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  1. Sweet. And it seems as though there is at least one other beast in the woods that would take him to task by the looks of the fighting on his hide.
  2. Don’t do it around Ft Drum without Snowshoes. Still 3ft plus in the woods. The deer are living right in the uncut corn fields now. Crazy Deep!!
  3. Strange how some bucks grow their first set like that. Late born, lack of good eats…Doubtful.. or Genetics. Either way. A Thanksgiving Freebie for sure in the DMP department.
  4. Hope everyone has a great day! Gobble till ya Wobble!!
  5. Had a decent opening weekend with 9 being dropped. One pretty decent 10 and a couple 8’s. Doe tags were filled so the trip was another success. Not many bigger fellas on Cam’s in the area this year. This guy is the biggest I could find so it’s him or bust unless a bigger guy shows up on the scene. He plays the game well, had him close a couple times during bow but not close enough. The game continues….
  6. That’s a cranker. That’s always the mission. Find the biggest on the property and settle only for him. Unless a bigger stranger comes along or your neighbor gets him first. Lol
  7. Yeah snowing. Buck just laid there looking at them. Definitely saw them. They said he was alert looking at them. Almost like he was waiting for them to turn towards him or something before he bolted. 100 yard shotgun shot thru the woods.
  8. We went out also and buddy shoots a pretty 10 walking in with his daughter after daylight. Nothing special but nice 10 and he just laid in his bed looking at them like a snowshoe rabbit or something. Thinking they could not see him I guess.
  9. These are the ones I have used the last few years. I have like 4 pairs and with the batteries all the same I can pack in the socks and two sets of batteries and all day sits are a cakewalk without the added stress of cold feet.
  10. Sitka gear with a heated vest just in case it’s needed. Heated socks are a must. Worse part about me. Feet freeze out quick sitting
  11. And a couple shovels. Hopefully you remember what lot you parked in because you probably won’t be able to see the color of any cars buried in the lot. Lol
  12. Not sure if your on the losing end of this stick. Crazy wind and amounts of snow is making things nasty. You might want to enjoy what your facing. Lol
  13. Yes I believe they say” Unattended” which could mean simple walking into a store. It’s like the crossbow under width thing. Do something else stupid and get charges they will add the stupid laws on but to hunt you down and ticket because the crossbow is off 2 inches is not something being pushed by many law enforcement I have been around. Most are hunters and know the stupidity but there is always those few that will charge ya and smile.
  14. Exactly. This means little to nothing. Anyone that will do it once will do it again regardless
  15. I liked his policies for sure. I think if he used these two year to tone it down and start acting like a president he would do well. These people know how well they had it then compared to now.
  16. Again you have it wrong. The cook said he would only give a member of this site the cash as his 3rd party. Like our company would trust that. We do over 200 grand in hunts a year so do you really think his measly 3 grand for a cull buck means that much? That buck will just end up being givin to a solider or disabled person so it’s not a big deal. But I can promise you he never would kill it in 3 days of normal legal hunting. 2nd im not sure why you think I have an account over there? I will promise you I don’t and you will never see one. You see I am one of a few who is not afraid to use my name or my business name behind my words. It’s those that are afraid of the big bad world that hide behind their computer names. Your CWD crap comes from your belief in white coats that make a living at get millions from the government every year to prove nothing. It’s all money driven and you believe them. I tell you to show me the carnage of the last 60 years and you can’t show me Jack shit. That’s the problem I have with you. And the only problem.
  17. Well let’s keep a little political stuff going… Because we all know the ones that left bitchin about the political post will be here still checking in….it’s early yet but what’s everyone’s thoughts on Trumps big return? We need his policies back for everyday life for sure but I’m not so sure on the storm he is going to bring with him.
  18. Yeah typical post from you. Your ok with people bashing me but when I feed it back to ya’s you have an issue. You remind me of that fat guy that says he has a black belt yet I would pay big money to bet you can’t get a leg above thigh level. Oh that’s right. I have seen pictures also. A long hike I thougth was in your plan and yet here you are. As you saw nobody cares if you post here or not. Leave my name off your lips and you won’t have to worry about any kind of reply. Pretty simple concept really.
  19. You mean like the idiot posting above yours? That jealousy thing will really eat people up. And half of the ones that left…well bitched and stayed.. have a bad case of it. Kinda fun making them show their colors.
  20. Lol. That must be one of Lawd’s dreams and then Gramps figured he would run with it. I will Still just the same old guy that talks in Facts on a hunting site. Not real sure who threw the Mayor in there? I believe the words were..Top Dog…how they came about I have no idea.
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