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  1. Wow, that's impressive! Moog's like the only hunter in North America that could just throw a rope around an Elk or Moose's head and drag them back to camp! He don't need to butcher them out in the field.
  2. Daylight savings time would NOT be gone. The proposal would make daylight savings time permanent.
  3. LOL, yeah, you also said the other day that you would do Kamala if given the chance so let's just say you have some bizarre tastes. Her damned neck is as thick as a linebackers.
  4. Dude, don't go lecturing me on Biden. He's a sorry excuse of a president as was Trump. I am not defending any of Bidens actions only showing you that Trump had the same damned faults that you claim Biden possesses. Why some of you can't seem to realize this, God only knows. You can bash Biden all you want on policy but when you call him a draft dodger while exusing Trump its BS plain and simple.
  5. I turn the narrative in my direction?? What in God's name are you talking about? You and a bunch of others here jump all over someone with a differing opinion than what you think a so called "hunter" should have. NO one is allowed to turn the narrative to any direction other than what some of you here think it should be. You guys call for their banning, accuse them of not being hunters and even tell them that they need to be shipped out of this country. You guys are the ones with insecurity issues more than anyone. You simply can't fathom that someone else may see things differently. You must live very isolated lives if you think everyone in this world will think the same. I will now step away from this conversation with you of all people. I've said all I needed to say to you.
  6. Yes, I call out the blowhards. I guess you conveniently overlook the posts where I defend those who I think should be defended. Like those hunters who are happy with any legal deer they kill and then they have some blowhard chime in to call them out for killing bambi and then tries to lecture everyone here that hunting is all about the horns.
  7. Doesn't bother me one bit. 99% of my hunting has been with a gun and I sure as heck won't be buying a crossbow anytime soon.
  8. I told her once that there was more action on her property in a week than there was on the Ponderosa in all the Bonanza episodes put together. Shoot outs included. LOL
  9. Yeah, I generally will post when the blowhards need to be called out. As far as posting about my outdoor pursuits, it's way more fun participating in it with my son and family than wasting precious time writing about it here.
  10. Seriously man, YOU are the one with issues if you think every hunter out there needs to think exactly like you . I've noticed that you have a very hard time accepting any point of view other than your own. And then you even accuse them of being a non hunter. Yeah right, you know everything there is to know about everyone.
  11. You are talking in circles, man. You make zero sense.
  12. You titled the thread "Biden supporter/defender traits". Nowhere in you first post did you say that those traits may also apply to the other side so what are we supposed to believe you were trying to say? You are trying to backtrack now and sorry to tell you it isn't working.
  13. Cherry pick?? Well lets see. Maybe you should read ADK Native's below post from yesterday in another thread. He calls Biden a "draft dodger", while forgetting that Trump weaseled himself out of serving also. And then he goes on to say that there must be a "bromance" between Biden and Putin. That's the laugh of the week. Who kissed Putin's butt every chance he got more than Trump and I have yet to hear him actually condemn Putin for invading Ukraine. As the others said the guys on the right exhibit the same damned behavior from what I see on this site. You just seem to "Cherry pick" yet again! LOL Pentagon says no to Poland's plan to fly fighter jets to Ukraine via U.S. base in Germany https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/other/pentagon-says-no-to-polands-plan-to-fly-fighter-jets-to-ukraine-via-us-base-in-germany/vi-AAUQyQj?ocid=SL5GDHP Never underestimate President “Draft Dodger” Joe Biden to show his cowardly incompetence and appeasement to Putin. Make you wonder if there is a "bromance" between Biden and Putin? Biden has a record of not being very bright. Does he realize that Russia (former USSR) provided armaments to North Korea and North Vietnam to assist in the killing and injuring of Americans and her allies? But what does that matter to a draft dodger too cowardly to serve and fight the communists. Is this “Russian Collusion”? Will there be an investigation and impeachment into Biden’s incompetence in his handling and enabling of the war crimes of Russia?
