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  1. I once saw a hunter standing about 100' from our house. I went over to remind him that he was too close to the house to be shooting. When I got there, I saw that he was wobbling around. His eyes were the worse shade of blood-shot that I have ever seen. His speech was so slurred I could hardly understand him, and he was resting the barrel of his shotgun on top of his boot. He was totally bombed out of his mind and was a clear danger to himself and anyone around him. He mentioned that he had a son hunting with him and pointed to another hunter at the far end of the field. I walked him over to the guy and we agreed that this guy should be home instead of out with a gun. They both headed out to the road where their car was parked. This idea that the woods is a good place to be drinking is really no joke. I know that this guy could easily shoot someone or himself. He figured he was fine. fortunately his son agreed with me and took his gun and him back to their car. That was the worst case that I had ever seen, but pink-faced, red-eyed hunters are not really all that scarce. Scares me to death to be out there hunting in the same woods with them.
  2. I have watched quite a few deer rubbing their antlers over the years, and in each case the bucks were on the move from somewhere, to somewhere only pausing along the way to make a rub. They did not seem to be feeding at all.
  3. And one of the details is that you used the term, "you guys" indicating you were intentionally excluding yourself from that gang of polluters that use gasoline to powered transportation. As far as your condemnation of cars as being "stupid invention", I must say that this would certainly be a pretty backward world without them.
  4. Wait a minute.......When you say "you guys" am I to believe that you do not drive cars. Knock off the hypocrisy. Do you put your money and actions where your mouth is, or just blow off blather about..."you guys" while puffing out all the hydrocarbons that everyone else does? When are you going to start bicycling back and forth to work. Or do you intend to get a horse and buggy? Climate control talk makes you feel real good but really means absolutely nothing unless you start doing things that you demand of all the others that you rail against. In the meantime, you might start trying to pay a little attention to details of what you are proposing.
  5. I think one other big factor is the proliferation of ammo hoarding. When a little ammo manages to land on the shelves, people grab it up by the arm-full. It might be that the ammo manufacturers like things this way.
  6. There was a guy who used to hunt our land years ago (I was about 18 then). I got to know him pretty well, in fact a couple of decades later we actually worked together for a bunch of years. He impressed me because his hunting was so basic. All he did was still-hunting and moving so slow you might think he was stand hunting. He always got his buck even when none of the other locals did not. No tree-stands, no pop-up ground stands, no fancy camo, no scents or calls, just basic hunting as it has been done for centuries.
  7. It is not even close......my Bow is the weapon that gives me the most satisfaction and fulfillment. No, it is not the most efficient or the most productive, and that probably is what the attraction is. I do hunt with both, but the gun is more of a carnival atmosphere and the sole reason to use a gun for me is simply meat-gathering. When it comes to matching wits with the critters and taking on additional challenge, the bow has always been my weapon of choice.
  8. Could it be that humans feel a need to respond to ancient predatory DNA. Perhaps responding to a time when hunting to survive was a way of life for our species? Ha-ha-ha.....Now that is an interesting theory.
  9. Hard to believe isn't it? One thing they did not mention is expansion of factories or additions of resources and facilities. This is going on far too long.
  10. So are the ammo people ever going to get on board with matching the production to the demand? What the heck is the matter with them. Look at the amount of money they are passing up.
  11. I understand the advantages of having both eyes opn, but I never adapted. Left eye automatically closes. That is true even with my bow shooting too.
  12. I don't have it all right in front of me at the moment, but I believe the wording included "during the firearms season".
  13. Thinking way back to a time before I was even old enough to hunt, I often recall the things that inspired me to even want to hunt. As a youngster there were some of the books that I read about the mountain men and the relied their their abilities to outwit critters and live off the land in ways defined their place in nature. At that age I was too small for those things to be a part of my daily life, but they all provided the goals for hunting and other outdoor activities. They all seemed like things that young men grew up to be a part of. And indeed back in those days, I was not alone in those feelings. Our entire culture in that small farm area was about outdoor activities and our place in nature. The trapline that I ran at the age of 11 taught me even more about how to become involved in nature, to study it and become a part of it. I also grew up wandering the hills and valleys of the Finger Lakes where huge forested lands were a constant part of my life. All this was a part of my life for as long as I can remember even before I was of hunting age. How could I have not become a hunter?
  14. We talk about political divisiveness like it is a new new invention of the decade........Ha-ha-ha. You should have herd the kinds of red-faced arguments that the adult males used to have around the Thanksgiving Day dinner table when I was a kid almost 80 years ago. I still remember that huge vein that used to expand down the forehead of my father as his face turned red and the volume of his voice elevated as he was arguing about the Democrats. And then the same kind of impassioned response would come from the other end of the table. All of us kids sitting ate the "kids" table wre convinced that there would be violence breaking out any minute. But you know as heated as those political arguments got, there was laughing and joking that always happened afterward. Has anything really changed over the years? Political debate...... it is healthy and keeps the brain activated and exercised.
