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  1. Women's Hunting Mag Free Fall Edition

    Pygmy will subscribe to it only if there is a centerfold picture.
  2. Their back...

    Hi Grow, if you need a hand with those mutts just give us a holler!! The Cartwright boys
  3. Wife said let's do it.....

    Listen to what Culver tells you. I've seen his cabin. It's rustic and an engineering marvel all wrapped in one!!
  4. Of course they obviously allow it, but I still think the DEC is talking from two sides of their mouth with so many statements they make. Them considering food plots a "bona fide agricultural practice" is funny in itself. How many people eat the stuff they put out in their food plots for deer? LOL Maybe they could make a nice salad out of it for dinner.
  5. Yes, baiting is illegal, but I was talking about feeding wildlife in general. Read this and tell me where they say that food plots are OK while other type of feeding isn't ? I didn't read about any distinctions here. Whatever is said about feeding animals in this DEC statement can surely be applied to food plots also.
  6. Yeah, I've read DEC statement telling people not to feed wildlife, yet food plots are allowed? So which is it? Leave it up to the DEC to give you two different answers to one question.
  7. Congratulations for being one of the very few who plant food for deer on land they don't hunt on. I will disagree with you on the baiting part, however. You may not be baiting since you don't hunt the land, but those who do hunt on land they plant on I absolutely would consider it baiting. Again, I have nothing against food plots, but you are planting food that wouldn't be there if you didn't plant it, so how can this not be considered an easy meal for deer that they could become accustomed to? I guess there is a stigma to the word "baiting" and some of you don't want to be associated with it, but in reality it is all very much the same thing.
  8. My opinion has always been that food plots are baiting. Now, I have absolutely nothing against food plots, but lets call it what it really is. I know people who plant food plots will argue that it's not baiting and give me the story that they do it to help the deer, but how many would plant food for the deer if they didn't hunt? The answer is few to none.
  9. Wife said let's do it.....

    Don't want to rain on your parade, but if you were comfortable in PA, why on earth move to NYS?
  10. Good hunter vs Pretty girl....

    Your wife is pregnant again? Don't you have 3 sons already??
  11. I got some photo evidence for them. Took this two summers ago in PA.
  12. Good hunter vs Pretty girl....

    OP has been spotted on Madison Avenue in the city trying to get a model to pose with him for a picture he could post here. So far NO luck. He's getting desperate to save face.
  13. Good hunter vs Pretty girl....

    Don't forget numerous folds for concealed carry on her. A very valuable girl. She can carry one for her, you, granny, and several cousins too,
  14. Good hunter vs Pretty girl....

    That pic was taken last year during their vacation in the Bahamas. Flooded the fancy hotel they were staying at when she got into the pool.
  15. Good hunter vs Pretty girl....

    Hold up, I found her!!