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  1. Biden said that he will definitely pick a woman as his running mate. If he wants a chance at beating Trump, (and I think Trump is more vulnerable than many people want to believe), it will have to be a white woman, or maybe that Asian Senator from Illinois. If he picks a black woman he will lose. America is not ready for another black being only a heartbeat away from the presidency. Most especially after all this racial nonsense of the last few months. No way is America ready for another one.
  2. My apologies then. I know there was a big conversation about this a while back and thought you said you got them. Maybe it was Belo then. Pygmy will be sending you your official "country boy" membership card soon.
  3. I think he told us once that he gets manicures and pedicures, so I don't know if he qualifies as a "country boy"?
  4. I've hunted on and off with a bow over the years but could never get into it or ever saw the fascination others see in it. Way too many bits, pieces and parts to bows for my liking and all way overpriced. I'll let you guys slug it out over crossbows. Give me a decent rifle and a box of ammo and I'm good.
  5. Yes exactly, and when Enigma asked the question "tell us what you think might be missing" we could tell him it's missing a bunch of fruitcakes sitting on top of the chairs.
  6. Time for you to find another job. Why would you do the work of 5 people?? How does that benefit you? Certainly not monetarily from what you are saying. Only one benefitting is your employer, and when the time comes they will cut you like they did the others and won't give a hoot that you were breaking your back for them.
  7. Looks to me like Jesus has some bad news for him. Election loss in November? He contracted the corona virus? Putin and Kim Jung-un no longer want to be his friends??
  8. And some of these GLM protesters have been arrested for looting Walgreen and CVS pharmacies along the protest route. Some of the most frequently stolen items were adult diapers, Ex-lax and Viagra pills, and hearing aid batteries.
  9. He's growing an Afro so he can march with the bro's at the black lives matter protests. I've been seeing some guys who look hideous needing a haircut badly. Why wouldn't they let their wives/girlfriends or some other family member give them one? I let my wife give me one and it sure as hell is better than no cut at all. I guess some dudes couldn't handle a less than perfect haircut.
  10. Funny how the bowhunting course is $30 and the normal hunter course was only $19.95. Still worth it of course, but they probably had a lot of people take the online hunters course so they figured why not make even more money with all this? I see no reason why the bowhunters course should be costing more. Just an observation. Still well worth not having to waste a whole day with an in-class course of redundant stuff for those who have already taken the hunters course.
  11. LOL. Definitely the start of the second American Civil War. A bunch of earing wearing, tattooed, beer bellied bikers vs. a bunch of nose ring wearing, tattooed vegans. War will start immediately after they admire each others tattoos and bling.
  12. I have little love for Trump, but at the same time I am sick and tired of hearing about Black lives matter, and blacks wanting every white person to apologize to them for everything that has ever happened to them. I'll be damned if I will be apologizing. I work in PR and these black organizations are now extorting just about every corporation in America where they expect hefty donations to various black causes or the company will be deemed racist if they don't cough up the money. The news surely isn't reporting any of this either. They could all go to hell if this is what blacks want. Just more handouts is what they want? They want no more police so they could do whatever they want without consequences? And now they want every white to go down on one knee in front of them, too, or else they will be called a racist? Screw them all if this is what they want America to be. No one is saying that killing Floyd was right, but that incident should not now give them MORE freakin rights than others have and turn this country upside down. If anything many white people have become MORE racist over the last few weeks than ever before because of blacks now demanding heaven and earth. Rant over.
  13. We aren't left with much of a choice in this coming election just as we haven't had much of a choice in numerous recent elections, but I hope you Trump lovers don't live to regret your blind support of this man. He has pretty much F&*#ed over everyone who he has ever dealt with throughout his life. Once he gets what he wants from someone he then discards them like a piece of garbage. Plenty of people who have worked or done business with him can attest to this. They left with nothing but contempt for the guy. I sure hope he don't F&*k us all over in the same way. Especially now if he wins a second term. Hey, he has snookered you and has gotten your votes and he has no chance of running again, so we will all become expendable from this point on just like everyone else he has ever dealt with. Good luck!