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  1. Does Wolc123 have n otter penis bone/chest measurement chart ?
  2. Thanks for an amazing ipa @dbHunterNY Fidens is amazing. then washed it down with a bourbon county stout watching Sunday night football
  3. I'm currently in immediacare. The Dyson ball cleaner should really come with better instructions. I took the name literally
  4. Had this beauty watching the Bills. Thank you @dbHunterNY
  5. the best grilled wings are actually cooked with an air fryer
  6. Absolutely beautiful Bill. Congrats on your purchase. Look forward to seeing some patterns and birds
  7. I am so sorry Brian. Heartfelt condolences and prayers sent.
  8. One year ago today. What a great trip with The Real TC , Jeremy K and Treeguy. Seeing and meeting all these cool folks.
  9. In high school @dinorocks and I were checking our muskrat trap line. It was single digits out with a couple feet of snow on the ground. Upon walking across a good sized ditch and part of a swamp I fell through the ice waist deep. Beavers had worn the ice thin through the center with all their activity unbeknownst to us. I pushed myself back up through the hole and utilized my trapping stick to get out. My gloves soaked. So we improvised and skinned 2 muskrats out and I wore the cased pelts fur side in as gloves which worked excellent. That Christmas I also received my first pair of Smartwool socks. Even though my feet were soaked they also were warm. Been a smartwool socks and longunderwear guy ever since. But Dino has done a lot of extreme camping so hopefully he'll chime in with some pics and stories.
  10. played candy crush all night and phone battery died......will update later
  11. Couple of Mortalis stouts back logging
  12. Everything bagel , egg over easy , pepperjack cheese , smattering of Mayo and venison bacon with white truffle hot sauce
  13. Venison backstraps cooked with Sous vide then pan seared , loaded baked tater , snow and AK crab
  14. The final sunset of 2020......be gone ! To all my hunting brothers and sisters , you mean a lot to me . You bring me up when I’m feeling down , help keeping me in the woods,enjoy seeing your pics and stories . The woods = my happy place . Wishing you all the best in 2021