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  1. Even at 80 miles from where Bill lives you'd be paying a small fortune for 50 acres. And let's not even talk about the taxes you'd be sending to Cuomo. You'd be able to go on a guided hunt each year on the taxes you'd be paying alone. To each their own obviously, but buying land for hunting alone isn't exactly a great investment for most people.
  2. 50 acres where Bill lives will cost you more than 300 acres where you are. No comparison.
  3. Possibly the hood for the front sight. It could have come loose and slipped off when you pulled the rifle out of the sock.
  4. Has he ever said that he is personally against abortion?? I haven't heard him say that. Maybe if he'd say it I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.
  5. This is exactly why Biden is a LOUSY Christian. If he were a true Christian and true to his Catholic faith he would not be supporting abortion. Your example here holds NO water at all. Now, I will give you that Trump don't know Jesus from Moses, but I wouldn't be calling Biden a "man of faith and a dutiful Christian" if he supports terminating the unborn.
  6. I don't expect much from Biden at the debates but how some of you think that Trump is this great orator and somehow makes himself look like a genius when he opens his mouth is beyond me. He sounds like an idiot and nothing more. Just babbling nonsense all the time. It's embarrassing to listen to him.
  7. This election will be impossible to predict. I could see it going either way. Biden is ready for the sunshine home and Trump is a bumbling idiot. All I know is that whoever wins or loses chaos will ensue after the election. The Bush/Gore election in 2000 will be child's play compared to what will happen this time.
  8. Hey Phantom, are you related to Rattler and VJP?? They were second cousins you know so just wondering. LOL
  9. I ordered my license and my kids licenses on August 13th and the kids got theirs, but I never got mine. Called them back twice already and from what I was told on the last call they claim I should be getting it soon. Hasn't been 14 days yet from the last call so we shall see. If I don't get it I will go to a licensing agent and have them print me out a copy. Probably will never order online again. This new system they have is a joke. Never had any issues with the old one.
  10. I am also beginning to be a bit skeptical about the severity of this. Since the areas effected are close to NYC I would have imagined more media coverage of this. If for no other reason than to try to scare some hunters from hunting for deer. A few years back there were reports of rabid deer and I remember it getting way more coverage and again probably in hope that it would keep hunters from shooting deer that might potentially be sick and then consumed.
  11. They could make issued DMP tags for this season null and void if they wanted to. They can send out letters to those who received DMP's in those units to let people know. This would probably generate a good amount of revenue for the DEC, too, by them issuing summonses to those who went ahead and killed a deer on those DMP's anyway. Probably won't happen, though, because I can't see the DEC putting any extra effort into anything.
  12. The DEC could care less quite honestly. Like everything else in NYS, all that the state cares about is collecting money from people, businesses, etc. and giving us NOTHING in return.
  13. steve863

    CT Help

    Replace a Lost Certificate Due to COVID, staff are not in the office every day. For fastest service, email us ( If you do not have email, call 1-888-HUNT-ED2 (1-888-486-8332). Please supply your name, date of birth, type of course you took (hunter education, bowhunter education, trapper education, waterfowl hunter education), and when and where you took the course. Certificates dated earlier than 1980 cannot be found or replaced. If you need a certificate and yours cannot be found, you will need to retake the course.
  14. Who said there aren't law breakers out there? Should seasons be closed just because there are some law breakers? With that philosophy maybe the bow and gun seasons should be closed because of all the deer that get wounded by lousy shooters??
  15. You are making some bold statements here that small game hunters are popping at them with 22's and that they are dumb and it's simple to kill them. I may not be the greatest turkey hunter in the world, but I've never found it simple to kill them be it in the Fall or Spring.