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  1. Venison stew with cornbread biscuits tonight. Stew has been in the crockpot all day while I was working. Biscuits are just about ready for a late dinner. I should have picked some berries for dessert. Epic fail on my part.
  2. Shumer shutdown

    I'll add to what Steve D said above: The reservists stand down: which means no training regimen for critical personnel and no maintenance of their equipment. Logistics personnel in all but combat areas stand down; meaning no fuel deliveries to aircraft, tanks, humvees and other equipment outside of war zones. Training grinds to a halt. Readiness is damaged in ways that could take months to repair... I could go on and on. Tell me how the military isn't affected. Schumer blinked and caved, realizing his asinine position on this matter, so it's a moot point anyway. At least for the next couple of weeks. I'm thinking Trump will change that in a hurry. The military can't do any strategic planning on a month-to-month funding setup. We saw this throughout Obama's tenure, when it was entirely intentional.
  3. What's for dinner tonight?

    Many years ago someone gave me a crepe cooker. A heated dome that you turned upside down and dipped into a bowl of eggs. The crepes were good, but I couldn't make them fast enough for a meal. I altered the egg mix and found out I could make my own soft taco shells. Normalcy returned.
  4. What's for dinner tonight?

    I don't get this ant-quiche thing, either. It's a fat, baked omelet with a crust. I don't disparage people who put a perfectly good chicken parm fillet on a bun, or some sliced prime rib on a bun, or a nice piece of fish on a bun. BTW, that looks tasty Rob.
  5. Attention Pistol owners

    Thanks for the info, Doc.
  6. To build on Wooly's 'electrifying' story, did any of you, ahem, advanced fishermen ever have the electric worm-getters? We used them all the time. Wood handle and a steel rod with the hot AC wire taped to it. Shove it into the ground and up come the nightcrawlers. Having your buddy dare you to grab it or pee on it was the drawback. Especially if you were stupid. I was a teenager, I have an excuse.
  7. Three guys in a 15' Coleman canoe coming back with two deer in the boat along the Erie canal. There wasn't more than an inch of 'freeboard', and a beaver starts calmly swimming along beside us just checking out the situation.The beaver starts to slap his tail on the water, repeatedly, as if he was intentionally trying to swamp the boat. Of course my buddy takes a swing at the beaver with his paddle. Let's just say the ballast was suddenly redistributed and we all went swimming. We weren't far away from safety and my truck had a good heater so we all survived, and I imagine the ghost of the beaver is still getting a chuckle out of it as well.
  8. I enjoy just seeing what this great country is capable of achieving. We haven't seen that for a while. MAGA!
  9. But, Trump did win those two states. Your "if" doesn't count for anything. He won them because of a pro-America message and a helluva lot of hard work delivering that message to the states he knew he needed. I have no doubt he'll do it again in 2020. It's quite possible that a strong Democrat candidate may have won, but they didn't have one in 2016 and I don't see one surfacing for 2020 either. Flyover country is never going to vote for a Socialist president.
  10. Joe Dan Gorman, Intellectual Froglegs, did a piece last year from which I've grabbed a quote: "You want to have a serious discussion about gun control? Allow me to start the discussion. You will never, ever, ever get my guns. Your turn." I'll look for the video.
  11. When facts don't work, personal attacks are the go-to move? That's right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook, Belo. Even for someone who claims to be at least notionally Conservative on the political spectrum. Immigration!!!! Not alien invasion!!!!
  12. I haven't gone through the process yet but I currently spend most of my day at a computer so I'll figure it out. Many people seem to be waiting 'til the deadline approaches.
  13. Grow Alot

    Respect has to be earned. If you don't earn it you don't get it, and you sure don't deserve it.
  14. Archery in Schools

    We used the foundry at school to make small black powder canons. He,he,he! I'll be 59 in March as well Larry. If I miss ya here, have a great birthday!
  15. Archery in Schools

    I had two of my nieces express a sudden interest after the movie. I didn't have bows they could draw but I gave them demonstrations, and they picked it up as a college elective. Every little bit helps.
  16. Archery in Schools

    It's nice to see that at least some schools are pushing back against the SJW Progressive culture today. Just say BOO! and scare the hell outta them!
  17. Outside my window...

    They look healthy, and a couple look to be pregnant. It always amazes me just how tough these critters actually are. Thanks for the photos my friend.
  18. Quiche

    I happen to like quiche, but I draw the line at tight jeans, because they don't suit me. ;-] And I'd shave my head bald before I ever sported a dork-knob at the back of my head, or voluntarily put metal objects in my skin. That's just stupid IMO.
  19. Hacked by Asian Russians.

    One of the bigger international forums I'm on has a requirement that newcomers put 5 posts in the newcomer section before they're allowed to roam freely. I think they have some 200k members from around the world and pages of different forum areas. It doesn't eliminate the spam but it definitely keeps it contained so that it can more easily be removed. Just a suggestion if this type of mini-attack becomes more prevalent.
  20. Quiche

    My dear old Mom makes some amazing quiche (with meats and cheeses, of course). I've never felt less manly just because my belly is full of tasty goodness.
  21. I haven't watched it and won't watch it. It's always part of an agenda. Sometimes subliminal, and sometimes right in your face. Watch some of the videos about loggers being hurt because of eco-terrorists spiking trees in the the northwest. They'd rather kill a person than see a tree come down.
  22. Kodak Center Rochester Seat Suggestions?

    Is he looking for a new drummer? Just kidding. I can't get my legs to work like that any more. Have fun at the show.
  23. Grow Alot

    I hope she comes back here. She's a fount of useful information regarding land management. It's a shame that certain people have chased her away for such petty reasons.
  24. Some rather interesting admissions by Twitter employees. You can be certain that everything you say on the internet is being watched by someone. Edit: language warning