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LI Public: Tooo many hunters and hikers on a nice day.


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My only experience hunting the Hamptons on LI was in a swamp 2-3 times. Nobody was out in the swamp except one other hunter in the adjacent parking spot each time. However, lots of bikers and walkers on the public roads. I did not run in to any anti-hunters, but figure if you go to the Hamptons frequently enough, odds are you will run into some.

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The state land next door was taken over by mountain bikers. Apparently a huge club of some sort got DEC permission to hack and blaze a heavy maze of trails all over the side of the hill and all over the the top. Some how they managed to run the trails right next to all of my most productive stands that over the decades I had located and exploited.

Then with these new heavy rutted up bike trails and the trees splashed with different colors of paint, The hikers began to heavily use these bike trails too. Screaming, laughing, and shouting back and forth to each other they increased the density of the trails to the point where it was almost impossible to get out of earshot of them throughout the entire area. So almost 60 years of studying and learning of the area is pretty much trashed. So I do understand the complaints and do sympathize.

However, around our area, when gun season begins they all abandon the trails ...... Probably afraid of getting shot by the crazy red-coated hunters. But bow season has changed significantly for the worse over the past couple of decades. It's just a sign of the times I guess and likely is not going to get any better.

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I’ve run into hikers many times during January firearms season on LI. It is frustrating. I do try to to think that they are at least moving deer around. I wonder if there is less hikers/bikers etc. the farther East you go on LI during archery and gun?

It’s pretty much the same out East. They stopped hunting on Martin Luther day because of the bicyclers. There’s really no quiet places to hunt on Long Island. I used to hunt a spot that had no houses around it and still encountered dog walkers and mushroom pickers.

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