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  1. From my book: Whitetail Bowhunting...I took the photo when the DEC had them at a whitetail show, back in the 1980s. These are both the original capes. I understand they both have had a makeover...new capes. Taxidermy has improved a lot, but still nice to see wild deer.
  2. Yep, in some areas. The rule, as I understand it is three on a side to be legally harvested. But southwest of me, below Jamestown, three on a side, not counting the brow tine, which this guy doesn't have. ? Different rules in different areas of Pa. Four points to a side in far Western Pa. and three points to a side in the rest of the state.
  3. Nah, he's a six. But if he was a 5 pt, illegal in Pa...but he's a few miles north of the border so I can shoot him.
  4. I hate to say it, but breeding bucks for the most part are hanging around does in what I call a "breeding nucleus." Little guys are still out there...chasing does. But all the does I see now, in the last few days are the ones with nursing fawns. That holds back the estrous cycle...but they will fuel the second rut peak Thanksgiving week. I am only really serious now with these warm temps in the morning hunt. I hope to kill one tomorrow.
  5. Bucks smarter than me. But the big boys for my neck of the woods are on their feet in the daytime. With these warm temps, have to get it done in the am. For your viewing pleasure. These are big bucks for my neck of the woods. "9Y Allegany County." And they are running in the daytime, under the waning Blue moon. The daylight times are correct, except for Nov. 1 bucks. Not switched to daylight savings.
  6. Scrapes blowing up in the snow last night and today. Bucks on their feet in the day too. One near noon on Sunday and another today midmorning. Activity seems to be peaking in my area. 9Y...Allegany County.
  7. Thanks man, yeah, same here, except now some of the big boys are coming out to play in the daytime.
  8. 'Course anybody can get a good photo of a good buck on excursion. And it doesn't prove much, right? But here are a selection of bucks coming into one of my zip-tied scrapes. The times and dates are accurate. Other bucks hit it at nighttime.
  9. Time to be in the woods! As predicted, mature bucks are starting to be on their feet in the daytime. A few days ago, spike bucks were running does...all the excitement seems to bring the old guys out.
  10. Researchers say that up to 20% of the doe fawns studied come into estrus during that third rut peak. And they also say that the fawns born so late to young mothers have a poor chance for survival.
  11. All the best man. These times are tough enough, and you are getting an exponential dose. You both are young and strong and smart and will get through it.
  12. Cool. I hunted with a recurve back in the late 60's and 70's before compounds and filled a bunch of archery tags. I think that as I look back... those days with a recurve not only taught me how to hunt deer, but the process of instinctively shooting a bare bow (no aiming) was a major contributor to this lifelong passion for bow hunting deer.
  13. Not as big as Underhill's bucks...but for my neck of the woods, this 10 pt. was near my stand this morning. And it's plenty of incentive for me. Still on terra firma. Smarter than me.
  14. More in-season eye candy. Things are gonna pop soon and I'm getting itchy to let an arrow fly!
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