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  1. steve863

    Banned from local Facebook group

    I doubt such a statistic would be available, but I would really like to see something that would prove your statement to be true. What you say is what the media and everyone else wants us to believe, but I myself have a hard time accepting this as fact that most people who has never taken drugs in their life would go on to resort to street drugs after being given some pain killers by a doctor or after a hospital stay. Yes, I could definitely see the person with past drug use get themselves into such a hole, but a person with a brain, common sense and some self-control I have a much harder time seeing going down this path.
  2. steve863

    Banned from local Facebook group

    I'm sure there may have been some who got addicted to pain killers thru doctors prescribing it to them, but I think the vast majority of people who get addicted and then maybe move on to harder stuff like heroin are now using the excuse that it was doctors who somehow got them started. Those people who get themselves in a state where first responder's will be saving them with Narcan would have probably gotten themselves into that state with or without a doctors prescription. These folks have addictive personalities and have little to NO self-control. It's no secret that prescription pain killers are highly addictive, so even if a doctor prescribes them, a sensible person with self-control and common sense would suck it up and withstand the pain, but surely wouldn't let themselves fall into such a state of addiction. I know there will be some here who will claim that I am wrong and that I don't know what I am talking about, but so be it. I've walked this earth long enough to know that folks with little discipline, self-control, and without a set of morals fail in many facets of life, so it is no surprise to me that many of them would also succumb to such an addiction. I think it would be great if doctor's would prescribe less drugs in general, not only opioids, but in the end one can't put the blame on them or society. In most cases it's the individual who creates problems for themselves and this opioid problem is just another example of it.
  3. In honor of our newly re-christened "old man river", let's hear a white guy belt out the song. This dude gives the black guys a run for their money!
  4. steve863

    2019 Baseball Thread

    I'm wide awake and all ears awaiting your explanation of how WAR is calculated.
  5. steve863

    2019 Baseball Thread

    School us in your own words on how it's calculated. I bet you can't.
  6. steve863

    2019 Baseball Thread

    This WAR nonsense somehow calculates how much better a player is than someone who'd be replacing him. How on earth can this ever be calculated or be valid? How about if you brought in a rookie who turned out to be a way better player than the one he replaced? Maybe it's not probable in all cases, but it surely IS possible. That's why this statistic is the biggest crock ever devised. I guess Joe DiMaggio would have a shitty WAR since the guy who replaced him was Mickey Mantle. LOL
  7. You are correct that it's the hospital's duty to treat everyone, and I am sure the person I brought to the ER would have been treated no matter if they had an insurance card or not, but do you really think the hospital would have been as persistent in asking for an insurance card from someone who barely speaks English and looks like they were fresh off the boat? I bet they wouldn't. They know it's a lost cause from the get go. And if we are looking for "facts", it is absolute FACT that our insurance costs are increasing up to 20% a year because there are tons of people who don't have any insurance and then hospitals have to write it all off. We are in FACT paying for these people. I fully realize that the health system is completely broken in this country and even people born and bred in the US can be without insurance, but giving free treatment to millions of undocumented immigrants surely isn't helping matters in the least while those who can pay have to pay premium prices for it and the collection agencies will be on their butts forever if they don't pay up.
  8. steve863

    2019 Baseball Thread

    WAR is the LAMEST statistic anyone has ever devised. Everyone seems to be throwing out these WAR numbers on players and no one knows how the hell it's even calculated. It's a big joke!
  9. I brought someone to the ER this past weekend with chest pains and numbness in their hands and feet, and the first thing they asked for was the insurance card so please don't tell me this is not true. I bet the hospital might not ask someone who looked like a newly arrived immigrant the same question, but I don't look like one of these folks so the scenario is different for me. They know who they can potentially collect payment from and they do everything in their power to collect all the necessary paperwork from someone like me so they can get paid. No use asking the illegal immigrant since he won't have any insurance nor will the hospital ever collect anything from them.
  10. Meanwhile I could crawl into a hospital ER with a possible coronary and they won't even look at me until I give them my health insurance card. God bless America!!
  11. steve863

    Need Ideas for a Day Trip

    The below is not my photo, but this is the falls at Taughannock Falls State Park which is also only a few miles outside of Ithaca. Really nice spot also.
  12. steve863

    Need Ideas for a Day Trip

    No, this is right outside of Ithaca.
  13. steve863

    Need Ideas for a Day Trip

    I wholeheartedly second Robert H Treman State Park. Really nice hiking and great scenery. Was there last summer. Like TF says, hardly anyone there compared to Watkins Glen. Also, Taughannock Falls State Park is close by and also nice hiking and scenery. Below are a couple of photos I took at Robert Treman SP.
  14. steve863

    Waterfowl Shotguns

    Baked bean gas would work, too! LOL
  15. steve863

    Waterfowl Shotguns

    As far as I know, 1187's have always been gas operated semi-auto's.