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  1. I am picking @suburbanfarmer this week. But very happy for @grampy, especially after dealing with a trespasser this afternoon!
  2. I had a friend that took our squeezed grape skins after pressing and made Grappa with it in his homemade still. I never tried to hold a lit flame next to it, but I am sure it would have exploded. Definitely an acquired taste.
  3. Went out this morning and saw some new sign. So hopeful there is a few still around. My nephew shot a small basket 8 point last night and I helped him drag it out. I'm heading out again in a few. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. I found Hornady SST 20 gauge today. $16 for 5 shells. Grabbed 2 boxes, just so I had them. Another vote for the Savage 220!
  5. That does suck. I hope Onondaga County sticks with it, but once a very rural county like Madison County opts out, I’m afraid it will be a bunch of other ones piling on.
  6. Great pic of the birds! And a new shooter to boot, nice!
  7. Do you just cut the tree all the way thru and leave it on the ground? Or do you hinge cut and get the branches on the ground? I’ve got a small stand of aspen that are over 20’ tall now, so they would be prime candidates for dropping. I hear grouse all the time during turkey season. A couple of weeks ago I almost stepped on one in the dark going to my stand. Immediate heart stress test!
  8. Masterfully. But I never saw evidence of deer eating what was put out. And I felt dirty the whole time.
  9. I’ve gone three times and hunted private land. One year, one of our group got a nice 8 pointer. Otherwise just a couple of does. But I’ve seen lots of harvest pictures from that same property that were quite impressive.
  10. Lol, no pressure! I respect the time you have put in and sometimes karma has a way of rewarding both diligence and stubbornness! Take some time to recharge and you will be rewarded in the end.
  11. What a grand re-entrance @Nomad !! Congratulations on a great deer!
  12. Week 10 I am also picking @Cabin Fever He should get an award for most sits of the year! Rob may be a close second though…..
  13. Sat this afternoon and had doe and her two fawns in the field for 20 minutes or so, never came closer than 125 yards. They kept looking at the back line, I was hoping a buck would come out to join them.
  14. I finally had a deer in my scope, but it was a full frontal shot, almost 200yards and I was not feeling it with 5 minutes of legal light left. Close but no cigar!
  15. Dark for sure! And the neck meat is good too! I will eat the white meat only when I have cleaned the carcass and boiled it for soup. Or in a sandwich with cranberry spread.
  16. I stick mostly to my homemade. It’s hard for me to buy a bottle when I have 90 gallons of it fermenting in the basement. But I do like to try different wines on occasion and when going out to eat. The Josh we had Sunday was a gift from our neighbors over for dinner. We drank that, plus a bottle and a half of homemade. Fun night! I would guess that bottle of Caymus would be $250 in a restaurant. Enjoy it, I’m sure it will be excellent!
  17. Caymus is legendary, at $90 a bottle, it better be!
  18. 2 points for a lot of people in Rob’s game - Whoo Hoo !!! And lots of good eats for Larry!
  19. @johnplav I’ve had the La Crema Pinot several times, good choice with the turkey dinner! We just had the Josh Cab Sav on Sunday and it was quite tasty. Will be great with your apps before dinner! All good choices!
  20. I’m beginning to think the only way I kill a deer is if I poach it! KIDDING OF COURSE
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