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  1. Always people stopping in. Especially when I put the bucks up front near the road. Shocked there has been no wrecks yet with all the rubbernecking.
  2. They have. That’s just the handling facility so they get ran right back thru. Only happened a couple times in all these years. And that’s only 6ft.
  3. Like most other animals there is a pecking order and they live by it. It’s usually the young yearlings that do all the fighting. Put a 2-3yr old in the pen of yearlings and he keeps them in line. Also anyone that does not leave any givin year get their headgear removed so when they do get after each other during the year there is no death from sticking each other. They just push each other with whatever bases I leave on their heads. But they will battle till one gives the head banging shoving match.
  4. You don’t know how right you really are. To be able to live with these animals is really a blessing. Crazy how every one is always different
  5. Heavy startup but unlimited potential. 6 figures is the norm for most full timers. A guy could never find a better animal to build his life around.
  6. Lol. Ya it’s been a pretty sweet ride the last 20 plus years without a real job. Just selling their “Stuff”
  7. Unless a property has a Real vermin issue and then you will see the vermin 10 times more then you will a fawn or young turkeys or about any kind of small game. Proven! Vermin will ruin a piece of property quick. But also pretty easy to solve the issue.
  8. The small yearlings are much easier for some. They don’t have a Worth card. Any 3inch spike fits their Worth.
  9. The guy Circle’s Back more than that fugly redhead the useless one hired to speak on his behalf. Can’t wait to Circle Back to a real leader.
  10. Those owners have the same choice as others. If they are poked and masked to protect themselves then fine, if not then that’s their choice and fine also. But to demand their customers do as they do and not as the customer decides then they should lose business. Just like the idiots that say the flu went by the wayside because of Covid? The flu and normal sickness is down because there are no kids in schools and daycare’s. Kids are the biggest pushers of those kind of sickness every year.
  11. The smart landowner shoots every vermin on site. Wait until the pups hit the fresh cut hayfields and end the problem.
  12. Lady in line at one of the dollar generals thought I was a tad to close, She whips around and says... Didn’t you see the arrows? My Reply.. He’ll I didn’t even see the Fing Indians! Case was closed instantly!
  13. Sounds like you should tend to your own farm and let others deal with theirs. When 98% of us walked away from the crap after getting it without the poke or mask. And yet now they still get it with the poke and mask. Yeah shits really concerning.
  14. When the fools that own those small businesses get with the program and drop the mask crap they may get more people supporting them. It’s obvious at this point that nobody else is going to get the poke. If it’s 50% in the state then that’s what they will have to live with. Get in with life.
  15. True That. And we have some that will continue to break the law on private lands rather than not being in the woods at all. After the last few months and last nights joke on every news channel we have much bigger worries than a ticket for using a wrong weapon while deer hunting. You will also hear more early and late shots now that they opened that can. People will say.. Oh didn’t that go thru as law now? I saw a write up somewhere....
  16. I’m sure that’s just how things looked back in the good old days. We had our camp up in South Colton area way back when and bucks like that were taken every year. Kinda like the old time pics seem to have a big racked buck across the bumper most times.
  17. It’s been over a year without getting it and I have not changed my life one bit...Cept mask when bitched at from a store. So I will hold hold out yet. I do believe it works for the older folks and those with health issues as the low numbers show. As I said from day 1. Treat the older and sick and the rest of the world carries on with normal life with no mask or no shut downs.
  18. Yeah that’s what the lady juror said when she was interviewed after the fact.... Were the doings of BLM and such on your jury’s mind? Why of course she says. I think the white cops from here on in should just look at color when they go to calls. If it’s ok with the blacks that black killing black is fine then white cops should just stand back and watch the idiots kill each other and save themselves all the bullshit of after the fact black this and that.
  19. Exactly. And what was the first thing that cop did when the guilty verdict came out? Stood and put his hands behind his back! Just think where we would be if all the other so called Black Victims would have done the same.
  20. Kinda like all these shootings going on across the country 3 months into this useless ones role. How many shootings during Trumps 4? Hmmm!
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