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  1. Nice! What holsters are you guys using?
  2. I love the Nylon 66, especially the black and chrome. One gun I've always wanted though is a Nylon 76, the only lever action Remington ever made. I believe they actually advertised it to be the fastest lever action ever produced because of the short throw of the lever, i could be wrong though.
  3. Bass Pro has these on sale for $269 in either 9 or 40. I had a few gift cards from Christmas that i hadn't used yet so i ordered one in 9mm. I figured i can't go wrong for that price, especially after reading and watching the reviews on them. My local Bass Pro in Utica sold out of them quick and said they'll be getting more in about a week. Im just wondering who else has one of these and how do you like it? I plan to carry it and will be in the market for a good holster, preferably inner waste band.
  4. You ran into Joe DiNitto in the woods?? Thats awesome.
  5. x2 on village rental. I've never rented anything from there, but have a camp in Speculator and the riding up there is awesome.
  6. Im shooting 200 grains of pyrodex pellets behind a 250 grain hornady SST sabot out of my Rem ultimate ML. The reason being it shoots noticeably better with 200 grains of powder vs 150 or less. I haven't gotten to experiment with different powder/bullets as i had hoped to, but i did buy some blackhorn 209 and plan on working up a load in the future.
  7. Thanks, i think they're one of the best looking bows made. I love the honey comb design. It's pretty light too!
  8. Mathews Z7. Haven't shot any of the newer bows to compare, but this thing is smooth.
  9. I believe I've found the issue and hope to get it put out tomorrow night. I messed with some of the sensitivity settings and got it to send pictures to my phone from inside my house.
  10. No there's not actually. I have another cam with that option too.
  11. I've had a Bushnell Aggressor wireless trail cam new in the box for a while now and just recently got the chance to get it out and mess with it. I went out and bought a new 16gb HD SD card for it and set it up. During the set up you must enter your number and it locates your phone by GPS. After it locates the phone it takes a test image and sends it directly to the phone in about 30 seconds. That all works out great, but then when i switch it to live mode, it doesn't send photos or do anything. I pulled the SD card from the cam and stuck it in my computer and it is in fact taking pictures, but its not sending them to my phone. Anyone have a cam or had a similar issue?
  12. Last year i took my truck to a guy with a body shop and had him rhino line the bottom of the truck about 6" up the body. He color matched the rhino liner and it came out perfect. I also use an anti corrosion product called fluid film on the frames of my trucks and that seems to work very well.
  13. A couple months ago i was gifted a wireless Bushnell Aggressor trail cam. I want to put it out soon, but before i do i want to get a lock box. Ive done a little research on these but want to know what you guys use or what you think is best. My main reasons for wanting a box is to keep the cam out of the elements and to prevent it from getting stolen. It will be placed on private land but I've had different things come up missing before. Also does anyone have this camera? If so how do you like it?
  14. The furlough has been in place for the past two weeks. Salary employees worked, while hourly employees got laid off for the past two weeks without pay. Everyone is scheduled to go back tomorrow morning but theres another week coming up in December that they get laid off again. Sure, Remington isn't what it used to be, but they aren't as terrible as some make it out to seem. They still make a quality gun at an affordable price. I own many remington's both new and old, all of them work flawlessly.