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  1. When I got mine for my son (about 6 years ago, he is 10 now), he was not with me. The hardest question was when they asked his height…. Ugh 3’!!
  2. The property lines would all be similar on each app. They are just tax maps digitized into a GIS. Garbage in garbage out. I am a licensed land surveyor and have seen tax maps GIS maps off a lot. My favorite saying is… G get I it S surveyed
  3. I hope this ends…. What would stop them from going to the Salmon River hatchery and spearing trout / salmon out of the brook?
  4. I’m a licensed land surveyor and this is the court case that is always used for ownership of streams / creeks that are non navigable https://www.leagle.com/decision/innyco20121018225
  5. Just curious why you wouldn’t just use a hot water bath for tomatoes… pressure canners scare me… I use them for salmon
  6. Did you ever make dilly bean? The can be done with a water bath.
  7. Francis E…. I have a picture of that that filled up to the spillway somewhere. If you have time stop by and get a burger at the Whitehaven Diner!
  8. Rob,

    These are from very close to you.  I have had the on camera the last 3 years.



    1. Robhuntandfish


      Awesome. Hopefully I will have one come around.

    2. Happy 5-Shot

      Happy 5-Shot

      I have 50 acres on schoolheimer road. I have been a long time creaper!!

    3. Robhuntandfish


      Lol. Nice area.  My second at work parents live on schoolheimer and he used to have a house there too. Small world. 

      Very cool to know there is a few bear around.  

      Buddy of mine in  North Bay had one take a dump on his shed roof. Lol.  He even had DEC over to check it out and they said there are more around than you think.

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