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  1. Beautiful Trout ! So in other words , you looked like a typical city slicker tourist gone fishin LOL
  2. Happy Birthday John ! Are you having " Lobster Pizza " with a candle in the middle instead of cake ?
  3. Thats a great combo Nomad ! First you quickly guzzle down the 3 beers then use the cans for targets LOL
  4. Remington has made an offer to the victims families of Sandy Hook . If this gets accepted by the courts and the families, just think of the consequences for every gun manufacturer and every firearms owner . It is now officially the " Guns Fault " and not the deranged shooter. I can picture the Biden Anti Gun Administration just frothing at the mouth to write up new gun laws of registration and mandatory insurance for every firearm owned . Then insurance companies will charge whatever they want to insure each firearm you own just in case the gun decides to slide out of your house at night to s
  5. Happy Birthday Mr BBQ ! Hope you cooked up a feast for yourself today !
  6. Chicken Kabobs with French string beans . My wife bought a bag of these string beans that you can steam them in the microwave right in the packaging . Well I found out why they call these things string beans. They tasted like well , String ! LOL Even buttering them couldn't bring them back to life
  7. Beautiful pics of a wonderful place Dino ! Hope you get another shot at that Biggun in the morning !
  8. Meanwhile , back at the NYC ranch , looks like another masked BLM or ANTIFA scumbag was short a few bucks and decided what was in this 68 year old's pockets belonged to him. Dont worry about him though. He will walk in and out of court with bail reform claiming to be the victim because he was a few buck short and needed it to buy his next drug fix . But its ok with the courts. After all its just some old guy with white privilege. No big deal , Right Lefties ?
  9. That Lobster Pizza looks absolutely mouth watering delicious .
  10. I just read that article and saw the term " Gun Violence " used 12 times . Not once did they use the term " Criminal " .
  11. I bought 2 of these 4 years ago . They works terrific . Very quiet and love the ability to swivel to each side without having to swivel the gun. Very comfortable and rugged but you need to set it up for your size and shape. The Dead Ringer brand has not been in stock for over a year. Only the chinese knockoffs are in stock. They might be ok https://www.amazon.com/Dead-Ringer-Hammock-Chair-Camo/dp/B008RSVIIK/ref=pd_ybh_a_41?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=64TQ0Y3048EAH9A3XNN7
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