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  1. steve863

    School me on propane grills

    You should have put a "For Sale, over 30,000 burgers grilled" sign on that one! LOL.
  2. steve863


    Seems like the drug problem is considerably worse in smaller cities, towns and rural areas than it is in big cities. I grew up in NYC and never once used any sort of drug in my life. Not even marijuana. All it takes is some self control and not mixing with losers. If you've got little to no self control and self worth not only will you be more likely to get mixed up with drugs, but you'll probably be a failure in many other facets of life also. The only person who will save you is yourself. My .02 on this matter.
  3. steve863

    Deer meat this year.

    Skin and quarter upstate (doesn't take too long at all) and then put the meat in a cooler with ice for the drive home and it can stay in there a couple of days easily until you are ready to complete the rest of the processing at home. Not like the processor will handle your meat any better than this.
  4. steve863

    Notre dame on fire !!

    You are very wrong if you think that. That's what the PC crowd wants you to believe. Lots of Christians out there who are not enamored by Trump. Many may have voted for him since the other choice was even worse, but to think that wearing a MAGA hat is a requirement for a white Christian is ridiculous. You are letting yourself be suckered by the many liberal talking heads on TV who want to make you believe that.
  5. steve863

    Notre dame on fire !!

    That's the best you could come up with?? We all know that Christmas is kept alive by the PC crowd because it generates money for them thru commercialism and materialism. Their ultimate goal is to remove the true meaning from Christmas. Slowly but surely they are getting there.
  6. steve863

    Deer meat this year.

    Burt, you have your own land and cabin, why don't you butcher it up yourself? That's the only way you'll ever know for sure that your eating the deer you shot. I wouldn't trust deer processors as far as I could throw them.
  7. steve863

    Notre dame on fire !!

    Maybe you can give us examples where the mainstream media portrays white Christians with traditional values in any sort of positive light? The majority of these folks are not the demons the PC crowd portrays them as. Blacks, Muslims, singles mothers, gays, assorted other oddities of nature, get put on pedestals just because they are different, while the white Christian person who typically doesn't ask for much other than a little respect that every human deserves seems to get put down at every opportunity by the PC crowd. Everyone can have an opinion in today's world it seems as long as it's not an opinion involving any sort of traditional values and morals.
  8. You guys look like the Romeo and Juliet of Stewart State forest!
  9. steve863

    Notre dame on fire !!

    Actually, in today's world being an atheist is very PC while being a Christian certainly isn't. If you are an atheist, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Scientologist, etc, it is all acceptable. Sadly, being a Christian, most especially a white male Christian, you are pretty much the lowest form of life according to today's PC standards.
  10. steve863

    Hunter Ed course and hunter #s

    This does bring up a good point, though. So, since NYS has the stupid rule that a 12 year old can hunt deer with bow only (not that I'd ever take a 12 year old bow hunting), let's say if one wanted to take their 12 year old hunting for small game with a gun and deer with a bow the kid would have to sit thru about 16 hours of hunter ed. Much, of it repetitive information. Man, that's intense!!
  11. steve863

    Hunter Ed course and hunter #s

    I would gladly pay a fee if there were more courses available.
  12. steve863

    Hunter Ed course and hunter #s

    Not all courses have live fire, do they? They sure didn't when I took the course many, many years ago. I guess it might depend on the location where you are taking the course. The more rural locations might have the live fire. We appreciate your dedication to this and I'm sure you do a splendid job, but I still wonder if 8 full hours is necessary for such a course? That seems like a very long time for a 12 year old to sit thru. I think it was like 3 hours back in my day. If someone made me sit thru an 8 hour course back then I may have lost interest in hunting before I ever got started.
  13. steve863

    Hunter Ed course and hunter #s

    Many of the courses that I have seen in my area are in early Fall which to me makes little sense. Kids are just getting back to school and I think it's the least convenient time for them to take a lengthy hunter training course. I still believe that the DEC should have paid instructors for these courses. I appreciate the volunteers, but money talks and if you actually paid people to give them we then might not be having the trouble we currently have in finding courses.
  14. steve863


    If I were lucky enough to draw such a tag I would want the odds of success in my favor as much as possible. Thus, the projectile I would fire at this animal would have gunpowder behind it.
  15. steve863

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    But he has good quality knives and they are sharp. Biz chop chop chop = chum LOL