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  1. When your target buck pays off the beaver ...........
  2. Wow ! Looks like a great deal for someone ............
  3. I went to the ATV shop here in Ontario to get a battery for my 2008 Honda Rancher . They didn't have one so I went to the NAPA store . They had a battery that was shorter and the terminals were different so I passed on that . I then went to Advance Auto and they had the correct battery . 5 years ago I paid $89 fo a battery . Today I paid $151 thanks to Bidonomics ....... Changed the battery and while I was at it I changed my 2 year old spark plug . The ATV is ready to go !
  4. So , if you shoot a turkey on October 15 and get pulled over , you can say that you went by the Regulations Booklet ?
  5. I like these Cuddelink cameras . The cameras are 50 miles away and send pics to my e-mail addresses .
  6. I gave all my aluminum arrows a long time ago . I killed several deer with them .Nothing wrong with the arrows . Just decided to change .
  7. I had one of those rope hoists in the garage . It was hard to control and it didn't always catch right like it was supposed to . I bought a 2500# battery operated winch and installed it which made the job easier . Now , both of my sons that hunt have installed winches . I made a video several years ago .
  8. Thank you everyone .............
  9. I would give it a pass ............
  10. Would you put this deer down or leave it alone ?
  11. With the Bandoleer belt around his waist , it looks like he planed to do a lot of shooting .
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