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  1. Woohooooo Cabin Fever and bhunterEd !!! Way to stay at it !
  2. Mondays beer. Cracked a 2016
  3. 2 pileated woodpeckers in same tree couple over. Highlight of the day.
  4. Heading back in for last few hours. In search of a dumb one
  5. Me too. Bunch of morons there. Hear lots of ricochets zinging everywhere each time I go.
  6. I keep telling myself that .....
  7. Garbage plate at Steve T hot and potato’s after Sebastian Maniscalco ( 4th row ) He’s so freaking funny.
  8. Alarm went off at 5. Said Fug that. It ain’t fun like it’s supposed to be.
  9. try dispatching a skunk with a trapping hatchet to the noggin having it stand up on front feet and launching over the top of his head me then taking a full dose in the mouth,eyes and face 2 hours before school my yearbook had many a "you smelled like skunk and brute by Faberge cologne" commnets lol @dinorockswill confirm
  10. I love the essence of mink and weasel. Skunks not so much lol
  11. had a feeling you'd pick up another one today. you did a great job of blocking and steering
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