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  1. Looks like the Mus stepped into " The Red Zone " and got hammered ! SPLAT !
  2. Wherever you read that was blowing smoke . Why would Browning stop making the best semi auto rifle ever made . As far as a Browning Bar 243 they offer it in the Browning Bar MK3 - Ovix , the Browning Bar MK3 Stalker , and the Browning Bar Mark III They discontinued offering the 243 , 7mm Rem Mag , and the 338 Win Mag only in the Browning Bar MK II Safari . As far as I remember I dont believe they ever offered the 243 in the other Browning Bar DBM models https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/rifles/bar.html?q=&prodLine=RIFLE&productionType=Current Production|Exclusive Availability|Shot Show&subbrandDesc=BAR&sortOrder=default
  3. I'm definitely checking the box and voting that its an " Ugly Gun " . But hey , thats why they make so many different kinds ! So there is something for everybody !
  4. Way To Go Big Guy ! Nice Birds !
  5. Wont hurt to try a turkey choke to see how much better it would be at that range or if you have a 35-40 yard shot
  6. Al , me looking at all this from a NH point of view , they are flinging all this bullcrap at law abiding citizens in NYS is strictly all about the money ! All these worthless fees are filling some politicians pockets ! Why do you need a pistol permit in order to buy a rifle ? They are nothing alike . Nobody has ever asked me for my pistol permit when I buy a semi auto rifle or any rifle . Sounds like the politicians just creating another roadblock .
  7. Why do you think Slick Willy and Witch Killery are still together after all his affairs and all her slimy money scams ? So They Can Keep An Eye On Each Other Because They Both Know Where The Bodies Are Buried And Where The Money Is Hidden !
  8. Believe what you want to believe and who to believe . Sure , if 20 trucks come in , and 19 of them have an 8 speed , and 1 is a 6 speed , I guess you can say that they have replaced both . I called my guy at Transmedic this morning and even he said that 85 percent of the ones he is replacing are the 8 speed transmissions in Chevy 1500's . The other 15 percent are 6 speed that either had normal wear and that reached over 165,000 miles or newer ones with less miles that were abused . Once in a great while one would come in with under 100,000 miles that was no good for some mystery reason unknown . But he said thats a freak incident. Certainly nothing even remotely close to average 70K miles. There is always a lemon out there in the millions of Chevy trucks sold. That doesn't mean the lemon is the norm. Every article I read points to the 8 speed is by leaps and bounds the problem baby. So far I haven't seen much about the 10 speed good or bad. But I guess no news is better that bad news
  9. Your friend is telling you a 1/2 truth . There isn't problems with all the 1500 transmissions . In 2016 Chevy changed over some of the transmissions in the higher end 1500 like the LTZ and the High Country models from a 6 speed to an 8 speed transmission . The 8 speed is the one thats having issues . not the 6 speed . In 2017 -2019 they put the 8 speed in all the higher end 1500's . I think now they are all 10 speed transmissions. I have a 2016 LT1 Dual Cab 6 speed with 52,000 miles and no issues. " What is the 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 transmission lawsuit? The class action lawsuit claims the its 8L45E and 8L90 eight-speed automatic transmissions in thirteen different GM vehicle models produced between 2015 and March 1st, 2019 are defective.Mar 23, 2023 " I had a 2005 Chevy 1500 Z71 that I bought new . I had to replace the tranny in 2017 with 173,000 miles on it . There is a tranny place here that is top notch called TRANSMEDIC . They replaced my tranny with a rebuilt for $2100 and it was good as new. I used that truck as my work and hunting truck. Didn't want to scratch up my newer truck on the logging roads in Maine LOL . I sold that truck in 2022 for $2500 with 231,000 miles on it A friend of mine just had his tranny replaced on his 2018 Chevy 1500 LTZ . It had 145,000 miles on it . Same place TRANSMEDIC for $2650 . Your buddy doesn't have a AAMCO shop does he ? They are Ripoff artists ! I dealt with them on my sons car when he was in college . The car had 140K on it .They quoted him $5,600 to rebuild the tranny on a 2001 Toyota Rav back in 2009 . I told them they were nuts ! I had the car towed to my guy for $250 . They rebuilt it for $2000 like brand new . So good that the car was past down to my daughter next , and then my youngest son who finally crashed it with 237,000 on it . Of all places , some $80,000 BMW crashed into him in a MacDonalds parking lot in the winter when he was sitting in the Drive-Thru line LOL