  15. My Brother-in-law asked a simple question that I had no answer for. He asked how long does it take to fill up a battery for an all electric car. I know that filling my car with gas is a rather brief interruption in my life that uses maybe 5 minutes total foe each fill-up. But if I had an all electric car, and my batteries were getting low, how long would my car have to be side-lined at a charging station before I could resume my driving? Another question that puzzles me is, what is the average life of the batteries that these cars use? And what does it cost to replace them when they refuse to take a charge? How about the massive disposal cost and difficulties that occurs with these. I have to confess total ignorance when it come to these batteries, but do we have any electronics wizards here that know the answers to these questions? Are electric cars God's gift to the planet that we are being told?
  16. We have discussed why we are hunters a long time ago. But now we have many new members, so I thought it would be interesting to sample attitudes among hunters again. So the question is simple. Why do you enjoy hunting? What are the elements of hunting that push your buttons?
  17. I have a dark gray ghillie suit that does the best job of concealment of anything I have tried. It is a loose-leaf almost a Tree-bark color. The only problem is that it is difficulty to shoot a bow with it on. Very easy to have unexpected interferences.
  18. I guess I can't see any reason why not. I'm in that high risk age bracket. Is there some reason why I shouldn't?
  19. I enjoyed the video, and it was a fair discussion of high fence hunts. It made me not quite as opposed to them as I was. Or maybe I should say that I am a little more tolerant of those that hunt such places. I still have feelings against canned hunts where the area is not large enough for the animal to exercise its escape options. But I do feel that there are places that are probably large enough to allow fair chase principles to be applied. It is interesting how we all set limits on how a hunt should be conducted. There are feelings that the challenge of the hunt is tied to the difficulty and the odds. A lot of the appreciation of hunting success is tied to how much handicap that was given to the animal to even the odds a bit. But I guess what maybe we all need to understand is that we don't all need the same level of challenge to feel that we have done something worthwhile with our hunting success. We also would do well to remember that our challenges are not the same as everyone else. I have a bit of a problem in that regard and often find myself involved in discussions involving ethics. What I am trying to learn is that my ethics are not necessarily anyone else's ethics, and there is no requirement that I must convert everyone to my ethics. It has been a lifelong battle, but as I get older I think I am making some progress.....Ha-ha-ha.
  20. It used to be a massive event at the DEC region 8 complex at Avon until they just decided to dissolve it. Thousands of area people became acquainted with hunting and fishing and trapping at the event. Thousands of young kids were introduced to outdoor activities that they would normally never hear about. But for some reason, the DEC didn't feel it was a good thing for them to be associated with.
  21. What they can't achieve with these crazy laws they will achieve through taxation. Even at the pump if that is what they have to do to get their way. Consider for a minute how they used taxation to control citizen smoking. They have perfected the technique of behavior modification through taxation. They can do what ever they want and the voter will never rebel. At least not here in NYS. Yes, the voters can get as angry as they want, but that anger never gets as far as the voting booth. We ARE a socialist state already and NYS government has mastered the technique of using the power that that system affords them. You can buy what ever you want, but getting to use a product that the state government does not approve of may be a very different story. There is no 2nd Amendment for car choice.
  22. Could those words ever be aired today on modern TV networks and the societal attitudes of the day? Would anything like that ever find its way into the scripts of today's programming? .................Not likely. Would most people today ever recognize what that document was supposed to be? Is any of that being taught in today's schools? ......Probably not.
  23. Safer????? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that the southern border is wide open, letting everybody and anybody in, including gang members, unvetted terrorists and drug dealers and representatives of drug cartels and fentanyl runners. But now the Taliban has its own homeland and home to every terrorist organization in the world, and we have lost every hint of intelligence on the ground in that area. We have handed over all the modern equipment of war to the terrorists so that they can now use it against us or our allies or simply as sales items to raise money to finance more terror activities. We gave away our energy independence so we are once again slaves to countries that hate our guts? We have done away with sensible financial practices allowing inflation to run rampant destroying the value of our currency. We have let the progressives run nearly every aspect of our freedoms and lives with their desire to turn our system of government to socialism. We have government agencies and branches that are showing they are more crooked than a bunch of thieves We have major cities that want to defund the police forces. We have a majority of the news outlets who are simply the public relations arm of the democrat and socialist parties. We have a blithering idiot as our president who cannot even string words together in an intelligent sentence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And you ask if we are safer as a nation than we were a year ago. Is there any reason that anyone that has half a brain would ever think we are. Ask this question of the Biden voters and see what kinds of answers you get. This jerk is still getting 30% -40% approval rating. Apparently there are still a lot of people who stumble along quite contented with how things are going.
  24. So sometime in the next 14 years we are going to have to figure out how to blanket the landscape with those huge wind farms and acres and acres of solar farms so that we can handle the new electric demands of transportation. How much of the national electronic grid will have to be rebuilt or fortified? Well I suppose the government can also put out mandates involving the elimination of non-transport electronic drains on the grid system. They are getting good at regulating and controlling the citizens.
  25. Fred had a pretty decent line of compound bows that he marketed and built. So I am sure that if he were still alive and functioning today, he would be competitive with the best of them. Yes, and he likely would have been selling a line of crossbows too. But I am sure that his favorite hunting weapon would have been his recurve.
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