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  1. That the same spot you skewered the one rack buck last year Chef ? The Blackstone is waiting ! Good Luck And Make Meat !
  2. Saw a video made in the middle a brutal winter that showed a deer eating a frozen dead rabbit
  3. I could be mistaken , but pic 1 , 2 and 3 are definitely the same buck . Pic 4 might be a different buck , but the tines look identical in shape with the same lengths ,small twists and curves as the first 3 pics . Just the pic is closer and a different angle . Pic 5 is a guess . Too far away and you cant see both sides of the rack. Good looking 3 yr olds or 3 yr old and a 4 yr old
  4. YUP ! Had one in the basement last week . Must of came in through our garage under. Wife went downstairs to get something out of the extra fridge and I hear her AAAAAAHHHH !!!!! I thought she got hurt . She yells up up to me there is a frog on the floor ! I went down and threw it out on the back lawn . At nite sometimes I have one or two frogs climbing on the glass on the slider . They are there to get the bugs that are attracted to the light. They are quite the stalkers . LOL
  5. Went to my local gun shop today . He just got in 10 sleeves of Federal 209's . Already has 20 people on a waiting list for them.
  6. How times have changed in an instant. I bought this sleeve in late Aug or 1st week in Sept in 2019 . I bought a sleeve of Win 209's , a sleeve of Triple 777 primers , and this sleeve of CCI 209 Magnum primers at the same time . The Win and the Triple 7 was $3.95 and the CCI Magnums you can see were $4.25 . The sad part is I dont even need or use the magnum primers . I use the Pyrodex and Triple 7 pellets which the other primers work just fine with . If there was a way to send them to you I would.
  7. Of course you could always save money and do it yourself
  8. Here is a good summary to read from WebMD . Mixed results on both the pros and cons . https://www.webmd.com/men/creatine
  9. I dont believe the rivets go through the stock . If they did , that would be one of the dumbest things you can do to a gun. Like Tacks mentioned , rain would ruin that stock having a soaked leather cover over it. If you look closely at the 1st pic , you can see why the shop said he cant take it off . There is a small eyelet screwed into the stock on the bottom where it is laced , and the lace runs through it to holds the leather in place. The lace is then somehow fused together at the end of the wide side of the leather. Thats why he cant slide it forward to remove it without cutting the lace . Worthless idea in my opinion .
  10. Happy Birthday ! just sit back and relax and enjoy the day with the family !
  11. Gov Murphy shut down Bear hunting on all public and state land in 2019 or 2020 . In 2021 the arrogant ahole shut down the entire state to bear hunting even with the NJ F+G wanting an emergency bear hunt due to bears being out of control. Even farmers who were have their crops destroyed by overpopulated bears out of control could not do anything about it . Now they want some plan that needs to be approved by the same Lib screwballs who got bear season shut down in order to have a limited season. Good luck with that ! I believe there has been at least 2 people mauled by bears in NJ this year . Bears are everywhere down there . People are bringing their kids to school because there are so many roaming through neighborhoods . https://www.njherald.com/story/news/2021/09/15/nj-bear-hunt-2021-canceled-governor-murphy-press-conference/8351968002/
  12. Thanks everyone ! Had a great day with the family . Time well spent !
  13. Thats quite the spread Chef ! Looks fantastic ! Whats in the pizza looking plate cut into 4 slices ? Never seen that one before in any Chinese or Japanese restaurants . Maybe its a Korean thing ? Looks great !
  14. Ready to dig in ! Corned Beef , cabbage , sliced red potatoes , and carrots .
  15. Bill dont buy shower curtains . Get an 8x8 or 8x10 tarp from Home Depot . Less money and would work way better . Besides you can use it afterwards for covering something else in your yard like wood for the fire pit.
  16. They have the Camo cantilever rifled barrels for 3 " chambered BPS in stock at Midwest Gunworks . The new Matte finish barrels for $429 are out of stock everywhere . These camo barrels for a 3" chamber are $459 . https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/b122190018
  17. So to complicate the Sub , Hoagie , Grinder , Hero , and Wedge dilemma even more : A few years ago a contractor I know asked me to reconstruct a set of stairs in a flip house he was working on in Mass to build it to code . He didn't know how because it was an older house with an L shape set of stairs . So I went and built it for him . I passed this ' Sub " shop a mile or so from the job that had a sign " Home Of The Submarine " in front. At lunch I called there and ordered a Steak and Cheese " Sub " . I got there and the guy hands me a 3ft " Sub " . I said I didn't expect anything like this. He says " That is the size of our Submarines ! Oh I bet you wanted a " Torpedo " which is 12". But you ordered a " Submarine " . Well guess what I ate for Lunch , Dinner , AND Lunch again the next day ! Now I always ask how big is the " Sub " !
  18. Stuffed Zucchini with hamburger , marinara sauce , chopped onions , diced fresh tomatoes , mushrooms , and cheddar cheese. That is one zucchini cut in 4 pieces .
  19. And the sad part is GH , I dont think you are near the bottom yet .The Dow could fall below 28,000 and the S+P could get below 3200 easily in late fall or early winter if or when Europe crashes from their double stupidity on energy . The 1st was the screwballs like Merkel shutting down the 12 nuclear plants to the idiotic new dimwits trying to run the country on solar panels and windmills that dont produce 30 percent of what they claimed . And who was stupid enough to make their country enslaved to their enemy ( Russia ) by depending on them for their natural gas lines to power your country after screwing themselves shutting down their nuclear plants. And the BOZO in charge of Germany right now said in Davos that he wants to be the Head of finances in " New World Government " when it is formed ? This is all run by the poisonous globalists to take down the USA with their puppet Biden taking orders from them . Unfortunately its working with Biden sinking us from every angle .
  20. Great Job Split ! Hope you hook him and many others for life in the outdoors ! He is well on his way with that smile from ear to ear ! Keep up the good work !
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