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  1. This is the list of buyers for parts of the Remington assets . It could be looking bad for the 700+ workers at factory in Ilion NY . Remington is being sliced and diced. But nothing is final yet.
  2. Wiring ? When is the electric baseboard heat , stovetop burner , and fridge going in ? After you drywall or pine board the walls ? You running a cable for TV or are you going with a satellite dish so you dont miss the NFL games ? You aren't building this for hunting. You are building a place to go to escape from the wife ! jk with ya Lomax
  3. Very sorry for your loss . Your parents are together again smiling watching you carry the torch forward.
  4. If the barrel is a smoothbore dont waste your time trying out any saboted slugs. You would notice the slugs will hit the paper sideways. One brand you should try is Brenneke Rifled slugs. They were extremely accurate using them in my smoothbore barrels. Good luck with it
  5. Very nice ! Looks great ! I like the choice of mount. Looks like a 6500 series
  6. These 2 work just fine, and you dont need to go find CO2 cartridges . I only had to use it once and worked like a charm. My gun didn't missfire . Was sighting in with a bunch of friends yacking away and shoved the bullet down the barrel then realized I didn't put the powder in when the ramrod went all the way down and didn't stop .
  7. The wife and daughter wanted salmon fillets . Son wanted a porterhouse steak. And I was having a swordfish steak. Mix of zucchini, red peppers , brussel sprouts, carrots, and summer squash lightly coated with olive oil and spices and baked in the oven.
  8. Having salmon fillets and swordfish steaks on the grill tonite Picked up some Harpoon IPA for the occasion .
  9. Maybe thats the type of Supreme Court Judge you would of loved . Voted 4 times against your 2nd Amendment rights to own a firearm . Good riddens to him . I'm glad we never had a chance to find out what he would do as a Supreme Court judge
  10. What A Beauty ! Very nice TG ! Lots of delicious fillets on that monster !
  11. Wow ! This look like total devastation to the herd in those areas affected . Frost cant come fast enough to save the deer that are still healthy. If these are the ones that are found by one person looking , I cant even imagine how many others are out there that haven't been found
  12. The article only mentions 2 guns in his possession were recovered . Did you get all eight back ?
  13. Cuba and Olean Police caught the scumbag thieves stealing cars and guns ! I'll drink to that ! Cheers !
  14. Biden wont remember where he put the recipe for the cure. Heck , He wont even remember running for President never mind saying he would cure anything