  14. What a stupid post. What makes you assume that someone who doesn't agree with your line of thinking is not a citizen of the US? Plenty of people, hunters and assorted others in this country who ARE most definitely US citizens have plenty of different opinions. Thinking that your opinion should be the only valid one is ridiculous. You guys can flame away all you want.
  15. Maybe you should put your marijuana joint down for a few minutes and try to find a post of mine where I ever praised Biden for anything he has done as president. Good luck. Trump and Biden are both sorry excuses to be presidents of a great nation like ours. We have over 300 million people in this country and they are all we've got? And some of you want Trump again and the other side wants to resurrect Hillary. How pathetic is that??
  16. Seriously dude, how does Trump's butt taste after licking it as much as you do? And then you consider it an insult when I call some of you Trump apologists? LOL If he was as great as you think he was he would have won the election by 30 million votes and there would have been NO arguments that the election was stolen from him. That didn't happen though, so he's far from "the man" you think he is.
  17. And you are absolutely sure that Putin would not have invaded if Trump was still president? You are simply guessing at that. There may have been a crapload of reasons why he chose to invade now that we don't know about, but of course you Trump apologists think that Trump is the saviour of the world on all matters. And if Trump was still president and Putin did invade what would Trump have done that is any different than what the world is doing now with only sanctions? He would have done absolutely NOTHING different. You guys think that it would have been a good thing if Trump started WWIII over this just to show how tough he was? Unfortunately the worlds hands are pretty much tied and other than sanctions there isn't much that can be done without this becoming a global war which no one wants. I have NO doubt that Putin thinks that he is smarter than Trump and Biden put together and he probably thinks he is one up on the rest of the world as well. Time will tell if his thinking is correct or not.
  18. I laugh at those who think Putin wouldn't have done this if Trump was still president. Yeah, Biden is far from brilliant, but who the hell kissed Putin's a$$ at every opportunity more than Trump?? I surely can't think of anyone. If he had had his way Trump would have sent Putin military aid to help finish the job and then went against any of our traditional allies who might have put sanctions on Russia. That's how Trump would have handled this for those who can't seem to figure it out.
  19. Agree 100%. Why go with what most consider the minimum for big game? I hunted at a lodge in Virginia a couple of times where the deer are smaller than in the north yet the guides absolutely hated the .243. They said that in the majority of cases where they've had to track deer it was a deer that was shot at with a .243. I myself have always considered the .243 as a caliber for an expert marksman and not for a beginner or someone who is just a so-so shot. My son at 14 with a bit of practice really had no problems shooting a .30-06, and surely would have even less of an issue with a 7MM-08 or .308 so why would I give him a .243?
  20. The Cabelas in Hamburg PA is about equal distance to Atlantic City from Long Island and probably has a better selection of everything since it's one of their biggest stores. You'll have NO problem purchasing a shotgun in PA as a NYS resident.
  21. Good luck with that. Luber is always starting posts that he wants to buy guns, trucks, homes, land, etc. and I have yet to read that he actually bought anything. LOL
  22. All I know is that you will NEVER get the truth from either FOX or CNN. They are nothing but propaganda machines for their preferred political party. They both harp on what fits their narrative and many times never report the stories that don't. One example just the other day when the SCOTUS refused to block the Whitehouse documents from being brought in front of the Congressional committee investigated the January 6 Capitol riot. CNN was all over the story like flies on crap while not one goddamned mention of it on the FOX website the morning after the news broke. Like it wasn't news to FOX that the conservative court which has 3 members who were appointed by Trump on it refusing to try to save Trump's butt here? Unbelievable. Both of these networks are full of lies and BS. The truth is somewhere in the middle that no one is reporting. Anyone who thinks they are getting the truth needs to wake up big time.
  23. Grouse has a Doctorate from Yale in that field. LOL
  24. So, many of us have wondered why you are so screwed up. Now we know. You're a pothead.
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