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A couple months ago i was gifted a wireless Bushnell Aggressor trail cam. I want to put it out soon, but before i do i want to get a lock box. Ive done a little research on these but want to know what you guys use or what you think is best. My main reasons for wanting a box is to keep the cam out of the elements and to prevent it from getting stolen. It will be placed on private land but I've had different things come up missing before. Also does anyone have this camera? If so how do you like it?

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My commercial cameras are in Camlock boxes to which I've added a sheet metal cover over the entire top of the box to cover the top seam and keep rain off the top of the camera. Those boxes fit the cameras like a glove and are very well made.

My homebrews are also in steel boxes -- modified A/C disconnect boxes to add security and keep the rain off the top of the camera case.

I wouldn't put out a camera without both a Python lock and steel box unless I wanted it stolen by  a crook or smashed by a bear.

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