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  1. More in-season eye candy. Things are gonna pop soon and I'm getting itchy to let an arrow fly!
  2. Just starting to happen here in 9Y...should really pop in about a week. Had small eight pointers under my tree, Saturday and Sunday, two different stands and hunting properties. Saturday night, just at dusk a big buck trailed a doe past my stand just out of range. Gotta love this time of year! Nothing like it!
  3. Nah. I disagree. North central Pa. is a wasteland for deer hunters. Sure, there are a few big bucks. But having hunted Pa. since 1970 every year until recently, with bow and gun, the buck population there is a joke. If anything, NY bucks flood into Pa. and increase their stats. Pa. doesn't want deer, it wants timber.
  4. I've passed on a few good ones, bigger than some of my mounts. Can't pull the trigger yet with some of the top level bucks I have on cam...20 yards from my stands. The best is yet to come! Soon the big boys will be running in the daytime.
  5. You can google it. But it’s snipping the overhanging branch off a hot scrape and transporting it to another mock scrape. Zip tie it to the mock scrape's overhanging branch.
  6. I’m in 9Y. Wellsville. Just a bit north of the Pa. border in the Genesee River valley and surrounding hills.
  7. Yep...keep enhancing it. More overhanging branches from other scrapes.
  8. This guy finally showed again. Got him in velvet...and then the other night at the same zip-tie scrape setup...First photo is in the fog when he was in velvet. Now...he's hard horn...and a good one for my neck of the woods. I'm not in his core area because I have not seen him since. But there's always hope!
  9. The big boys are finally on their feet in the daytime down here by the Pa. border. Starting to get daytime photos of big bucks at scrapes... this buck is super-psyched! Just gotta be in the right stand. Three different cameras, same buck...about 15 minutes from the first to the last frame of the third camera.
  10. Been seeing rut action, as predicted, starting just after the full moon last week. Two nights ago, three older bucks were rutting behind a doe and her fawn. They were scraping, and intimidating each other. Quite the show. Posturing, ears back, low grunts and moans. etc. Lucky they didn't scent me, so close. Starting to hit my zip-tie scrape setups in the daytime. Seen other bachelor groups beginning to break up, the big boys finally on the move, but mostly at night. Expect to see this action tail off soon though, and then start ramping up again as we get into November.
  11. A few good bucks starting to show up at the zip-tie scrape setups. And tons of smaller ones too. I really like the one with the split G3.
  12. I like to use the overhanging branch on a hot scrape, snip it off and transport it to a four foot high branch about 25 yards from my stand. Zip-tie it to the branch. I've never found a scent or setup that can beat it.
  13. I've tried to put photoperiodism as a driving concept in my writings...I know because spell check in my old writing program does not recognize some of its forms, and it's a pain in the butt to override. But yes, photoperiodism is the basis of the theory that the moon has an effect on "short day breeders" like deer, sheep, elk, etc. How it works is the light (combined sun and moonlight) goes through the eye and strikes the pineal gland. The suprachiasmatic nucleus, located there releases melatonin and other hormones/pheromones that prime the breeding biochemical system. As the full moon wanes and the nights darken...the breeding urge increases. It's essentially what sheep breeders do with melatonin implants in ewes so that their stock all cycle at the same time and the lambs are born together. The moon is nature's clockwork so that the fawns are born at the same time, overwhelming the predators and ensuring the survival of the species. Nature doesn't put all its eggs in one basket so to speak...and there are three flushes of fawns, an early one (does bred in October.) We see them in early gobbler season. The main flood of fawns in late May/early June, and then a few late fawns from a December breeding as proof. I like to say the moon fine-tunes the photoperiodic effect of the sun. Of course there is a lot more to it. For one thing...bucks and does utilize licking branches over scrapes to trade pheromones through saliva to in effect...get on the same page with their biological clocks. We all know what it's like to not be on the same page.
  14. Here's another. Hope you enjoy it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q0B5JB7Uo4