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  1. Sodus Point to Oswego one afternoon. Had a burger and a beer in town and headed back home. I don't remember exactly how many miles it was. Nice fast boat, and I remember it felt good to be out there.
  2. I'm in the same situation, Rattler. My entire house could be considered a "gun vault". And even the more stupid adults who somehow end up in my house are vociferously warned that every gun they see is loaded and ready. Stay away, and don't touch anything.
  3. I worked as a kid on my grandparent's farm. A pan of sausage, peppers, onions and eggs was breakfast. I still remember the smell of sausage, peppers and onions. Also the local fairs. I couldn't walk past a booth that had grilled sausage with toppings. Still can't.
  4. That pan with a dozen eggs broken on top was breakfast for the crew on my grandparent's farm. A simple picture brings it right back, buddy. Thanks!
  5. There are plenty of people who will take your bees for free, and be really nice about it. You just have to find them. You might check with the Cornell Ag Extension. http://cce.cornell.edu/ If you can find a phone number someone will help you. They're a huge leftist bureaucracy, but they will actually try to help if you can contact them. Best of luck.
  6. I saw that and reflexively smelled it. Weird.
  7. If you consider that a personal attack, calling you by your screen name and sub-name, your problems are beyond what I can deal with.
  8. The number one rule on a forum is: attack the post, not the poster. When you make it personal you've likely already lost any argument you might have had. I spend an inordinate amount of time on internet forums, many of them Progressive. It's part of the research for my job. I might chime in when someone says something really stupid, but I go after the statement rather than the poster. 99 times out of 100 I will be met with a personal attack in response. It's a very poor way to change someone's mind.
  9. I absolutely love my 7500. I've never given a single thought to anything else. It's an amazingly tough little tractor.
  10. OK pigmy dick. (And I do know how to spell pygmy properly, BTW) You're trolling! Why would you change your screen name to one that is so similar to the one of a great guy on this forum? Smacks of insecurity. "The goal is the same"? The President wants to keep America great. He's already turned the corner with his actions. The leftists want to "fundamentally change the country" - (Obama's exact words) - and make it different from what it's been for the past 240+ years. Those are not similar goals.
  11. It's always fun to touch base with the old gang. to you Larry.
  12. I said when she first opened her mouth and got a voice in public that she was very dangerous. She is the first person in Congress to have been fully indoctrinated by the current American education system. She actually believes what she says, and lots of people listen to her. That makes her dangerous.
  13. Part of the reason this thing erupted is that 3 of the 4 "jihad squad" were born in this country. I don't know if the President meant to tell them that they should go back to Cleveland, Detroit, and the Bronx to do a little work before they try D.C. politics. I suspect that's a part of it. Ilhan Omar, on the other hand, will likely be facing some serious repercussions for tax and immigration fraud as well as perjury, according to some real reporting that's coming out. She came into the country with a false name, married her brother to get him into the country, used the 'marriage' for tax and educational benefits, then lied repeatedly to immigration officials about the 'marriage'. Not some I want to see in Congress. Especially if she's going to be such an a**hole about her hatred for the U.S.
  14. Now you're learning, Val ;-) Buy what you need and spend a reasonable amount on it. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. The Kubota B7500 in my avatar took an awful beating from my father for ten years while he was working on a church building, and he bought it used. He's not a maintenance guy, BTW. I've had it for ten years and other than replacing the battery there hasn't been a hiccup. Other than not being able to get into really tight spaces to mow it does exactly what i need it to do.
  15. Maybe next we can discuss the various advantages of radial vs bias ply tires?
  16. The .17 HMR is about the perfect tool for sniping rabbits out to about 125 yards or so. With a clean head shot they don't move an inch. And it's a lot easier than stomping through brush and brambles all day.
  17. I've killed dozens of woodchucks with mine out to about 150 yards. When you walk up to them you don't even think they're dead. No visible wounds. Pick them up and it's like a plastic bag full of jello. Like Pygmy said, head shots only on squirrels. Otherwise there won't be anything to take home. Devastating little round.
  18. Final report: 2012 Taco broke camp and went home on Tuesday. I wasn't sure if anyone else was going to show up, so I went to Vonnies and sat with a bunch of wet golfers for a couple of hours drinking beer. I'm not a golfer, but we had fun!
  19. I have a .17 HMR with a basic plastic stock and accutrigger. I bought it when they first came out, so maybe almost twenty years old? The ammo has gotten a lot better since then, but that thing has been a tack-driver from day one. I don't think you'd be hurt offering the guy the $300 he paid for it. Especially if you're trying to help the guy out. JMO. Wear ear protection!! The crack of that little rice grain will rattle your brain.
  20. Would you care to explain that comment?
  21. I don't know that Rossi was banned. He was a one or maybe two issue guy that inserted his beliefs about those couple of issues into every discussion. That's annoying. Like sitting at a dinner table discussing politics and having someone constantly bring up sports.
  22. I miss Growalot. She's probably forgotten more about gardens and food plots and creating deer habitat and cardboard blinds than most of us wiil ever know. She also had some great contributions to the "what's for dinner" thread. I hope she comes back at some point. People who are perpetually angry and discontented tend to ruin good things.
  23. My friend has a setup for his reloading bench that involves wooden plates fastened to the various presses and other gear he uses. Those plates have beveled edges which slide like dovetails into the top of his bench. It takes just a few seconds to swap one tool out and put another in, or to put in the blank plate so that he has his full work top back. Pretty slick setup. I wish I had some photos for you. BTW, he also has over a dozen different presses with different dies installed. He reloads a lot and doesn't like spending time dialing in the dies. I was the same way in my wood shop when I had almost 20 different routers with different bits. I wasn't going to waste time changing bits and risk breaking them on the concrete floor.
  24. Cheers to the bottom of my post? Or cheers to the bottom of the gal in the post?
  25. Still Philoshop. Here and elsewhere.
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