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  1. Venison stew with cornbread biscuits tonight. Stew has been in the crockpot all day while I was working. Biscuits are just about ready for a late dinner. I should have picked some berries for dessert. Epic fail on my part.
  2. All time best movies

    Something rarely available anywhere today is "9 1/2 weeks" with Micky Rourke and Kim Basinger (1986). The plot line was so-so, but the photography/videography was amazing.
  3. Building a long range rifle

    I never said that a spitball would travel 400 yards. I said that a miss with a spitball is no different from a miss with a large caliber round. There isn't a "factory" round or firearm out there that will consistently hit at "400 to 650" yards on any game animal, and I have no idea what you mean by "building" a long range gun. So unless you're very skilled with handloading, gunsmithing, and have practiced enough, and developed the appropriate load for the gun, it doesn't much matter which caliber you choose, even if it's the spitball. That's my point. A miss will still be a miss. Without giving any details about your experience in long-range shooting you're asking us "what is the best caliber?". Step back for a second and ask us what would be the best caliber considering your skill level and exact expectations. Welcome to the site J sin. There are some very knowledgeable folks here who will be happy to help you out if you ask the right questions. Sorry buddy, but without knowing your goals and expectations, and your background, you jumped in asking the wrong question. Stick around and ask the right questions. We're here to help. BTW, the answer to your question is the .50 BMG. It'll kill anything out to about a mile if you can hit with it.
  4. Building a long range rifle

    You didn't provide much detail on exactly what you consider "long range", or what you plan to be shooting at. One thing for certain is that high quality ammo and lots of practice is far more important than the specific caliber. A miss with a .300 Win Mag is no different in result from a miss with a spitball from a straw.
  5. One of the opposition groups put out a press release with XXX in place of the candidates name. Actually published it. They're apparently too stupid to identify exactly who they oppose. Ahhhh, that was rich. I somehow feel safe from the lunacy.
  6. One of the news/commentary programs had a guy from India on who posed as black/african american to get the preferential treatment to get into an Ivy League school. It worked for him so he wrote a book about it instead of having to suffer through the humiliation and expense of the college indoctrination. ;-) These numbers are just off the top of my head because I'm done working for the day. At top Ivy league institutions in the U.S. the acceptance rates of individuals, regardless of qualifications, are roughly: Asians = 16% Whites = around 20% Hispanic/Latinos = around 40% Blacks = 80%
  7. Are you apologizing for the anti-masculinity group or the drug abuser group? I can't really tell. You might want to rethink apologizing for either group.
  8. Rats In NY City

    Not to scare anyone, but bubonic plague is on the rise in many rat-infested cities as well. A direct rat bite is not required. A bite by a flea from a rat will suffice. They're still isolated cases, but they're growing in number. Rats are "no bueno".
  9. Rats In NY City

    As my old neighborhood in Buffalo deteriorated I'd sit on my front porch with a few friends and count rats at night. We would drink when a rat was spotted. We never lasted very long at that game. There just wasn't enough beer on the planet to keep it up. It's not just NYC.
  10. What's for dinner tonight?

    The day after tomorrow will mark the four-year anniversary of this thread!! Put together some extra goodness to post up, and thanks to everyone for keeping things lively and making me drool every day.
  11. Looking for any possible interest in a GTG (get-together) in the Geneva area somewhere around July 29th. Just a meet-n-greet kind of thing for HNY'ers for dinner and drinks. Bring your fishing boat and make a day of it. ;-) 2012Taco will be in the area and is in, as am I. Anybody else?
  12. How About Some Rain

    It all depends on the exact area. One of the farmers I regularly cut for hasn't mown silage a single time yet this year, and another one called me recently to see if I was available for a second cutting on one of his fields. Those farms are less than ten miles apart, but very different soil conditions. Some of the corn in my area is only two feet tall, and some is way over my head. It is what it is.
  13. Finger Lakes area get-together

    Thanks for the 'bump'. It kind of slipped my mind but I'll get on the logistics and details ASAP and report back.
  14. Cherry eagle

    I did exactly one table with 'claw foot' legs. Never again. I spent more time on the feet than I did on the rest of the table. I got way too detailed and it was nuts. The more I focused on the feet the more others saw flaws with the feet and stopped looking at the whole table. It's similar to photography criticism: "The eye wasn't clear and bright enough for my taste." Yo, buddy, I got a decent photo of the bird!!
  15. Cherry eagle

    I like it a lot, Wooly!! Wait 'til you get to the talons, though. ;-) Sorry.
  16. Question re mature wheat

    That's what most of the farmers do who I mow for. You can still get at least one cutting for silage even this late in the year. It's too early for winter wheat and too late for corn or soybeans, so silage stuff fills in the gap. ;-)
  17. Cherry eagle

    Looking good, Wooly! Any of the name brand grinders will hold up to a lot of use. I've even had some real el-cheapos (think Harbor Freight, etc for about 15 bucks) that lasted for years of cutting tile backerboard, and that cement stuff is dusty and a real tool-killer. My advice would be to start cheap and if you like the way a grinder works the wood then upgrade as necessary. Best of luck!
  18. The Trump tax cuts were going to be Armageddon. The NoKo policy was going to lead to nuclear war. The regulation rollbacks were going to kill us all. The withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and from TPP were going to mean the end of civilization. The Trump trade positions are going to ruin the country......... How often do they need to be wrong before they wake up?
  19. Hey Phade....Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday fellow HNY'er!!
  20. Pigeons

    I shot a lot of pigeons around various farms when I was younger. It was a great past-time with friends and made for good eats. I won't ascribe any sort of real intelligence to them but if you miss them once you probably won't get a second chance any time soon. Once they've been shot at they're as wary as mid-season ducks around an open water hole. If they pick you out of the regular brush and whatnot, they will warn the rest of the flock to stay away for a few days. I'm not sure how they do that. On the flip side it's a lot of fun with friends, good for the farmers, and very good eating. Cook them like a chicken pot pie and you won't be disappointed.
  21. Pigeons

    If you're going after pigeons stock up on both ammo and humility. You will miss far more than you hit unless you're cutting it close to a barn or other roost structure. And don't hit the farm building or you'll never be invited back again.
  22. Happy Birthday Paula

    Happy Birthday Paula!! Sorry I missed it yesterday.
  23. One of the latest polls has Trump support from Hispanics up by 10% this year. I guess the "demonization" of Trump by the left over the border issues hasn't worked out too well.
  24. Happy Birthday America

    God bless the U.S.A.!
  25. I was making a nice lunch, and you've ruined my appetite. :-)