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  1. The 3 ft wall is the biggest key to making those open tops work. I experimented with a few options for wrapping that. First, I tried snowfence and weaving leafy branches through it each season. That was very high maintenance and never produced a deer for me. The weathered barn siding really did the trick. The year I first put it up (2016), I took a nice mature buck from behind it, and two more older ones the last few years, topped off by a fine 8 point 3.5 year old on opening day of crossbow season last year. That buck actually aproached to less than 20 yards, giving me a broadside, open-field shot, after first making eye contact with me from 75 yards away. Any blind with a roof is handicapped by blind spots (no pun intended). The open top breaks that barrier and gives you full 360 degree visibility. The 3 ft solid wall blocks most of your motion as you position for a shot at any angle. A swivel seat lets it work exactly like a turret on a tank. They work for other sharp eyed species also. Dozens of squirrels have met their fate from behind my barnwood sided "turrets", along with a couple of foxes and a fall turkey. Besides 3/4 concealment, that 3 ft wall eliminates any chance of a fall and the need to wear a safety harness. It also provides a great gun/crossbow rest.
  2. A couple weeks ago, when I was looking for 30/30 ammo, Runnings had plenty of .270 on the shelf but no .30/06 or .308. They had recieved (3) boxes of 150 gr 30/30 that morning and I was "allowed" to purchase just one for $ 25. They took down my name and birthdate to make sure I did not sneak back in and try to buy another box. Election years suck for ammo purchasing, especially for the popular calibers.
  3. She is the reason this is shaping up to be one of the biggest landslide blowouts of all time.
  4. It is very stable now but was a little shakey before the leveling. The secret to killing mature bucks from them seems to be the weathered barn siding around the upper deck. Prior to that, only does and button bucks got killed from these blinds.
  5. The difference is, one has a highly competent VP, with proven, successful executive experience. The other's VP was picked only for sex and color and will take your guns away at the first opportunity. With old guy's at the top of the tickets, the VP takes on much more importance.
  6. I got everything ready over at my folks place today, including putting up posted signs along road and two sides, trimming shooting lanes, and making sure (3) hang on stands were secure. The biggest project was leveling this big two story blind. The back had been settling, over the last few years, and it was getting a bit dicey up top towards the end of last ML season. A little work underneath, with a hydraulic jack and some blocks, and it is just about perfectly level now. That should make it a lot more comfortable for long sits. I had left an old boat seat up on the upper open-topped deck. When I raised the folded down back rest, a fat mouse with a hairless baby on each tit scrambled off the seat and jumped down to the ground. It had borrowed a hole about 4" diameter into the foam back rest. The seat should still be useable, but I hope that she does not return with her babies. I have only killed one deer out of this two story blind (from the upper deck), but it might have had the largest body of any that I have taken. The busted up crossbow 6 point, back in 2017, had a 43" chest girth, edging out my 2018 shotgun buck by an inch. That one had a bigger rack, tipped the scales field-dressed at 182 pounds, and was killed about 400 yards further back from a hang on stand. I love these two story blind because they work out good for any weather conditions. Mostly I hunt from up top, because visibility is better with no blind spots. The enclosed lower level is great when rain and or high winds develop. I have killed lots of deer from both levels from the similar one that I have at home, including my largest racked crossbow buck last season (also from the upper deck) but that one only had a 39" chest girth.
  7. How many of the 4 Hunting NY forum members, who are currently leaning towards Biden, will switch to Trump after Tuesday's debate ? It would be cool if at least one were to change. Versatile and chef still seem pretty firm, but lefty and bm have backed off a bit.
  8. Nice looking mount. My largest-racked buck was a similar "hole in horn" 9-point. The holes give them a little character. I like a typical rack, with character, more than a "perfect" one or almost any non- typical. My uncle, who did the mount for me, claimed that the hole was caused by a fly bite when the buck was in velvet.
  9. The biggest obstacle preventing Biden from winning the Presidency is his turning his back on his Christian faith, as displayed by his VP pick. She is widely regarded as the most pro abortion member of Congres, supporting even those in late term. The reason that misscalculation is holding him back, is that roughly 3/4 of US voters identify as Christian. When you add those of the Jewish faith, the numbers look even worse for him. Each of those Faith's share the "thou shall not kill" commandment. Both faiths teach that new life begins at conception, which can also be simply shown scientifically (half of the DNA in a 2 cell embryo is from the father and the other half from the mother, making him/her "new"). This country was founded on Judeo Christian principles. Are you also opposed to "In God we trust" on our currency ?
  10. It sounds like versatile likes her. Speaking of talented women, Trump's new Supreme court justice seems to be very good. I especially like her strong Christian values, which should help out immensely with overturning Roe vs Wade. It is hard to imagine a better pick and it is totally awesome that there is not a damn thing that the misguided atheist Democrats can do to stop it.
  11. Hopefully, they find a way to keep going. Guns and ammo seems to be quite a lucrative business to be in at present anyhow. It seems like they were starting to get their act together at the Remlin factory, but I dont think that one is in NY. The fit and finish on the 336BL, that I picked up a couple years ago, was nearly equal to that on my old Marlin 336. I have had a couple of NY-made 870 pump shotguns and they never gave me a problem. I shot trap for many years with one. I slightly prefer my Ithaca 37 (smoother and also made in NY) for deer hunting, but I do like to be able to look into the open chamber, like I can with the Remington. My stockpile of 16 gauge sluggers is getting low, but I always got a little better performance from Winchester or Breneke foster slugs, so I won't miss their ammo so much if they stop making it.
  12. When I bought my new tractor, about 15 years ago, they offered a heavy or a light duty bucket. I took the heavy duty one, which cost a couple hundred more. It has a row of 9/16" thru holes, spaced about 6", across the front cutting edge. I have made several attachments, using scrap steel that I had laying around, that bolt to those holes. I also drilled a few additional smaller holes, thru the bottom of the bucket, further back. The easiest attachment to make, and the one I use the most (they are on the tractor now in fact), was a set of forks. They are made from a couple lengths of 4" x 1/4" angle iron, about 4 ft long. I use them most often for loading logs on a trailer, but also for moving large beams and pallets. They also work good for moving big piles is brush. I made some wood fork extensions, that bolt on the short steel forks, for lifting the heavy 8 ft fiberglass cap on and off my pickup truck. With some additional ballast on the back of the tractor (Bush hog, etc), I have used those fork extensions to move a big box blind around. Other bolt-on bucket attachments, that I have made include a trailer hitch (handy for pushing the boat in and out of the barn), and a tree spade / ditcher. That is made from a length of 12" x 4" x 1/4" steel c-channel. It bolts onto the bottom center of the bucket and works great for moving trees, popping out small stumps, and digging narrow ditches for drain tile, conduit. etc.. Basically, it does much of what could be accomplished with a backhoe with the advantages of easier attachment/removal and zero cost.
  13. What is not to like about a balanced budget, like Pence pulled off most years while he was governor.? Do you think Biden made a good pick for his VP ? Why did he not get a bounce in the polls after the dnc? In my opinion, that was mostly due to his horrible pick for VP. With that move, he blew any chance he might have had at winning the election.
  14. I think chef will return to his senses shortly after the start of the debate. Biden's only shot at getting that vote would be if it gets sent in before that.