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Dog training package

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Scents and decoys to use for dog training. Dokken pheasant, bumper, retrieve bird, chew toy. 0acc3edecc1339c4e7a0f26a360479a8.jpg5779ad56ca23148789abd3950bb45227.jpg87a4bdf8bb0790be6a38fb543b95e4c0.jpg1024a9abc10f9bf170b58e05ac5acb31.jpgd876c8a4024bf7d12d76c42b05590099.jpgeab0f602063b802d0078f8f20d964429.jpg0b7df44d23e8ffc8c3566c8a0e86e4ca.jpg


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5 hours ago, Stein13 said:

How much 

Ha! Can’t believe I did it again!  How about $30 shipped to you?

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