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  1. Maybe we could all put a picture of ourselves on the avatar, sort of like The Jerkman does.
  2. I took that picture when I was setting it up again before gun season for deer, but YES, I do keep all the windows open. Game could approach from any side at that spot, so I want to make sure I have a good 360 degree view of things. Doesn't seem to bother game having the windows open. Like I said, we had a few turkey come very close with our heads bobbing around on the inside and the windows fully open. Oh, and even had a few chipmunks try to join us inside by trying to crawl in underneath it! LOL
  3. I bought a blind for the first time this season since it was my 12 year old son's first season hunting and figured it would be better hunting with him from one. I bought a Cabela's Zonz that was on sale for $99 and cost me all of $2 after I used my Cabelas points. So far I have been very satisfied with it. Probably not the greatest blind to come down the pike but for the money seems pretty durable and definitely more roomy than I expected. You can easily fit 3 people inside it. Easy to pop open, but like Pygmy said in his post above, folding it back down will involve a bit of profanity. Otherwise, it's not too bad. Has been lucky, too. We killed a bunch of squirrels, a turkey and a buck from it this Fall, and had several other turkeys come within stone throws distance from the blind without them paying us any mind!
  4. My comment was not directed at you, Moog, or anyone in particular. From what I read here on this forum it seems that some hunters are in constant view of deer and may see scores of them each and every time out. That's great for them, and I don't think there's a hunter out there who wouldn't love a spot like that. The only point I am trying to make is that many hunters, maybe the vast majority, don't have it so good and probably never will. I think it would be a humbling experience for some of the folks who have these great spots to see what the rest of us have. My apologies if my remarks offend anyone. Things have a way of going wild on this forum, thus one of my new years resolution will probably be to post less often.
  5. I've tried a lot of the "premium" ammo over the years, but I've come full circle and now in the last 10 seasons or so have gone back to the cheap $17.99 per box Federal Power-Shok for my favorite deer rifle. The accuracy I get with them is NO worse than what I can detect with the "premium" stuff and the deer are just as dead when I whiz a bullet thru them. Maybe if I was going on a once in a lifetime hunt somewhere I'd shoot the more expensive stuff, but for hunting NYS woods I don't see any difference in lethality.
  6. I think some of the big buck slayers here from western NY need to hunt where the rest of us hunt. We'd find out how good a hunters they really are. The one thing I can guarantee is that it would be a humbling experience for you fellas!
  7. I think some guys are afraid to have the squirrels looking at their bare butts! LOL I find it funny that some have such an aversion to crapping in the woods. Heck, we are participating in an activity (hunting) that goes back to the beginning of time, so I wouldn't think crapping in the woods would be a big deal for anyone. Heck, plenty of people didn't have flush toilets as little as 75 to 100 years ago. Many probably still don't.
  8. And the final answer might be, What is "I got skunked this season!".
  9. I killed one once with my pants down around my ankles. I suggest that one keep their weapon within reach when having to go.
  10. There are plenty of other issues with NYC gun laws that should have been taken to the supreme court before this one. I highly doubt the court will overturn any of those other more relevant issues while addressing this one. As has been said, NYC has already changed this law knowing that it would be overturned, so end result will be that nothing else will change. It takes years before the supreme court even wants to hear a case, so unfortunately it will be a LONG wait before NYC gun owners see any significant changes in their gun laws. Hell, NYC residents have needed a gun permit ($180 every 3 year renewal) to even possess a rifle or shotgun since the late 1960's, so how long has that law stood without it being taken to the higher courts?
  11. Come on now, it's your first deer what's wrong with a button buck?? Any deer you kill should be considered a trophy. Don't get wrapped up with what you see on the TV hunting shows or any hunter telling you that hunting should be all about antlers.
  12. I'm with Mowin on this one. If state land was all I had access to, I would not hunt at all. I just don't like the feeling knowing that someone might be setting up 50 yards from me. And it's not only someone else messing my hunt up, I can just as easily unknowingly screw someone else's hunt up, too. I simply don't want to hunt in situations like that.
  13. You may still be able to get a few bucks for them. Storm, are you reading this?? The boots will match your gun! LOL
  14. Along with your pistols, rifles, shotguns, bows, knives, pencils, paperclips, nail clippers, etc!!
  15. There you go! No way that bear was a truly wild bear. They just don't get that big in a natural setting. I'll probably get flack for this, but the same can be said about the bruiser bucks that get killed in suburban settings or even around food plots that have become so popular. I'd like to have some of those hunters hunt away from such settings and see if they could kill bucks of equal size. I'd put my money on it that they won't.