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  1. Tonka's Law - NJ Dog Killed

    I would have to agree. Allowing hunters to hunt closer to homes was probably an incident/accident just waiting to happen. Some bone head hunter out there was bound to screw it up for everyone. This is one reason I'd never hunt in a suburban environment where there are many houses close by. I don't care how many deer one could kill there. I just don't want to be too near to the rest of humanity when I am hunting. I prefer to be out of sight of as much as possible. What the rest of humanity doesn't see won't hurt them or us.
  2. Busted hunting on Staten Island

    I hereby nominate the above three posters to organize the deer hunt on Staten Island. They are too be fully responsible for all the logistics, red tape and BS that will surround such a hunt. They will also act as the hunters public relations representatives for this hunt in the biggest, most left-wing media market in the US. They will also act as lobbyists within the NYC council to make sure that such a hunt does not get blocked by the majority liberal politicians in NYC. This letter is hereby forwarded to the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation. Good luck boys, you will need it!!
  3. Busted hunting on Staten Island

    Bowhunting has never been very effective in significantly reducing deer populations where there are too many. Staten Island is nothing like Long Island or Princeton. Long Island has too many deer for sharpshooters to ever kill them all. It's too late on LI. You can kill all the deer in Princeton, and more will come in from surrounding areas since it's not and Island. Staten Island still has a small enough deer population for sharpshooters to be effective. They can most certainly reduce the herd significantly if not completely. And even if you had the odd deer swim over to Staten Island from NJ, it would take years for them re-establish. Yes, sharpshooters might cost some money, but it would be the quickest solution to the problem. Having bowhunters try to kill them off would take forever in comparison, and simply be a media circus hunters EVERYWHERE don't need.
  4. Patent for Hunting Product?

    Biz, would you go with Aaron Judge's picture on that??
  5. Busted hunting on Staten Island

    1 1960's isn't 2017. The best thing they could do on Staten Island is to get sharpshooters to shoot EVERY deer on the island. Honestly, no reason for them to be there. This is the ONLY viable solution to deer on Staten Island. Hunting will NEVER be opened there, so the sharpshooters are the only real solution.
  6. Patent for Hunting Product?

    Well, I'm out. Biz just emailed me his idea and I told him that the only way it would sell is if we put Aaron Judge's name and pic on it as endorsement and Biz said NO F-----G WAY!!
  7. Patent for Hunting Product?

    Biz, I can help you out. You can PM me your idea. How can we help you if we don't know what exactly you have in mind??
  8. Patent for Hunting Product?

    Talk to us. Biz, you don't trust us??
  9. Busted hunting on Staten Island

    Only a ticket for hunting in a no hunting zone? How stupid can someone be to actually think that there is a hunting season within NYC limits? You'd have to be pretty dumb, I tell you. Who in their right mind would ever want to hunt in a place like Staten Island even if they did open it to hunting (which will NEVER happen, I can assure you)? It would be a media circus of epic proportion. They'd have news cameras up your ass while you'd be climbing into your treestand. Anyone who would want to subject themselves to a hunt like that would be nuts, and probably would be safer locked up in jail with Bubba the sweaty inmate you'd be sharing a cell with!
  10. Nope, that ain't me. I don't smoke. However, I don't do a darned thing to eliminate any scent from my clothes. Those scent eliminating spray products would go out of business if all hunters were like me. I will admit to farting in my stand, and I will make NO apologies for it, so you can go ahead and pin the scarlet letter "S" on me for being a slob!! LOL
  11. Thanks Doc, I think that's the nicest thing you ever said to me! LOL
  12. Never heard that one before. Did you ever fart in your stand??
  13. Just for that I am writing my assemblyman and state senator in support of a bill that would allow the use of guns during the entire bow season!! And all guns during bow season will need to have the loudest available muzzle brakes installed. This way any deer that might be approaching a bowhunter will get scared off by the loud blasts of the gun hunters. How do you like them bananas??
  14. Then it just proves my point that it's mostly the fault of the boy scouts themselves. However, I wouldn't completely agree with you that it's millennial males who are running the organization. I don't have the stats, but I'd still say that there are more boy scouts troops in non-urban parts of this country in comparison to the more urban areas where millennial males are more likely to live. What made the more rural males to start thinking and acting like millennials if that is the case with the boy scouts?? Again, it would be no one else's fault but their own if they want to act and think like the typical millennials. It boils down to the same thing as if my kid became a drug addict and loser. Do I blame the rest of society for him becoming this, or do I blame myself for being a lousy parent, or maybe blame my kid for giving into temptation and not being able to keep his or her life straight? I don't think I'd be the one blaming the rest of society, when I am of reasonable enough mind to realize that the true reasons are most likely closer to home.