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  1. Find out who it was and invite them over to shoot. Most times they are just afraid of it until they try it.
  3. Two years ago on the last day of ML season I was looking for a doe I hit, Walked up on a deer and it wouldn't get up, figured it was the one and shot it right between the eyes. Went to gut it and found the funniest looking nipple on it. It was a pretty good size buck that had already lost both antlers. Never found the doe, she ran on to posted property. :-(
  4. Not sure how many we shot, but it was a good season. Most important the new pup (9 months) is barking on trail already. And I usually par boil them dice them up and fry them in burnt garlic, pepper olive oil and butter.
  5. To add to what Tyman1876 said, here is the link. Also have them check into the General obligation laws, or better yet provide them some info on it. from the DEC: Q. Is posting required to protect landowners from liability? A. No. Whether the property is posted or not, the General Obligations Law protects landowners from liability for non-paying recreationalists on their property. Because of this protection, recreational liability lawsuits against rural landowners are uncommon. Recreational activities covered include: hunting; fishing; organized gleaning (picking); canoeing; boating; trapping; hiking; cross-country skiing; tobogganing; sledding; speleological (caving) activities; horseback riding; bicycle riding; hang gliding; motorized vehicle operation for recreation; snowmobiling; non-commercial wood cutting or gathering; and dog training. This protection does not apply in cases of willful or malicious failure to guard or warn against dangers.
  6. GaryMik

    youth hunt

    Took my boy out after the rain stopped, didn't see a darn thing. only saw two other hunters that were on their way out. Woods are thick, hard to see anything.
  7. I gutted and dragged a lot of deer before I shot one.