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  1. Most honest and sensible post I've read on this forum all year!
  2. Those who think there is a lot of hunting pressure these days obviously didn't hunt in the 60's, 70's and 80's. They'd totally flip out if someone brought them back in time. Today's pressure can't even be compared to what it was then. You had cars and station wagons packed with 4 or 5 hunters in them parked all over the place. These days you will see a huge truck with one hunter in it. No comparison to what it used to be!
  3. Yeah, and YOU know EVERYTHING, we all know that. LOL Plenty of regular season licenses get bought for no other reason than to get doe tags. Many of these license purchasers will never step into the woods. Bowhunters in general will buy a license and hunt and in general they will spend more time in the field, I will give you that. 25% of the total kill is still chump change. How much would it help by extending the season to January 31 like you would want? I bet not much. Most of you bowhunters are horn crazy and you won't be dropping doe when you think Mr. Trophy buck might be trailing her. Of course the gun hunters would now have only 10-12 days to hunt so surely the total annual take will go down and there will be less enthusiasm for gun hunters in general since they don't have many days to hunt. That's what you probably want anyway, where you hope no one else gets to kill a deer so there will be more and bigger ones out there for you.
  4. Yeah, these elitist bowhunters just kill me. I bet most of the 20% successful bowhunters are killing deer in the suburban areas where there is an overabundance of deer. Put them in the more rural or big woods areas and their deer take is a mere drop in the bucket. And add to this their aversion to killing doe as you said, which doesn't help matters either.
  5. Don't know how I missed this. You want gun hunters to have 10-12 days while you have 4 whole freakin months? To hell with that!! How many days do the majority of gun hunters actually go out during the 4 weekend season? Maybe 6-10 day total? Most can only go on the weekends. Why should they be shafted into a frantic 10-12 days while you get 4 whole months? That is complete BS. I could care less about Ohio or anywhere else. They have their traditions, and NY has their own. Lots of good deer get taken in NYS. Pictures on this forum are proof of that. And above all hunting doesn't need to be all about antlers, the thing many of you are obsessed with. There is way more to it than that.
  6. It would have been up to the actor to shave off a few hairs off his arm to make sure it wasn't sharp. LOL
  7. In the real world BOTH would be responsible but this isn't the real world we are talking about. A live bullet should not have been anywhere near a movie set. That is the armorers fault for being completely unattentive. I'm sure a live round doesn't look much different in cylinder of a six-shooter than a blank round would. Even if Baldwin checked the gun, how would he know the difference? Lets say the actor was shooting an AR type rifle where he fires off a dozen rapid rounds. Is he now to inspect the entire magazine to make sure that round number 7 in the magazine isn't a live round?? Come on guys, lets get real here. This is what they pay the freakin armorers for!
  8. Anyone would any common sense shouldn't pull the trigger. You wouldn't be exonerated either for NOT having ANY common sense for telling me to "try out the trigger on this".
  9. Exactly! Of the millions of rounds shot in movies you think the actor is checking after each trigger pull? BS he is. I've never been on a movie set but I'm not dense enough to think that actors are doing anything other than pulling the triggers and having the gun go bang.
  10. So you think the armorer isn't at least equally responsible for allowing live rounds near a movie set? Can an armorer fail at there job any worse than that?
  11. Why would movie sets even hire an armorer if actors are required to check the guns? I don't care how much training or experience an actor might have with guns, I don't think it's his responsibility to worry about whether or not the gun is loaded for every scene. That's the armorers job. Hell, there are enough shooting scenes in American movies that the actors would barely have any time to act if they were checking firearms for live rounds each time the trigger is pulled. In my opinion allowing a live round anywhere near a movie set is the biggest failure an armorer can make. Not taking all responsibility away from Baldwin, but Baldwin is paid to act, not to be a firearms expert.
  12. Yeah plenty of "experts" out there who really aren't. We all know that.
  13. To you it may not make sense. Simple question if you care to answer it honestly. In my scenario who would be at greater fault, the experienced gun owner for not double checking to see if it were loaded or the inexperience guy who pulled the trigger?
  14. Maybe they had better and more attentive people handing them the guns that would never allow live rounds anywhere near the movie set?
  15. How about if an experienced gun owner lets someone without any gun experience handle their firearm that they accidentally forgot to unload. If this inexperienced gun handler proceeds to pull the trigger and kills someone on the other side of the wall, who is really at fault here? The inexperienced gun handler probably wouldn't even know how to check if it were unloaded or had any rounds in it, while the experienced gun owner probably broke a bunch of gun safety rules by just handing the gun to the inexperienced person let alone not double checking to see that it was unloaded. Guaranteed that this scenario has played out more than a few times in the real world.
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