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  1. Pit Stop Night ! Tacos ! Everyone here is a moving target tonight . Figured something simple for the " Grab And Go " crowd would make life easier.
  2. By 11:40am I would either be napping or had a fishing rod in my hands LOL
  3. Saw on the news this morning where they showed the food pantry's supplying the illegal aliens . The shelves were " FULLY STOCKED " with baby formula and plenty more in the dry storage warehouse ! Meanwhile all the shelves were empty of baby formula for our citizens in every store within a 30 mile radius of the illegal's food pantry . Meanwhile Butt Plug Buttigieg who is in charge of logistics in NOWHERE to be found
  4. This was inevitable to happen and will keep happening . A friend of mine lives in north Jersey and tells me its insane . The majority of parents drive their kids to school now because bears are roaming freely down the streets past the bus stops . BLM 's ( Bears Lives Matter ) but not the residents or their kids . How sick can a Democrat Governor get ! Add this to his gun control so you cant carry a weapon to protect yourself and you have a disaster in the making . https://nj1015.com/black-bear-attack-mauls-woman-nj-sussex-county-lafayette/?fbclid=IwAR1Mu8lKx_xCQejYVhf5Hz59CRoJxLQMSNw6jx9k4Ji5MHadxRF7vGBv7gc
  5. Sending prayers for your brother to have a swift and full recovery F L
  6. Doesn't work for me either . When I click on the link you posted I get this : {"error":{"code":"EC-4008","requestId":"438902f0-d4e5-41e2-1c7c-800000011600"}}
  7. Happy Birthday ! Hope it was a great day for you !
  8. Looks like a young woodchuck .
  9. Do you have anything in the fridge , or are you going to have to go out and shoot something for dinner to cook over the campfire?
  10. Last nights leftover Pizza for breakfast ! Dont Laugh ! You have all done it and liked it !
  11. And you are still alive ? You must be in great shape and run pretty fast !
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