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  1. My favorite kind of terrain so far. I like hard to get to spots. I was near there today actually i should have passed by
  2. I was looking at storm king, looks small? Maybe a lot of hunting pressure? I’ll check them out before season starts
  3. So I mistakenly got tags for 3R not realizing it was the wrong region I wanted. Does anyone know if there is anything in 3R to hunt? I checked the map and the only place I see is harrisman state park but there is no hunting there.
  4. I hear you man, thanks for the post. I did take the liver and heart with me, I cant wait to get the meat back I keep hearing good things!
  5. I got my hunting license at the end of October, went out on 5 hunts before this one and today with the help of friends I got a button buck which I thought was a doe so I took it. Even though I hate the idea of taking such a young buck I can’t take it back so here he is. My fist deer ever. It was a hell of a hike and a grueling hike back. Until next season.
  6. the video will enrage anyone who sees it, you have to be mentally unstable to do this.
  7. I'm new to hunting so please forgive me for the question. If I go deer hunting but also want to try to hunt say Turkey or squirrels or anything else with a shotgun, am I allowed to bring both guns on the deer hunt or do I need to keep one in my car and then switch them out when needed?
  8. my god give me an area near here so i can shoot one lol
  9. Wow great tips man i would have sat in the snow haha
  10. I saw this message late, I literally booked a airbnb cabin to hunt in the next few days. I’ll make the best of it I guess.
  11. Same boat as you. I live in NYC and have been driving up at 4am for the past 3 days to hunt at sterling forest and all I’ve seen is squirrels. Planning to just drive up to the adorandack mountains to try to luck for two days.
  12. Ive been in sterling forest the last 3 days and all ive seen is squirrels
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