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  1. I think the biggest reason it didn't get too bad in South Korea is due to people wearing masks. You would think it would have gotten out of control in other Asian countries as well, but they don't have any issues wearing masks, so this helped the situation. I think wearing masks, bandanas, anything on your face works better than we in this country had been told at the start. It seems like we were way late to the game with wearing them.
  2. I agree, Cabela's is definitely NOT what they used to be. Luckily I haven't needed their customer service, but I know that you rarely get any good deals online anymore. You used to be able to find some good stuff discounted in their bargain cave, but now there is hardly anything worth buying. Everything is way over-priced on everything the sell.
  3. You nailed it right there. I can't stand to look at Cuomo's face, but those who think that Trump is showing exemplary leadership in this mess or that the Fed's are somehow doing a great job are sadly mistaken.
  4. OK, send me your address I'll pencil you in. Don't expect to get any of my turkey calls, however. Blackbeltbill will be inheriting those.
  5. Absolutely nothing to do with religion or love. I have no interest in selling any of them I've bought only what I need and could use, so there are none i care to sell. And If for any reason I needed another one I don't have to sell any of my old ones to afford the new one, so I consider myself lucky in that respect. Once they roll me into the grave my family could do whatever they want with them, even dump them into the river if they want. Not like I'll worry about it then. LOL
  6. Same here. If I buy a gun, it won't be going anywhere. If I ever need to sell a gun to have money to buy another one, then I probably shouldn't be getting another one.
  7. Reminds me of the helicopter story. Whenever you see a guy getting into a helicopter it's pretty easy to tell if he's married or not. The unmarried guy will walk to the helicopter all slouched over afraid of the revolving blades overhead. The married guy will walk towards it standing fully erect. For the married man could only hope that he might get clipped by the blade.
  8. Don't know if they make them either, but I've got some left.
  9. If you think everyone is giving you $#!+ over kissing Cuomo's butt, wait until they find out that you like yoga!
  10. Did you drink a protein shake? i thought you were tapping out?
  11. It would be terrible if they cancelled the season, although it wouldn't surprise me since everything else seems to have been cancelled in the world. This would be my sons first spring hunt and we've been looking forward to youth weekend on our lease all winter so it would be a real bummer. We've even planned on camping out to avoid the human contact in the hotel we typically stay at.
  12. Cuomo de facto president??? This has got to be the dumbest article I ever read. I have plenty of issues with Trump, but Cuomo will NEVER be president of the United States. Neither de facto or duly elected!!
  13. That's a good amount of ammo. We are hoping that the rifle and shotgun you sold weren't the only firearms you owned. They'd might as well kill me if I couldn't own at least one of each.
  14. I don't think there will be a need to transport people from NYC to your neighborhood hospital, at least I hope there won't be a need, but as long as there are dedicated doctors and nurses who are willing to care for them in these upstate locations or locations elsewhere, it won't matter one bit what your opinion on this matter is. Just letting you know if you already don't.
  15. Agree 100%. Cuomo is being a complete drama queen and it seems like many here are being snookered by it all. He is doing no more or less than any other stinking politician would have done. Trump is another idiot. I am surely not blaming him for anything having to do with this virus. Where the hell is he going to get 20,000 ventilators for Cuomo? Pull them out of his a$$? His biggest flaws are that he thinks he knows more than anyone else and he can't keep his mouth from saying something stupid if his life depended on it. These two honestly deserve each other. They are both arrogant blowhards who in reality don't know $#!+.