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  1. WOW!! that's empty maybe working on the damn or they found a evasive plant in it.
  2. That's one of my concerns. I figured you guys with night scopes and thermals had to sight in at night?
  3. I picked up a vrl-1 kill light it has a pressure switch. It also came with a scope mount and shotgun mount.I've been shooting off a tripod all summer it took me a while to get use to but I got it now.
  4. If you fish it now is a great time to take pictures of the humps,cuts and anything that looks like it will hold fish.That's what I used to do when I fished cannonsville reservoir works great.
  5. They normally drain them for anticipated snowmelt.
  6. Got my head and kill lights all set up.My guns sighted in,but I never shot at night thru a scope with a red light.I've read about practicing using reflectors.Does anyone practice at night? Also when using a shotgun with no scope would the head light be all that's needed.
  7. I got asked for ID at CVS buying shaving cream.Lowes and home depot always ask d.o.b,walmart has the spray paint locked up.
  8. Sorry to bring this back up,but when do you plant cereal rye? I have a stop in mind that's about 100' x 50'plus a few small patches.
  9. My main goal is going to be predator control and personal use,but at $40 a yote i'm going to target them exclusively.I'll use the money to buy more equipment. For a lot of guys it's more of a passion then a paycheck. I've had my license for over 20 years, But only nuisance trapped with it.I've always dreamed of running long lines.
  10. I was looking around on trapperman and there's a few guys the put up and sell gray,fox and RED squirrels.They use weasel or mink stretchers.There mostly bi-catches.I guess it's better then wasting them.They must have some patience to skin and flesh a red squirrel.
  11. $40 a yote isn't bad at all.I'd let the reds go or keep them for personal use.I never knew they bought squirrels.How where they put up?
  12. I'm still trying to figure it out.I've only had family dogs.I want one or two dogs I can take hunting,fishing,hikeing pretty much anywhere I go. I'm not getting them until I retire and can spend time with them just trying to figure out which breeds would be best.
  13. Yup mine was a limbsaver pad.I throw it away and put the original bacl on.
  14. I had the same problem with tc encore pad melting. If the composite buttstock is the same as an 870 there should be two plugs over the screws they pop out not push into
  15. Mine has a wood stock.There should be two screws[philps head] pushed in the pad.Once you remove them there's a screw[flat head] holding the stock on.Be careful when loosening the buttstock screw if it's not on the screw you can crack the stock.I have a vhs tape the shows how to assemble/disassemble you can have it if you want I don't have a vhs player anymore.