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  1. His gun was made somewhere between the mid 50s to the very early 80s. That’s back when manufacturers took pride in their product and made good quality guns. I agree cheap guns made today are just that, but i don’t think that’s the case here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Had the best worst day of my life in the woods this afternoon. Had to work this morning but planned on going out with my dad for an afternoon sit. I got to his house about 130 and when we left at 2 it started down pouring. We decided to just go in quietly and get out of there because we both had some things we wanted to do. He wanted to put a new blind up and i had a climber i wanted to bring in so i didn't have to set it all up in the morning. I know these things should've been taken care of before now but I've been busy with a new house and haven't gotten the chance to get out. On the way in we jumped a bedded doe along with a nice buck in a field of golden rod. We set my stand up, swap the card out of my camera, then go set up his blind along with a couple other cameras. By now its raining/snowing even harder and were soaked to the bone. We start slowly walking out and i hear a deer blow so we kneel down for a few minutes on an old power line road with no where to really go for cover. Not even a minute later a doe crosses the road into the golden rod field and FOUR bucks are chasing her. One was a scrubby 5 or 6 pointer and the other three were very respectable 8s or bigger. The scrub buck starts walking up the road towards us and got to about 7 yards before turning into the golden rod while the others ran around in the field tailing the doe about 30 yards away. By this time all we could see is their heads so there was no shot opportunity unless they came back into the road. As were sitting there waiting for a shot i see a fifth buck take two steps into the road 20 yards away about to cross into the field. This buck was the biggest of all the bucks we saw today by far. I draw my bow back and shoot, but pulled my bow to the left at the last second and miss. Im so glad it was a clean miss, but man that would've been the icing on the cake if i had gotten that buck while sitting shoulder to shoulder with my old man after both of us just saw all that rutting activity 30 yards in front of us. Im sick to my stomach about missing, but overall it was one of the best experiences I've had in the woods yet and ill remember it the rest of my life. I should add, this isn't our property and a few other guys hunt it also so its not managed like other properties are. Its very unusual to see that many big bucks, thats part of the reason it was such a cool experience.
  3. Just got my dryshods in the mail today. They feel great and look to be really good quality. I’m a 9 1/2 and the 10 gives me plenty of room for a heavier sock. I might wear them this weekend to break them in even though it’s not going to be that cold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. What’s the advantage of the polypropylene? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Ive been looking at boots for a couple days now and was going to get the warmest pair of mucks i could get, but today i was reading that Muck sold out to china and the muck founder started up Dryshod. New mucks are apparently junk.
  6. I just ended up ordering the Ultras. I don't really have a dealer close by so i had to order them online. Now i just hope they fit! I wear a 9 1/2 but they only offer whole sizes so i got a 10. Hopefully theres enough room for a heavier sock.
  7. Does anyone here wear dryshods? I’m looking for a new pair of boots for cold weather hunting and ice fishing and was looking at getting a pair of mucks, but have been hearing good things about dryshod. I also read that the founder of muck sold out and then came up with these. I’m looking at two different pairs on their site, the Gusset XT and the Ultra Hunt. I can’t really tell what the difference is other than one has gussets and the other does not. Both are rated for -50. I’m not sure which ones to get. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. 4 years ago or so i bought a Bushnell wireless trophy cam and it seems like every year i struggle to set it up. I brought it out this morning and could not get it to work, i just get a "modem init fail". What i find is that the cause of this is lack of cell reception, but I've tried it in many different locations and mainly in a wide open field where i have perfect reception on my phone. I ended up setting a few regular cams up and bringing the Bushnell back frustrated. Now here i am on my front porch at home and its still giving me the same error. Ive had it working in the years past but not like it should. It would take pictures and then send them to me all at one time a week later. Im thinking of just retiring this one all together and buying a new one even thought this one was not cheap at the time ($400 i think). I see theres many different options now and a lot of them are $100-150 but i don't want to run into the same issues. My phone provider is Verizon if that matters.
  9. This would be the best solution unfortunately Remington isn't operating right now.
  10. I was at the Utica bass pro a couple weeks ago and did see they had some of the wooltimate clothing in stock however i didn't look at the sizes. Im about 15-20 minutes away and to me the Utica one is lackluster compared to some of the other ones I've been to.
  11. Id only be using it for rifle if i were to go ahead and try it. If i do it i will be tucking it in the best i can otherwise I'm sure they'd bust me every time. I'd also like to get one with a blind around the rails for extra cover.
  12. Does anyone hunt out of a tripod stand and how do you like it? Theres a spot on the piece of land i hunt where theres no trees to hang a regular stand in and I've been considering trying out a tripod possibly next season. The spot I'm wanting to hunt is three fields of goldenrod separated with hedgerows. I feel like a tripod might stick out like a sore thumb to a deer but maybe someone who uses one can chime in?
  13. We cut ours up within 1-3 days max. I shot a doe Thursday morning and we processed it that night just because we're up north hunting this weekend and didn't want to let it hang. I don't have anything against letting them hang and age if the weather permits, but its just not how I've done it.
  14. This guys videos are great and i believe he's from Poland, Ny which is not too far from where my camp is. If anyone is interested in videos of the big woods like this, another good channel on youtube is ADKTRACKER. They hunt somewhere in northern Herkimer county and get some slobs every year it seems. Some of my favorite hunting content on youtube.
  15. I've watched a majority of their videos on youtube the past couple months. Their stuff is better than any hunting show on TV by a long shot.
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