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  1. I didn’t hear or feel anything Friday night.
  2. No luck fishing the Hudson this morning. I guess I need bloodworms next time.
  3. My guess is “grand theft auto” and violence on tv and movies gave him some ideas.
  4. Only a branch, some fishing line, and a sinker (which I disposed of the in the trash can). Same as last fall, I didn’t even have a bite on the jigs. Nobody else was fishing, but a guy walking a dog said that bloodworms work good for bait, but to watch out for the eels and catfish. My lifetime record, of zero fish of any kind caught in the Hudson, remains intact. There were lots of Canada geese around and some young ones are hatched. A sign on the docks said to beware of tics. It was a bit cool out there at sunrise, I should have brought a warmer shirt or a light jacket.
  5. I would be very happy for them if they were to take a couple back there. I don’t even enjoy eating farm raised turkey let alone tougher, drier wild stuff. Also, them taking out a couple big old Tom’s back there might stretch my limited corn acreage just a little farther for the deer this coming winter. That said, wild turkeys really only hit the corn hard, after a bunch of stalks are knocked down for them by coons. It goes well with my trapping this year, there shouldn’t be too many coons left near my field corn by mid September or so.
  6. I wonder if it would slide thru a little easier if they kept the current minimum width and maximum poundage restrictions.
  7. Hopefully, them stripers will like my minnow pattern black and white bucktail jigs with a rubber shad tail trailer. They worked good on spotted bass in the Pacific last year.
  8. Probably till around 11:00 tomorrow. I was planning on hitting the park around 6:00 am in the morning, if the weather is ok.
  9. Are the stripers still running ?
  10. I just put in 3 hills of zucchini and 2 of summer squash on the south end of our house. I never have much luck with vegetables, unless I plant them close to the house where I can water them easily. This spot was always too shaded from the old barn. That barn is no longer there, blocking out the sun, so hopefully the squash will do well this season. I used leftover seed from last year, so it will be interesting to see if it germinates. Other than 1/2 acre of sweetcorn out back, that will be the extent of my gardening this year. I am not hunting them this morning, but I did hear a gobbler back there at 6:00 am while I was planting.
  11. I finished up my spring plowing this afternoon. I am cutting back this year for various reasons, including lack of free time, high fuel and fertilizer prices, and plenty of meat left in the freezers. Last year, I put in 4 acres of field corn and it lasted till March. This year I will put in just 2 acres, fertilized at the same rate, and hope it lasts until January 2. I am going to put in the same 1/2 acre of sweetcorn as I did last year (mostly for our consumption and to draw out the local coons for eradication). I am going to at least triple my brassica plot acreage from last year, thanks to some free seed from a generous forum member. My old Ford 8n handled the 2 bottom plow almost as good with one loaded tire as it did with two last year. Fortunately, the soil moisture content was just about perfect on most of the ground today, or it surely would have struggled more than it did. One of my original rear rims rusted thru last year, and I lost the calcium solution on the right (furrow) side. I don’t know if it would have worked better or worse if the left (sod) side had leaked out instead. Hopefully, I can get that ground worked up, and the field corn panted, before Memorial Day weekend. There nothing that comes remotely close to standing corn, for good deer hunting in December.
  12. I don’t remember seeing or hearing any last year the 4 or 5 times I went out. This year, I heard at least two different toms, each of the two Sunday mornings that I hunted at home . I also saw a hen, the only day that I hunted my parents. This was near the nw and the se corners of Wmu 9F. I am not hunting this weekend, but I gave my nephew, and a couple turkey expert friends of ours, permission to chase them back there on our place. Hopefully, they get some.
  13. I wonder when we will hear wether or not this new measure passes ? Does anyone remember when those sweet new changes that the DEC made last year (early antlerless gun season, Adirondack ML antlerless, extra hour of hunting time, & Holiday ML season were announced ? I realize that this one is now in the hands of the politicians, not the DEC, and they probably have more important concerns, to them anyhow.
  14. Sorry about your losses, but I can assure you that there is a better home awaiting for all of us, and that they are there and enjoying that right now. I lost (3) of my hunting and fishing buddies the last few years. Two of them were younger than me (I’ll be 58 this year). While I regret not spending a little more time with them, I know the best is yet to come.
