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  1. I don't think you understand how this would work. Muzzleloader season would be moved from where it is now to Christmas week, so technically you wouldn't be getting more hunting time. This is the main reason I can't see this being implemented this year since the muzzleloader season dates have been set.
  2. Wrong as usual. I didn't vote for anyone this election. I have very little faith in Biden/Harris, and I had enough of Trump's antics to give him my vote. They are both losers but it looks like Trump turned out to be the biggest loser of all. He did himself in, so you can thank him for losing and not me for voting for neither.
  3. Led by the brilliant legal mind Rudy Guiliani. LOL.
  4. Damn, some of you guys are quite anal if this kind of stuff bothers you.
  5. I don't ever remember a change as significant as this one would be in the middle of deer season. My bet would be that it won't happen this year.
  6. Where does it say it's a go for this year? I can't see how it could be. This plan is supposed to change when muzzleloader season is to take place, and you can't change the dates now so close to the muzzleloading season. The dates are set in this year's regulations and you'd have many who would have no idea that the dates now changed. You'd have people hunting with muzzleloaders the day after regular season closed when they would not be allowed if this new rule was put into effect this year. Could these people now face a summons since they were only following the dates set in this year's official regulation booklet?? No way will this change happen this year.
  7. She will NEVER forget this one, that I can guarantee you. When you are both in your 90's she will still be reminding you of it. You have my sympathies.
  8. Yes, Biden was a weak candidate and should have lost. Can you believe that Trump was hated more than Biden, thus this led to a Biden victory? Maybe you should because that's exactly what happened. There is one reason that Trump lost and his name is Donald J. Trump.
  9. Some people bring back a deer from deer camp, some people get skunked. You guys brought back COVID! My apologies, I don't mean to make light of all this, but if this isn't a perfect example how this virus spreads like wildfire I don't know what else is.
  10. Just because Trump nominated them to the court and they accepted doesn't mean they don't consider him an idiot. If it gets to the Supreme Court or not, Trump will be going home to Maro Lago on January 20.
  11. Hope you get over it soon. And thanks for being honest about it. Way too many people in this country think this virus is nothing, but I surely have never seen any other virus/flu spread around the globe as quickly as this one and stick around for as long as this one has. It's no joke.
  12. I hear so many hunters say that. I am the complete opposite. I bow hunt on occasion, but honestly could care less about it. Put a rifle in my hands and I mean business. Gun season is where it starts for me.
  13. He's a complete idiot! He talks out of his a$$ just like Trump. They both talk like they know more than anyone else, but in reality they don't know $hit.
  14. 3S and 3N are suburbs of NYC. You don't have the hunting culture down there like you have in the more rural parts of NYS and never will.
  15. Good luck with that! More trouble than it's worth in my opinion. Plus, Steve Rinella has even tried to eat coyote meat, but I sure won't be trying it just because he did!!