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  1. Buckstopshere

    trail cam de-scent

    My experience is that we are really talking about two categories of deer. There are the local deer that get used to our cameras and then there are the strangers from other home ranges...outliers. I think those (the outliers) are the ones that are spooked by our cams. Like snapping a safety off a rifle. They better jump.
  2. Buckstopshere

    trail cam de-scent

    I have a different take. I don't descent my cameras. My thinking is that they get used to my scent. Besides, with battery changes and checking the cams...my ambient scent gets on them with card changes, etc. The older deer in my hunting areas know my scent. They teach each other that I'm okay. Big mistake.
  3. Buckstopshere

    2019 Rut Predictions

    Thanks! Two good things about being such an old timer. One, there is a lot of history. And also since I have been a writer for so many years...I write it down so I can look back on prior ruts. I killed my first rutting buck with a bow in 1971 and as my family will attest, have hunted Pa. and NY hard in bow and gun since (except for the last few years in Pa.) Back 30 years ago the prediction model was new. Now we are coming up on the second Metonic cycle (moon cycles every 19 years) and the predictions are pretty much a slam dunk. Right...what I call the rut is "the apparent rut" when we hear grunting, chasing (lots of time it's actually bucks chasing other bucks,) peak incidence of car/deer crashes, all validated by the spring fawn drop. I like to hunt the peak of the rut. I kill or have my best chances then because they are moving and so distracted by everything that is going on...from does in heat to other bucks moving in on them. The rut will happen in mid-November this year...climate change/ heat or not. Think about it. The air temperature never affected me when I was a young man with amorous intentions. Did it affect you? I used to breed dogs. Try to break up two dogs in heat sometime then tell my how the air temperature is affecting their mood. Just pray for cool daytime temps so we can experience it this year and it won't just happen at night. I knew Charley Alsheimer since the mid-80's. Great guy. I differed with some of his predictions, definitions, and models but that is getting too deep in the weeds here.
  4. Buckstopshere

    Let the games begin!!!

    The Boys of summer showed up. Came into the zip-tied licking branch and posed. And yes I have a tree stand right there.
  5. Buckstopshere

    Let the games begin!!!

    Nice bucks. Hope you are right. I'm expecting this guy to be a heavy eight for my neck of the woods. Third week of May.
  6. Buckstopshere

    Should be a good one

    Don't know for sure. See my post above. Here's a photo of the survivor buck bachelor group on that hill sparring. They are a feisty bunch. He's was never with them in the photos that I could see.
  7. Buckstopshere

    Should be a good one

    He's kind of a thin, tall drink of water kind of buck, different. He isn't much of a fighter either from his rack last year...no dings or even broken tines. I noticed he was kind of a loner compared to the other bucks that were sparring all the time. My trail cams showed the major bachelor group on that hill with multiple shots. He was not in them. But I would get him by himself. I think this is him on New Year's Day. 'Course it might not be too, all just a figment of my imagination. Just a guess. But the photos were shot within a stone's throw of each other in the same corner of woods.
  8. Buckstopshere

    Should be a good one

    Here's a closeup of his ear.
  9. Buckstopshere

    Should be a good one

    Love to watch antlers grow! This guy has good bases...I think he was an eight-point last year. He could be a nine or 10, or remain an eight. His ears are pretty dinged up...older bucks get their ears crunched in fights and sparring so they have notches like this guy.
  10. Buckstopshere

    Unusual deer mount

    Just asking...but is that the original truck bed? Did he cut it off the original truck? I mean, the guy is into detail with the Miller beer. Or did he make a collage of a junk truck bed, just a beer box, etc.? And were those THE boots he wore? But sure is different.
  11. Buckstopshere

    Still hanging on

    That one-horned six-point still retained his antler to April 4. Now that is getting pretty late. First week of April is the latest I have ever got one on camera that still carried an antler, and that was a fuzzy spike at night.
  12. Buckstopshere

    Still hanging on

    I think this is the last buck in my area that still has an antler on his head...as of the last day of March. Only one, but it still counts. I have gotten trail cam shots of bucks still with antlers into the first week of April but those instances are few and far between. By the looks of it, he's a lover not a fighter.
  13. Buckstopshere

    2019 The Year of the Longbow

    Old school.
  14. Buckstopshere

    2019 The Year of the Longbow

    Thanks. The old grey shoulder ain't what it used to be. lol. Too many softball games...men's league and I played centerfield. I loved still hunting with that bow. So different than a compound bow, especially stealing down a trail with the bow pointed ahead, not catching any weeds or twigs. I dream about doing it again...maybe someday. But I would have to practice a lot...lots of arrows.
  15. Buckstopshere

    2019 The Year of the Longbow

    Beautiful bow. Enjoy your new beauty! The trick for me, back when I hunted with my long bow was practice, practice, practice. No sights. Here's a photo of my right-handed Howard Hill custom Big Five (five laminated bamboo.) Seventy pounds at 29 inches. Hunted with from 1978 to 1996. Before that, 1970 to '78, recurves. My shoulder started going (rotator cuff) so I switched to lefty compounds. Killed deer each year with it. Loved to still hunt with it. Shot the winter archery leagues with it. A lot of arrows. Fletched my own arrows with my gobbler feathers back in the day and like Lawd...always used Rothhaar Snuffers. Killed my best 10 pt. to date with it, a 300-pound hog in Tenn. and bear in Ontario. Native American gal did the custom beadwork etc. on the cloth case.