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New to reloading, looking to build out a bench w everything. I will be reloading 9mm, 10mm, .223, 30-06, .308 and 6.5CM...

I have plenty of brass....

Advice (blue/red/free) and offers to sell gear appreciated.

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I did a complete overhaul of my reloading room a couple of years ago including benches, I did a writeup on it here after it was done. As for presses I use mostly single station presses but I did pick up a Lee Turret for large outputs of 223 and handgun  ammo. I am completely satisfied it does a very good job and it is bargain priced compared to the competition. Also check out ebay for used equipment, you can save big,  the average loader will never come close to wearing this stuff out.



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I'll second airedale's Lee recommendation. It can be purchased brand new with warranty for less than most other brands sell for used, and they're well built. The big money will likely be spent on the dies and other reloading necessities anyway.

P.S. There are lots of good threads and quality information in the reloading section here, sad_story.

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