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  1. I haven't seen any Robins this winter . I have had 5 male cardinals and 3-4 female cardinals at different times in the past few days . Also the Blue Jays have been showing up .
  2. If the hunter shaming continues , someone is going to get a vacation .
  3. Why do you even care . At least he isn't shooting them on a deer farm .
  4. Following the Bills loss , the City of Buffalo moves to ban all coins .
  5. Happy Birthday to Both of you ! have a great day ............
  6. The friend has cash and can make the deal . If you go with the niece and boyfriend , they could botch the deal and leave you high and dry .
  7. One of you big spenders should step up and buy the site and get the Mods you want .
  8. This is rather true A Good Explanation Of Politics A Russian Jew was finally allowed to emigrate to Israel. At Moscow Airport customs found a statue of Lenin in his baggage and asked, "What is this?" The man replied, "'What is this?' Wrong question, comrade. You should have asked, ' Who is he?' This is Comrade Lenin. He laid the foundations of socialism and created the future prosperity of the Russian people. I am taking it with me as a memory of our dear hero." The Russian customs officer let him go without further inspection. At Tel Aviv Airport the Israeli customs officer also asked our friend: "What is this?" He replied, "'What is this?' Wrong question, sir. You should be asking 'Who is this?' This is Lenin, the bastard who caused me, a Jew, to leave Russia. I take this statue with me so I can curse him every day." The Israeli customs officer said, "I apologize, sir, you are cleared to go." Settling into his new house, he put the statue on a table and to celebrate his immigration he invited his friends and relatives to dinner. One of his friends asked, "Who is this?" He replied, "My dear friend, 'Who is this?' is the wrong question. You should have asked 'What is this?' This is ten kilograms of solid gold that I managed to bring with me without paying any customs duty and tax." MORAL: Politics is when you can tell the same BS in different ways to fool a different audience and allow you to look good in every situation.
  9. I became a Bills fan back in the days of Joe Ferguson . Fans got mad when Joe would shake his head in disbelief when a receiver would drop a pass . Fans didn't mind Jim Kelly hollering at his receivers when they dropped a pass .
  10. The Rams are doing great against the Bucs . But , Brady has pulled off a lot of comebacks .
  11. If the Bills win , it wil help the sales of folding tables !
  12. You can wrap the Heat Tape around the pipe for better coverage . Just DON"T wrap the tape over itself . I haven't used one in several years but I recall the tapes had a tab at the end that would glow so you knew it was working . This is just one example of a Lowe's Heat Tape . There are different sizes . https://www.lowes.com/pd/EasyHeat-AHB-6-ft-42-Watt-Pipe-Heat-Cable/1069433
  13. Put a heat tape on the water pipe under the trailer ( from where the pipe comes out of the ground to where it goes into the trailer ) . The tapes come in different lengths . Get the right size . What ever you do , do "NOT" wrap the tape over itself !
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