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  1. Had some business to take care of at Hampton Beach NH and thought it would be a good idea to treat the wife to a lobster dinner. Went to the lobster pound at the docks and picked up a 2 3/4 and a 3 lber for dinner. Wow the oceanfront was was really frothing out there spraying sea foam over the sea wall all over the road . Steamed lobster , baked asparagus and stuffed mushrooms . Iced tea for her and some Long Trail IPA for me
  2. Does this mean you are going to need a " double dose " each application ?
  3. You have to pick a black and a white one or else you will be labeled as a racist
  4. If your problem just appeared out of nowhere like that it might be just the fuel filter. Those small generators have a plastic tube gas filter inside the gas line under the gas tank . You will need to empty the tank to clean it. I bet its this tube filter and not the carburetor . The 1st vid shows you where it is and cleaning it but he doesn't show you how he took the 2 panels off to get to the filter. The second vid shows taking the 2 panels off to get to the filter and shows you where it is. but he doesn't take the filter out.
  5. The best " Return On Investment " you get from predator hunting and trapping coyotes is they are no longer out there eating the deer you want to hunt .
  6. Its not all the workers back but it's a start
  7. These are the best markers i have used . Bright Eyes . They are definitely the brightest and long lasting . I 've had some of these marking certain trails that are over a mile to the treestand . They have been on those trees for 15 years or more in some spots and are still shining . Some other brands are ok too . The Hunter's Specialties tacks and the HME are good. Just not quite as bright. You can find them at Walmart or Cabelas and Amazon .
  8. Just in case Steve863 is right that its a bomb prototype , make sure you are at least 300 feet back and behind a sheet of steel when you try it , to avoid getting hit by the shrapnel Im sure we will all be in the bleachers 1000 feet away cheering you on ! Go FL Go !
  9. I only used teflon tape once when sighting in my Encore with a new scope . Fired 9-10 shots . I cleaned the barrel every 2 shots by putting a patch over my brush and putting solvent on the back half of the patch. Didn't take the breech plug out until I got home . When I took it out to give the gun the full cleaning , the teflon tape was melted into all the threads. Had to get a wire brush to scrape the plastic out of all the threads . Took me 3 times as long to clean the breech plug than it did to clean the gun . Maybe it would of been ok for 3-4 shots but it sure made a mess with 10 shots . Never had a problem using grease and firing even more shots than 10 .
  10. Have you guys seen the new style muzzle loader from Traditions ? Thought I would post this article since there is another thread about greasing the breech plug. This muzzle loader doesn't have a breech plug. You slide just the bullet down the barrel that has a built in stop down the barrel. Then load the powder charge just like a single shot centerfire rifle. According to the article this is now a legal muzzle loader in at least 30 states and gaining momentum . Im sure all the other brand name manufactures will make a model to to utilize the FireStick .
  11. Talk about outside looking in ! This is almost as bad as when Saddam Hussein would watch CNN to know what positions our troops were being maneuvered to and what our battle plan was.
  12. Great job on the coyotes CHC . I cant believe how many of them there are now. Freakin Everywhere. That light brownish one in the 2nd picture looks like an old dog . I wonder how many deer that bastid chewed on before you gave it its last supper .