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  1. 2018 Baseball Thread

    Steve Carlton was 27-10 with 30 complete games in 1972 with the Phillies. The Phillies won only 59 games that year.
  2. 2018 Baseball Thread

    BS. You guys say that because most starters these days can't go past the 5th inning and can't chalk up more than 15 wins per season at best. You guys are too young to have seen pitchers like Steve Carlton, Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver and Jim Palmer and they all got lots of wins every season with worse hitting teams than Sale's Red Sox. You gave them the ball they'd take it to at least the 8th inning. Had arms of steel compared to the wimps of today.
  3. 2018 Baseball Thread

    Wins mean nothing, eh? Lets take Jacob DeGrom of the Mets as an example. He has 19 starts and is only 5-4 due to little support from the lame Mets, but has a 1.68 ERA which is considerably better than either Severino or Sale. Lets say he ends up 10-9 by the end of the season and holds on to that ERA. You think they'd give him the Cy Young award for being such an exceptional pitcher, yet only winning 10 games during the season? No way Jose.
  4. 2018 Baseball Thread

    Biz, you are blinded by your love for the Red Sox. Having 4 more wins and 2 less losses in 20 starts means a hell of a lot more than having a fraction of percentage better ERA. How much better is Sale's 2.23 ERA compared to 2.31? Come on now. Here's a stat that you won't get reading your garbage modern stats like WHIP, WAR and senseless nonsense like that. They both had 20 starts and Severino has 14 wins in comparison to Sale's 10. This means Severino has won 70% of his starts, while Sale has won only 50%. Again BIG difference, and you can't blame the teams hitters because Sale has the bats to back him up. Look, I could care less arguing with you about this. I rarely watch games anyway, just want to point this out to you, since your opinions on baseball are out of left field a good percentage of the time. By the way, what happened to the 2017 baseball thread? I'd love to find the post where you were practically guaranteeing that Judge would be back in the minor leagues by the middle of this season! LOL Yeah, you were right on the nose with your prediction on that one!
  5. 2018 Baseball Thread

    Looking at 7 starts don't mean anything. The tale of the tape so far between Sale and Severino: They both had 20 starts. Sale is 10-4 with 2.23 ERA and Severino is 14-2 with 2.31 ERA. To have 4 more wins at this point is a BIG difference, thus Severino wins hands down as being the best pitcher so far.
  6. In Hand? Hung? Or Just Laying To The Side?

    Well, not holding on to your weapon can get ugly if you are up in a treestand. I learned the hard way just this last Fall when I had my rifle fall 15 feet to the ground while fumbling for something in my backpack. I thought I had it securely propped up on the platform and against the shooting rail, yet it slipped under the rail and down it went. You talk about slow motion? Well you haven't seen it until you see your favorite rifle make a free fall from a treestand!! I thought I destroyed the scope, barrel crown and stock and God knows what else, but luckily only the stock took the brunt of the fall. It was in one piece but had two cracks on both sides of the pistol grip. I've since replaced it with one of those Boyd laminates, which actually makes it look like a whole new rifle. And the story didn't end with the rifle falling. After going down to collect my rifle I went back up on the treestand. I figured I'd just wait things out since I was already out there. Of course not an hour later a nice sized doe shows itself across a field at about 300 yards. I was almost not going to take a shot since I figured the scope probably got knocked way off, but I said what the f--k, I had only one more day to hunt and I was pissed off enough for my blunder of dropping the damned rifle out of a treestand that I didn't have much sympathy for anything. So I steadied myself, took the shot and the deer sprinted about 50 yards, leaped over a barbed wire fence and tumbled over dead in mid-air. I couldn't believe it. The gun took a 15 foot fall, yet it killed a deer at 300 yards. I taped up the pistol grip with duct tape and took a couple of shots at a target the next morning just to see if my shot wasn't a total fluke, but the zero hadn't moved an inch from where I had set it broken stock and all. I have always been a firm believer in installing solid steel scope mounts on big game rifles and then having a gun fall 15 feet and remain in zero couldn't be better proof of this.
  7. Whitetail hunting movie

    Just watched it. It had some hilarious moments for sure, but was disappointed to see a particular incident near the end of the movie. I was afraid that Hollywood would add something like that to a movie about hunting and of course they took the opportunity to do it. I would still recommend watching it, because it does have some really funny parts.
  8. Loooong range shooting help.

    Good luck, can't help you. Having to think this much before firing a shot would take the fun out of it for me. Seems like it almost becomes a guessing game after a certain point.
  9. Who Remembers This Actor??

    Who remembers the show "Mannix? It ran from 1967-1975. According to Wikipedia Mannix was knocked unconscious 55 times during the series run and he got shot and wounded over a dozen times. Talk about a tough guy! LOL
  10. Childhood

    Funny that someone started this thread today. For the first time we are having a bring your kids to work day here in my office, so as part of the festivities they asked us employees to bring in a photo of ourselves as children. The attached is what I submitted just yesterday. I was just shy of my 5th birthday here in 1968. My parents would probably be arrested these days for letting me play with such realistic looking guns! LOL. That holster and pistols surely beat any nerf guns kids play with these days. I don't think too many even play with nerf guns anymore. All they seem to do is stare at freakin' i-phones. Don't want to hijack this thread, but If anyone else has any photos of themselves as children doing or playing with things kids normally don't do or play with these days, it would be great to see them!
  11. Scored 400 from a ranch in Ohio!

    He's a joke for sure. Only reason I opened this thread was when I kept noticing that FSW was making numerous replies. I just knew he would take it into the abyss, and he surely didn't disappoint! Unbelievable!!
  12. Up , Up and away

    That thing better not rip a fart with the flame so close. We'd have another Hindenberg disaster. The humanity!!
  13. Scored 400 from a ranch in Ohio!

    Keep dreaming that people are jealous of you and your mutant deer. I can assure you these deer interest way fewer people than you think or will ever accept as truth.
  14. Anthony Bourdain dead at 61 rip

    Bourdain hunting ducks. I'll give him a lot of credit for being accepting of hunting on mainstream TV.
  15. Anthony Bourdain dead at 61 rip

    He did seem like a very unique character. It is well known that he used some heavy drugs in the past and has even smoked pot on some of his TV episodes. He did have a very interesting TV show. Even had a few episodes involving hunting and game meat. That's the thing with drug use. If it doesn't kill you quickly from an overdose it can mess you up in other ways down the road.