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  1. Paula if you zoom in on the pic you can tell its a shot just above the hoof . One heck of a mess with broken bone .
  2. to be on the safe side DD , I would get these replacement O rings . Some of the guys had trouble with the hardware store rings . not all , but some of the guys . The hardest part of replacing the ring on a 760 is Remington used red loc-tite . That stuff needs close to 500 degrees to soften it up . when you put it back together use the blue Loc-tite to save future aggravation . There is also some special barrel tool that makes it easier. But you dont have to have it to complete the job. But it does make it easier . Here is a link to the rings. Its a 3 pack for 10 dollars that are made for the 7600 . Cheap enough . https://www.amazon.com/Captain-Ring-Remington-F15215-Action/dp/B06XH6V3JQ
  3. The Rem 760's and 7600's are both rattlers when the O ring wears out . Thats is whats doing it . You can fix it yourself but its a process. You have to pull the barrel off . Some of those 760's had the red loktite holding them in so you would have to heat gun the joint to get it off . Im sure Buckmaster7600 has done it before and can chime in . Once you replace the O ring the gun will work like a charm with no rattles
  4. Happy Birthday Al ! Hope its a great one !
  5. A buddy of mine had the same thing going on last year with his rifle . Turned out it was the spring for the firing pin. Had it replaced and all was good . Another buddy a few years ago had his rifle make nothing but dimples on the primer . Sprayed this aerosol cleaner using the straw that goes into the sprayer and blasted it into the firing pin hole to flush it out . Firing pin was all gummed up . All was good after that too. Im sure there are plenty of other good ones but this is the one I use Hard to tell whats causing the misfires sometimes . Over the years I've seen this happen to a few older guns . I had a 20ga Savage do it . Turned out the firing pin was worn down .
  6. johnplav's lightened pic shows better that its a coyote . That is a paw on the back right leg, not a hoof.
  7. Looking at the back legs and paws , and the double shade of black and gray on the back of the lunging critter I would say its a coyote . The critter in the background could go either way. Looks more like a smaller coyote . but if its a deer , its the smallest and also dumbest deer in the woods . There is a little snow on the ground . Check the track . The only way to really know what it is .
  8. What a great story and memory made possible for Tim by some awesome people . Thank You to all that made it happen .
  9. 2020 Game Pole . 2 4pt 146 lb and 151 lb , 117 lb Doe
  10. This is 2019 . The game pole pics didn't come good , so these are the ground level pics . 1) The 2 big bucks together getting ready to pack up for the trip home . The one on the left it a 203 lb 9 point . The one on the right is a 191 lb 8pt . 2) Pic of the 203 lber right where he fell on impact . Never even flinched . 3) And theres my trophy 126 lb 6 point in the Jet Sled . I'll just get the small ones . Im too old to drag the big ones out . LOL
  11. Love all the pics of the nice bucks , and the pics you guys hunting with your kids and wives . Gives me the confidence that our next generation will keep the hunting tradition is still secure in the future. But this pic to me is the best of all. Not only a terrific buck , but the grandson , grandfather hug speaks volume . Priceless , even more than the size of the buck. Congrats Treeguy on every count . For the buck , and for sharing all your adventures both hunting and fishing with your whole family. You are a highly respected guy on this forum and anyone can easily see why .
  12. One heck of a nice buck there ! Congrats to your brother ! But I have to ask , how the heck did you hear his crossbow shoot from 300 yards away? You have supersonic hearing or something ? Heck , I cant hear my wife asking me to do an errand from 30 feet away . Oh wait , thats selective hearing so that dont count . LOL
  13. Got my Vermont hunting license when I was 10 . There was no youth license then . Tagged along with my dad and grandfather when I was 6 . I hunted on my own when I got my license . I still remember the look on my dads and his 4 hunting buddies face standing outside the truck getting ready to enter the woods when everyone was deciding which direction each hunter was taking. Before anyone said a word I came right out and said I'm going across the logging road up over that hill and am going to hunt my way to the brook. That brook was 1/2 a mile away. My dads buddies looked at me and then turned to my dad who was also staring at me . He said , " Well Ok then , Im going to head down the old trail and work my way to the other side of the swamp " And that was that . That was 55 years ago , Opening Day of Vermont deer season
  14. Happy Veterans Day to all past and present Veterans . And a salute with heavy heart for the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice and didn't make it back to their families . The true heroes of our freedom .
  15. Oh Man ! Its " Damaged Goods " now ! Hand it over to the forum and we will help you dispose of it .
  16. Beef Pot Roast with green beans , potatoes , onions , carrots , celery spiced with Lipton onion soup mix over the top.
  17. I would not take the CVA with only having one shot . The 20ga slug gun hits hard but the bullet is slower , less range , and more recoil than the 7mm-08. My vote goes to the 7mm-08 . Hits hard , way longer range than the other choices , less recoil and 5 shots . And I'm sure you have it sighted in to hit a quarter at 100 yards.
  18. Here is a great thread to read through on another forum about using teflon tape on the breech plug. " Sabotloader " is a very knowledgeable guy . Been muzzle loading forever . He switched over to teflon . He has some diagrams on the wrapping to prevent blowback . https://hunting-washington.com/smf/index.php?topic=87147.0
  19. I soak the breech plug in some black powder solvent while I clean the rest of the gun . Before I soak it I scrape out the primer fire channel with the fire channel brush in this kit . Works way better than a drill bit . The drill bit may compress some of the fowling against the sidewall of the channel . I used the drill bit method . Then I used that little brush. I was amazed how much was still left that the brush scraped out . Its worth the 6-7 dollars . Not to mention you get the big brush for cleaning out the threads and fire chamber on the barrel . Robs suggestion on the compressed air to blow out and dry up the breech fire channel after cleaning is great. I have been doing that for years . You usually dont need the pin for the fire hole blowing the channel out with the air , but I do it anyways . Just one last suggestion when putting it back together . Grease the threads on the front half of the breech before screwing it back in. You only need the front half because it will spread to the rest as its going in . This serves 2 purposes . 1 ) obviously this will make it easier to unscrew it next time 2 ) This stops blowback when you fire . Keeps the burnt powder from blowing into the threads . I even saw a couple real elitist techie perfectionist competition shooters on another site talk about losing accuracy because of blowback through the threads . I think that is a little too far fetched . https://www.amazon.com/Thompson-Center-Breech-Brush-Channel/dp/B00162MHRA/ref=sr_1_6?crid=NNXNQ484I7BB&keywords=breech+plug+cleaner&qid=1636053750&sprefix=breech+plug%2Caps%2C191&sr=8-6
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