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  1. Had to call in some backup to put the smack down on probably 6-700 birds that tore up some new Wheat seeding for two days before they got thinned out. Like 77 birds were reduced from those flocks.
  2. That’s pretty much it. Breast out and Jerky
  3. Took out a few of the rats that would not stay out of the new seeding Wheat field.
  4. Now you will see him as a 2yr old and take him out.
  5. Good deal. New Hunter and a mature animal. As it should be.
  6. Thanks for kicking off the new season with an updated post. This will be filled over the season
  7. Can’t handle the heat or rush that would go with this early season hunt. I don’t hit it much myself until Halloween. Only after a certain model and that gets twice as hard burning up your spots before the timing is perfect. Good for starting out some new hunters with the warm temp’s.
  8. They will clear up. As long as it’s not hindering it’s eyesight it will pass.
  9. Exactly. Fun to do for a day or two….like fishing stocked trout.. but the money spent would be better used for long term fixes. Not feeding the local vermin.
  10. Did mine back in June. They know exactly what gun one buys with all the registration crap. Yet they continue to make us jump thru hoops on their demand.
  11. Bingo! And put the money into habitats even if it’s only on certain state owned lands until they get a foothold and they branch out from there. Put and take like stocked trout does very little if anything to help. Yes it lets a guy take his dog for a day or two if they can fight off the others at the free giveaway release site. Before they all become vermin lunches.
  12. That guy does some crazy cool stuff without a doubt. Puts a new spin on things.
  13. Yeah. We see the 10-12 that line up for the easy killing the first day or two and never to return. Massive Waste.
  14. Yeah, That’s doing the new hunters a great service. Let’s show them a bird that’s not smart enough to run or fly away. Read any real program on releasing birds and they all show that it does nothing. The only reason guys go is because it’s so easy to get the stupid birds….just the way they continue to make the world…the same reason people jump all over creeks the get trout stocked. Put the wasted money into making land that the bird can get a foothold and survive on its own and have real birds that can survive and flourish. Like the Turkeys did.
  15. The stocking of pheasant is not bringing in new hunters by any numbers just as big game is not. Stupid is stocking a bird that can’t survive and raise their own numbers after release. 3/4 of released birds are nothing but supper for vermin in air and on ground. Huge waste of money.
  16. Yeah I get to see how wild they are around here at release. Most of released birds get ate by vermin in both air and in ground. The stocking of pheasants has a very small part of bringing in any kind of new hunters in todays world. Which is true in both big and small game. Huge waste of money stocking a bird that can’t raise its own numbers after being released.
  17. And a waste of money stocking birds that half or more will become vermin bait.
  18. The ones direct to cell phone I would tend to agree. The others where you have to check the card and advantage for sure but shooting a bullet a mile is also. Technology is not always good. I check my herd with a drone and can do crazy things with that.
  19. Yeah I guess so. We are all living how bad it was back when Trump was in power. I just lived it again today at the store and fuel pump. There is nothing better in anyone’s life today compared to 4 years ago. Every aspect of life cost more and is now 3 times more dangerous. Take a special kind of stupid to vote anything left. Hope everyone’s kids are still the same way god made them before they started school last year. Schools know… You, not so much. Sad.
  20. See the problem you two have is that you can’t stand when someone calls out your bullshit. I will disregard any idiot that comes firing at me anytime and anywhere. Don’t need big balls for anything. When either one of you can match what I put on this hunting site that is related to the site then we can talk. Until then your useless banter is just that. Meaningless.
  21. When you show you can match anywhere near the size of the deer I take yearly maybe I will take ya seriously. Or maybe the limits of waterfowl day in and day out or maybe some vermin taking yearly or spring Tom tags filled as the norm. Your words are nothing but banter. Talk about put up or shut up. Show someone your some kind of outdoorsmen. Hell even Bill throws up the Jake he took this year.
  22. You mean I post everything an Outdoors would on a hunting site. For oh about 15 years now. Top Deer, Ducks,Vermin, Food Plots, Farming and on and on. Guess you don’t get around much on these pages all these years. Take Gramps and that fire somewhere where someone cares. As all can see, We do just fine.
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