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  1. Helmet for Sale - Visor un-used
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  2. To each his own I guess. I for one don't miss the non stop name calling, trolling, and general nastiness the so called "controversial" ex-members displayed against anyone they determined to be outside their clique. Talk about spinning the narrative. Let's remember what really happened here. For the past several years, throughout Trump and Covid, the Trump haters and self proclaimed medical experts spewed their utter nonsense and attacked anyone who did not bow to their expertise and infinite knowledge. So how did that all work out for them? How much of their expert medical advice and opinion related to Covid prove to be correct? How is the country doing now with Orangeman gone? Quite a bit of egg on the face! Well that is if the egg shortage is over. As far as I'm concerned; the "site" became a convenient excuse for a select mouthy few to bail out and drag any supporters with them, before having to face the music for being revealed for being so wrong on so much. It was like someone breaking wind in the supermarket aisle then running to the other aisle. But then again, what the hell do I know? Like everything else I was told was not really happening over the past 3 1/2 years, it's probably just another conspiracy theory. I would suggest this site is a lot more accepting of differing opinions now than it was prior to the exodus. From the way it looked to me, nobody "ran away" for fear of expressing their opinions. They talked about how bad this site was, that it was going to fail or disappear, and how great things would be once they all met at their new promise land. They chose to leave. Let's not now rewrite history and turn them into victims!
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