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  1. Welcome Back TF ! Great looking mount and story ! Beautiful rack on that buck ! Happy to hear you didn't get hurt in the " Deer Crash "
  2. Maybe this one should go in the " Garden Thread " LOL
  3. What ! And one of his famous homemade gourmet dinners didn't come with it ? What a cheapo ! LOL
  4. Do you wait a week or so after spraying it before tilling it up ? I only waited a couple days after putting the moss killer on last time . Then it spread everywhere I tilled over time. I read the instructions afterward that said to wait 2 weeks before doing anything . So I figure I'm the one that spread it around before the chems had a chance to kill it.
  5. Question for all you " Lawn Gods " . How the heck do you get rid of lawn moss ! I noticed a couple years ago one spot on the side yard started getting it . Now it spread to 4 times the size. I put moss killer on it last year and it did help a little bit. But now its the worst its ever been. I've read to spray laundry detergent or dish soap mixed in warm water on it and it will kill it. The moss killer I used was 20 bucks a bag that only covered 300 square feet and realistically never got rid of it. Now the moss is probably covering 2000 square feet
  6. Happy Birthday ! I Hope That A Big Cake Gets Delivered To Your Lair ! Just dont eat the delivery driver ! LOL
  7. No ! The tax payers of the United States paid the bill .
  8. Looks like an exit hole of a bullet wound to me . Now if Belo could get another picture of the other side of the deer. Im not ruling out Fibroma but it just doesn't look like that to me. Zoom in on it and you will see a white spot in the middle of the brown circle. That would be the exit hole with the dried up shredded meat around it. Seen a few of these and shot a couple deer that had that same wound. They survive that one every time. Bullet goes in just above the spine and goes right through the meat just under the fatty layer . It takes quite a while for that wound to heal but it doe
  9. Hot Dogs ! This was our Go To bait when fishing just for Bullheads .And you dont have to grill the hot dog either ! LOL Depending on the size of the hook you are using, and how big the Bullheads are where you are fishing . We sliced them from 1/4 to 1/2 inch depending on hook size. We rigged the line with either a slip sinker above a snap swivel or barrel swivel with the hook on a leader , or you can just use some good size split shot weights if you are tying the hook directly to the line . The kitchen gloves is a great idea for keeping the stinky slime off your hands and helps
  10. Thats great Phade ! Quality time spent with your mom is precious no matter what things you do or where you decide to go . Have a great and memorable trip !
  11. Get A Camera On The Highway Intersection !
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