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  1. I mowed lawns and weeded when I was 13 . At 14 I worked in a Market Basket Store doing various jobs . The I worked at Kelley Brother's Nursery in Dansville for 2 summers . I had to hitchhike both ways (13 miles and I walked almost half each way ) . Left home 2-3 hours early . After I graduated ,( the summer before leaving for USMC Bootcamp ) I worked at a small grocery store in Dansville . After one week , the owner gave me the key to the store and said to open up the store in the am . He told me how to pay the bills when deliveries were made . I always had a summer job .
  2. In that case I will wear my "Hunting NY" shirt so you can spot me .
  3. We intended to do a tour earlier but Covid put a stop to that . WE go Shannon Airport , Limerick, Clifden, Sligo, Belfast, Dublin, Waterford, Kinsale, Killarney and back to Limerick . The tour pretty much circles the Island . Full Irish breakfast every day and 6 3 course meals .
  4. Since none of our 5 children decided to do anything for our 60th wedding anniversary which is June 30 , we decided to spend some of their inheritance . We signed up to go on a 13 day tour of Ireland . That will take place in September and get us back a week before Bow Season opens .
  5. I will be 81 this coming Bow Season . Why would I invest in a new bow at that age ...... I will be ready with my Ben Pearson bow by October 1st .
  6. Thanks but , what I do works for me . I am a firm believer in - If it works , don't fixit !
  7. It's a Ben Pearson TX-4 . I don't recall the year but it's a deer killer .
  8. I am a folder .......
  9. I did the same routine last year . Lowered the poundage and worked it back up during the summer months . I feel more confident at 60# and that got me a buck last season .
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