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  1. Less than a thousand dollars for the cheapest one . What happens if the battery goes dead . Handicap hunter stuck in a tree .
  2. I had an ex Sheriff's Deputy tell me to do this ...........
  3. If you plead not guilty , the prosecutor most likely will offer a reduced violation . Usually a failure to obey some other traffic violation . They don't want to go to court . It will still cost the same as the speeding ticket plus a state surcharge . No points on the license . Been there - Done that .
  4. Trump stepped up to the plate
  5. I gave away a few boxes of the Remington 22 cal Thunderbolts a few years ago before the ammo shortage . It was the worst 22 ammo ever as it would dirty up the action of my rifle and pistol . Went with federal and Winchester 22 ammo .
  6. Okay , got it . Maybe someone can find the video with Closed Caption .
  7. John Wayne and Randolph Scott ..........
  8. Sometimes when you check in to an existing Internet Account , you have to check a box showing that you aren't a robot . Then there is a "captcha" code that you have to type in and it is almost impossible to read the letters & numbers . I have gone through this ridiculous process a few times .
  9. My oldest son lives on Boughton Hill Road between Rt 64 and West Bloomfield Road . My DIL said they heard the crash from their house .
  10. Don't try this ............
  11. Henne was looking pretty good when he came into the game to replace Mahomes . Maybe he will be in a new State Farm commercial .
  12. It was a BAD missed call . The Touchback rule needs to be re-addressed . That seems pretty dumb the way it is now .
  13. I bought a Dyson Ball vac for the house after my wife gave up on the Roomba she had purchased and hated . It was named Bob and would get stuck in a few places .
  14. But Crissy said Tucker doesn't miss ! Most accurate kicker in NFL history .
  15. The hard ones are when they have you type in the numbers / letters you see . Almost impossible . Sometimes they play tricks with what you see in the picture squares .
  16. Sounds like a great deal . Surprised no one has grabbed it yet .
  17. Finally --- Congrats on the sale .
  18. I didn't see that any where . I would have more faith in Antonio Williams than Yelden .