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  1. Actually I think he did a Great Job ! That taxi did way better than most on a bobcat . That cat looks alive like it supposed to look .
  2. It does actually . On the time frame videos when the line is green , its legal hunting hours . The red lines are night movement
  3. This is an interesting study on a PA buck titled " Life And Times Of Buck 8917 " They tracked him year round for 3 years . It shows where he went , where he bedded down ,and how he evaded hunting pressure through his planned escape routes by watching hunters movements . They never figured out how he died. But I suspect it was coyotes , even though the study was ruling it out . I could be wrong , but I think hunting season was over in PA when he died . The only other guess is it could have been from a late season bullet wound weeks earlier that finally did him in . Read it and come up with your theory . https://www.deer.psu.edu/the-life-and-times-of-buck-8917/
  4. Sorry Al , but I cant come up with a single reason or scenario where that thing would be beneficial to anyone . I sure as heck dont want to be dragging that chair through the woods . It sure doesn't even look comfortable to sit in like Hueyjazz mentioned , and it sure looks like it would be a wobbly mess on any type of ground . If someone bought this thing , I'm sure it would be a prime candidate for the " Bad Purchases " thread . Although it might work in its own funky way as a deer cart . But I'm not lugging my cart everywhere I go
  5. Im going to stay out of this thread before somebody sneezes on me . This is " The Sick Ward "
  6. Cant he switch back to his old email that is recognized or do the same thing Cynthia did making a new account on Tapatalk ? Love to hear the story on that monster !
  7. Found this one Says they are in Liverpool in your county https://www.unitedbloodtrackers.org/tracker-info/?user=564 Paulene Eggers Liverpool, NY 13088 Home Phone: 315-575-5718 Cell Phone: 315-575-5718 Retired Police Officer, outdoor enthusiast who loves fishing, hunting and tracking. Certified hunter safety Instructor for NYS-DEC. I have wire haired Dachshunds and I service Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Cayuga and Cortland Counties in the State of New York
  8. I was at a tagging station in Maine when this guy brought a Doe in . I couldn't help asking him what he shot that deer with because the hole on one side was as big as a baseball . Guy says thats the exit hole from his 270 using that exact same round . 140 grain Ballistic Silvertips . They are brutal . If I remember right , he said he shot it at 65-70 yards out in a cutting .
  9. Cooking a Turkey in the Showtime Rotisserie ! Serving it with mashed potatoes, butternut squash and garlic bread. One hour to go and then its Stuff My Face Time !
  10. Heal up quick Cynthia ! There is a big buck out there just waiting for you ! hope you feel better soon !
  11. It might effect it slightly because you are shooting at higher velocity . Here is a good article for you to read about accuracy and bullet drop using 100 grains compared to 150 grains . I mentioned the 4 inch drop on the deer I shot at 145 yards . This article has it at 5 inches at 150 yards using 2 pellets . But the bullet drop using 3 pellets is only 1/2 inch difference at 150 yards . The big difference comes after 150 yards . The 2 pellets at 200 yards has a drop of 18 inches and 3 pellets has a 9 inch drop . If you want less than 9 in drop you have to sight in 1 to 2 inches high at 100 yards to get maybe a 3 to 4 inch drop at 200 yards . This is basic sight in strategy . The interesting part I found in the article was bullet performance between the 2 different loads talking about wound channels . Before you jump into using 150 grains or 3 pellets , make sure you check your manual to see if your gun is rated to fire a magnum load . My Encores are 50cal Magnum barrels . Some muzzleloaders are not recommended to shoot over 100 grains . https://www.grandviewoutdoors.com/big-game-hunting/whitetail-deer/muzzleloader-loads-100-vs-150-grains
  12. If you want to shoot 200 yards , yes . Use 3 pellets . Thats what all the guys I know use that want to shoot 200+ yards . And they do very well with it . The longest shot I've made with my Encore was 145 yards . I aimed at the top third of the chest and hit dead center on the deer . Maybe a 4 inch drop . But the bullet was on its way down . I use 2 pellets .
  13. I dont believe your issue is crud at all . Everyone I know who shoots out to 200 yards are using 3 pyrodex or triple 7 pellets . I think sbuff's calculation of 16 inches low is right on the money or actually a little on the short side. I would of expected to a bit more than 16 inches low .
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