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  1. tommyc50

    Personal attacks

    thank you its been a slow slide ever since . Free speech doesn't give a token few the right to bully or bash someone to make themselves feel superior. I for one was [ I don't come on here any more] extremely bothered what I seen with new people posting something and and women yes, growalot and a few times I seen guys bash paula. I loved this place and made a lot of friends[ all gone now, why?]. the last straw was when I commented on the Woodstock '99 where I heard a girl got raped and I was ganged up on and bashed on ,I said that's it im done here and this guy said aaaww come on we're only having a little fun WELL @#$% YOU!!!!
  2. tommyc50

    Personal attacks

    well. looky, looky, here the pot calling the kettle black . A day late and a dollar short my friend. A bunch of hypocrites. YEAH, YEAH LOOK @ ME!!!!!
  3. tommyc50

    deleting this profile

    I have been reluctant about posting this but I contacted the site 2 weeks ago and I got no response .I seen were edit my name and info but not delete it .please no negative responses just tell me how to delete it
  4. tommyc50

    Woodstock 2019

    yeah im done here been seeing it for a while sorry
  5. tommyc50

    Woodstock 2019

    no '99 was in rome.ny and im sure this one wont be @ bethel woods oh yeah I hunted close to there on hurd rd. I been to a few concerts there too
  6. tommyc50

    Woodstock 2019

    I remember the last one in '99 a knew a guy that went it was a disaster and very commercialized and things like water was going for $10 a pop but this is what this kid told me and a girl got raped there
  7. tommyc50

    Raccoons are mean & nasty

    oh yeah I had a raccoon bite my cat ouch!!!! me not the cat it cost me $800 and my wife almost got bit putting the garbage cans out, In nyc raccoons have rights ,their wildlife!!!
  8. tommyc50

    Need some help please

    is he a veteran or belongs to a union? Go fund me is good and a benefit with a Chinese auction ,raffles and have people donate the food ,even restaurants and and other business would donate the prizes.I seen it here w/ the catholic church and especially kids going though cancer been to a lot of events .if hes a veteran the vfw or even the knights of Columbus would donated the hall
  9. tommyc50

    Favorite holiday cookie (pics)

    oh god my wife and daughters had a cookie exchange I had cookies coming out my ears and I cant even eat them [im diabetic]
  10. tommyc50

    Need Help Naming Dog

    Caesar but something german is better just not adolf
  11. tommyc50

    Happy birthday Wooly !

    happy birthday!!!!
  12. tommyc50

    Things that keep you awake at night..

    why the hell I missed 3 deer with the bow
  13. tommyc50


    well it beats georgi or belvedere
  14. tommyc50

    Everyone Forgot

    happy birthday!!!!
  15. tommyc50

    Best Christmas Movie! Merry Christmas!

    no I know awesome thank you for posting. I remember when the colorization first came out its was horrible they ruined the movies ,everything looked so pale and all pastel colors. Ted turner owned the process and he would show them all the time on tmc cable station .I think this was before the digital computer stuff came out. this one is much better quality
  16. tommyc50

    Best Christmas Movie! Merry Christmas!

    aaawwww why'd you do this now I cant stop lol
  17. tommyc50

    Best Christmas Movie! Merry Christmas!

    THE Christmas movie , and a little trivia in hancock theres the frank capra theater off rt. 97 I don't know if the guy owned land up there or what ever. thank you but black and white is the way to see all those old movies
  18. tommyc50

    1st snow blower

    old school but this is mine but I live in the city so its not as bad as you guys
  19. tommyc50

    Merry Christmas

    merry Christmas and all the best to everyone and your families
  20. tommyc50

    Gun Cleaning Products You Love

    there was a guy that posted a study he did last year on gun cleaners and lubricants , it was very scientific I was like wow this guy has a lot of time on his hands .I tried looking for it if i find it i'll post .But my dad always use hopes # 9 and me too the kits are the cheapest there are and still the best .The only thing the jags are plastic and if you push too hard [especially with dry patches] they will start to crack and break off in the rod and you have to buy a new kit cause replacement rods are more expensive then buying the rods. Last year I bought gunzilla @ the hunt show in Harrisburg [you know how it is I stop to listen to some b/s and I wound up buying it] but I clean it w/ hopes # 9 then hit with the gunzilla and it looks sooo pretty .Now when I clean my guns not ever year or even after shooting a lot but after a wet season like this year snow/ rain I strip the piece totally take the stock and scope off[ yeah you have to boresite and and sight it in again] but look under sht where the bases sit on the action sometimes theres rust there and like a 30-30 where the fore grip meets the barrel and where the buttstock meets the action I sand it it alittle with steel wool and alttle cold bluing then a light coat of oil hoppes oil is the best
  21. tommyc50

    Anyone Here Know If Robin's OK?

    yeah same here in my prayers I hope he sees this and post some thing
  22. tommyc50

    Anyone Here Know If Robin's OK?

    oh wow yeah I remember him the canoe guy hes like my age and does the river trips in the Adirondacks, yeah I haven't seen him I love those videos
  23. tommyc50

    Gun hunting in the bow zone-Letchworth

    believe me some are totally clueless but some are dumb like a fox especially if they are foreign born .My neighbor and I use to hunt state land and he would trespass all the time and he would just start babbling in Portuguese and gets away with it all the time. I wouldn't even think of trespassing But what bothers me is that he could have been a little more diplomatic dealing with the guy 1] its not his land and 2] it could be a off duty cop or some one with clout and he'll be the one answering the questions .
  24. tommyc50

    Sunfish Valley Whitetals

    Man if cant say something civil ,THEN DON'T SAY SH*T AT ALL
  25. tommyc50

    Tioga Hunting Ranch in PA

    Well, the guys I hunt with went a few times to south Carolina and man was it fair chase you are running behind dogs and when they corner the boar you helped hog tying it and then stab it with a knife [NOW THATS HUNTIN'] .If I can get hold of the video i'll post it