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I probably would not have voted in the midterms, but the recent lunacy and pure evil on display by the democrats, over the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, has changed the situation.  Not only will I vote, but I will do all I can to see that others do also.   Hopefully, we will see a big "red-wave" this November.   

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The reason we saw what we did with Kavanaugh, is because you haven't been voting in the mid terms.

Anytime we do not vote for the right people, we get the wrong people.  If voters in the upstate regions of NY ALWAYS voted, we would not see the totalitarian control of the entire state by NYC.  Even if the city out voted us in a given election, if politicians knew every eligible voter upstate would ALWAYS turn out to vote, they would not be so comfortable trampling our rights, or disregarding our voices.


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