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  1. This country is the most drugged up nation under the sun. Every other commercial on TV is a drug commercial it seems. Prescription drugs are available for just about every ailment and most of these drugs have a laundry list of potential side effects yet it doesn't seem to stop people from popping them like candy. What I find funny is that many of those who are afraid of the potential side effects of the vaccine are the same people who have no problem taking these various prescription drugs. And many of these prescription drugs are needed by these folks because of bad life choices they've m
  2. It's a selfish world we live in. There is absolutely NO sense of civic responsibility anymore. People just want to bitch and complain about being forced to get vaccinated or made to wear a freakin mask. No sense of what might be best for society to get rid of this $hit once and for all. All people care about is themselves and it seems like most everyone these days is completely brainwashed by one political ideology or the other. If we had the same mentality as we do today during WWII the freaking world would have been taken over by the enemy. No question about that!!
  3. Not that I care about baseball or any sport anymore but I was curious to know this guys career numbers. He's a .211 lifetime hitter in 7 major league seasons. He's another Gary Sanchez. LOL He can hit a home run but makes an out every other time up. He's listed at 250 lbs so he's not even hitting his weight for his career. I can't see him being too valuable. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/g/gallojo01.shtml
  4. So what did I say that has you clowns freaking out here?? That I support law enforcement taking any action necessary when you have a mob destroying property be they BLM hoodlums setting state houses on fire or Trump supporter thugs breaking into the Capitol building. Did I hear any of you clowns supporting the same?? All I hear is birds chiriping and Bill talking out of his a$$. If that paints me as the bleeding heart liberal you think I am you all can honestly all go F&*K yourselves. I have better things to do than waste my time with a bunch of paranoid idiots.
  5. That's because you got karate kicked in the head one too many times, Bill.
  6. You assclowns can't accept reality, not me. Everything is left or right for you. Is that normal?? You tell me. Lets get back to the matter of your statement where you were condemning the Capitol police officer for killing that woman. I stand by my original statement that I have absolutely NO issues with police taking any actions necessary to protect state, federal, even private property including lethal force. I even encourage them to take whatever steps necessary to stop it. I don't care if they are BLM hoodlums trying to set state houses on fire or the Trump supporting clowns brea
  7. Where the F^&K are you coming up with that "I had no problem with multiple cities burning"?? You don't have a freaking clue what my opinion is and what I would have done to those baffoons. My only response was to a statement Grouse made. You obviously are another idiot like Grouse who will automatically lump anyone who doesn't agree with him as being on the left. I don't look at the world from the left or right, only what is right or wrong and who is an idiot and who isn't. I'll let you guess where I think you two belong.
  8. That's the best response you can come up with?? But, I'll do whatever it takes to stop you from posting even more of your BS, Grouse! LOL
  9. Where would it be unjustifiable for law enforcement to shoot down someone for trying to breakdown the doors and illegally enter a state or federal building? There were some Capitol police officers being assaulted outside the building at the very same time. What more justification do they need?? Should they just stand there and do nothing?? That sure as hell is NOT what you'd want cops to do if it were BLM members attempting the very same thing. Stop your BS, Grouse, please. You are only making yourself look even more screwed up than you are.
  10. Once again, Grouse, you are proving how screwed up in the head you are. If it were a BLM member trying to vandalize a state house somewhere you'd be OK with a police officer using deadly force if necessary in the name of freedom and liberty, right? This is my take on such matters. In my opinion a police officer has every right to use lethal force if necessary against BLM rioters trying to burn down private, city or state property and so does a Capitol police officer trying to stop a bunch of thugs from entering and vandalizing the Capitol. I don't play this idiotic political game some of y
  11. In your post above the disagree arrow was pointing at you, Bill. Does that mean we should all disagree with you?? Not being able to post pictures right side up can have it's disadvantages. LOL
  12. Bill, just tune into Grouse's posts and you'll hear the same drivel. First it was Mr VJP, then Rattler and now Grouse. I think they are all 2nd cousins. LOL
  13. Agreed! Something happened in the 90's and the ticks have been expanding ever since. I don't know if deer are to blame here. Not like there weren't any deer back then. There might have been even more than now in certain places. In NYS it seems like they first started getting out of control on Long Island and the counties just north of NYC on the east side of the Hudson river. These days they are just about everywhere in NYS although some areas are worse than others. It's really sad that one can't completely enjoy the outdoors these days without having to worry about these stinking pests
  14. I would think he'd have no choice other than to diversify into hosting other events and functions besides turkey hunting. Covid probably put a huge damper on that, too. Can't imagine he'll be attracting too many turkey hunting clients with the NY turkey population getting worse every year. His lodges hunting success rates are probably nowhere near to what they were in the 80's and 90's. NYS seems far from a turkey hunters mecca these days.
  15. Looks like the DEC posted the DMP chances for 2021. https://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/dmps2021.pdf
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