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  1. Going to Myrtle Beach the week of May 12th. Looking into some kind of fishing charter or other possibilities. Does anyone have any ideas? Already been on a charter out to the continental shelf to fish off the side of the boat. That was fun but looking for something a bit more challenging. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thx
  2. I skin and do a quick boil just to loosen things up and then Pressure wash, and then another quick boil with Dawn Dish Soap to help remove the Oils.
  3. I am not a TRUMPER, I am a Red Blooded American that worked hard and sacrificed for what I have. You only buy what you have money for. I agree we need to have colleges to educate our young adults, that's why I suggested to have low interest loans if they need it so they are not penalized for wanting an education. It is a choice, not an entitlement to get a College Degree. There are many other options out there that provide a very good living.
  4. I went to 2 years of college and got an Associates Degree at a State School. I paid all the Collège off and went to work. I Learned thru the school of hard nocks and lived within my means. I have very little debt ( My House) and have done without to save for retirement. Now I have to pay for the bad decisions others have made. You make your bed and you sleep in it. How is it fair to make other people pay for others mistakes.
  5. Why not just lower the Interest rates to 1% and let them pay back principle.
  6. I'm 6'2" and 250lbs. I bought 2 Millennium L366 18ft Revolution Ladder Stands a couple years ago and they are by far the best made stands i have ever been in. Super solid and really quiet. Great seat and a Blind that goes all the way around to conceal movement and keep the wind off.
  7. Just wanted to reply that the resolution was a faulty Voltage Regulator\Rectifier. It was putting out the wrong voltage and fried the Battery.
  8. Best sling ever made: www.sloganoutdoors.com/slings
  9. Bump, Have not really tried to get rid of this still, but it is that time of year and if anyone is interested, let me know. Sweet shooting gun with awesome scope.
  10. No Sub Compact will pull or dig stumps. Not enough weight, or Hydraulic power. You can wrestle with it, but it just beats you equipment up.
  11. Great idea, I never would have thought of this. That makes so much sense. Thanks a bunch.
  12. Any one know of anyone who works on ATV's in western New York, Orleans County area?? I have a 2003 Suzuki Eiger 400 LT-A400F that intermittently shuts off when running. It just quits, and sometimes backfires. If you shut the key off and turn it back on it starts right up?? I think it may have something to to with the Voltage Regulator\Rectifier, but I suck at electrical trouble shooting. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  13. Bump. All sighted in and easy to go. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Browning A-Bolt 12ga 3" slug gun with Leupold VX-R 2-7x scope with Fire DOT Reticle. Sweet gun with great action. 2" groups at 150 yds with Premier Accutips. Way better than a Savage, I had 2 of them as well and this gun is night and day better. Probably only has 30 shells thru it. Only selling because we can use Rifle in my area now. $800 Gun Only------ $1200 with scope. PM me for more info.
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