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  1. Vegans and masculinity

    OK I won't, but could I ask them what's so great about rolling around on the mat in a tight clinch with another sweaty guy wearing only their briefs???
  2. I like bolt action rifles best so I will say the Mauser 98. All other bolt actions are it's children and grandchildren.
  3. Vegans and masculinity

    Yeah, she looks like she needs to eat a pork chop or two doesn't she? She looks a bit sickly. LOL Damn, I just realized there was a video attached to that article. Freaking funny as hell where that talk show host is eating a steak right in front of her! hahahaha
  4. Vegans and masculinity

    I agree. Gays can be like that, too. They just have to throw it in your face that they have a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend". Like why the hell do they need to tell me? Many times I can guess from the get go what they are, but once they throw it in my face I just want to get away from them. They can have gay sex until the cows come home for all I care, but please don't tell me about it!!
  5. Vegans and masculinity

    I have nothing against eating "healthier". I know it's a good thing. But that doesn't have to mean eating NO meat at all. That's what I have a problem with, most especially with men going vegan. Yeah, I can see women preferring other foods, but I don't think I've ever seen a guy, who I'd describe as being a real "guy" who was a vegan. They have all been a bunch of loonies living in a utopian la la land.
  6. Vegans and masculinity Had to post this stupid article, since it has to be one of the dumbest I've read in a while. And believe it or not it was on the Fox website, so Storm can't say that it was from a "liberal" biased site. My own opinion is that men who are vegans are wimps and pu$$ies, but this article tries to argue the opposite. Interested to hear everyone's thoughts?
  7. He can throw is hat in the ring if he wants, but he will NEVER be POTUS. I can guarantee you that. Trump can be an arrogant cuss too, but the kind of arrogance that Cuomo possesses won't get him elected dog catcher nationally. Bill Clinton and Obama were tame compared to him. He clung onto his daddy's coattails to the governership, but that's as far as he is going to get.
  8. Which One of You LOSERS ...

    You snookered that poor old lady into paying you $5K for that painting and now they are about to tell her that it ain't worth $#!+. I'd be ashamed! LOL
  9. Knowing the mindset on this forum, I'm sure it won't be long before someone petitions their state representatives to open up a hunting season for them! LOL
  10. I morally object everyone and everything that is objectionable! I hope that covers all the bases for me!! LOL
  11. Kids that have parents who don't hunt will most likely not hunt, but having parents who DO hunt surely isn't a guarantee neither. Lots of things to capture kids attentions these days that they find way more interesting than freezing their butts in the woods for hours and days waiting for a deer or turkey to come by. I also know many adult hunters who have given it up for one reason or another in recent years. Do you think their kids will be hunting? I bet not!
  12. Gun cabinets

    I wouldn't be surprised that my heirs sell my guns to the first lowest bidder that shows interest in them once they roll me into the ground, so I don't feel the need to do anything special to protect them from fire or theft. I keep them in a wooden gun cabinet that anyone can honestly break into. If I lose them so be it. I'll just buy new ones. Don't really need too many anyway for the little hunting and shooting I get to do these days.

    You get a free tote bag with Wooly's picture on it if you join up soon. Hurry while supplies last!
  14. Cuomo versus Nixon?

    I agree with most of what you say, but if there was actually a good republican (and that's the big IF) candidate put up against him and if EVERYONE voted upstate, he could be brought down. Most think that the downstate vote can't be surmounted, but this is NOT true. Not many people actually vote down there, especially in NYC. Just check out the last Gubernatorial and Mayoral election results from the city. Only a bit over 1 million people voted in the city. Certainly enough people upstate to top this if EVERYONE actually voted. The problem is pretty much the same upstate as everywhere else, where most people don't bother to vote and then let the idiots vote these clowns in over and over and over again.
  15. Eagles at coyote bait piles?

    As far as I know, Eagles are classified as birds of prey. Haven't you ever seen film of them fly over water and pull a fish out? Sure, they can be scavengers, too, but what animal isn't, including humans?? Put an easy meal out there and it won't be long before something helps themselves to it.