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  1. That bass in going on ten pounds, it just has a long way to go.
  2. It sounds like this ventilator issue is being blown out of proportion. I have now heard several mention that most of those who end up on ventilators don't survive anyhow. It seems to me that it would make more sense to focus more time, energy and money on prevention and finding a cure, vaccine, etc.
  3. Usually, it is church with the family in the morning and then dinner over at my folk's place. Sadly, that won't be happening this year. I remember at one of them dinners a few years ago, my mom asked if we wanted a "Palm Sunday". She asked that we hold out our hands, into which she plopped in a scoop of ice cream. Luckily, I did not go first. I was the only one who chose not to participate. She mentioned that yesterday, when we had a family on-line face-time get-together. My sister is the only one who is now allowed to go into our folk's house. The highlight of the meeting for me yesterday, was when I asked my sister to fetch the antler my dad found out on the clover field a week ago. She brought it in and held it up for me. I was able to identify it as being from the big buck I saw over there a few times thru archery season last year. I was not sure if he made it thru gun season, but now I know he did. Based on that shed, there is no doubt that he was at least 3.5 years old last year. I definitely have something to look forward to this fall. With the minimized selection available in stores (no hamburg or chicken), our venison consumption is up a bit and we are down to about two deer left in the freezer. Fortunately, the fish supply is holding up good also, because there is no telling if or when the boat launches will be open. More importantly, we all have something to look forward to, as a direct result of something that started on Palm Sunday 2020 years ago. That was when our Savior got on that donkey, and started His ride to the big city, where He would be tried and executed on our behalf. Because of that sacrifice, which paid the full price for all of our mistakes, we will all have a much better forever. Many are suffering today, but cheer up because next Sunday is a comin (along with deer hunting this fall).
  4. That is exactly what I did. It did not hold my interest. "The Ballad of Lefty Brown" was a lot better (I watched that yesterday).
  5. My wife has been doing requests. She made our oldest daughter's favorite today (steak hoagies). The "steak" was actually thin-sliced backstrap, cooked medium rare, from last fall's crossbow buck. I made all the rest of the meat from that deer into grind, and we are down to the last couple bags from that one (our younger daughter's favorite meal is tacos) This was the first we had of it's backstraps however, and those hoagies were spectacular. Thankfully, there is plenty of that left in the freezer. Although this one only had a 39.5" chest girth, his backstraps were pretty thick, and none of it was lost from shot-damage (unlike my last two shotgun kills).
  6. Is Chrysler making any ? That would make it easier for Ford to step up production and start rolling out the F'd Over Reconditioned Dodges.
  7. Moving into right field might help your hunting a bit.
  8. I just use a small fanny pack, or nothing at all. On most shorter hunts, I can fit everything I need in the pockets of my Jacket and bibs. In cold conditions, I clip my quart thermos of hot cider on the fanny-pack belt, or a canteen of water when it is very warm. On longer hunts, I pack some snacks (candy bars, etc). I also carry a folding gerber saw, rubber gloves, zip lock bags for heart/liver/nuts, a butt-out, and compass in the pack.
  9. Just like Clinton and Arkansas, there is a way to get a different governor next year. Based on the current foundering of Biden, I would not be surprised to see Cuomo emerge from the wreckage and become the Democratic candidate for President this fall. I think they celebrated in Arkansas when Bill and Hillary moved up north to the big White house.
  10. If "making things worse" is what has his approval rating currently at an all time high, then he must be on the right track. You sound like you are blinded by your hatred of him, like most still are in the main-stream media.
  11. There is good in all people, and I see some in Cuomo during this crisis. His comments about "a silver lining", which someone attached earlier on this thread, were spot-on. My problem, is that he is on the wrong side on most of the issues that I care about, the chief of which is abortion. Wis willingness to cooperate with Trump (even though it is out of desperation), during the Covid-19 crisis, gives me some hope that he might be able to alter his stance on the abortion issue. To me, that is far more important than Covid 19. The numbers of lives ended in the US by abortion are staggering compared to those which may be lost in this country to the virus by even the highest estimates. More than 10 times the number of unborn lives have been ended in this country, since Roe vs Wade (65 million), than the born ones who were exterminated by the Nazis during WW 2 (6.5 million). Put that in your pipe and smoke it Democrats, and think about it in November when you cast your votes all. If you don't buy my numbers then Google it. The truth is difficult to hide in the information age.
  12. Do all lives really matter to Cuomo ? What about those who have not yet emerged from the womb ? Trump's two picks for Supreme Court Justices are about as clear of proof imaginable that he really does care about ALL lives.
  13. Sorry Dan, thats the wrong buck, but you did give me an idea for a taxidermy project. The little 6-point, second from the bottom, was the Texas-heart buck. It would have been cool to have a photo from the front, when that bullet struck. My father in law always tells me that the eyes would probably have been protruding out pretty far, right about then. The cape on the shoulder mount up top was given to me by a friend. He had a buck that his grandfather had killed re-mounted on a larger cape. He gave me the small mounted cape, and I attached the rack from my first buck into it. My dad made the walnut plaque for the back. Dad also made the little red-oak plaque that the Texas-heart buck rack is now on. When and if I find the time, maybe I will put my first buck's rack back on that small oak plaque that it was originally on. Then I can put the Texas-heart rack into the little cape. I will try and pull the glass eye balls out as far as possible, to try and re-create the actual "holy crap" facial expression. I will also put the exit hole in the lower neck (there was no entry hole). The exit hole was just to the left of center on the lower neck (the buck's head was facing right when the bullet struck). That may be the best shot that I have ever made on a deer and it would be nice to have a lasting reminder of it. I always go for "aim small miss small", and hope to hit an individual hair. There was no hair at the spot I aimed that time, but there is also no doubt that my bullet struck right on it.
  14. I have removed many of them with my power washer, while doing euro mounts, but I have never tried eating one. Birds and other vermin always clean up every last scrap, along with the eyeballs, lips, etc, within 24 hours. I have always been amazed at how small a whitetail buck's brain is, considering how elusive they are. The brain of a 3.5 year old buck is about the same size as one of it's nuts. It would take several to provide enough calories for a meal. Certainly the small size makes the head shot a much poorer shot choice than the butt shot. The Texas-heart (butt) shot offers a quick-kill zone of at least a foot in diameter, while the head shot is less than 2".
  15. I have not been over to visit my parents (both in their 80's) since the Covid-19 stuff started. My mom mentioned on the phone last night that dad found a big antler near the back of a clover field behind their house (4 points on it). He has been trying to find the other side, with no success so far. I have been concerned about the fate of a big 8-point, that I saw a few times over there during archery season, and now I can rest a bit easier. It appears that he made it thru gun season. I did not see any bucks over there during gun season, after I "accidentally" killed the resident old doe on opening day. I had seen several bucks over there earlier, all having smaller or busted-up racks, except for the big 8, which never gave me a good shot opportunity. I was a bit concerned that a big, busted-rack buck that a neighbor killed over there might have been him, but dad's antler find proves otherwise. I am guessing that he will be 4.5 this year, which is a bit out of my league, but has me looking forward to the coming season. I had killed 3.5 year old bucks over there in 2017, and 2018, but missed my chance last year. I did manage to get one at home with my crossbow, but the bodies (and chest girth) are a lot bigger on the ones over at my folks place, on average.