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  1. I think it comes down to the definition of new life starting at conception rather than at birth. The overturn or Roe v. Wade would make abortion murder, and that is a Federal crime. Science and Religion have always agreed that new life begins at conception. It will be good when this gets straightened out at the Federal level. NY politics are clearly a lost cause with so much misguided representation from downstate.
  2. wolc123

    Multi shot assault crossbow

    Their website has been down for months. As far as the crossbow controversy goes, I would like to see the current restrictions on limb width and draw weight kept in place because they do keep some reasonable upper limits on what a crossbow could achieve. At the same time, crossbows should be classified as "archery equipment", and the archery course should be required to hunt with them. The early archery season season southern zone structure ought to be split as follows: "Traditional" (recurve and longbow only) opening October 1, and "Modern" (compound and crossbow) opening October 15. Gun and ML/late archery seasons are ok as is. My biggest issue with the current seasons are with the selfish, elitist "compound-only" users who seek to keep the crossbows out of "their" private, time. I have no problem with the "traditionalists", as the season structure I suggested clearly indicates.
  3. She represents the part of NY city that is adjacent to central park. There might be a few coyotes living there. Maybe one will snatch her poodle some day and she will change her tune. As far as the baby-killing goes, her time for that is short. With a solid conservative majority now on the Supreme Court and RBG on her last leg, it won't be long until Roe vs Wade is overturned. After that happens, the only way NY will be able to keep up the "abortions on demand" would be to succeed from the Union, and that ain't happening.
  4. wolc123


    Daughter had a field hockey game at the Epic center tonight and we saw 4 or 5 of them circling to the South East of that building on Wehrle drive around 4:45 pm. I wonder if they were part of the same flock.
  5. wolc123

    The pros and cons.. yep an ar thread..

    That is good to know, and may answer Larry's question "If humans can get CWD ? ". Do you know any of the folks who ate that deer and how many there were total ? If there were any bad effects, I would think they would have shown up over the last 14 years.
  6. wolc123

    The pros and cons.. yep an ar thread..

    It seems that those folks who ate the CWD-positve deer at that fireman's raffle in Oneida back in 2005 would provide an good test group to study the effects of CWD in humans. I wonder if anyone on this site knows someone who was at that event and ate the "tainted" venison ? I drive thru the area several times each year (sometimes with a deer carcass strapped to my vehicle). I never fail to think about that sad day back in 2005 each time I cross that bridge on Rt 81 over Oneida lake. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2016, a local asked me about the the buck strapped to the top of our mini-van while we stopped for gas in Brewerton. He was quite the deer hunter, and said that some of his mounts were on display in one of the local cafes. I was afraid to bring up the subject of CWD, but I really wanted to ask him what his thoughts were on the subject. It is a big deal to me, because the bulk of my family's protein comes from free-range, NY state whitetail deer.
  7. It is interesting that the last little bit of ISIS-controlled territory in Syria was collapsing almost at the very instant when Fox suspended Judge Jeanine. History will now associate her with this latest big victory in the new Crusade against Radical Islam. Trump is the first US President since Eisenhower who has not been afraid to publicly use the word "Crusade". For me, the highlight of his last State of the Union speech was when he used that word, which still sends shivers thru those who oppose Judaeo-Christian beliefs, especially those of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  8. wolc123

    The pros and cons.. yep an ar thread..

    Can you offer any proof that "wild deer" outside of a fence were ever "discovered positive" for CWD in NY state ? Also, do you remember the recent news stories (February 2019) which told of dozens of CWD-infected deer down in PA. Many of those were found dead with no signs of starvation, etc, or were killed in attempt to limit the spread of the disease. We can't say that would have happened had PA not had statewide, mandatory AR's in place for many years, nor can we say that AR's contributed to the recent explosion of CWD in PA. What we can do is err on the conservative side and keep mandatory AR's the heck out of NY, including the elimination of them in the few "test DMU's" where they have been in place for a few years. We should also push to ban deer farming in NY, since that practice has been positively linked to all of the cases of CWD which have been discovered here. That said, I have no problem with "voluntary" AR's, which is a practice that I adhere to myself. It has been more than 10 years since I killed an antlered buck with less than 3 points on a side (bb's taken on "antlerless" tags don't count).
  9. wolc123

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Only pickled hearts. In fact, my younger daughter and I enjoyed a mix of that as our appetizers tonight, while we were waiting for momma to bake the lasagna. Currently, there is an half-filled quart jar with a mix of button buck and 3.5 year buck hearts in the fridge. So technically, tonight's dinner came from (3) different deer. My wife pickled those last weekend, along with a beef tongue, which filled another quart jar. It gets a little sweeter, the longer it is in the jar, but we usually eat it within 2 weeks. I like the tongues a little better, but deer tongues are too small to mess with. The beef tongue was eaten within 2 days. My all time favorite wild game is pickled moose tongue, which are about the same size as that from a finished steer.
  10. wolc123

    What's for dinner tonight?

    My wife made doe fawn lasagna for dinner. It was very tasty. The kids liked it so much that they ate every last bit of it. Unfortunately, that means no leftovers for the weekend. There are just 5 or 6 packs of fawn grind left in the freezer. When they are gone, we will have to start on the grind from older deer (2-1/2 and 3-1/2 year old bucks). I always like to eat the best first, in case our 40 year old freezer takes a dump. We still have a few button buck and doe fawn roasts and a couple packs of backstrap. I am saving those for "special occasions". I am really looking forward to a crock-pot, bone-in button-buck neck roast. I heard they are excellent, but have yet to try one myself.
  11. wolc123

    Would you shoot a sleeping lion?

    My kinda guy for sure. He makes it very clear that as a hunter, meat is his top priority. I especially liked the South American episode where he ate the monkey brains and was making fun of the catch-and-release fishermen. He did not look too thrilled with taste of coyote meat, in the episode where he tried it, but always seems to like the nuts of mule deer, whitetail, and antelope when cooked with butter and lots of pepper. I am surprised that Belo, being such a big fan, is so opposed to trying any of those.
  12. wolc123

    Would you shoot a sleeping lion?

    You must have missed the earlier post by SJ: TLHS = Texas Lion Heart Shot
  13. wolc123

    Would you shoot a sleeping lion?

    Not a perfectly executed "TLHS" by a long shot. Looking at the video photos from the link, it looks like the guy took his first shot from the rear while the lion was at a "quartering away" angle. That is why the second and third shot were required. Had he moved a little further to the left, prior to firing the first shot, he would have saved himself a couple of bullets and gotten the job done quicker. Maybe an African Loin Safari would be a good idea after I retire so I could show him how to do it right.. Getting a lion shoulder mount, showing the single "exit" hole on the center of the chest would be cool.
  14. wolc123

    Would you shoot a sleeping lion?

    Yes, but I would walk around back first and shoot it directly from the rear. That would give me a good angle to the heart and would also point it in a direction that would allow me to get the maximum amount lead into it (with follow-up shots) before it got to me. Having pulled that shot off once on a standing buck, I would not hesitate on a sleeping lion. I would not shoot a sleeping lion from the side or the front, because my chances of escaping unharmed would be lower.