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  1. Not sure it was him - he joined over there too. The place that shall not be named......
  2. Way to go @crappyice!! Long night, but excellent finish!!
  3. Sent from my SM-G990U using Tapatalk
  4. Nice Crocs! Sent from my SM-G990U using Tapatalk
  5. Great Videos guys! Thanks for posting them.
  6. Hunt # 14, 11/3/22, 4pm to 6:30. The corn fields were finally cut today and there were deer all over, just not within my arrows reach. All does or antlerless, only one got within 30 yards but that is not within my usual range. I was in Creekside Stand and had deer in both the alfalfa and corn fields and they were not moving. I finally texted my son-in-law to get the UTV and come get me. They cleared out while he drove up. Three days off due to my nephews wedding, back at it on Monday and it’s a Full Moon! Yea.
  7. @SWEDE https://honest-food.net/osso-buco-recipe/ Honestly, you can’t do better than this for an awesome and special meal you won’t ever forget! Invite company and have a FEAST.
  8. No it's the regular brown cow shit. I lease the land to one of NY's largest dairy farmers. He (they, large family business) has manure lagoons all over and is planning one for a mile or so down the road from me. Not looking forward to that and a lot of people are trying to put a stop to it.
  9. New environmental laws and larger dairy farms are making the liquid manure use standard practice. Up close it smells pretty bad, but they inject it into the soil so it is not too bad at some distance. But it does seem to turn off the game for quite a while.......I don't even see crows picking away at the field.
  10. Did they plant something else? One big field is corn, and the other is alfalfa. Both bring deer in practically every night. Even many weeks after the corn is picked and it seems like nothing is left in the field, deer are out there.
  11. The corn fields where I hunt a finally being picked today. I imagine they will follow up with injected manure. Every time time they do that, I never see anything in the fields for weeks.
  12. 11/1/22, 3-630pm Fred’s Backyard. Had three doe about 100 yards away for the last hour or so. There is no climbing down easy with this stand, it’s been there a few years. Creaks a lot when standing or being on the ladder. It’s in a great spot, just needs to be replaced after this year.
  13. He probably made the arrow and the broad head too!
  14. Hope you heal quick and forgive Cooper for his enthusiasm! He looks like he is sorry to me….
  15. All right!! It's been too long since we had a harvest listed here! Congratulations!!
  16. Hunt #12, 10/28, Back Corner Original - 3pm to 6:30pm. Warm and sunny afternoon so I went and changed cards on a couple of cameras on my way to the Back Corner Original tree stand. Had a semi rare East South East wind, predicted for 5-6 mph, but I could barely feel anything. Somehow lost an arrow out of my quiver so I will be on the lookout for that. No deer seen at all during the sit. Left at 6:30 and had a doe stand still in my headlamp for a couple of minutes. Even had a short conversation with her about being careful out in the woods after dark. She finally left after a couple of minutes. Planned to hunt both days of the weekend, but a late invite to SU v. Notre Dame (definitely should have hunted) and a much too nice Sunday morning changed that plan. I did get a chance to add new ratchet straps to two tree stands and clear a shooting lane on another. Also set out 2 new cameras in new locations. For the next 14 days I am trying to avoid all appointments and other projects. I have a covid booster scheduled for tomorrow, hopefully Wednesday will not be a sick day as it was for the other two boosters.
  17. I had track/trace feature turned on that weekend I followed your trolling pattern on the East end of Oneida.
  18. And late February ice fishing! Sent from my SM-G990U using Tapatalk
  19. I put three together last month. Had to undo and reverse something on it for all three stands! You would think I would have learned by the third stand....... But you will like it, it's very comfy and has a huge deck to stand on! Decent price too.
  20. I'm watching this thread because I have eaten at the Roscoe Diner and it was perfect for what we needed - quick decent food right off the highway. But It's nice to know some of the other places to try on the next trip through. Farmhouse Pasta sounds great!
  21. Hunt #11, 10/27, Jasons Double, a very cold feeling 50 degrees at 4pm start. Wind died down and it was more comfortable. Saw a total of 8 deer, all does. Two almost at the start about 75 yards off, watched them go into the corn field, which is still standing. Had one moving behind me and a moment later another one, probably those same two. They stayed in the corn the whole time. Had a small doe behind me for a good 20 minutes, she had no idea what was happening. I had a few shot opportunities but she was very small. Watched a lone doe in front of me head to the alfalfa field where she was joined by two other deer. Got down at 6:40 when it was dark enough. Thought I heard grunting and was going to grunt back but decided not too. If wind stays the same I am going to try the climber tomorrow afternoon and set up nearer to the alfalfa.
  22. Thank you Sir! I did find one box from another member here so we have a bit for the season. He was sighting in this gun for his son to use this season. We were all over the paper and could not find a pattern. Turns out the screws on the front of the rail were loose. Five minutes at the gun shop took care of that, plus a free bore sight to get us on paper again. He is going to try again this weekend. Thanks again for looking!
  23. Goose Pastrami on the way!
  24. John sounds like an awesome hunt, and "from the ground" excitement! Good for you for passing on that shot, he will be back with his big brother!
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