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  1. Does anyone know if this is a terrible acorn year with the drought?
  2. edbone


    Nope last fall and all through hunting season it was a guy who kept posting his hunting journeys in adks and there was pictures people sent in and etc Really cool site Im pretty sure it was that one but when i click into it i get nothing?
  3. edbone


    Hi folks Havnt been on in very long time and am back When i click into links and then into Adirondack hunter i dont see anything?What am i doing wrong?Help Want to get in there.Is it just me or can ya all get in there and view?
  4. Does anyone know a game warden to ask and confirm it?I saw pics on fbook but that doesn't mean crapski.
  5. Oh yeah Pictures all over Its a fact folks
  6. Talk all over Port Byron/Auburn that a black bear was hit and killed in Victory...Just sayin
  7. text me your number and will send pic have no idea how to post here
  8. Ithaca model xl 300 semi auto mod choke 2 3/4 inch for sale nice condition $325 firm Port Byron 315 604 1825
  9. Called dec two days ago Only way someone OVER 16 can hunt alone is if they have had previous hunting lies and experience hunting.No fresh hunters allowed to hunt alone
  10. Anybody want to hook up and hunt Happy Valley Friday?Hopefully someone that knows it some.If not there anybody got a northern zone spot they care to share that might put us on some deer.Hunted Happy Valley last Fri and Sat with no deer spotted just turkeys.Its a tough spot to hunt..Dont think there is much of a population like there was 20 ys ago.Only saw one small scrape and no rubs..PM me Ed
  11. edbone


    Crappie are hitting over in Port Byron near Howlands Island anywhere off shore near weedbeds.Youill do real well near downed trees in water.Yellow or chartuse 1/8 jigs tipped with minnows under a bobber.Caught some real slabs couple days ago..
  12. Thank You BellR !!!! tHAT IS COOL how ya can zoom right in.Happy Valley is def 6k
  13. definatly not 6 J I THINK POSSIBLY 6 k
  14. Can someone tell me what area Happy Valley is up near whitney dam...Thanks
  15. Does anybody know if its legal to hunt with a 22 pistol and a 22 rifle at the same time?Squirrels that is.In case you miss with the pistol you can blast with rifle.
  16. are you 100 % positive g man thanks for info
  17. a guy that works at lowes in Auburn
  18. My son is 15 and we will definatly do youth hunt He turns 16 Nov 9 Does he have to spend the money to get adult license or is his jr good for rest of season?
  19. Has anybody heard of a large black bear that supposingly killed an Alpaca in Victory and supposingly was shot in Wolcott?
  20. I honestly don't see Dec making any exceptions...They want fine money
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