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  1. I just had to take a federal mandated drug test(cdl drive) me and my boss couldn’t get out of there fast enough. It always grossed me out that they don’t wear glove touching the urine bottles. The problem we had was you can’t wash your hands until your done.
  2. Wouldn’t you rather have a president that know how to boost the economy? I think we’re going to need it after this crap passes
  3. That would kill two birds with one stone after babbling Biden goes bonkers will have our first black woman president. I'll vote for Trump/Pence again.
  4. Your definitely a Fishoholic!!!! Are these and the brown trout average size for all of NY rivers and streams?
  5. I was expecting to see a load of Case knives,but that's where my heads been lately. Good hit on the brass I always wanted a Ruger gp100 with a 6" barrel,but couldn't find one around here.Maybe someday.
  6. No sign of the killdeer. There always here right around saint patty’s day. Everything thing else showed up duck,geese and songbirds are building nest. Weird Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Congrats!!! My niece just had a kid three days ago,they both came home yesterday.The hospital didn't want them in there any longer then needed.I just call them my nieces and nephews.
  8. I have to admit I didn't take this serious at first but it's getting a scary.All I've been doing is going to work and home.I'm good on supply's for a month or so. I was going to take a ride up to my house tonight but now i'm rethinking it.I know I can go from here to there without interacting with anyone it just doesn't feel right.
  9. I've had my SR9 for 8 years and can think of one thing i'd want changed.Not one jam up or fail to fire and I rip 500rds. a month through it.
  10. I love my SR9. Do you now if there stopping production on the whole SR series.I've been wanting to pick up an SR22,but have a few other projects going on.
  11. Oh I understand I've seen video's of chicken houses here in America.I'd try a bunch of the food in the video I posted,but I wouldn't go no where near the market in the first video.It's a cultural thing here and abroad if I told people around here I like rabbit,squirrel,deer ect. there eyes would pop out of there heads,if I went upstate and said I had fried rabbit with biscuits and gravy no one would bat an eye lash.
  12. They nest at this time of the year.I've been watching a pair up the road for a few years.They where nesting in the same tree every year until it fell.There must be a good food supply near your cams.
  13. I'm going up to my house Friday and every other weekend to scout out some areas for may.I'm going from work hitting one gas station[cc outside] to my house and scouting no human contact at all.It only takes a little common sense to get around this safely.I'll be up and out opening day no matter what.