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  1. Did that mess up the threading on the barrel ?
  2. Whichever one of my sons can get down undetected will ride his ATV near the other stands . The deer will move and we can get down . This works quite well .
  3. Kansas F&G Commission bans trail cameras on Public Land https://www.fieldandstream.com/hunting/kansas-fish-and-game-commission-bans-trail-cameras-on-public-land/?utm_term=FAS - 031723&utm_campaign=Field %26 Stream_Newsletter&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email
  4. I wore a lot of green while in the Marine Corps ..........
  5. A video with Dan Schmidt from Deer and Deer Hunting ............
  6. We would have been there but we got Covid at the end of the Ireland Tour and had to be confined to our hotel room . Ireland is a beautiful country .
  7. Condolences to you and your family Pygmy ........
  8. Darned time change . Had to go around and fix all my clocks today .
  9. My oldest son has a camp in Italy Valley . There is a steep trail up the hill and it has water bars . They can be pretty tricky . I almost flipped my ATV over backwards going up the steep hill and over the water bars . The basket on the back kept me from flipping over but scared the heck out of me . Once up the hill , there are fire lanes that go across the hill . His property was logged about 15 years ago .
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