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  1. Pit Stop Night ! Tacos ! Everyone here is a moving target tonight . Figured something simple for the " Grab And Go " crowd would make life easier.
  2. By 11:40am I would either be napping or had a fishing rod in my hands LOL
  3. Saw on the news this morning where they showed the food pantry's supplying the illegal aliens . The shelves were " FULLY STOCKED " with baby formula and plenty more in the dry storage warehouse ! Meanwhile all the shelves were empty of baby formula for our citizens in every store within a 30 mile radius of the illegal's food pantry . Meanwhile Butt Plug Buttigieg who is in charge of logistics in NOWHERE to be found
  4. This was inevitable to happen and will keep happening . A friend of mine lives in north Jersey and tells me its insane . The majority of parents drive their kids to school now because bears are roaming freely down the streets past the bus stops . BLM 's ( Bears Lives Matter ) but not the residents or their kids . How sick can a Democrat Governor get ! Add this to his gun control so you cant carry a weapon to protect yourself and you have a disaster in the making . https://nj1015.com/black-bear-attack-mauls-woman-nj-sussex-county-lafayette/?fbclid=IwAR1Mu8lKx_xCQejYVhf5Hz59CRoJxLQMSNw6jx9k4Ji5MHadxRF7vGBv7gc
  5. Sending prayers for your brother to have a swift and full recovery F L
  6. Doesn't work for me either . When I click on the link you posted I get this : {"error":{"code":"EC-4008","requestId":"438902f0-d4e5-41e2-1c7c-800000011600"}}
  7. Happy Birthday ! Hope it was a great day for you !
  8. Looks like a young woodchuck .
  9. Do you have anything in the fridge , or are you going to have to go out and shoot something for dinner to cook over the campfire?
  10. Last nights leftover Pizza for breakfast ! Dont Laugh ! You have all done it and liked it !
  11. And you are still alive ? You must be in great shape and run pretty fast !
  12. Virgil , definitely try spraying the starter fluid in the intake valve through the air filter to see if you can get it to start. And yes , change the plug even if there is spark . The plug might be bad and covered with carbon burning it out . I just thought of one more thing that happened to my machine and why it wouldn't start. I had a mouse nest in the intake valve compartment that clogged the air filter. Thats from the machine sitting in the shed all winter. They crawled in there through the vent hose that hangs down under the machine . It brings air to the intake valve . They blocked all the air from getting to the carb. Found 2 dead ones in there and a huge nest. They were busy little bastids . LOL Oh man was that gross cleaning that out
  13. By all means add some gas to the tank like Mowin suggested . This alone could be " Problem Solved ". So do this 1st. Rob-C checked off the fuel shut off valve. And Rob-C just beat me to the possible vent line . Here are a couple other easy things to check . The kill switch to make sure it didn't get moved by accident. On my Honda its right above the start button . I looked for a picture of yours and it looks like its in the same place near the start button. It easily can get switched and go unnoticed Take the spark plug wire off and check it for spark by holding it next to the plug or other metal. If there is spark put it back on and spray some starter fluid on the air filter in the intake valve . If it fires up with the spray then its in the gas line. Might want to check the gas filter on the gas line too. It could be clogged up . Hope one of the suggestions everyone made works out for you . They are all easy fixes except the carb being gummed up . But they do make some good additives that you mix in with the gas in the tank that work great too without taking it apart
  14. If it cranks every time you hit the start button then its not the starter. Only if you hear the starter solenoid click but no cranking. I thought you said it was dead as in no power after you shut it off . Now you might be talking carburator gummed up . Did it smoke alot when first started it and had it running ? If it smokes at the beginning , it could be the choke flooding the carburator .
  15. Virgil , try this . To start with a known fully charged battery , make sure the key is off or disconnect the positive terminal and put your battery tender on it till its fully charged . Reconnect the battery and try to start it . It it doesn't start , shut the key off for a few seconds , then turn it back to the on position . Then kickstart or pull start it. If it starts right up , you have a dead spot on your starter . You mentioned in your post that you had it running , then shut it off , then tried to start it again and it was dead after just having it running. To me all that points to the starter . If you dont have the kick start or pull start option , find the starter and tap on it with a wrench or small hammer . Dont bash it , but give it a few good taps. Do this while holding down your start button . Do you hear a click and then nothing when you try to start it ? Thats another sure sign that its the starter. I have no idea why your throttle side is getting hot except what was mentioned about a heater . Throttle sides dont usually have any wires . If it was your ignition side I would take a wild guess and say it might be a solenoid switch stuck open. This would also drain your battery.
  16. Sharp looking truck NYT ! A week to figure out all the gizmos ? I've had my truck for 3 years and still haven't figure them out !
  17. Belo , thats an awful excessive amount of decoys you put out !
  18. Hope everyone in your family recovers swiftly S F . There has been many recent cases around here also. And the overwhelming majority who are getting it, like 25 to 1 , are fully vaxed
  19. For 15 bucks a shot , I would just go buy the turkey ! And no gutting and plucking involved !
  20. I would have to believe that G-Man's insurance company keeps this accident report on file after 25 of them So when G-Man calls in to file a claim " Hi this is G-Man calling in to file a claim " --- Insurance Agent " Same as usual ? " --- G-man " Yup , whacked another one " --- Insurance Agent " Ok , dont bother filing a report . We will just send the adjuster out "
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