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  1. Robby ,I saw a guy and his family from NY that was staying in the same condo building I was in Hampton Beach NH last summer . Every one in his family including the kids were wearing the same Tee Shirts with that logo on it ! LOL Im sure those were directed at Cuomo but sadly the story continues on with the new wicked witch.
  2. You are absolutely right ! I've only shot one bear . Shot it in Maine in the big woods while deer hunting . I knew he was in there . There was a small abandoned orchard of maybe 15-20 trees and I would find his crap piles and puke everywhere . He must of been getting drunk every night eating that hard apple cider LOL . His fur was very shiny and he was full of beechnuts and apples when I gutted him . Shot a 130lb spike horn in Vermont the same year . When I would ask the kids which one they wanted me to cook for dinner it was always unanimous " BEAR !!!! " He tasted way better than the deer . Absolutely delicious ! Cooked the steaks the same way as the deer steaks. Just seared on both sides with peppers , onions and mushrooms . And yes , dump fed bears have a way different taste than big woods bears or bears that feed on AG crops.
  3. If you scroll down on this webpage it shows the states that the Nitrofire is legal in . According to this map they are already legal in NY ( Green ). And quite a few that might allow them ( yellow ) . Personally I dont care for them for one reason only . The powder charge is already pre determined . We know that many muzzleloaders need to be tweaked to figure out which charge and which projectile works best . We know all muzzy's are not created equal even though its the same gun . I have 2 TC White Mountain Carbines and each one likes a different load . One shoots best with 90gr of powder with a 350gr Maxi Hunter and the other shoots best with 80gr or powder with a 375gr Maxi Ball . As far as a single shot shotgun allowed during muzzy season , I hope they never do that up here in NH . They are totally different firearms. https://www.traditionsfirearms.com/nitrofire
  4. Actually I think he did a Great Job ! That taxi did way better than most on a bobcat . That cat looks alive like it supposed to look .
  5. It does actually . On the time frame videos when the line is green , its legal hunting hours . The red lines are night movement
  6. This is an interesting study on a PA buck titled " Life And Times Of Buck 8917 " They tracked him year round for 3 years . It shows where he went , where he bedded down ,and how he evaded hunting pressure through his planned escape routes by watching hunters movements . They never figured out how he died. But I suspect it was coyotes , even though the study was ruling it out . I could be wrong , but I think hunting season was over in PA when he died . The only other guess is it could have been from a late season bullet wound weeks earlier that finally did him in . Read it and come up with your theory . https://www.deer.psu.edu/the-life-and-times-of-buck-8917/
  7. Sorry Al , but I cant come up with a single reason or scenario where that thing would be beneficial to anyone . I sure as heck dont want to be dragging that chair through the woods . It sure doesn't even look comfortable to sit in like Hueyjazz mentioned , and it sure looks like it would be a wobbly mess on any type of ground . If someone bought this thing , I'm sure it would be a prime candidate for the " Bad Purchases " thread . Although it might work in its own funky way as a deer cart . But I'm not lugging my cart everywhere I go
  8. Im going to stay out of this thread before somebody sneezes on me . This is " The Sick Ward "
  9. Cant he switch back to his old email that is recognized or do the same thing Cynthia did making a new account on Tapatalk ? Love to hear the story on that monster !
  10. Found this one Says they are in Liverpool in your county https://www.unitedbloodtrackers.org/tracker-info/?user=564 Paulene Eggers Liverpool, NY 13088 Home Phone: 315-575-5718 Cell Phone: 315-575-5718 Retired Police Officer, outdoor enthusiast who loves fishing, hunting and tracking. Certified hunter safety Instructor for NYS-DEC. I have wire haired Dachshunds and I service Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Cayuga and Cortland Counties in the State of New York
  11. I was at a tagging station in Maine when this guy brought a Doe in . I couldn't help asking him what he shot that deer with because the hole on one side was as big as a baseball . Guy says thats the exit hole from his 270 using that exact same round . 140 grain Ballistic Silvertips . They are brutal . If I remember right , he said he shot it at 65-70 yards out in a cutting .
  12. Cooking a Turkey in the Showtime Rotisserie ! Serving it with mashed potatoes, butternut squash and garlic bread. One hour to go and then its Stuff My Face Time !
  13. Heal up quick Cynthia ! There is a big buck out there just waiting for you ! hope you feel better soon !
  14. It might effect it slightly because you are shooting at higher velocity . Here is a good article for you to read about accuracy and bullet drop using 100 grains compared to 150 grains . I mentioned the 4 inch drop on the deer I shot at 145 yards . This article has it at 5 inches at 150 yards using 2 pellets . But the bullet drop using 3 pellets is only 1/2 inch difference at 150 yards . The big difference comes after 150 yards . The 2 pellets at 200 yards has a drop of 18 inches and 3 pellets has a 9 inch drop . If you want less than 9 in drop you have to sight in 1 to 2 inches high at 100 yards to get maybe a 3 to 4 inch drop at 200 yards . This is basic sight in strategy . The interesting part I found in the article was bullet performance between the 2 different loads talking about wound channels . Before you jump into using 150 grains or 3 pellets , make sure you check your manual to see if your gun is rated to fire a magnum load . My Encores are 50cal Magnum barrels . Some muzzleloaders are not recommended to shoot over 100 grains . https://www.grandviewoutdoors.com/big-game-hunting/whitetail-deer/muzzleloader-loads-100-vs-150-grains
  15. If you want to shoot 200 yards , yes . Use 3 pellets . Thats what all the guys I know use that want to shoot 200+ yards . And they do very well with it . The longest shot I've made with my Encore was 145 yards . I aimed at the top third of the chest and hit dead center on the deer . Maybe a 4 inch drop . But the bullet was on its way down . I use 2 pellets .
  16. I dont believe your issue is crud at all . Everyone I know who shoots out to 200 yards are using 3 pyrodex or triple 7 pellets . I think sbuff's calculation of 16 inches low is right on the money or actually a little on the short side. I would of expected to a bit more than 16 inches low .
  17. All are nice bucks Rob . Good luck getting one of them !
  18. I am a builder and ran a framing crew for 30 years .In framing those wall braces are called Wind Braces , Corner Braces , Diagonal Braces etc. The frame would not pass inspection if I didn't have them installed in the walls at every corner . N C is correct that there are many ways to accomplish installing them . I like these metal ones instead of cutting the wall studs to install a diagonal 2x4. They are strong , fast to install , and they leave you the room for insulation . All you do is snap a line at the angle then cut the marks with a circular saw just deep enough to install the band . Usually takes 2 cuts with the saw to make the cut wide enough for the metal. Once the band is tapped into the wall studs you nail the band in on every stud plus the top and bottom of the band This link shows you what they are and how its done https://www.whitecap.com/p/simpson-strongtie-twb-11333-22-ga-g90-galvanized-steel-wall-brace-113040/twb12/137twb12?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-eaxpqr8-gIVDbjICh1xbgBCEAQYASABEgIV9PD_BwE
  19. An article in the New York Post has an independent poll showing Zeldin leading by a fraction .3 percent with 9.1 percent undecided . About 10 days ago a survey company had Zeldin trailing by 1.9 percent and a month ago this same survey had Zeldin trailing by 6 points . . Zeldin seems to be racking up a better favorable percentage rating than Hochul as well . 40 percent for Zeldin and 36 percent for Hochul . All I can say to you guys is " Get Out And VOTE ! " You just might get rid of the witch ! https://nypost.com/2022/10/21/poll-stunner-zeldin-catches-hochul-in-dead-heat-ny-governors-race/
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