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  1. He was last seen in Stewart State Forest in 1978. His cousin Bill Schmidt has been looking for him ever since.
  2. A lot less work and mess leaving the gut pile in the woods in my opinion.
  3. I think it would be a bigger problem disposing intestines nearer to a dwelling than leaving them in the woods for the scavengers to take care of.
  4. Congratulations. Beautiful little girl! Us forum members have chipped in and will be sending her this little gift. Should arrive in a day or two!
  5. I don't understand how a judges ruling in one county can supersede a statewide conservation law. I did some googling on this and it looks like Judge Frank LaBuda made this decision in 2012 and the decision had little to do with conservation law. His decision was that prohibiting the feeding of deer was a violation of the first amendment right to freedom of expression. Maybe someone can enlighten us what that has to do with deer biology but I don't think I am even going to try to figure that one out for myself! An additional interesting fact was that this judges wife Kathleen LaBuda was in attendance at a banquet of the Sullivan County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs as early as 2007 Judge LaBuda himself has appeared at their banquets, too, be it that the appearances were after his 2012 court ruling from what I can find online(see below). You can make judgements for yourselves here, but to me this all looks a bit fishy. I also vividly recall that several so called "sportsman" clubs in the Catskill region had way too much influence in the decision to have the Catskill region go to antler restrictions, so it just makes me even more suspicious about these type of rulings in one specific part of the state.
  6. I'll try to be more brief next time. LOL
  7. I also think that humanity just can't read or comprehend anything that's longer than a short paragraph anymore. Reading a tweet or a short text message on their cell phones is about all they can handle. The (mostly negative in my opinion) impact that smart phones have had on the human species is mind boggling.
  8. I bought one from him on behalf of my uncle who isn't a forum member and everything you say about the purchase and sro is absolutely true.
  9. I wish I knew you back then, Biz. I would have sent you a teddy bear to soothe your grief.
  10. I looked it up and he was traded in 1989. Gotta love Mut fans, too. They've been making excuses for them for decades now.
  11. Yeah, if it wasn't for the Mets trading away Lenny Dykstra he'd still be rooting for the Muts. LOL
  12. You gotta love the Mets. They are masters at losing and choosing losers as players, managers, general managers, etc. LOL
  13. I thought I read someone say in a thread somewhere on this forum that feeding was LEGAL in Sullivan county when deer season is closed? I don't see any exceptions made for Sullivan county in this DEC regulation and sort of doubt there ever really was an exception.
  14. King Andy would suffer the same fate as Gillibrand, DeBlasio, Guiliani and Pataki if he tried to run for president, maybe worse. Trump Jr. also doesn't have a chance in the world to become governor of this state. How well did his father do in NYS in the electoral vote??
  15. Well, he's got the whole world as his stage now, so it's not something someone like him wants to walk away from.