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  1. Looking at the morning forecast for Geneseo . It's forecasted to be 27 degrees at 7am . Dayum , that's gun hunting weather . I will hunt the am but want to be home by 4pm for the rug rats on Halloween .
  2. I bought my winning ticket .......... Git 'r done . It's for a good cause .
  3. It sucks to be me . Went to Geneseo . Trimmed a couple of spots for potential blinds . Went back to my car and put on my camo gear and headed for a stand in the willow tree near the pond . Sat from 3 - 6 pm . Saw a doe and later a buck at a distance . No shot . It was cold and I was glad when the day ended .
  4. From the Crossbow Regulations ------- Crossbows may also be used to take deer or bear during limited portions of bowhunting seasons as follows, provided that the hunter possesses the muzzleloading privilege: During the last 14 days of the early bowhunting season in the Southern Zone; During the last 10 days of the early bowhunting season in the Northern Zone; this includes the 7-day early muzzleloader season in the Northern Zone; Only Bow/Muzz tags, DMPs or DMAPs may be use during these times.
  5. Two of my sons and myself have the Savage 220 . Love it ! I still haven't gotten use to the trigger .
  6. I knew that ........... but I couldn't see it's teeth .
  7. I haven't shot my 12 gauge in several years . I am saving my slugs and turkey loads for the Apocalypse . I only need the 20 gauge when hunting in Monroe County .
  8. Still trying to figure out what a "snuggle tooth" is ......
  9. I wonder if that deer was hit by a vehicle and pushed along the road to rip it open and break it's leg . Or possibly it didn't get out of the way of a corn harvester .
  10. It's the hunter's choice . Looks like a fairly hefty spike .
  11. I agree with a couple of the above posts . Hunter Shaming will not be tolerated on the site . I deleted part of blackbeltbill's post but not the responses with his original post . Not everyone is a super hunter and shouldn't be chastised for their hunting accomplishments or lack of ........
  12. I have a bow similar to the one fludwig171 is selling . It was given to me by an associate pastor who use to Bow Hunt . Other than some numbers on the limbs , I don't see any other info . I think he said it's a Fred Bear Robin Hood but I don't think Fred Bear liked the introduction of any type of compound bow . Someone please buy the bow so I can lock this up !
  13. Are you becoming an overzealous member ? $60 sounds like a good bargain !
  14. Natthalkopper is gone already ..............
  15. You need to post a price or the thread gets removed .
  16. I am 79 years young but haven't installed a ladder stand alone in 2 years . I haven't had the need to . I fasten a rope on each side of the seat platform , shimmy the ladder up the tree , secure the stabilizer to the tree , criss-cross the ropes behind the tree and tie the ropes to the ladder . Then I climb up and ratchet strap the seat platform to the tree . Not really hard to do .
  17. No wonder i'm not seeing deer in the woods !
  18. Went to Geneseo to give it a try . It was misty early in the am . Was in my stand by 6:40 . Cold and breezy . Never saw a thing all day . My son , Nick , was in a stand a couple hundred yards from me in a woodsy area with cat tails . He had a spike go by him at 15 yards and never drew on it . Waiting for the Big Guy . Anyway , around noon , Nick went to the woods and sat . I had gotten down and did a little stalk just to warm up . Got back in the stand and sat some more . Nick called me around 3:30 and said he ached all over so we packed it up and left . The high light of the day was meeting Culvercreek Hunt Club . I stopped by to purchase a winning lottery ticket .
  19. Some people on the left are so low IQ they think that coyote in reference to human smugglers is this
  20. Are you going to leave the screen mesh up ? It can be done with Fixed Blades .
  21. Are you freakin serious??? So after leaving the drive thru today, I took my sandwich out of the bag and I see THIS!! Seriously? Oh not today, not today!! I went back to the restaurant, went INSIDE (already fuming), asked to speak to the manager and then threw the sandwich on the counter. I asked him for an explanation. He looked confused, so I pointed at the writing on the sandwich and demanded that he tells me why someone felt the need to write it on my sandwich. He answered, "because you ordered a BLT with cheese??” To which I replied “Oh”