to get one i usully hunt 4w but they had no tags . iwas up saturday 9:45 two does come out im in a tree stand igo to aim i couldnt get the sight on her like i wanted to and didnt shoot im still kicking myself for leting her go .

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