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  1. Well so much for having a political conversation on here, Carry on
  2. I did read it but you didn’t leave a link to fact check it. If I believed everything I read on the internet I’d never leave my house. Why didn’t trey gowdy except joining the team of lawyers. He’s a very smart man. Also Trumps own AG said there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn the election. I’m an open minded person who’s not locked into one party or the other are you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ya definitely I'm going to try a few crimped and rolled[thank to you] to see the difference.It looks like from what I've read the rolled have less volatility then the crimped. I'll measure the choke if I find one,but the webite says .723 I'm going to check the full choke I have tonite BENELLI STOEGER MOBILCHOKE BUCK KICKER 12G - Dan's Hunting Gear - Windwalker Outdoors
  4. Enough is Enough !!!! If there's evidence of fraud lets see it.Did anyone ever stop to think that between the republican Trump haters and the diehard never vote for anyone but a democrate[which makes no sence to me] that maybe he just lost. I voted for Trump I think he's an asshole but truly believe that he was working for the country's best intrest.If ALL the haters would have given him a chance I definitely feel he could of did even better then he did in the last four years.Four years of daily attacks give me a break. Hopefully Biden will do something good for the country unlike he has for the last 40+ years.
  5. No all you need is a smart tv and a computer to install it.I have a roku tv but I had to add youtube it took minutes.I'm not sure if there still running the 3 months free trial.
  6. I have it it's not bad.I get all the channels I had with cablevision except the ones Cablevision owns.I'd have to look but i think i'm paying $70 a month for it.You can pick any streaming provide that fits you needs.There all pretty much priced the same
  7. It depends on if they tax guns and how they tax them $200 a year per gun would push a lot of hunters out of the game.A blanket tax of $200 a year would'nt do much.
  8. This is why I posted in this thread.I've been reading along trying to understand what i'm missing.For the last year i've been listening to both side and trying not to let the media influence me,but i'm definitely missing something here.I understand that there are people that vote republican/democrat no matter who it is.I have an uncle the would vote for the devil himself if he was running for his party.I never payed no mind to Trump until he announced that he was running for president,my first thought was WHAT this is a joke then i listen to what he had to say and felt if he can do half of what he said it would be great for this country.I personally felt Clinton had to much bad baggage from her past.I also understand there are a LOT of people that voted against Trump and not for Biden. Anyway keep this in mind,I'm a 54 year old uneducated blue collar worker. It's my understanding that this party wants to change America.Change it to what and why? This is there greatest country in the world or no one would be trying so hard to get into and other country's ether looking up too or trying to defeat. Please excuse me i have a hard time putting my thoughts into words,but take a minute and try to explain what you see and i don't please
  9. "Any illegitimate gang bangers are welcome. bs " There here and no one is doing anything to deport them,if they do get deported they come back over and over. "People dont demand a female president,they are saying it shows what a male dominated cukture this is" I'd vote for a women president if she had something good to offer for the country.I liked Tulsi gabbard she made a lot of good points but her party wouldn't give her a shot. I'll add this about the gender crap, every time I meet a gender/gay/lesbian they feel the need to tell everyone why? I don't discuss my sexaul preferences with anyone unless the subject comes up.We can be talking hunting and fishing and they'll blurt out "by the way I'm a lesbian trapped in a mans body"?? "When did joe biden blackmail the ukraine and how? He was in no position to hold back aid" He didn't have the power to hold it back,but by his own words he tried to take credit for it. "Pointing out hypocrisy doesnt automatically make you racist" It depends who's pointing I'm in no way trying to shit stir here. I honestly think i'm missing something hopfully I am i'd hate to see this great counrty sink any lower then it has already.
  10. Long island I haven't been able to find mags since the first ammo shortage.
  11. Bud's delieved!!!! Got my ammo today and no price gouging.I'm on the list for 22mags and 22lr not really expecting it anytime soon but ya never know.
  12. I finally picked up a dedicated yote gun[stoeger M3000 semi-atuo] still waiting on a kick's choke.Trying to put together some loads with #bb-#bbb and 4 buck nickle plated lead,but having trouble getting 3"shells and wads.I have some 23/4" to play around with for now.Hopfully sunday i can get it done. That TSS is to rich for my blood.lol
  13. Can you point out some of the BS.I came into this new year with an open mind about the new president,but i'm really having a hardtime understanding it,put aside all the Trump and Biden non-sence and tell me what you see that i'm missing. Just a little about me I'm nether a republican or democrat.I've voted for both in the past.I listen to what they have to offer to this country and vote appropriately.
  14. Went out for my last long island shotgun hunt took a [very]small doe.It was nice to check out the area for one last time before I leave this island for good. All the places I've hunted in 30+ years none compare to the east end of long island even if the hunting isn't the same the woods will always be beautiful.This time next year I'll be starting a new chapter in my life in the ADK's looking forward to learning how to hunt the big woods.