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  1. What's for dinner tonight?

    Been trying to lose some weight so saying away from this thread. Well that’s over general to’s chicken wings. Oh and some rice and peas. For some reason I haven’t been able to like anything lately?
  2. Cape Cod pictures

    That pic with the rainbow mist is awesome!!! How's the cod meat at this time of the year ?
  3. I like all my guns.I go through phases right now it's my marlin 3030, ruger 10/22 and my fathers Remington 1100 I just got all the bugs worked out and its ready for some predator hunting.This gun went from a goose gun to a crow/small game to a deer slug gun and now predator.
  4. How About This One.......

    I thought the first video was a funny.That's a good bear he'll gain a good 150 lbs. or more by fall.
  5. Sunday evenings on Long Island and trash!

    Good hit!!! Sunday sidewalk shopping is one of the few things i'm going to miss about this island.
  6. Bears

  7. Bears

    This little guy walked passed me at 30yrds. When I was doing yard work last weekend. Small bear under 100lbs. There was a bigger one in the same area a few nights before that. My throw and grow patch is(was) there. Top right corner
  8. Cool looking moths

    Been seeing some real cool moths the last few weeks. The camo one is a pandora Sphinx. The pink one is a rosy maple. I don’t know why but there always on the screens of my house. I’m also seeing a lot of snakes this year one was grayish with an orange dot behind its head a fast as all heck.
  9. Charles Krauthammer dead at 68

    R.I.P doctor krauthammer
  10. Which hot dogs?

  11. Don't mess with Granny...

    My buddy lives right down the road from where this happened.
  12. Finally a live one

    Every year I see less and less box turtles around here. This little girl came cruising along while I was cutting the grass. I love turtles
  13. First chainsaw carving

    looks great as usual. funny you posted it today me and my sister who live around the block from this statue never saw it before.lol http://www.princessronkonkoma.com/carving-photo-from-march-4th-2018/
  14. Jack Rabbit ?

    sorry didn't read it right
  15. scanoe motor

    Thanks guys maybe i'll just stick with the electric motor.I'm going to spend today setting it up.my brother gave me a small trailer.There was no plate on the canoe but I'll look it up online.