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  1. technology

    i just saw the video clip from Arizona.The human factor looked like he was texting,
  2. These clowns cry about school safety,Yet none have come up with or listen to any solutions.I think "armed forces" would send the RIGHT message to these kids doing the shootings.
  3. Pancreatic Issues Are No Joke!

    wishing you the best
  4. Long Island turkey vultures

    This vulture is on a duck in a very popular area. He wouldn’t move just kept picking away.
  5. 2018 Shed Thread

    i find about two or three a year.I'm always moving them out of the roads in spring.Misty mornings are when i see them the most.
  6. What's for dinner tonight?

    Breakfast but damn it’ Good. Last week I saw banana bread French toast on a menu turkeyfeathers posted and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Damn good!! btw it only cost $4 to make not $27 lol
  7. Hunter "Blaze" Orange

    I wear camo blaze orange hat and/or gloves up in the NZ .Doesn't bother me one bit
  8. Settled on the new squirrel round

    .357 sig? 22-250?
  9. Favorite trail cam.turkey pics

    my screen saver on my phone
  10. Would you rather woods or lake

    when i was looking for my house i rented both for two weeks a piece.I bought 10 acers in the woods.
  11. 2018 Shed Thread

    That’s about it for me it’s getting to warm. Nothing today. Total is two pairs and five singles and two turtle shells.
  12. What's for dinner tonight?

    Rid eye and sour cream & chive pierogies. Got lazy and throw the pierogies on the grill too. Not bad!!!
  13. If your talking about this pick it looks like the a burn ring where the powder and wad meet my inline gets the same thing.Nothing a good cleaner and some elbow grease can't take care of.Honestly everything I've read says it takes a very long time to pitt a barrel.
  14. when i find something i really like i buy double and sometimes more.When i started bow hunting i bought a pair of rocky gloves awesome when they wore out i couldn't find them.Then i bought a pair of 10x gloves nice thin tight.I bought 20 pairs just started using the last pair.I'm not sure if they make them anymore.I've been using muzzy broadheads for ever and have enough to last the rest of my life.Some stuff i replace often like face masks i can't find one i truly like.I've been bow hunting for 30 plus years and only owned three bows.I'll probably die with the one i have now.
  15. What's for dinner tonight?

    I'm pretty new on here and thought this was going to about wild game dinners.Now this is one of my favorite threads on here.I've tried things i never would have hadn't it been for the pics.I'm thinking of getting a smoker this tear after reading the what's in the smoker thread.