  10. Your posts fit your user name . Nothing But Junk ! You must live in LaLa Land ! I hear Mayor Adams is looking for places to drop off some illegals that need food and shelter . Why dont you take in 15-20 at your house on your dime. Thats if you have any money left after you pay off all your neighbors student loans . And if you have any funds left by some miracle , start filling the Strategic oil Reserve to replenish the 500 million barrels that Biden drained out of it. Oh Wait ! How are you going to do that when the same idiot shut down fracking and drilling ? maybe buy more from Russia and Venezuela and put 86,000 Americans with good paying jobs out of work ? Or maybe cut down our forests and put up Chinese Solar Panels and Wind Mills that produce less than 30 percent of what they claim ? Yea thats really smart ! Dont get me started the Carbon Credit Scam your idiot signed us up for . Skeleton Corporations run by foreign oligarchs are buying up forestland in Maine and New Hampshire to sell carbon credits to companies around the world . Im sure this is happening in NY also. This does ZERO for any of your so called scam " Climate Change " All it does is make a pile of politically connected thieves richer and the average person poorer which is most likely the end game goal. . I saw Piglosi being interviewed the other day praising how great of a job Biden is doing with the claim he created 15 MILLION new jobs ! What A Scam ! Do this yourself why dont you look up the graph of the US Labor Participation Rate for the last 15 years to cover even the Obama , Trump ,and Biden years in office . You will find that it slid downwards for 8 straight years with Obama while the numbers of people on welfare and food stamps soared during the same time frame. Then look at the Trump years. You would find that 5 million people climbed out of welfare and 4 million no longer needed food stamp assistance . The Participation rate climbed by 7 million . And then there was Covid and total shutdown that has now proven to have been the wrong thing to do. Thanks Fauci ! Is he one of your brilliant scientists you claim in your last meme ? Back to Piglosi's claim of the idiot Biden created 15 million jobs . Look at the graph. On the contrary. Biden is STILL 2 million jobs short from the statistics from January 2020. He hasn't created a single job in 3 years ! Because you let people go back to work doesn't mean you CREATED the job ! Your other climate scientists are even worse ! The real scientist who had nothing to gain pointed to the real cause of " climate change " in the 60's , 70's , 80's , and early 90's . Those scientist were warning us for decades what the real cause was. Deforestation In The World Most Sensitive Forests Of The World . The Amazon and Congo Rain Forests that take in 65 percent of carbon out of the air ! I could post 50 links to their studies and warnings . If you keep cutting them down , the more carbon stays in the atmosphere .They had it right until your hero Al Gore shut them up . Now he is making 100's of millions selling useless carbon credits while cutting down thousands and thousands of acres of rain forests mining Cobalt and Lithium . Hows that frozen battery car working for you ? like the thousands of stranded cars last week ? Im going to end this rant with one last note . I refuse to lower myself to a fools level to prove to them how foolish they are. I would be a fool thinking I could educate a fool . I will stay on higher ground. My apologies to FastEddie for the rant. And Junkman , you are entitled to your opinion even though its a foolish one .
  11. They are just comparing notes on the Does ! Veronica played hard to get but she was HOT and Trixie was pulling tricks on the young bucks !
  12. An interesting vid at the Burris plant on how a scope is made in the USA
  13. Wolc , I'm disappointed . I was waiting to hear that the customer asked " How much for the fresh squirrel ? " and the lady telling the customer " Thats a big one ! Gotta get at least $5 for it being big and a fresh drop right from the squirrel tree "
  14. This is all Bullchit from the Libs ! They did this same thing in California last year with the same type of commission to tally up what reparations would cost and who is eligible. they came up with some figure north of a Trillion . Then they silently scrapped the whole thing like it is still in some committee. Its all about trying to keep the blacks voting for Demorats since it came out that they are losing ground with them. They want to keep pushing out the narrative that they will never get their reparations check if they vote Republican. The Dems know this is never going to happen for a million different reasons even way beyond what the post above that " Hunter " posted .
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