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  1. I like the Bill's chances a lot better against a 65% Mahomes than a 100 % Hene. If Mahomes is out, the rest of the team will step up to compensate. I also think his lame foot is a bigger deal than the "concussion". The hit that knocked him out of the game did not look that bad, but his mobility looked very shaky in the plays leading up to it. The Bill's have something now that they lacked during the 4 previous Superbowl losses. That is a head coach with a killer instinct. He will know exactly how to handle a hobbled opponent's QB - no mercy.
  2. This is good news. The folks who are paying inflated prices for ammo today are nuts. The only Remington ammo I use is .22 rimfire and 16 & 12 gauge sluggers. I am guessing that prices and availability will be back to normal by the 4th of July. Until then, all my target practice will be with my bb gun.
  3. I was never much of an advocate of catch and release, especially during spawning time. To me, that is nothing but the senseless maiming of a fine food source. I keep just enough fish (mostly bass), to provide my family with about 1 meal per month. I usually stop fishing when I have a limit, unless I have plenty of time, and have a few over my preferred 12-15" "eating size" to cull out. The only other exception that I make is in the fall, after our years worth is secured, I continued fishing for a " wallhanger", releasing all others. For me, that is a smallmouth bass over 22 inches long. My favorite limit of smallies from last season was (5) 14-15 inchers, taken on 7 casts, in 15 minutes, on a topwater bait, on Labor day weekend.
  4. That does sound like a very good idea for an Onieda walleye slot limit. I very rarely fish for walleyes, but take a fair number by accident on Lake Erie, while jigging for bass. I can't recall getting one under 25" out there in the last 5 years. The 15-20" ones are better eating sized, especially if they have been frozen. I find that these longer ones are ok, if eaten fresh, but not so hot out of the freezer even If they are vacuum sealed.
  5. This life is fleeting, but the next lasts forever. You can take comfort knowing you will be able to spend all of it with her. Prayers sent that she gets a real good room in the Big guy's mansion. Your faith is very inspiring, keep up the good work and please ask if there is anything I can do for you. My sister is going thru a similar trial right now, and I am praying for her daily.
  6. Sometimes, you can get a little ethanol tainted gas by accident, and I think that is what caused my Honda glitch a couple years ago. Now, whenever I buy ethanol-free gas, I pump the first gallon into my car. Then I fill up the can. After the can is full, I top off the car with regular cheap ethanol crap. That costs me an extra 50 cents, but has eliminated any more carburetor issues. The quart of ethanol tainted gas, that was in the hose of the pump before getting into your can, is plenty to cause issues in a motor that might not be started in more than a month (like a generator, wood splitter, chain saw, power washer, or boat motor).
  7. The Honda engine on my wood splitter did that a couple years ago. I took the air filter off and sprayed in some carburetor cleaner. Soon it was back to normal, and has been good ever since. I have had way less trouble with my small engines, since I started running nothing but ethanol free gas in them, about 5 years ago. That one little glitch has been it. It is well worth the extra 50 cents a gallon. I also add stabilizer to the ethanol free gas. I have around a dozen small engines, about half of which are 2 strokes. The only ones I use ethanol gas in are my two lawnmowers, during cutting season. The last fill of the year on those is also ethanol-free with stabilizer.
  8. I have to get a bit more firewood cut, then I plan on some hinge cutting in a couple of sanctuary areas at my place. I also want to open up some shooting lanes around my "opening day of gun season" stand, on the edge of a swamp, over at my folks place. I am waiting for them to get the Covid vacseen shot before I go over there. That stand has produced for me on the last 3 years, but a little bit of clearing would make it easier to get a clean shot from it. I had to let a doe and fawn pass last year because I could not get a clean shot at them. When a buck came thru 15 minutes later, he also would have escaped, if I didn't have a grunt call. I have to be careful to not cut too much, which I fear would cause the deer to abandon their normal travel route at the swamp edge. There is a fine line between cutting enough for clear shots, and too much. I don't have a lot of equipment maintenance planned, because a barn and silo demolition project will eat up most of my free time this winter and early spring. I do have an old 8 ft cultipacker I picked up from a neighbor last summer for $ 40, that I would like to get rebuilt for use over at my folks place. It has a couple of busted wheels (I will cut it down to 7 ft), needs a little welding on the frame, and some new wood bearings. My old tractor has a rear rim that looks like it is almost ready to let go, but hopefully I can get another season out of it. The calcium filled rubber tube is breaking thru the rim near the valve stem. If anyone comes across a good deal on an 11.2" x 28" R-1 tire & rim , pm me.
  9. You are right about the "no equal", however, since Roe vs Wade, almost exactly an order of magnitude more innocent lives have been snuffed in the US, before they were able to draw their first breath.
  10. High ammo and gas prices will hurt some folks, but not have a huge effect on me personally. I have always done most of my hunting close to home. I have also been doing most of my target practice with a bb gun for the last few years. The high fuel costs will affect my fishing more than my hunting. I will probably be getting more use of my canoe and rowboats. The coming economic slowdown should provide me with a lot more "free time" for hunting and fishing. It has been tough squeezing in "vacations" during the booming economy of the last 4 years.
  11. Looking at how busy the butchers were last fall, my guess is that most are in freezers.
  12. If you can't use any spray, I think your best option for 1/4 - 1/3 acre would be a walk behind rototiller. Almost anything else is going to plug up or just bounce over the sod.
  13. Who is in that car parked next to the dumpster out in the parking lot ?