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  1. Yeah, Olivia wanted to watch our meat, too.
  2. Since he is so anal about scent, what does he do if a hunter needs to pee or crap while in the stand? Does he allow it?? Maybe he makes them wear Depends while on the stand?
  3. No, that isn't an option. He does all the cavity searches himself. He doesn't want any women in camp. He doesn't want any girlie smells on anyone's equipment or clothing. Plus, just as boxers are told to stay away from women to avoid weak knees, he doesn't want any of his hunters getting weak knees 20 feet up in a tree in his flimsy stands. It's a liability issue.
  4. Don't forget to hand over the cell phone. That guy does body cavity searches just to make sure you aren't sneaking it to the stand.
  5. Close to what line? You two come up with some real doozies. Not like most of the people here don't already know this.
  6. Don't know if it's racist, lots of people throw around the "racist" term these days for things that really aren't. I'd say it's more of a STUPID statement on his part. Nothing unusual coming from him actually.
  7. Duh, I should have read the title of the thread. 244lbs.
  8. I'll admit that I have shot at several on the wing during the Fall season. I aimed, shot and they kept a flyin'! LOL
  9. I'm sure he confiscates his clients cell phones so they don't do anything crazy like post on a ""live from the woods" thread on a hunting forum while on the stand!
  10. Might be, but still way more dangerous than a ladder stand. A lot easier for something to go haywire with that type of stand and not worth the risk from my perspective. It's funny how that guy is so anal about scent, equipment that might make noise, etc. and then he doesn't seem to be too worried about breaking his neck. He may think he's smart, but others might have a different opinion.
  11. I don't care if someone tied the biggest buck in the world down below me, there is no way in hell that I'd be dangling from a flimsy platform like that. Sooner or later something will give or slip and he will have an accident.
  12. Please do. It seems like there is way too much talking this year and not nearly enough killing!
  13. It's not goofy, it only bigger. Those cowboy hats were also meant to be used to scoop water out of streams to drink, so the big guy needed to drink more because he had a bigger gut to fill thus the bigger hat.
  14. I don't think even Growalot ever had horses come thru her property, and there isn't much that hasn't happened on her property. I used to tell her that there was more action on her land then on the Ponderosa.