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  1. 110-115. Saggy belly. 3.5-4.5. He has some age.
  2. Yeah she did. Buddy popped it this morning. Way to many eating my cam’s
  3. Then don’t call something you know Jack shit about. How about I put you in a high fence enclosure and give you a trail cam pic and 3 days to kills said deer and see if your not dragging only your nut’s back out of the gate?
  4. Coming from a guy that I’m sure has never stepped inside a high fence enclosure.
  5. You mean with your range finder and high speed bow? Or scope if you don’t like your lighted pins?
  6. Exactly. The point being made is that this weapon… crossBOW. Is as lethal and accurate as a rifle. Meaning it is a perfectly legit weapon to hunt game with. It kills by arrow so it should be classed as archery.
  7. Ahhhh. Sounds like someone either A. Has to become a much better hunter or B. Get a real job and buy your own piece of property so you can call all the shots. Until then I guess you will just have to deal with other hunters in the woods hunting THIER way.
  8. Not so sure on that Xbow statement. I won’t wear orange with and arrow as my implement of harvest. Listed under muzzy tag but never saw it considered a firearm. Typical Ny grey area.
  9. Kinda strange how those hospitals beds are getting filled up with vaccinated people huh? Hope all goes well Redneck.
  10. We are ripping them now with our Scorpyd’s around here. But as with most situations it’s a whole lot different launching them at targets in a cut hayfield and launching them in the woods. Really only 60 with the Raven?
  11. Come on man. When or if you pick me I will do ya the solid of taking the biggest of my two for the year.
  12. Lol. Does are a givin but you know some of us are all about Points and Inches. Almost a guarantee just what days will it happen.
  13. Just what I was thinking. Any member can be used wether they are picking people or not?
  14. Yup. Believe it or not. Maybe I will be safe from all that stuff I get on my hands while worming the deer.
  15. Exactly the same frigging thing. You spew off that this shit is good for everyone on the planet for health reasons. No public guns would save the same people. Just like this bullshit right here. They can tell you what Covid is going to do to you in 30 years but they can’t tell you what the vaccine is going to do to you ever! Bullshit!!!!!
  16. So banning all guns would put everyone in a safer place I guess you should support that also? I mean it’s for good of all right. Should do it.
  17. So banning all guns would put everyone in a safer place I guess you should support that also? I mean it’s for good of all right. Should do it.
  18. You mean like your hero Dr F that’s been twisted on this shit from day 1. Following that so called science that says you can’t go bowling because you will catch a flu but help yourself to the Walmart isles! Idiots!!
  19. Or the useless Democrats have the same plan as the Chinese to get rid of people and millions of them just willingly rolled up the sleeves to shorten their lives 3 fold. And now willing to roll it up again for more.
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