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  1. Floyd was far from the Saint that the media and black American's have portrayed him to be, but how anyone can say that the cop wasn't wrong for kneeling on him for that long be it on the neck or shoulders?? He was face down and cuffed. Do you think he could have sprang up to his feet instantly and started kicking the cops or running away? No way. Guilty verdict for sure. Bad decision or being distracted by his surroundings will not get him off the hook here.
  2. Some of us aren't as selfish as you and a number of others on this forum. YOU may be one to only get a loss of taste and smell and a fever but you may unknowingly spread it to someone else who may have some underlying medical issues and that person may very well get seriously sick or die. We all have someone in our lives who is up in age or has some medical issues. I will do what I have to to not be the one spreading this virus to someone that it may effect seriously. I have never gotten a flu shot in my life but I feel the responsible thing to do here is to get ourselves vaccinated.
  3. You need to have your wife check for a pulse, Wolc. You may have died and gone to heaven on this trip. Also, be sure that your wife doesn't read these posts you've made here because you surely won't have a pulse once she gets thru with you. LOL
  4. Yeah, we can tell that your eyeballs were giving her a thorough examination. Maybe there are other reasons you like eating those deer testicles that you never told us about. Wolc?? LOL
  5. I'll say that certainly was a racy story coming from Wolc. I had to double check to make sure it was he who made this post. Just think. In that past he's told us that the good Lord guides his bullets to hit deer and here in this story he almost joins the Mile High club. LOL
  6. My guess is Mr VJP/Rattler. No way to prove it of course, but they sound like the same animal to me. VJP/Rattler/Grouse were all fans of Kimber rifles so that is one clue. I once asked Rattler if he was Mr VJP when he said that he was originally from eastern Europe and he said that they were second cousins. LOL. Yeah right!
  7. You are an arrogant A-hole and not much more. You constantly post BS on this site and think you know more than anyone else and this is your reply to a legitimate question from a respected forum member?? If you don't want to answer questions to what you've posted then maybe you shouldn't post this BS. I would think this is easy enough for anyone to understand.
  8. That's because Taiwan and most of the oriental nations don't have a problem being told to wear a mask. They've worn masks for years. If a person has a cold or flu they wear masks not to expose others. You tell Americans to wear a mask and many start having a shit fit that their constitutional rights are being violated and all that nonsense. Where is the attitude for what might be best for the good of the country? I often think that if we had the same selfish mentality shown by many on both the right and the left the world would have been taken over by the Axis powers in WWII. No such sel
  9. Didn't Trump open unrestricted entry from Europe and Brazil just before he left office? What kind of sense did that make? New variants of the virus were cropping up and he is allowing everyone in? It makes me sick how one side blames the other when neither knows what the hell they are doing.
  10. What more proof do you need that guns are a "God given right"? Moses even became the NRA president in his later years.
  11. Bill, you need to rename the thread to "For the old fart members" since they are all pissing on your thread.
  12. I think you guys didn't see any deer because that Santa puppet was talking a bit too much!
  13. the 94 assault weapons ban was not even close to what this bill wants to do.
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