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  1. Bump. All sighted in and easy to go. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Browning A-Bolt 12ga 3" slug gun with Leupold VX-R 2-7x scope with Fire DOT Reticle. Sweet gun with great action. 2" groups at 150 yds with Premier Accutips. Way better than a Savage, I had 2 of them as well and this gun is night and day better. Probably only has 30 shells thru it. Only selling because we can use Rifle in my area now. $800 Gun Only------ $1200 with scope. PM me for more info.
  3. I have a brand new Browning A-bolt 3" 12ga with and Leupold 1-4 scope with Fire-X- Reticle for sale if anyone is interested. Used it 2 years and never missed 4 deer. Extremely accurate 3" group at 150 all day long. Only selling because I can use a rifle now. PM me for pics Thx Chad
  4. I use tube brushes, and this year actually used compressed air and blew it all out. Worked great. I Use Dental pick to get all the nooks and cranny's.
  5. Chop and squirt them. They will die and fall down all on their own a little at a time and do not hurt any of the young trees. My FIL did this to about 500 Poplar and Big Tooth Aspen in our woods and it worked awesome. This lets the light in, and the woodpeckers love it. Makes for a lot of dead falls and blow downs in a year or so and the deer love to hide in them.
  6. chads


    We bone everything and put it in bags and freeze it until after the Holidays, and then thaw it and process everything. never had an issue
  7. Thanks a bunch Greybeard. Just what i neede another habbit
  8. What kind of calls do you use, and where could i get a couple?
  9. I have the same exact arrow length and poundage and have killed deer with both, but the 2219 just went right thru everytime and i never lost a deer i hit. It has more drop at long ranges, but if you practice a lot this will not matter. I shoot the heaviest carbons i can find now, just becuase they last longer and give me more room for error due to the fact i can't practice as much as i used to when i was younger with less other crap going on.