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  1. Tapping out. Dang windy and can’t hear squat anyhow
  2. Hearing birds ? Not hearing them brings ambition down fast. I get it
  3. Checking in. Here ! Decided to give something new a try. Not getting here when it’s dark. Bird opened up late other morning so mixing it up. Good luck fellas
  4. I've yet to find a ST beer i remotely enjoyed. Same with Great lakes brewing
  5. you're gonna whizz a rainbow
  6. https://www.saltandlavender.com/buffalo-chicken-soup/
  7. Called it. Walked the 400 yards to car and see gobbler walking along different cut corn field. Had hedgerow as cover. He didn’t see me or even perk up to a soft call I threw at him.
  8. He was cutting me off and got to 80 /90 or so and shut down.
  9. Second gobble. He’s closing on me. Phone going away
  10. Currently sitting Indian style in a bog , pinned by 2 hens who just wandered off. But got a gobble.
  11. Shoot the fawker with your boom stick not your phone. Good luck
  12. Just had a chipmunk pass right behind my head on this blowdown twice lol.
  13. Didn’t hunt Tuesday-Friday due to work. Last x I heard this gobbler was Monday. 49% chance neighbor killed him. 51% he just isn’t talking today. I am hearing tiny whispering from my fishing rod to go catch some smb and steelhead.
  14. Breakfast sammich delivery to turkey woods please ?!
  15. Had a hen meandor down grassy field to 20 very quietly yelping while another was yelping off my shoulder at 50-75. Had 4 deer off same shoulder at 10-12 yards. Only songbirds singing now.
  16. And just like that some cutting at 100 or so. Cmon gobbler
  17. Tucked in tight right in their wheelhouse. Alls quiet but a crow where they should be. Got bright real quick. Popped smoke ( Thermacell)
  18. Woodchuck hole almost got me really good. That was as about as close to blowing out a knee as you can get.
  19. Every Sloop tastes like every other sloop.
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