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  1. Anyone ever hunt the sprain brook park area, to the east of Ridge Hill? Seems like a fair amount of land and a nice natural funnel.
  2. Most of my hunting is bow in 3R and 3S. Really wanted to get out w/ the rifle this year though. Don't mind hitting the state land.
  3. Oh and I have my reg. season buck tag as well just looking to get some meat in the freezer.
  4. Gents, I have a just a few days left to hunt this year. I have my buck tag and 4R doe tag still on me and have up to this weekend to fill it. A buddy who assured me he had access to a private farm on 4R didn't come through, now I have a 4R doe tag and no where to fill it. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Anyone want to join forces? Still trying to get my first coyote, certainly not from lack of effort. Would love to join forces with someone experienced.
  6. Neither. Really just out for coyotes now. In a few weeks, won't be so picky. Very cool to see though.
  7. Despite the cold/wind, I called in a fox. But no sign of coyotes either coming in to the call or tracks in the snow.
  8. My store said they weren't. But two members came through here and got me squared away. Appreciate all who responded.
  9. Long story short. I thought I had my antlerless muzzleloader tag left but I checked my pack and I have my 3R DMP left only. Knucklehead move. Now scrambling to find a Suffolk 1C DMP, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
  10. Went through the lottery rigmarole to be able to book a day for the LI shotgun late season. Would love to get a DMP tag to increase my chances and hopefully put a little meat in the freezer. Can anyone out there help?
  11. Thanks was just checking some of them out online. No issue night hunting on DEP property?
  12. Looking to get out tomorrow or over the weekend. Stewart is now closed to vehicular traffic so I'd like to cover some ground on foot. Don't have much experience but really want to give it a shot. Any experienced predator hunters want to show a new guy the ropes?
  13. Most of their deer photos show blood in the nostril and mouth...e.g., lung shot
  14. Thanks guys! Taxidermist has the skull now, and will have him scored for me. Can't wait to find out myself
  15. My sentiments exactly. I really don't care about the score, was more curious than anything. Right place, right time, nearly fell out of my tree when I saw him coming down the trail.
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