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  1. I hope this ends…. What would stop them from going to the Salmon River hatchery and spearing trout / salmon out of the brook?
  2. I’m a licensed land surveyor and this is the court case that is always used for ownership of streams / creeks that are non navigable https://www.leagle.com/decision/innyco20121018225
  3. Just curious why you wouldn’t just use a hot water bath for tomatoes… pressure canners scare me… I use them for salmon
  4. Did you ever make dilly bean? The can be done with a water bath.
  5. Francis E…. I have a picture of that that filled up to the spillway somewhere. If you have time stop by and get a burger at the Whitehaven Diner!
  6. Rob,

    These are from very close to you.  I have had the on camera the last 3 years.



    1. Robhuntandfish


      Awesome. Hopefully I will have one come around.

    2. Happy 5-Shot

      Happy 5-Shot

      I have 50 acres on schoolheimer road. I have been a long time creaper!!

    3. Robhuntandfish


      Lol. Nice area.  My second at work parents live on schoolheimer and he used to have a house there too. Small world. 

      Very cool to know there is a few bear around.  

      Buddy of mine in  North Bay had one take a dump on his shed roof. Lol.  He even had DEC over to check it out and they said there are more around than you think.

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