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  1. Agreed. These dealers are then just as bad as the politicians who passed this law. I get that this law seriously hurts their business and wastes a lot of their time. I feel for them, but if they are tacking on fees that are several times those mandated by the state then they are screwing gun owners just like the politicians are. This is one reason I prefer buying hunting items from big box type stores like Cabelas, Bass Pro, etc. In my experience it has never felt like the big box stores try to screw me as much as the small dealers do.
  2. LOL, Oh we've been here long enough to know what the story is around here.
  3. This post is dedicated to the members who falsely accuse me of never posting anything hunting/shooting related. Got this gun two weeks ago. According to the serial number it's a vintage 1967 Savage Model 99 in .300 Savage caliber. Bought it for practically nothing. One of the best deals of my life. Nearly mint condition. Scope is only a 4x Tasco but it works. Finally got to shoot it two days ago and it shoots and functions great. Ammo for it is currently a little hard to find but I even got a box of ammo in the deal. I have more than enough guns than I need or could use and I'm not a collector but couldn't resist getting this one. An American classic hunting rifle if there ever was one for sure!!
  4. If you think you are somehow more respected than Grampy on this or any forum you are even more delusional than we first figured. That is pretty much all I need to say.
  5. LOL I reckon we are listening to Mayor Myron Mullet's state of the forum speech this morning.
  6. So only those who agree with the half dozen of you left on this forum are allowed to read it or post anything?? Attitudes like that are what contributed to this forum becoming the wasteland it has become. And I'm far from the only one who thinks that I can assure you.
  7. Funny how some will make every excuse in the book to defend this forum. The reality is that it's a complete bust in every way. No new members allowed, very little activity, ads coming out of it's ears, home page last updated five years ago, etc. etc. A complete joke of a forum. And NO, I have never registered onto the new forum before someone accuses me of that.
  8. steve863

    2023 DMP's

    No, this is not the first year. Not sure when it started or if they ever weren't able to get DMP's but non-residents have definitely been able to get DMP's for a good many years now. In most cases chances for selections are a bit less for non-residents, especially on chances for a second DMP or in areas where there are fewer DMP's given out.
  9. How the hell does someone equate that photo to a modern day turkey poacher? Maybe if there was a turkey decoy in the photo you could argue that but otherwise that photo most likely represents a deer or predator hunter sitting up against a tree. Many states don't require blaze orange to hunt. I guess some people think that everyone is up to no good.
  10. Mayor Myron Mullet. LOL
  11. I don't know, Burt. You seem to have plenty of deer on your side of the road. I surely wouldn't be coughing up $2K a year for a lease in the same state right across the road from you. I'm sure the neighbors are plenty happy that you are leasing and kicking the previous goons out. They won't have them in the area anymore and it's your money that is keeping them out! LOL
  12. I don't see her getting shot in the video you post. The below video shows her getting shot. They were yelling "bust it down", broke the door window and she was climbing through it. Did she think they'd greet her with coffee and donuts when she got to the other side??
  13. I agree that Floyd was a career criminal, but if you guys think that trying to break through a door of the US capitol by force won't be met with some fire power from police you guys are crazier than I first suspected. She went looking for trouble and found out what could happen the hard way.
  14. What about George Floyd and all the others who ended up getting killed by cops in the last few years? I don't hear you guys calling for due process for them. I look at it this way. If you go out looking for trouble many times you will find it. I don't care if it's Floyd, the BLM idiots or the Trump clowns. If you go out to wreck havoc and get yourself killed by police or anyone else it's your own damned fault. You should have realized what you might be getting yourself into beforehand.
  15. And why are you so unhappy with them? From what I've heard lots of people are happy leasing from them. They won't guarantee you killing a deer, but it's big woods that you are hunting when you lease their properties so it's not like you will be hunting fields of food plots where deer congregate to the same spot daily.
  16. LOL, yeah sure. They climb the walls, break windows and doors to get in while yelling "hang Mike Pence" and you think they should be welcomed with coffee and donuts once they are in?
  17. Most sensible post in this whole thread. Nice to see that there are some people here who are able to reason. Just because some of us condemn the thugs who stormed the capitol does NOT mean that we support the Antifa or BLM thugs. Every one of them was breaking the law and if they get arrested or shot in the process so be it. I will fully support the police whichever way they choose to handle it. When one goes looking for trouble they may find it.
  18. You've called Trump a "stud" numerous times on this site. You seem to slobber all over him. Quite disgusting actually.
  19. You can call me whatever the hell you want. I'll call anyone a clown who idolizes Trump as if he were some sort of God. So if the shoe fits, wear it. The guy is a conman and always has been. Yeah, things may have been better under him economically, but that doesn't absolve him of his behavior. In his mind he would have loved it if the Capitol building had been completely burned down on that day. To him it would have been some sort of sick revenge for him being "robbed" of the presidency. Total idiot he is. Did he ever bother to look at the results of the last 7 presidential elections before 2020 where the democrats won the popular vote in 6 of them including 2016 when he won the presidency? Yeah, I know they were all fraudulent. LOL If the democrats had more votes in all those elections why does he and many here think that he should have won by a landslide in 2020? Sorry fellas, but it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure this all out.
  20. Yeah, it's sort of fun doing that to some of the clowns on this site. It's like rattling a monkey cage and it's humorous to watch them all go ape$#!+. LOL
  21. Yeah, and that is because I have not registered onto the other site. You idiots can continue over here.
  22. If you didn't know, Elon Musk is not a natural born citizen of the United States which would disqualify him from being president or vice-president.
  23. Yes, there were some guys that would walk and rarely if ever sat.
  24. Maybe the hunters who had private land and didn't allow too many others on their land had these wooden stands, but hunting back then was very different where neighbors let each other hunt their land and there were many more hunters out there than we see today. You'd easily have a dozen hunters or more on a hundred acres of land. If everyone was hunting out of treestands back then they'd be within visible sight of several other hunters for sure. I sure as heck don't remember seeing these stands in the late 70's where I hunted or heard anyone talking about hunting out of one. You sat on a stump or with your back to a tree and that was your deer stand. If you saw another hunter sitting close to where you were planning to set up you moved off until he was no longer in sight and set up there.
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