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  1. Thanks everyone ! Unfortunately it wasn't a very good one . Morning started off great with the usual calls from my hunting buddies giving me the ribbing . Then about 10:30am my mom calls . My B Day is the 13th and hers is the 18th, so we are making plans for a family GTG dinner in between to celebrate both . Mom turned 89 on Monday . We got her an electric scooter which got delivered that morning that I was in process of putting together . My brother calls me at 12pm . I figure he is calling me to make sure the scooter was delivered . Instead he is frantic and in panic mode telling me my mom tripped over a threshold and now being rushed to the hospital in excruciating pain. So I rush to the hospital an hour away. And thats where I have been since . She broke her femur bone in 2 places and jammed the ball inter the hip socket . They operated on her on Thursday and put a titanium rod in and screwed everything else together . They moved her yesterday to rehab . That was her B Day present. She is actually handling the pain better than expected . Maybe better than I would ! LOL . But still , she has high anxiety with every movement . Unfortunately has to go through this to get her mobility back. Thanks for reading , and hope all is well for all of you.
  2. Happy Birthday Eddie ! Have A Great Day ! Here's To You On 82 !
  3. First of all , I want to say I like both you guys , so this is not an attack on either of you . But I have to say you are both wrong on these posts .As you know I am an outsider from New Hampshire looking in . We dont have these bullchit laws up here . So this is how I see these new laws and fees and how you are both wrong . Grouse : You said the $2.50 fee that the gun shops are "allowed " to charge wont cover their expenses . Sorry , but the real law says that the $2.50 fee for ammo and $9 fee for gun purchase backround checks is NOT being charged by the gun shop . It is being charged by the State ! The gun shop gets ZERO for the extra work of the sale and record keeping of ammo purchases. There should not be ANY extra fees charged by the shop for gun purchases since they are required to keep those records by law anyway regardless if its for the State Police or the ATF . This article spells out the State fees https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/local/new-york/gun-dealers-wait-nys-new-gun-ammo-background-check-policies/71-737136fa-4fd5-4faa-85f1-68d1f680b8f9 DirtTime : After reading what I wrote to Grouse , I ask you to , since the gun shop is NOT being compensated for the backround checks , do you think that they deserve some kind of compensation for their work ? Just think as a business owner for a second about this scenario . Before you could walk in put a box of ammo on the counter and pay for it and leave . Now you will walk in , put your ammo on the counter , you have to fill out a form , the clerk has to enter your info or call it in. You have no idea if its going to be delayed or instant response by the system . So if you are delayed ( which I expect a ton of them will ) what happens to the ammo ? The clerk has to take it and put it aside somewhere for possibly 3 days. Just like a delay with a gun purchase. So now what. You have a room full of ammo boxes with slips on them keeping track of who it is for when they get the green light for the sale. On top of that , they have to keep perfect records of who is buying what and when they bought it. Dont forget , these are not higher margin gun sales. It would take at least 20 to 30 boxes of ammo sales to make the same amount of money as selling ONE new mid priced to above average priced firearm. I was told the profit margin on those is 20 to 30 percent and ammo is 10 to 15 percent . So instead of the paperwork for one sale , now they have to deal with 20 times the paperwork for the same money, and possibly handle that box of ammo TWICE if there is a delay . So what does it realistically cost that shop to do all these ammo sales . Lets say on a busy day they sell 50 boxes of ammo to 50 different guys . If it only takes 5 minutes extra to file all this bullchit for each sale , it would take someone 4 to 5 hours to enter all the info on a comp plus file the paperwork in a cabinet . That clerk could of been doing something more useful , like stocking shelves or talking with customers wanting to buy a new gun. Last I remember you have to keep the paper copies for everything that involves a backround check forever. A busy store is going to need additions to store all those new file cabinets for all this bullchit paperwork . I have bought a few guns on Gunbroker and had it shipped to FFL dealers here in NH . The fees they charged to do the transfers has been 20-30 dollars per gun . But if any shop tells me they are going to charge a fee of 30 dollars for a box of ammo , I would walk out and never to return . To cover the cost to do this paperwork for the shop is about 2 dollars based on the 5 hours of clerk filing time . I can see a shop charging either 2 bucks a box or 5 bucks a transaction if you are buying at least 3 boxes at a time. If you bought 5 boxes or more they might not charge a fee at all . Who knows . It is still all chaos right now.
  4. A smaller bear than the ones in Water Rats pics liked your work . LOL
  5. I think FL is pretty darn close on the weight guesses . But Im going to add some . The 1st one ( 6/16/23 ) I think it is 205 -215 lbs dressed , The second one (6/6/23 ) is 305 -320 lbs dressed . I've seen enough of them weighed in up in Maine . They always weigh more than they look.
  6. Its great advice on the savings buying the 10 percent and mix your own . I have done it for a few years. I actually make mine just a bit stronger at .6 -.7 percent than the .5 percent pre-mixed Sawyers. I just use the old Sawyers spray bottles to apply it . I wear mostly coveralls for hunting. I give the outside a complete heavy dose at the beginning of the season , and a light spray after 2 washes even though they claim its good for 6 washes . I spray inside up to the knees, inside the sleeves from both ends , and the inside both the back and chest area. You really do not need to dip your base layers in it. I do spray the inside of my boots also . I talked to Sawyers a few years ago to ask them how long the shelf life was for Permethrin. They said 5 years . They also gave me a recommendation on how to wash and dry the treated outfits . Turn them inside out. Especially if you are putting them in the dryer . They claimed that tumbling them in the dryer will wear down the layer of Permethrin when the outfit rubs on the hot drum. Makes sense so I do it. They also said that once a tick makes contact with the Permethrin for 15 seconds, it can no longer bite you. It is neutralized . I've gone through some small pines and high bush blueberries and see 3-5 ticks on me . Its actually entertaining to watch them scramble . After maybe 10-15 seconds they start lifting their legs like they are walking on hot coals . They scramble and fall off shortly afterwards. They will be dead within a couple hours ! . Its nice knowing you are a tick killing machine walking through the woods. LOL One last thing I will warn you about if you are going to mix your own . Permethrin is scent free . But dont make the mistake of buying PETROLEUM BASED Permethrin !!!!! Make sure you are buying the WATER BASED version or you are going to ruin your hunting clothes and smell like diesel fuel !!! Any mix above the 10 percent is petroleum based . Some of the brands make the 10 percent in both petroleum based and water based. Make sure you get the right one !
  7. Way To Go Eddie ! Congrats !
  8. Eating all that " Fast Food " is probably what killed him anyway , so he is buried in the right place .
  9. You will do just fine up there. Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 are the gifted ones . Big woods , with lots of big bulls roaming them. Good Luck !
  10. Go Gettem Big A !!! What zone did you draw a tag in ?
  11. Happy Birthday Grampy ! The Countdown Begins ! 6 Months To Go till its " Show Me The Money Time ! "
  12. Sorry AL I just had to do this LOL The chicks are ready for their ne wardrobe LOL
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