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  1. Your probably right but the democrats know damn well the support Trump had when he had peoples lives good will be tripled after this 5 year fiasco. Trump will fill stadiums when he speaks.
  2. Yeah. Even after he fixes everything back to normal for the American people. If Trump gets back in there you watch how fast that democratic swamp gets drained after these 5 year F-up’s. Retirement will be coming from all corners
  3. When Trump or actually any Republican gets back in there and changes things back to where they should be I wonder if the Democratic supporters will still say it has nothing to do with a president?
  4. Took away the fact that the slaughter of the useless vermin needs to continue at all cost.
  5. Made it down to Letchworth this weekend to pick up a camera and stand leftover in the Archery only zone from last fall. Over 1300 pic’s and Batteries still taking pics when I pulled it. $20 camera getting the job done. Pic’s of a couple keepers.
  6. Bingo. And I’m sure they have some age on them. Try to move them along to some sportsman that’s known to the seller and call it a day. The less the Govt knows about weapons owned by a Ny’er….So much the better.
  7. This explains a whole bunch.
  8. That’s a Great story. And the storyline has shown itself that we have a great number of new hunters and we have a majority of hunters that are now passing those pencil necked yearlings holding out for a more mature buck which will most likely bring more inches of diamonds on his head. A few have always denied it but hunting Whitetail’s is about the diamonds he carries. Yes some will be killed for meat and all of the pretty stuff that goes into the big picture of the hunt but most are not waking up in the morning in hope of seeing and harvesting the pencil necked spike buck.
  9. Lol. Well now look what you went and did. Now we can here how my wife and kids enjoy it so much better and the taste..The taste is just out of this world. Well maybe that will save that next BB from running into a buddies car so it’s all good. After the first couple years hunting or a guys last couple years ever being able to harvest one of these great animals I just can’t fathom the lack of feeling of slugging a 4-5 month old baby. Maybe I’m the crazy one.
  10. Farm animals don’t count. This shows the start of a 2 year old and a youngster that will see his first birthday on the 12th of June. The yearlings take forever to clean up their winter hair and are always breaking antlers because like kids they don’t care about grooming and have no idea what’s on their heads… Or say in their shorts for kids!
  11. Exactly. Ny takes guns out of the rut and implements 1 week season and it’s a total different ball game.
  12. They do a pretty decent job givin the chance.
  13. Hey look. A guy breaking the site rules and the Mod laughing about it. Others have gotten a vacation for doing the same. No shocker here. (Even though the comment was deserving)
  14. Don’t give Walc any other ideas.
  15. Really takes months for some to get the job completed. Especially if meat is the only goal. Wonder how some would survive if they lived in those 3-4 week season states.
  16. Sounds like someone that made some of the top hunting grounds in the areas they are located in. I guess when you own your own property you can dictate all The Who’s,What’s and Where’s. Can’t say I have heard anyone that’s got the green light to hunt said properties complain yet. The best part is when you make great deer hunting land and have water supply that runs thru it there is a flood of about every other game animal and bird. Win-Win.
  17. All depends on the year, what I see on the properties worth going after, which end of the state I hunt, if and who I let on and my success on one or the other.
  18. Already do that by only taking big bucks off the properties. And the home farm does not get touched while I spend pretty much all of the Southern zone down there.
  19. Is what it is. Life goes along What do you think all these other states that have 1 week seasons do? Just think how much better the following year would be.
  20. Would love to see that. 1 week each implement and no guns during rut would even be better.
  21. Lol. That’s always a possibility but I give to many extras away every year for someone to need to do that. Unless of course it’s the rack their looking to snack on. And again. I don’t call minding my own business and letting others do the same condoning anything. Sad part is watching the idiots get away with stuff forcing some hands to have to make those choices.
  22. The state. Ha. Good one. The same ones that make the rules are the same ones that tell you that you don’t have a problem. Even though all the critters you once had are gone… only to be brought back in a few short years making their own decisions if they have a problem or not. Yes I know of a handful of older folks that carry their crossbow on any givin day they decide to go out in archery season. And if you think there won’t be more added on to the number of older folks in this state this year that do the same your a fool. I really don’t care if you think there stories or not. Again if you think it does not happen then think away. I would not care if you stole a loaf of bread just because you wanted to. If your ready to accept whatever repercussions from your actions then do you. These next 2 years coming are going to show you just how much crap going to go on in this country let alone just this state in the whole scheme of things. And if you don’t think that’s not going to trickle down into the hunting world then just keep pulling down those blinders. Laws are going to mean a little less as the time goes on. By Many!
  23. I don’t need to justify anything. As far as the guys taking care of what’s theirs is not a new idea. They have been doing it for years. As far as the game is concerned, if it’s standing on my property causing damage it is my game to deal with today. All because of some idiot that’s clueless to game makes laws that hurt landowners. As far as the crossbow goes, if I need to use it at anytime to continue to do what I enjoy that would be an easy choice. You can call it poaching or anything else. People are going to call it doing what they gotta do.
  24. Exactly. Thing is that that whole generation was made to have fools like that. Video games, kids in school calling themselves and acting like Cats and 8 different choices when someone asks the question of their sex. Put all that in the pile with what the idiots in charge are doing to peoples lives today and you are going to see these types of things over and over. Ya know the strange thing is is that there are kids killed in about every Democratic ram state on a nightly basis that adds up to more then killed in this shooting yet it’s crickets on those stories.
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