  15. The Germans have always taken their beer very seriously. They still have a very strict “purity” law which bans many of the ingredients that are part of the current American “craft brew” fad.
  16. I think you narrowly missed the real cause of this fellas confusion. I don’t think it is an alcohol related issue at all. Alcohol, in moderation, is well known to sharpen ones mental prowess. This may explain why the Germans, who have long enjoyed an adult beverage or two with their meals, have long been at or near the forefront of most technological measures. The far more likely culprit is drugs, specifically cannabis. This fella has made no secret of his frequent forrays with that. His confusion on NY game laws is classic symptom (ie not knowing where a back tag is required, if he needs to wear a orange hat AND vest, if #9 tss shot is currently legal for turkeys). These are just the examples that I remember from his posts over the last year. Don’t blame the booze when the dope is the real culprit. It didn’t get that name by accident. Ps, I am not just talking here I practice what I preach.
  17. I hunted our place a couple hours this morning for turkey. I walked back about 5:30 and could hear a tom gobbling steadily. It was coming from just off the sw corner, about where I heard one last Sunday morning. He gobbled steadily from about 5:30 until 6:15. It sounded like he answered my first series of yelps, with my loud mouth call, but he never came in. I heard at least one other gobbling, farther away and to the east. I will probably get back there again the Sunday after next. My plan is to set up my pop up blind about 150 yards closer to where I heard him the last two weeks, and try from there. I set my decoy up this morning in a small clover plot behind some picked clean corn stalks. It looks like the deer have cleaned out all of the radishes and purple top turnips that I had next to it. I never saw ground picked that clean. there was hardly a weed left in that dirt.
  18. Maybe so, but it’s good to see you are at least a little open to some compromise. I think I have just a touch of a right shoulder issue because I can sleep on my left side without any pain in the morning but if I do it on the right, my shoulder hurts for a while. 30 years of right handed bow hunting might have contributed to that. Since I am 58, I won’t need a “doctors” note if this goes thru. As I said already many times, I am also ok with just the two weeks we got now. I sure hope they don’t give those two weeks to the “traditionalists” as others have suggested. There is no way my “maybe” ailing old right shoulder would hold up to a recurve or longbow.
  19. The bad thing is, I don’t see any other non-nuclear option of getting Putin out of Yugoslavia. If Biden keeps feeding conventional weapons in there piece meal to keep him from overrunning Kiev, Putin will eventually “push the button”, and that will be the end of life as we know it. Cheaters always pay a stiff price. That other famous illegitimate Democrat “President” (Jefferson Davis) was none to happy when they locked him up in Ft Monroe.
  20. You were probably stronger than average at that age. Are you ok with the older than 55 folks using them ?
  21. I don’t either, since they opened up that early antlerless gun season, Adirondack ML antlerless, the Holliday ML season, and gave us the extra hour of hunting time beyond daylight hours. Prior to those changes last season , the crossbow played a much bigger part in keeping my family fed thru the year. I am extremely thankful that the crossbow is legal for my favorite time to hunt deer in the NY southern zone, the peak two weeks of the rut. If this latest adjustment, allowing older and younger hunters to use them all season goes thru this year (and I hope it does), that’s just a little icing on the cake as far as I am concerned. It is hard to imagine how my family’s meat supply could be any more secure than it has gotten since those awesome changes that the NY state DEC made last year. This one showed up in gun season, 5 minutes past dark last year: Note the fancy drag handle, which had not yet been “deployed” when the photo was taken. There is a good example of a true multi-use tool. It is high time we got some pictures in this thread. Certainly FSW, Belo, and k-mart will appreciate it anyhow.
  22. I quit at 6:45. Didn’t hear any gobbles after 6:15. The next time I go back there, which will be the week after next, I will set up my pop up blind and decoy near the far corner, where I heard the most gobbling today and last Sunday morning.
  23. I am in my truck cap blind near the sw corner of our place. I hear a gobbler going off about every 10 seconds within a few hundred yards. My decoy is out and I will wait till it gets a little lighter to call. I am packing my 12 gauge today because it is about a 30 yard shot to the clover patch where I set up my decoy. That is a bit beyond the effective range of my 16, but right on the sweet spot for this 12 using an extra full choke and 3” lead # 5’s.
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