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  1. Venison stew with cornbread biscuits tonight. Stew has been in the crockpot all day while I was working. Biscuits are just about ready for a late dinner. I should have picked some berries for dessert. Epic fail on my part.
  2. Deer Sightings

    Fewer and fewer people learn how to hunt before buying a license and going hunting. That's the short answer. The deer are out there, for sure, but in the woods they are way smarter and more aware of their environment than the humans.
  3. Is it hunting?

    I've killed woodchucks at 10 feet with a bow, 287 yards with a pistol, and well over 400 yards with a rifle. Different skill-sets to be sure, but it was all hunting.
  4. Not an emotional guy, but...

    Great story! Keep the memory alive, but find another tree somewhere and start a new tradition for the kids. And for their kids.
  5. Hats Off to Nikon

    Optics manufacturers have their feet to the fire regarding customer service and warranties. It was a combination of grass-roots demand and good old competition that started 30+ years ago. Glad things worked out for you.
  6. 8 Year Anniversary Coming Up

    I'm more of a tent guy. And I promise not to poop in your yard in the morning.
  7. 8 Year Anniversary Coming Up

    A GTG in Bristol is something I could definitely do! I built a couple of houses in that area 35 years ago. Mind if I camp in your driveway for the night? The biggest problem with these sites is people's inability to simply apologize when they've taken things too far. I've done so on a couple of occasions here, both gone too far and then later apologized. It happens. Criticize the post, not the poster. The particular post is right in front of you and you're allowed to disagree. But you don't know anything about the person who posted it, which makes personal attacks extremely petty.
  8. I Don't Blame Growie........

    I just want winter to be over. Being a woodburner, I haven't had hair on my knuckles since October. It's a testy time of year.
  9. Dirt bikes are like cows

    That was mean...but funny.
  10. They make their money selling sneakers, yoga pants, golf clubs, and tennis rackets. They've decided to alienate gun enthusiasts to cater to others.
  11. Outright Thievery

    I'm guessing it depends on whether or not he's the one who bought it.
  12. Hunting related sayings or thoughts...

    Hunting or fishing my buddy has always said, " Oooooh, they're out there."
  13. I've burned more than I expected this year, but most of it has been due to damp and chilly days rather than frigid temps. The sugar maple has taken a beating, but a lot of the honey locust will still be in the stacks next year, and I have more coming this spring. Just wondering how others are making out.
  14. Synthetic winch rope?

    A great site for serious rope, and they have a section for short leftover pieces: It's an arborist/treework site.
  15. gramp's Reloading Journal

    A good friend of mine reloads for about 20 different rifle and pistol cartridges. He has a big dovetailed slot in his benchtop and corresponding wooden bases on all of his presses and accessories. It's a pretty slick system when done right. The swap-n-go is seamless, without having to worry about nuts and bolts.
  16. Happy birthday First-light

    Have a great Birthday!! Eat some cake!
  17. It's their right to have their views. But this is approaching coercion under RICO statutes. The Federal government even tried this just a few years ago and had to back down. I'd have to look up all the pertinent info because I don't remember much off the top of my head. Obama and Holder decided that the way to shut down the gun industry was to not allow banks to give loans to manufacturers and retailers... It's a bullying tactic, and they don't realize that bullies often get punched back.
  18. How To Clean This Up

    Looks like you have most of the crud off. I agree with Doc at this point. Put a handle on it and use it. The nice thing is that if it's actually 'old', and I'm guessing it is, it's probably good quality steel that will take and hold an edge. It's something I'd be proud to own and use. I'd be more worried about getting the cakey rust out of the 'throat' of the tool than the faces, if you're going to use it, otherwise you will probably buy a few handles trying to fit one to stay tight to the head.
  19. School me on portable generators

    Try a decent battery-powered tool, like a Milwaulkee, and you'll be surprised. The $50 Ryobi is always going to disappoint you, but a good-quality tool is worth it. I have several friends in the construction industry who are almost 100% battery-operated now, and they have no regrets. They take care of their batteries, and they don't have to carry around generators and extension cords. The roofers tend to use gas-powered compressors because you just never know what the integrity of the house circuit is.
  20. Good article. That California is being held forth as the epitome of Progressive idealism in this country should scare the hell out of all of us when it comes to elections.
  21. My First Brand New Gun

    I sighted in guns for a gunsmith many years ago, and the M37 was the bruiser even when compared with the big centerfires. I still have the one in 12 Ga that my Dad bought in the mid-to-late 60's. It's a joy to carry in the woods and and very quick to point, but it's nasty as heck at the bench.
  22. When a school system is more interested in protecting their federal funding than they are in protecting their students, there's a serious problem. The federal department of education is only about 45 years old and has proved to be an utter failure in every way. Time for it to go. It just doesn't work when DC bureaucrats try to control local institutions. Seems like Betsy Devos is working at it:
  23. Dana Loesch interviews a teacher (voice disguised) who knows some things about the shooting at the Parkland, FL shooting, and the security recommendations made just two months before it happened which may have prevented or at least alleviated the massacre. Administrative and bureaucratic failure all the way around.
  24. School me on portable generators

    There seems to be a bit of confusion in the title. A portable generator is either one with a handle, that can easily be carried, or one that can easily be moved around from one job site to another to run tools and a compressor. That's not what you're talking about.
  25. As long as I don't start shooting before the time I would normally start mowing the lawn or doing construction work, I'm good. I think it's 7:00 AM around here. Your results may vary.