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  1. Kamala aka "The Giggler" would be worse . Did I say that ? Worse than Joe ? She would no doubt be a puppet for the left .
  2. Sorry for your loss . Over the past 70 years , I have had to have 2 dogs and 2 cats put down . The animals become just like family and it hurts to have that done . The 2 cats and one of the dogs were cremated and we have their remains on our fireplace mantel . I still miss them .
  3. Doc , you should make a trip to Alabama and check it out for us . Git 'r done !
  4. https://rochesterdemocrat-ny.newsmemory.com/?publink=0e977aa9c_134d36d
  5. No , but I remember when I was a kid that some guys would go to Nunda and Tuscarora to catch rattle snakes and sell them .
  6. Just think . If the Brittish had won , we would all be speaking English !
  7. Happy Independence Day !
  8. View from a double chair blind . Bipod is for the crossbow or shotgun .
  9. Take a seat pad when you use the double chair blind as it is quite uncomfortable without one in the blind .
  10. Sometimes when I wake up early , I look at my wife and think , Damn is she lucky !
  11. I have two of them . One would be too crowded for two people . Even though it has some small windows on the sides , you are rather restricted to shooting straight out in front of you and you need fairly level ground . It's okay for gun or crossbow but not with a compound .
  12. Today , June 30 makes 62 years that the love of my life and I have been married for 62 tears . My wife is soooo lucky !
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