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  1. The hanging weather is perfect right now with the temperature holding a steady 41 degrees since Saturday inside our insulated garage. The long range forecast looks good also. I skinned a doe fawn that my buddy up the road gave me yesterday and I will process her in a few minutes (6 month deer need no aging to break down rigor-mortis). I am going to leave the 2-1/2 year old buck that he gave me, and my own 3-1/2, hang there until next week before I process them.
  2. wolc123

    Heart recipe

    My wife pickles deer hearts for me every Valentine's day (ain't she special). She uses my grandma's old recipe for pickled heart and tongue (grandma and my mom used beef and pork tongues). Moose tongue, done with that recipe, is my all time favorite game meat. Maybe I will cut the tongues out of the two bigger deer that are hanging in the garage now and throw them in the mix. I tried frying the one from my bb a few weeks ago but the skin made it a little chewy. We would always skin the cow and pig tongues after boiling but that bb tongue was so small that would not have left much meat. Even it's heart was only about 1/4 the size of that from the 182 pound bruiser that I killed on Saturday.
  3. wolc123

    No buck tag Thanksgiving

    Buckshot has not been legal for deer hunting in NY for as long as I can remember. Small game hunting is open and allowed throughout deer season in both the Northern and Southern zones. I will be doing that with # 7-1/2 bird-shot in the right barrel and # 4 "fur/bird-shot" in the left barrel. The cold should keep the bears in their dens, but if I do happen to come across some tracks, I will go back to the house for a 30/30 rifle, or (if it is raining), dump off all my bird/fur-shot and pick up some 16 ga slugs. The law does not allow you to carry both during big-game season. I have sighted my 16 gauge double with slugs and it does pretty good. Both barrels strike right on at 50 yards but the right goes to the left beyond that and vise-versa. I would not take a shot much over 50 yards at a bear with it. The only way I plan on hunting more than a mile from the house is if I get on some bear tracks. A nice part of hunting up there then, is that I usually have many thousands of acres all to my self, and unbelievable scenery.
  4. You aint kidding there. I was very thankful to be able to settle the score Saturday with the one that beat me during archery season. He may have evaded my crossbow but Titus was no match for a couple of 12 gauge slugs.
  5. wolc123

    No buck tag Thanksgiving

    This will be the first year in a long time that I am heading up there for the long Thanksgiving weekend without a buck tag. It sounds like it is going to be very cold, so I don't suppose there will be any black bear action, or open water fishing. I saw a ton of grouse up there on my last two deer hunting trips this fall (ML opening weekend and second weekend of rifle season), so I will bring my 16 gauge double and see if there are still some around. If I run into some bear tracks while grouse hunting, I can always go back to the inlaws, dump my birdshot and pick up some slugs, (or my father in laws scoped 30/30). In addition to 7-1/2's for grouse, and slugs for bear, I will bring along some #4 magnum loads in case I run into some coyote sign. I will keep one of them in the left (modified choke) barrel while grouse hunting "just in case", along with a 7-1/2 in the right (improved cylinder) barrel . I had a run in with a huge one on my ML hunt. If I would have been armed with a shotgun with #4's on that encounter, it would have been a "chip shot" at 15 yards. My first job up there is going to be sighting in my father-in-law's "new in box" 1980's Marlin 336 with 150 grain ammo. I have a couple boxes and could not get it to hit quite as low as I wanted with my new open-sighted Marlin 336 BL. I will leave him the 150's and get some 170's for mine before next season. The have an awesome rifle range up there that is set up for large and small caliber. I am also bringing my Ruger 10/22, self-reset, spinning target, and a big box of ammo for my daughter to have fun with. With no buck tag, I will get to spend a lot more time with her and that is what I will be most Thankful for on this holiday weekend.
  6. wolc123

    Shot through the neck.

    For finishing shots, I aim about midway between shoulder and head, and 1/3 of the way down from the back of the neck. This has worked perfectly around a dozen times for me. Most of my hunting is in a shotgun-only zone and I always carry an odd-ball leftover sabot for this duty so that I do not have to use one of the $ 3.00 each ones.
  7. wolc123

    Shot through the neck.

    I killed my third largest antlered buck a few years ago with one of those (my grandfather's Ithaca model 37) and a neck shot. The range was 10 yards and the head, neck, and antlers were the only parts that I could see thru the heavy cover. That is the only deer that I can recall aiming at the neck with my initial shot, but many (including this years - my new second largest antlered buck) took a finishing shot to the neck from point blank range.
  8. wolc123

    Yes, I get these are lame, but....

    Finally got that "antlerless only" monkey off the back with this gun. It all worked out just like an "A-team" plan. He took that last walk on Saturday morning (after I passed three small antlerless ones).
  9. No worries, there is a lot of season left and you still have your buck tag. Sooner or later they got to come out for food.
  10. Please consider a prayer before your departure. That has always worked for me.
  11. wolc123

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Swamp buck tenderloins, brussle-sprouts, potato pancakes, and Genny light.
  12. wolc123

    Shoot or pass?

    I took an almost identical shot on Saturday (swamp and all) and it connected. The difference was, I had a three-shooter and had already fired one (still not sure if that one hit). The buck has three holes in the inboard side. I know my second and third shots hit (second one knocked him down and third was delivered to the neck at point-blank range). As far as an initial shot with a 10% estimated chance of success with a ML, I don't know many, myself included, who would take that. You did the right thing, stop kicking yourself. I think ML's are best left for ML season.
  13. Since you have permission and won't sleep anyhow, why not grab a lantern and go now ? Are there coyotes in the area ?