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  1. Smart cop, and that’s why I don’t get within 10 yards of a live one. The shotgun blast has yet to damage one of my box traps, some of which have taken several. My local skunk population must be down now, because it has been about 3 years since I caught the last one, in August or September. That also might be because I have been growing sweetcorn and trapping “damaging” coons farther from the house lately. It seems that skunks are more prevalent closer to houses, probably because there are less natural predators there.
  2. Placing a sheet over the box trap, then drowning, is an option but it takes more time and effort than a shotgun blast to the head from 10 yards upwind. That is also about as close to a live skunk as I feel comfortable. I have done that with a dozen or so, caught while targeting “damaging” coons in the summer in my sweetcorn. None of them got out any spray. For ammo, I mostly use up old 16 or 12 gauge shells that I can no longer read the numbers on. From that range, shot size or choke don’t matter much. The only thing that sucks is I have to go back up to the house for a shotgun when I find a skunk in a trap. I carry a .22 for the coons and possums. I didn’t get any of those last year. If I did, I would have released them for two reasons, to eat ticks and to save ammo. The damage that possums and skunks do to sweetcorn is very insignificant compared to coons.
  3. I had a real comfortable pair of Redball chest waders, that I hadn’t used in about 30 years, so I cut the top off when I needed a new pair of rubber boots. Those cut off wader boots are what I use for hunting when it’s warm now, but they are just a bit over ankle high. About two years after I cut them off, I regretted it because I was seeing lots of deer activity in the swamps at my in-laws place, up in the Adirondacks. I ordered an insulated pair, made somewhere in Asia, for $89 from Amazon this fall specifically for that purpose. They are comfortable, but I ended up filling my antlerless tag up on the high ground up there early last week, so I didn’t use them for hunting the swamps. They worked great for pulling out the boats and docks, so I left them up there. I also regretting that decision now, because I imagine that the swamp near the back of my parents woods in WNY will be quite full, by time I get out with my crossbow on November 6.
  4. Good, now I won’t have to redecorate:
  5. I don’t even drink while fishing (most of the time) let alone hunting. The first thing alcohol does is dulls your reflexes and increases your reaction time. I start to loose the ability to detect the soft strike of a bass on a jig with my first sip of 4.5 % alcohol beer. folks who drink while hunting are either alcoholics, or lack a basic understanding of how drugs effect their basic bodily functions. I see nothing wrong with celebratory drinks afterwords though, and it has been medically shown that those who average 1-2 drinks a day are generally healthier and live longer than those who have none. Cheers:
  6. No problem. I am glad you brought it up, and it is something that I need to focus more on. I don’t remember if that “extra” cross bolt safety played a role on my not getting off a shot at a big Adirondack buck last year, but it might have. I did not want a repeat of that this year, which is why I went out of my way to make sure I could get off a shot ASAP, if a buck appeared without any warning again, and I had to get off a fast shot. That meant just using the half cock hammer safety and not the cross bolt. Both of my muzzleloader use only a half cock hammer safety, so using just that one on the Marlin levers felt much more natural for me. I am still learning with the lever action, but I know I don’t care for the position of the cross bolt safety, compared to the thumb tab safety on my Ruger 77, or Marlin 512 bolt actions, or the trigger guard button safety’s on my Ithaca and Remington pumps. I
  7. I imagine that just about everyone who had hunted with one, more than a time or two, does also.
  8. This particular model (Marlin 336) was not designed with a cross bolt safety and the earlier ones don’t have it. They were not slapped on until too many lawyers got involved in the early eighties. The “safe” position was always with the hammer at the half cock position. The new ones work the same way if you leave the cross bolt safety off. That said, I still use it when walking, loading or unloading but not while seated or in a stand. Split seconds matter at times. Have you ever hunted with a lever action gun or a muzzleloader ? As long as the hammer was at half cock, the gun still had one of it’s two safeties on, and your range officer might be happy.
  9. I am back at the house now, waiting for brunch. No bear or deer seen by me this today but I did find a couple fresh buck scrapes. That means that I will be making at least a half assed attempt to hang into my buck tag thru opening weekend of sz gun season so they may I can try for one up here after Thanksgiving, hopefully in the snow. The butcher called when I was out saying my ML Tuesday doe is ready for pickup. Soon, I will be headed gone $ 85 poorer but with what should be plenty of taco meat to make it thru winter.
  10. I rubbed evercalm on the licking branch above the first scrape and just pissed in a second one, about 50 yards upwind. This one is next to a trail that goes down into the creek valley. Now that I know there is a buck around, I am going to skip my planned fact finding visit to the “buck bedroom”, and use the half hour I save, sitting on a rock right here.
  11. I do believe this may be a scrape, up on the scenic overlook. It wasn’t here when I walked by 2 days ago. There may be a buck around after all.
  12. Two shots just wrong out from over over past the “buck bedroom”. I am getting ready to pack up my stuff and head that way. It seems a shame to leave this rotting gut pile but I got a schedule to keep today.
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