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Looking for a Remington model 7400 or 750

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48 minutes ago, luberhill said:

How’s that compare to the browning 

In this market I would not be surprised if that old Rem 7400 ends up going for close to the Browning price. But if you want a biased opinion on which one is better , its not even close . This coming from someone that has owned Rem 740 , 3 742's , 7400 and 1 7600 . I now only own one Rem 742 and one 7600 . I also own 4 Browning Bars .  The Browning Bar will  be lighter , and have less recoil than the 7400 . It also in general will be more accurate. The less recoil will come from the Influx Technology recoil pad that directs the recoil downward rather than into your face and shoulder. I have 2 30-06 Brownings that have that recoil pad . Feels like I'm shooting a 243 . 

Here is the Browning link for that rifle


Here is a link to an article that highlights some of the issues the Remingtons had . One important thing to consider is it might be hard to find replacement parts for the 7400 since they haven't made it in quite a while and the new owners of Remington Arms have not given any indication of bringing it back into production. 


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Despite all the naysayers regarding the Remington 7400 in my experience they do work.  They will kill deer if you do your part just like any other firearm will.  The ones that don't function properly have most likely been neglected in one way or the other.  What some might think is good gun care may not be good gun care to others.

With that said, there is NO way that I would pay the type of prices being asked for the Remington OR the Browning.   Get yourself a bolt action rifle and be done with it.  They will be less fussy, cost less, generally be more accurate, likely lighter in weight, and will last you forever.  I just don't see any advantage to a gun like the Remington 7400 or the Browning BAR over a good bolt action.  Plenty of bolt actions to be had in .243 caliber, too.  To be paying $1500 or more for something like the new version Browning BAR, a gun with an aluminum receiver is silly in my honest opinion.  No way aluminum will hold your scope set up as solidly as steel will.  At least the old BAR's were solid steel like the Remington's are as well. 

My .02 cents on the matter.

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