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  1. It's more like the same old diarrhea from FSW singing his same worn out song that deer hunting is about nothing else but the "horns". LOL
  2. Look up videos on taking down a model 700 bolt. There is a shoelace method to get it back in the cocked position. I think it may work for you.
  3. This early hunt is only allowed in a handful of WMU's, so it doesn't effect the majority of hunters in NYS. I guess some of these units have extreme overpopulations of deer, but I surely wouldn't like to see an early hunt like this implemented everywhere. I don't think it would benefit the overall quality of deer hunting in this state at all.
  4. They are bulky, take up more space in your vehicle and way more expensive than most soft cases. It's one thing if you are flying or shipping a firearm, but to drive to a hunting spot they are absolutely NOT needed. You lay the gun down on softer surface in your vehicle and don't throw anything heavy over it and you are good to go. I've been driving to my hunting spots, usually 3 plus hours away for over 40 years and I never had a gun damaged or scope go off zero. And it's also way easier to remove or put a gun back into a soft case compared to a hardcase, especially with half frozen hands in cold weather.
  5. I tell you. So exactly what did the supreme court decision accomplish?? Absolutely NOTHING. Just made life more difficult for ALL gun owners in this state never mind the ones who want to conceal carry. Makes absolutely NO sense that a state is allowed to sidestep a supreme court decision in this way. What authority does the supreme court really have then? Very little to none in my opinion if a state is allowed to enact such nonsense after a ruling is made.
  6. I asked this question in the other thread. Can a DEC conservation officer bust you for leaving your hunting guns in a soft unlockable case or does only a State trooper have that authority?
  7. I have NEVER seen ANY gun case, even the most expensive ones, that couldn't be easily opened. If the lock couldn't somehow be opened, a hacksaw or dremel type tool could easily cut through the metal or plastic case with NO damage to the gun inside.
  8. I've often left a second long gun in my vehicle in one of those soft zip up gun cases while I went out hunting. So now this is technically illegal. It needs to be in a lockable hard case according to this stupid new law. The question I have is can a DEC conservation officer bust you if he would walk up on you while you are coming back to your vehicle and sees the second gun in only a soft case? I'm not worried about a state trooper walking up on me in this way so much but I've had DEC conservation officers stop where I was parked and asked if I bagged anything and asked to see my hunting license. This would really stink if hunters would now be getting into big trouble this way.
  9. They are the same action as the Weatherby Vanguard. Howa makes the Vanguard for Weatherby as far as I understand. They are made in Japan but that wouldn't stop me from getting one. They are good guns. I'd take the Howa over a Savage or Ruger American, or any of those type of rifles with those crumby accu-triggers any day of the week.
  10. I'm not underestimating this law, only saying that many things in it can't and won't be enforced. What should happen, and I am not fully up to speed on how the Supreme Court could and would do this, but what the court should do is address this law on 9/1, the very day it takes effect and somehow deem it null and void because of it trying to circumvent a decision the Supreme Court has just made. There has got to be some sort of penalties for not following a Supreme Court decision, should there not? What's the point of them making a decision if states immediately come up with their own laws to side step it? NYS should be made an example out of what happens when a Supreme Court makes a decision and the decision is not followed. If we ever had a bunch of justices to make this happen I think we most certainly currently do with the likes of Alito, Thomas, etc.
  11. For whomever is interested, the link below has the 2022 probabilities for each WMU. https://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/dmps2022.pdf
  12. Here's another scenario for you. Someone is going on a hunt in another state and is flying out of an airport in NYS to get there. I have no doubt airports will NOT be putting up signs that guns are allowed. What you are saying is that the hunter bringing his firearm even if it is cased and locked into the airport to check it in for the flight will be violating the law subject to felony charges. NO way that something like this will ever get enforced no matter what the dumbass Governor along with the state representatives and senators who voted for these laws say. I can guarantee you this. Just like Cuomo thought that he'd get to have everyone go thru a background check to buy ammo, it NEVER happened and was pretty much ignored. Hochul is trying that again, too, but I can assure her that it won't happen this time either just as these signs won't be going up, especially at places like private homes or land. Half the BS in this new gun bill is unenforceable. These politicians are too stupid to realize that it can never be enforced.
  13. Wow, that's impressive! Moog's like the only hunter in North America that could just throw a rope around an Elk or Moose's head and drag them back to camp! He don't need to butcher them out in the field.
  14. Daylight savings time would NOT be gone. The proposal would make daylight savings time permanent.
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