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  1. steve863

    Elf on a shelf

    That's what they were calling Pence at that meeting the other day. Just sat there and didn't say a word.
  2. steve863

    The Closet

    Well, let me put it this way. If you want to be in a lasting relationship, you will need to make some (more like many) sacrifices and compromises. It can't be all about you, just like it can't be all about them. I've known some guys who just had to have it their way or the highway. These days their callused right hand is their best friend. It surely isn't a woman! LOL
  3. I would agree with you. With people like those three we have been pushed even further into the gutter. Trump, Pelosi & Schumer. Dumb, dumber and dumbest.
  4. Trump, Pelosi, Schumer. All three are quite stupid if you ask me. Shameful that such people are running this nation. And what's up with Pence? He was just sitting there and saying nothing as if someone gave him a sedative.
  5. steve863

    Go Fund Me Started.............

    I think we need to do some DNA testing. Pygmy may have a daughter he never knew about! We need to get them on the Maury Povich show to find out the results. LOL
  6. steve863

    Go Fund Me Started.............

    That's one of the reasons Lawdwaz gave him up for adoption. Biz was born with a full set of adult sized teeth and had that ear to ear grin from birth. Lawdwaz had a hunch that nothing good would come from keeping that child. LOL
  7. steve863

    Go Fund Me Started.............

    Is the $2 for Biz for the sheep hunt or for child support since Biz claims that Lawdwaz is his biological father? LOL
  8. LOL. He went home and had some vino and pasta fazool after filming that commercial!
  9. steve863

    Field to Fork Program for New Adult hunters.

    You did an unbelievable job with these new hunters, Culver. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome for your"Field to Fork" program.
  10. I think the horns popped off when they were pulling it up by rope from the bottom of the canyon. Real shame, had a 150 inch set!
  11. Yes! As we know, God works in mysterious ways. Wolc will be here shortly to further explain to you.
  12. Check the bolt release button for build up of oil or gunk. I have seen these get stuck in the open position due to this build up and the bolt came sliding right out when in the open rearward position.
  13. My knife is on my belt, so that will never be forgotten in the car. And one can gut without gloves and water. I would have hid the deer under some downed tree or something and walked back to the car to get the knife. No way would I have dragged an hour with its guts in.
  14. steve863

    New rifle.. What scope??

    The European scopes and Nikon may win in glass clarity but Leupolds can stand up to anyone in durability and it's ability to hold zero. I've had a vari X II on my favorite rifle for over 30 years and I've barely had to adjust zero in all those years. Last season I had the gun fall 15 feet out of a tree stand and the zero barely moved a hair even with a cracked stock. The mounts on it are old Redfields which are much like the Leupold's in design. They pretty much hold the scope to the rifle as if it was welded to it. Wouldn't switch to anything else if someone paid me.
  15. steve863

    Any Long Island processors?

    This taxidermist also does butchering according to his webpage. I think he used to post on this forum actually. Fins to Feathers Taxidermy Rich Dunlop 131 Conklin Street Farmingdale, NY 11735 Email: Office hours are by appointment. Please call ahead. (516) 847-0087