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  1. The weather was a lot more pleasant this morning, sunny with 5 mph west wind. The largemouth action on the bay was slower, as is typical in post cold front conditions. We only managed 3 keepers this morning, then tried out in the main river for smallies a little bit with no action there. Using my secret weapon "invisible hat", we were able to sneak in on a couple largemouth , in the shallow water, that just broke the 16" mark. Unfortunately, I snapped my rod while hoisting one of those 3 pounders into the boat. Now it is six inches shorter and held together with black electric ta
  2. The timing of RBG's passing, while tragic to the pro-choicers on the far left, may help save the lives of many of the unborn. The fact that she was not a Christian, no doubt contributed to her pro-abortion stance. I see a glimmer of hope for you Lefty, based on your pro-life leaning at this time. Maybe you can work on your buddy VH a bit, who still seems to be far off on the deep left end. Will you not admit that DJT did at least three things right with his seating of those Christian SCOTUS justices who all have strong records of pro-life leanings ? I also see a glimmer of hope f
  3. What is 150 gr 30/30 down to now ? I will probably wait until Labor day to stock up and try to catch it at the low.
  4. Was Dolly Parton treated with this ?
  5. It took me about about an hour and a half to get a limit of 12.5 - 15 inch largemouths on Goose bay on the St Lawrence river this morning. The 30 mph NE wind and cold front didnt make it too comfortable out there but at least they were hitting good. They were in less than 8 ft of water this morning. Hopefully, the wind let's up or changes direction tomorrow, when I run over deep water to dump the guts, and maybe find some smallmouth.
  6. That's good, maybe they will hold off the coons because I have sweetcorn that is almost ready to pick. That reminds me, I got to get out there and check the traps. If you hear a .22 rimfire crack or two, I may have some. A shotgun blast will be a skunk. I released a rabbit yesterday and all possums will now be released, to help out with the ticks.
  7. Very interesting. Well, since it appears that the general section has gone all-in on politics, I may as well join the party. This might be the first half-sensible thing that I have seen you post, indicating that there is hope for your salvation thru the acceptance of Jesus Christ, just as there is for all people. Is it religion or science that causes you to believe that new life begins at conception, and that Roe vs Wade needs to be struck down ? Science actually proves religion if you understand it well enough (something cant be made from nothing). You must be ecstatic that t
  8. That looks pretty cool. I got a little taste for how much fun it is with a couple caught while jigging myself. The first was up on the Niagara bar maybe 25 years ago in April. We had been getting a few assorted browns, coho, and rainbows trolling stickbaits in shallow. I didnt see why they wouldn't go for a jig, so I went out a little deeper and drifted over the bar with a black and white 5/16 oz bucktail jig, on 10 lb mono, tipped with a perch minnow. A big laker hit that and it took around 15 minutes to land on the light line. That was one of those unforgettable fights and I always
  9. I sold my Johnson 15 last year. It had real low hours and I gave the guy a good deal on it. It hadn't been starting real good the last year or so, and probably needed a good carburetor cleaning. I thought about the cowl/sticker swap a time or two with that one. The Adirondack lake, where my in-laws live, also has a 10 hp max limit. We get by now with my father in law's new 10 hp Honda, and 1965 Johnson 5.5, and my 1956 Evinrude 5.5 and and 1950ish Mercury 5. If I can find the time to get my new rowboat registered I may give Hemlock lake a try. If I do I will most likely run th
  10. Why is this BS posted in the "general" section. If it is not political then what is ?
  11. Lazy-style stuffed peppers made with vacuum sealed ground doe from 2019. It was so good that I had to have a second bowl.
  12. I am not sure of the brand and I bought it about 7 years ago. I see that Amazon has a similar or possibly even the same one right now for $ 29. That one is Heyeasy brand.
  13. I use one up in the northern zone and I really like it. It is extremely comfortable and easy to carry. The only time it sucks is in the rain, when it acts as a funnel and collects water from the tree you strap it to, giving you a wet backside. One nice thing about it, is that it allows silent turning nearly 360 degrees around as long as the tree is not too big. The last buck that I killed from it up there came in about 180 degrees from the direction that I expected. I was able to silently turn and delever the shot with my 30/06, dropping him in his tracks. It is so easy to carr
  14. I second that and say skip the treadmill also. I never jogged, but my sciatica issues started soon after I started using a treadmill. Even with that, the joint loading on your knees and hips is horrific. I switched to bikes and rowing machines for cardio (real boat or bike when outside weather is pleasant, indoor/stationary most of the time), and no more trouble. The only jogging I do is in our 4 ft deep pool, where the water cushions the impact loads.
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