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  1. steve863

    CDW in the spotlight now

    It turned into a happy cow. LOL
  2. steve863

    New world record non typical

    Am I allowed to come back to tell you that you are full of $#!+?? One don't need much experience with antlers to know that. All they need to know is how to read. LOL
  3. steve863

    New world record non typical

    Lots of hunters around that will disprove the many BS facts that FSW claims to have. He just wishes that all of us would be the antler worshipers that he claims all hunters are. Would probably be beneficial to his business if we all were. Maybe that's the only real FACT around here?
  4. Maybe he shouldn't have thrown our tax money into all his feel good programs, Mario Cuomo bridge, etc. and maybe we wouldn't be in such a hole? Amazon shouldn't be the fix for the rest of his stupidity.
  5. Then you guys should have tried to convince Cuomo to tell Amazon to set up in another part of NYS if you think losing Amazon is such a bad thing. I can assure you that Cuomo don't give a rats butt about the people from upstate or even the people from NYC when it comes to this matter. He was only looking at this as another notch on his own fat belt he could brag about. He could give two $#!+$ how this is effecting the average citizen on the street. He ain't losing any sleep over whether you have a job or not. It would have just been another political victory for him, which I sure as hell am glad he didn't get!!
  6. It seems like media from both the right and the left are giving the left and people like Ocasio-Cortez credit for Amazon bailing on this, but I tell you this is all political BS talk of one side putting the blame on the other. NYC is crowded enough and the every day guy on the street simply did not want Amazon here to create even more kaos and congestion. As I said before, NYC has plenty of jobs available if you are willing to work. They don't need Amazon. Also, do you really think there would have been 25,000 jobs created at $150K salaries?? Even in NYC getting a job paying $150K or more is not a simple task. Plenty of people have been working there whole lives for a hell of a lot less and thinking that Amazon would just walk in and be giving out such salaries to 25,000 people right from the start is wishful thinking at best. Just seeing Cuomo and DiBlasio being given the middle finger here and not getting what they thought was a done deal is what is most satisfying here. About time that these two clowns are put in their place.
  7. I was in elementary school when this series was on TV. Kids were crazy about it although it never appealed much to me. It was a bit weird for my taste. Kids were doing karate moves all the time in school until one day the school principal over the school PA system told everyone that they needed to stop doing these KING (instead of KUNG) Fu moves before someone got seriously hurt. The entire school literally rocked with laughter when they heard him make that mistake. LOL
  8. This is all political BS. Yeah, there are unions in NYC, but plenty of non-union jobs also. Don't listen to what either side of the aisle is saying about this, they are both talking from their a$$es. The truth is that the majority of the working class NYC residents aren't shedding a tear that Amazon decided to go elsewhere. Non of these people wanted them here in the first place.
  9. Funny how many are thinking that this is a big loss for NYC and NYS, when it absolutely isn't. As Biz said, that area is extremely congested and Amazon setting up business there would only make things worse. Riding the subways is already like riding a cattle car. Plus, why the hell should NYS give a company like Amazon tax breaks while the rest of us get JACK? How much has Cuomo lowered our taxes? NYC has plenty of jobs if you want to work. Amazon setting up there wouldn't make any difference as far as adding needed jobs.
  10. steve863

    New world record non typical

    I'll send them both Valentine's chocolates if they'll shut up! LOL
  11. steve863

    New world record non typical

    I wish I had a dollar for every time FSW has said that people are "jealous" of him on this forum. Talk about the forum member get together we could all have with the money we'd have!! We could probably rent out a freaking convention center. LOL
  12. steve863

    If only it could talk........

    I don't know. Some of these old stands saw less action than one thinks. I know for a fact that hunters in general shot way less deer than they do today. Seems like more and better bucks get taken these days compared to years gone by and bag limits are more generous in many parts of the state compared to when you had party permits to shoot at a doe. I think for those who have the time to devote to it, the good old days of hunting are today. Some aspects of hunting were definitely better back then, but for the odds of actually killing deer, things are way better today in my opinion.
  13. steve863

    Social Security???

    I hear you. I can understand not collecting SS if you still choose to work, but some people retire and don't want to start collecting until later which to me at least doesn't make a lot of sense. Might as well take it when you are entitled. If you have other pension or 401K you are collecting at the same time and don't really need the SS, then just put the SS in the bank and save it for vacations, other things you want or your heirs. I surely don't want to leave it to the government if I leave this world early.